Previously during October, 1945, in Dot's Diary: “Anything Can Happen” for the Chicago Cubs, as they begin the 1945 World Series against the Detroit Tigers. It would not happen again for another 71 years. Herb Martin expresses his love to Dot, but she declines Herb's offer of an engagement ring for Christmas. Dot's other boyfriend, Jim Parks, remained persistent even after Dot told him that she and Herb were going steady (which didn't stop Dot from dating another guy, Earl.) Dot and Herb had a “wonderful time” downtown seeing Louis Jordan on stage. The month ended with Dot, Sis, Marge and Lill soaping windows on Halloween night.

November 1945
Meeting Herb's family
Uncle Lee comes home
Kelly High's Social
Five Old Fashioneds
Parents' Night
“Potato salad all over the street”
Jim almost takes the diary
Florence's wedding
Honeymoon plans and wine


Nov. 1

“Dear Diary, Sis didn't go to school today, so Sunny came over and the 3 of us went to the Southtown and saw Bewitched and A Thousand and One Nights. Very good.

Got home and Herb called. We talked quite a while. He stayed in tonight and was going to catch up on some sleep. Not a bad idea.

Sis comments:

Now it was my turn to play sick and then go to the show. I don't know, to this day, how we got away with it.”

The trailer for Bewitched

An excerpt from A Thousand and One Nights with Cornel Wilde and Phil Silvers

Today's news:

  • Faster Travel Forecast Thru Turbine Train: Two Philadelphia manufacturers today depicted the train of tomorrow as a giant, steam turbine gear locomotive capable of 130 mile an hour speeds pulling streamlined, stainless steel cars in which each passenger can have his own radio.
  • HAWKS BEAT RANGERS, 5-1, BEFORE 18,727 - OPENING NIGHT CROWD SETS WORLD RECORD: The largest crowd that ever saw a National Hockey league season opener or a league game on a week night —18,727— witnessed the postwar Blackhawks outskate and outscore the New York Rangers, 5 to l, in Chicago Stadium last night.
  • SINATRA TO TRY CROONING PUPILS BACK TO SCHOOL: Frank Sinatra, the radio singer, will try with music and words today to end the Froebel school students' strike in Gary. He will be plunging in where the combined efforts of city and school officials and parents have failed to bring peace.
  • On the Solid Side , by Sheila Daly: Casual Wear is Suitable for a Movie Date. Q: ‘I've been wondering whether or not a movie date calls for high heels. How 'bout that?’ A: Unless it's for a very special movie at a large, uptown theater, saddle shoes and socks, worn with a sweater and skirt or sport dress, would not be too casual an outfit. But for a neighborhood theater date, flats are acceptable. When the fellow asked you for the date, he didn't expect you to get duked out to match the movie's star!
  • Birthdays: Larry Flynt (3), Gary Player (10)


Dot and Herb Martin; the Empress, at 6226 South Halsted Street. The 1,100-seat theatre, built in 1913, was demolished in the 1970s.

Nov. 2

Herb came over at 7:30 and we went towards 63rd but saw all the pictures at the shows. So went to the Empress. As I was sitting beside him, I realized how much I did care for him, and I wanted to reach over and hold his hand.

We got out of the show and stopped at Parnell restaurant for pie and coffee,then came back to my house and he was wonderful. Sometimes I can't understand it all.”

Sis comments:

Again, saw all the movies on 63rd, when you have five to pick from. Sure had a lot of “pie” at restaurants! I can't recall what flavor was Dot's favorite. I know mine was cherry.”


  • Don't know what movies Herb and Dot saw at the Empress; there was no movie listing for the theatre in the newspaper. I wish I knew what my mother's favorite pie was.

Today's news:

  • A-BOMB CREATOR SAYS 5 NATIONS KNOW SECRETS - Dr. Urey Predicts General Production Soon: Dr. Harold C. Urey, distinguished University of Chicago scientist who helped to developed the atomic bomb, yesterday drew a gloomy picture of the future world under the potential threat of atomic devastation. Dr. Urey [was] winner of the Nobel prize for [chemistry].
  • AUTO INDUSTRY WILL DISPLAY '46 MODELS TODAY: Formal opening of the golden jubilee of the automobile —commemorating the 50th anniversary of America's first automobile races— will take place today at the Museum of Science and Industry in Jackson park.
  • TODAY MARKS 25 YEARS OF RADIO BROADCASTING - Election Return Program Considered First: Twenty-five years ago today station KDKA, Pittsburgh, broadcast the Harding-Cox election returns and ushered in the era of radio broadcasting.
  • Birthdays: Stefanie Powers (3), Burt Lancaster (32), James Dunn (44)


Hal Totten;Ginny Merigold and Helen Romanelli; The new 1946 Chevys appeared in showrooms today.

Nov. 3

Today was a very unusual, dull Saturday. Herb called up and we talked for awhile. I talked to one of his boyfriends (Don Austin).

Later, Helen came over and we went to Parnell. About 6:30, Herb came over with football pants for Hal. Herb had a few drinks but he looked cute.

Later on, Sis and I went down 63rd and saw Bob Plant, Ginny and Lillie. Hal came for the pants at 11:00 and went home at 1:30. Goofed around.”

Sis comments:

Football pants for Hal? Didn't know he cared!”

Today's news:

  • SHARE ATOMIC BOMB SECRETS! MOSCOW URGES - Predicts Disaster if U. S. Keeps Them: An editorial read over the Moscow radio tonight said that unless the secret of the atomic bomb is shared by all nations, the consequences may be disastrous not only for oher countries but for America itself.
  • New Chevrolets Go on Display in Dealers' Showrooms Today: The 1946 Chevrolet automobiles will make their bow to the public today in dealer display rooms thruout the country. They include more than 80 refinements.
  • DEWEY DEBATES WITH LA GUARDIA ON N.Y. ELECTION: Gov. Dewey and Mayor La Guardia engaged in a verbal duel over the radio tonight over the issues in New York's mayoral election next Tuesday.
  • Lowly Bears Have Sell-out for Packers: A complete sellout of all reserved seats was reached yesterday for tomorrow's annual National Football league November game in Wrigley field between the Bears and Green Bay Packers. All that remains are 5,000 bleacher seats at $1.25 which will go on sale at 10 o'clock tomorrow.
  • Birthdays: Ken Holtzman (Chicago Cubs; born today), John Barry, Michael Dukakis (12), Charles Bronson (24), Bob Feller (27), Bronko Nagurski (37)


Herb Martin, Jim Parks, Hal Totten; Sis; the Ace theater

Nov. 4

Stayed in all day and did most of my homework. It was baby Lee's birthday so we had a little cake for him and celebrated.

Later on, Herb called and asked me if I'd bring the pants over. Sis and I went to his house and stayed for about 15 min. Saw the whole family. Very nice indeed.

Then went to Parnell and met Sunny. Earl was in there and so was Hal and Jim. We went to the Ace, in the balcony. Got home at 10:00.”

Sis comments:

I can't remember going to Herb's house at all. I know it was within walking distance, and vaguely recall meeting Herb's sister at one time. Maybe this was the day.

We went to the Ace and sat in the balcony— what's that all about? Maybe it was a safer ‘zone’ than the main floor with all those characters. There had to be a reason.”

Today's news:

  • KELLY SUPPORTS REVISED CODE TO SPUR BUILDING - House Shortage Requires Action, He Says: The demand for modern, liberal building regulations found by THE TRIBUNE in its recent survey of the Chicago code has the support of Mayor Kelly. He said yesterday that he favors the kind of code that will promote sorely needed housing within the city limits.
  • CAN'T FAZE FAYE - LOOKING AT HOLLYWOOD WITH HEDDA HOPPER: THIS is a new age —new ideas, weapons, even names in the news. So I wasn't surprised to find a new Alice Faye instead of the star who quit the screen two years ago to add to her family.
  • LEAFS TO MAKE DEBUT TONIGHT ON STADIUM ICE: The Chicago Blackhawks will entertain the Toronto Maple Leafs in Chicago Stadium tonight. It will be the first local appearance of the season for the lads who captured last year's Stanley cup playoffs and who have been bolstered by the return of Syl Apps [and] Bill Taylor.
  • UNESCO is founded by the United Nations on this day.
  • Birthdays: Loretta Swit (8), Jimmy Piersall (16), Art Carney, Cameron Mitchell (27), Walter Cronkite (29)


Sis and Dot

Viola Fick, from Dot's scrapbook. Viola wrote: “How about a cup of tea? Your baby, Vi.”

Helen Romanelli

Nov. 5

After school today, Sis and I went downtown looking around. In the evening, Helen and Viola came around. We went to Parnell and then walked Helen home.”

Sis comments:

Viola Fick was a very nice, friendly gal who lived close to Helen near 55th St.”

Today's news:

  • BLACKHAWKS WHIP MAPLE LEAFS, 7-4, BEFORE 19,202: The second largest crowd that ever saw a National Hockey league match, 19,202, was present in Chicago Stadium last night to watch the Blackhawks whip the Toronto Maple Leafs, Stanley cup possessors, 7 to 4, in a swell victory. The triumph was not as easy as the score..
  • SUPERIOR LINE WINS FOR BEARS - Shiners Are Rewards for Shining Play: The Chicago Bears' line played like those of their championship days yesterday against the Green Bay Packers. Perhaps it even played more courageously, for seldom has any victorious team had 24 points scored against it more easily.
  • Birthdays: Sam Shephard (2), Art Garfunkel, Elke Sommer (4), Ike Turner (14), Vivien Leigh (32), Roy Rogers (34)


Herb Martin

Nov. 6

Woke up with an awful cold, but like a good kid I trudged off to school.

Later, Herb called and then came over. At 7:00, we went to the Stratford and saw Along Came Jones and Beautiful Cheat. They were very good.

Got out of the show and it was raining, so we ran in the rain. We went to Parnell and had a Coke, then walked in the rain some more. That boy— wowie.”

Sis comments:

“Dot has an awful cold but still went to school. Seems like we didn't believe in staying home when we had a legitimate reason for it. I don't think that her walk in the rain was the best remedy for her cold, but then Dot had her love to keep her warm —wowie!”

Gary Cooper and Loretta Young, in Along Came Jones (trailer)

Today's news:

  • 2,533,000 Discharged Since VE-Day, Army Says; INDIA-BURMA TO RETURN 100,000 GIs IN 3 MONTHS
  • HOUSE WARNED OF RED TREND IN HALLS OF STATE - Department 'Stalinized,' Shafer Charges: Rep. Shafer [N., Mich.] today charged that the state department is being “Stalinized” in reviewing recent personnel changes in key positions.
  • PRIVATE CHEF TO SERVE CUBS IN SPRING DRILL: If the Cubs don't eat pretty well during their spring training exercises on Catalina Island next February and March, it will not be the fault of the cook, or shall we call him the chef? Yes, they are going to have their own hand picked chef.
  • U. S. MOTORISTS RETURN TO OLD LOVE OF TOURING - Reporter Tells of Auto Trip Thru South: American motorists are taking to the highways again with all their pre-war enthusiasm, according to the observations of this reporter, who recently completed a 3,180 mile trip thru the south by automobile. Licenses were noted from practically every state.
  • “BEARS DESERVED THEIR VICTORY”— CURLY LAMBEAU: Curly Lambeau, coach of the champion Green Bay Packers, yesterday verified his team's 28 to 24 loss to the Bears Sunday in Wrigley field.
  • Weather: Generally fair and continued warm; high near 70
  • Birthdays: Mike Nichols (14), Walter Johnson (famed pitcher; 58)


A 1945 view of Halsted St. looking south from 63rd. The cobblestone-paved avenue is lined with rails and overhead wires for the Chicago Surface Lines streetcars.

Kelly Library and, one block north on Normal Blvd., Sis and Dot at their front door.

Nov. 7

After school today, Sis and I went down 63rd and looked around, but it was very windy. So we stopped in the library and then came home and goofed around, and did some homework. Went to bed quite early. Slept in Sonny's room. Herb called at 6:00.

Today's news:

  • REDS WILL HAVE ATOMIC ENERGY, SAYS MOLOTOV - Decries Secrecy: Foreign Commissar Molotov, asserting the atomic bomb cannot be kept secret, promised Russians tonight that the soviet union will have “atomic energy and many other things.”
  • AGREE ON ROUTE FOR HIGHWAY TO DOUGLAS PORT: A tentative route for the northwest super-highway of 16.3 miles connecting the Douglas airport with the north side, the loop, and the Congress st. super-highway was agreed upon yesterday [...] providing an eight lane depressed high speed highway along a northwest diagonal route.
  • Lands to South Prove Alluring to Chicagoans: The lure of the “south of the border” lands is proving irresistible to a number of Chicagoans who are finding the sunshine of Mexico an excellent antidote for long months of army and navy service.
  • BEARS READY TO OPPOSE ANOTHER LEAGUE LEADER - They Upset Packers, Hope to Do Same to Lions: The Detroit Lions have been noiseless contenders in the wild National Football league race this year. While the Green Bay Packers, 1944 champions, and the suddenly potent Cleveland Rams have had a showy season, the Lions have only drawn polite applause for their efforts.
  • Rust Proof Shelves of Plastic Featured in New Refrigerator
  • Birthdays: Joni Mitchell (2), Johnny Rivers (3), Billy Graham (27), Dean Jagger (42)


Sunny (Agatha) Karpus; Uncle Lee Jovien, joking around while on leave at home in Chicago; Hal Totten and Jim Parks

Nov. 8

Today met Sunny in Parnell. It was really rainy and cold outside so we had a Coke and then went shopping. Decided not to go to the show.

Got home about 10:00 and fooled around. Hal and Jim came over, so I sat outside and talked to them.

Uncle Lee came home today, so Sis and I took over Sonny's bedroom.

Sis comments:

This must have been the day Uncle Lee finally came home from the service. It's too bad he was a few days late for his son Whitey's [Baby Lee's] birthday.

Dot and I had adjoining bedrooms with [Aunt] Marge and the baby. But, after this day, Marge, Lee and Whitey took over our bedroom, and I think Sonny moved in to Marge's room. We all got along great with Uncle Lee.

It would be several months before Marge and Lee would get their own place —at the veterans' housing project near 79th & Cicero, near what is now Ford City. Housing was very tight after the war with all the servicemen returning. In fact, it remained that way for some time.”

Today's news:

  • RAF Plane's 606 Miles an Hour in 4 Runs Claimed as World Mark: A British Gloster Meteor jet plane, Britannia ... established today what was claimed as a world air speed record of 606 miles an hour. Research [is known] to have solved the problem of burble in speed categories around the 500-mile an hour mark, where it had previously been considered that shock waves would disrupt such structures.
  • SURFACE LINES EXPECTS BUSES, NEW CARS IN '46: The Chicago Surface Lines expects to receive 200 new street cars and 160 new buses in 1946.
  • DEVELOP RADAR DEVICE TO SAVE LIVES IN PEACE - Instrument Designed to Prevent Collisions: A device combining the powers of radar and the radio proximity fuse, the war time invention which set off shells as they neared their targets, is being developed to prevent collisions at sea, on the ground, and in the air.
  • Birthdays: Alain Delon (10), Patti Page (18), Norman Lloyd (31), Margaret Mitchell (45)


Kelly High School; Dot and Sis; Sis and Dee, in front of Dee's house

Nov. 9

Sis and I went to Kelly High School's Social and met Dee Kozack and her girl friends.

I danced with some wolf the first time, and then I danced with a nice guy named Russel. But he could only waltz. So that was that.

On the way home, we met a soldier named Eddie who was quite nice, but a little raw.


Today's news:

  • Winter Omen: Cold Blasts and 15-degree Drop: Winter's advance agents, borne on a late 27 mile an hour wind, sped across the central plains into Chicagoland last night. Heralding a cold spell, the mercury tumbled 15 degrees —to 43 in 50 minutes after 7 o'clock— and it continued dropping.
  • TELLS HOW U. S. CAN BE BLASTED IN A-BOMB WAR - Pushbutton Battle Is Seen by Scientist: A “War of the push buttons” with the hearts of America's largest cities blasted from the back rooms of foreign consulates was envisioned today by the senate atomic energy committee's chief scientific adviser.
  • KEEP A-BOMB, SAY FLYERS WHO HIT NAGASAKI - Against Turning Secret Over to World Body: The American flyers who dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki don't think the secret of the missive should be entrusted to any international custodianship.
  • 4 LINES ORDERED TO USE IDLEWILD; Shift From La Guardia Field to Be Made as Soon as New Airport Is Opened: Idlewild will schedule a total of forty flights a day [but will have] no hangar facilities for several months. [Idlewild was later renamed JFK International —D.]
  • Favorite Black and White Still Is Fashion News: The sharp contrast of black and white is best illustrated this winter in fabric coats. All black and winter white coats are most popular, and all kinds of contrasts of black and white are a smart third choice.
  • Birthdays: Mary Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary; 9), Carl Sagan (11), Dorothy Dandridge (23), Spiro Agnew (27), Hedy Lamarr (31), Ed Wynn (59)


Marge Jovien (Dot's aunt) had a “welcome home” party for her husband Lee (at Marge's right) this evening.

Sis, Sunny and Dot

Nov. 10

Had a lot of fun today.

In the afternoon, Sis and I went down 63rd and then later in the evening, I dressed and helped Marge serve and arrange everything.

I had five Old Fashioneds and then met Sunny in Parnell. Saw Don Moran and later on saw Hal and goofed around. The party was pretty nice.

Later on about 1:15, Sis, Sunny and I went to Parnell restaurant for pie and coffee. Went to bed at 4:30.”

Sis comments:

I guess Marge threw a ‘Welcome Home’ party for Uncle Lee and invited all the relatives. [Lee came home from the service on Thursday, Nov. 8th —D.]

I can't believe Dot had five Old Fashioneds! How could she even walk to Parnell? And then pie and coffee at 1:15 a.m.? And in bed at 4:30!!”


  • Don Moran was probably a friend of Dot's —not family.
  • Old Fashioned recipe:
    2 oz. whiskey or brandy
    1 or 2 dashes bitters
    1 sugar cube
    Lemon peel, orange slice, cherry
    Swizzle stick
    Mix well, pour into 8 oz. tumbler, add garnish

Today's news:

  • 11,289 VETERANS RETURN TO U. S. ON QUEEN MARY - 11 Other Ships Dock in New York
  • Truman to Get New Yacht - It Has 2 Pianos: Fitted with department store furniture and decorated in the style of a modern hotel, the new Presidential yacht Williamsburg was made ready here today for its shakedown cruise.
  • KELLY REACHES CAPITAL TO BUY AIRPORT TRACT: Mayor Kelly of Chicago arrived here tonight to begin direct negotiations with administration leaders and officials of the war department for acquisition by Chicago of the idle Douglas aircraft factory and landing field, northwest of the city.
  • HENRY FONDA GETS LEAD IN RKO FILM: Fonda, recently discharged form the Navy, has been signed by RKO for the romantic lead opposite Joan Fontaine in the forthcoming “Christabel Caine.”
  • Birthdays: Roy Scheider (13), Ennio Morricone (17), Richard Burton (20), Winston Churchill (74)


Ida Lupino pretends to be a war bride in order to get a hotel room in Washington in Pillow to Post, also featuring musical performances by Louis Armstrong and Dorothy Dandridge.

Nov. 11

Sis and I went to the Englewood and saw Call of the Wild (again) and Pillow to Post (terrific).

Came home and then later Sonny and I went to Parnell.

About 9:30, Sunny came over and we planned our party thoroughly. Also read some of my letters and wrote a letter. Went to bed at 1:00.

No phone calls today. I guess that wonderful love I talk about is sort of lost.

Pillow to Post—TCM host Ben Mankiewicz introduces the film


  • Dot saw Call of the Wild once before, with Sis, on Oct. 24th.
  • Dot and Sunny are planning a “Hard Times” party for next Saturday, Nov. 17th.

Today's news:

  • ARMISTICE DAY FETE TOMORROW - Adm. Halsey to Be Guest of City - Parade Planned: Altho the speeches, parades, and formal ceremonies will not be until tomorrow, all of Chicagoland today will celebrate quietly and sincerely Armistice day —the day when the firing stopped 27 years ago in World War I, and the day that has come to represent peace.
  • Carl Sandburg to Speak at Maine High Wednesday
  • ATOMIC ENERGY BILL DENOUNCED AS TOO DRASTIC: Nine members of the house military committee contended today that establishment of a permanent federal atomic energy commission as now proposed "would undermine the very foundation upon which our national life is based.”
  • NAVY'S HOLDING PIER THRU 1946 UPSETS SHOWS - City May Lose 100,000 Trade Visitors: Delay in relinquishing of Navy pier, now anticipated by navy officials not earlier than Jan. 1, 1947, will cost Chicago at least four of the largest events in the American trade show field with an anticipated combined out-of-town attendance exceeding 100,000.
  • SANTA ARRIVES IN STATE ST, IN CLOUD OF 'SNOW' - Parade Officially Opens Yule Shopping Season: There was no secret about Santa Claus' arrival in Chicago yesterday. One hundred thousand persons, it was estimated, witnessed his descent down a giant chimney in a cloud of “snow” at State and Van Buren sts. This pre-Yuletide visit officially marked the opening of the Christmas shopping season.
  • Birthdays: Jonathan Winters (20), Kurt Vonnegut (23), George S. Patton (60).


John Wayne is an Army colonel leading a guerrilla campaign against the Japanese in the Philippines in Back to Bataan, co-starring Anthony Quinn.

In the Stratford's musical co-feature, Easy to Look At, an aspiring, small town costume designer seeks fame in New York City.

Nov. 12

No school today— Herb called at noon, at 5:00 and at 6:15. He came over at 7:00 and we went to the Stratford and saw Back to Bataan and Easy to Look At and comedy. They were swell.

During the show, a guy sat next to me and started talking to me. So Herb held my hand so he'd know we were together.

Came back to my house and Herb tried to induce me to get a marriage license tomorrow. He told me my mind was pretty moronic tonite.”

Sis comments:

Get a marriage license tomorrow!? Dot should have called Herb's bluff on some of his talk.

I can't imagine what he meant by saying Dot's mind was ‘pretty moronic’.”

Back to Bataan, starring John Wayne (trailer)


  • There was no school due to the observance of Armistice Day, a national holiday.

Today's news:

  • Returning Veterans Plunge into Battle for Place to Live: No treasure hunt ever was carried on with greater zeal than the current search for living quarters of any size, shape, or description that is being conducted by returning army and navy veterans and their families.
  • Scientists Probe Nagasaki Ruins for A-Bomb Secrets: American and British cooperation in atomic research is exemplified here today in this ruined city, one of the world's two greatest laboratories holding the mysteries of the atomic bomb. The allies are probing thousands of acres of utter devastation.
  • MacARTHUR'S HAT IN RING; Says He's Interested in Nomination: Declaring Gen. MacArthur is interested in the 1948 Republican nomination, a prominent Manila editor today tossed the American commander's famous gold braided cap into the Presidential ring.
  • JEROME KERN DIES AT 60 IN N.Y. HOSPITAL - End Comes 6 Days After Composer Collapses
  • Cards Fail to Stop Dudley - Steelers Win: Bill Dudley celebrated his return from the war today by scoring two touchdowns and adding the extra points as the Pittsburgh Steelers tallied three times in the final period and defeated the Chicago Cardinals, 23 to 0.
  • Birthdays: Neil Young (born today), Charles Manson (11), Grace Kelly (16)


Lillie, Sis and Dot; Jim Parks and Dot; Kelly Library

Nov. 13

“Didn't go to school today. Stayed around the house all day. Went to the library twice.

In the evening, Sis and I went and met Jim Parks and Lillie in the library. Got the giggles, so we then went to Parnell and had a Cherry Coke. Came back home and listened to the radio.*


  • *On the radio tonight:
    Theatre of Romance (“Casanova Brown”, with Henry Fonda); The Inner Sanctum (“A Dreadful Hunch”, starring Richard Widmark);
    Fibber McGee and Molly - Johnson's Wax Program; The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show.

Today's news:

  • KELLY PREPARES FOR ERECTION OF VETS' PORTABLES: Mayor Kelly yesterday was waiting information from Washington as to when the city could expect delivery of 2,000 portable type dwellings to help ease the housing shortage. Selection of sites ... will be worked out as soon as possible, Kelly said.
  • ARMY PRESENTS 1ST TELEVISION SHOW TONIGHT; WBKB's Program to Deal with Return of Yanks: The first television show to be produced by the army will be presented over the Balaban & Katz station WBKB at 7:30 o'clock tonight. The program, titled “The Army Transportation Corps Brings 'Em Back,” will include a drama clarifying problems facing authorities [and] returning servicemen.
  • CHICAGO AND 19 OTHERS BID FOR U. S. LEAGUE SITE : Twenty applications for the location of permanent headquarters of the new united nations organization in the United States have been received here, it was learned today from authoritative sources.
  • EMPTY SHELVES GREET BUYERS IN MEN'S STORES - Unprecedented Clothing Shortage Reported: The demand for men's clothing is greater now than at any time in the last year and retail store shelves are depleted almost as soon as new shipments are received, a survey showed yesterday.
  • 80 MILE WIND STRIKES CITY - UPROOTS TREES AND BREAKS WINDOWS: A flashing gust of wind that reached a velocity of 80 miles per hour struck Chicago for nearly a minute last night. In that brief time dozens of trees in the city and suburbs were uprooted, wires broken, telephone poles bowled over, and store windows smashed.
  • Birthdays: Jean Seberg (7), Arthur Hiller (22)


Dot, downtown. Across the street is the Fine Arts Building, on the west side of Michigan Ave., between Congress and Van Buren Streets. Dot once took accordion lessons at the building's music conservatory. At this time the Fine Arts was home to the World Playhouse.

Present-day view from approximately the same spot.

Hal Totten

Nov. 14

Today I didn't do anything much.

After school, Sis and I went downtown and brought my purse to be fixed. Also looked around the stores. Downtown was being decorated for Xmas.

Got home and went to the library and did my homework. Came home, listened to the radio, and later on Hal dropped in. Went to bed at 12:15. Sunny called too. She's coming over tomorrow.”

Today's news:

  • World's Largest Private Building Is Sold; Sale of Mart to Kennedy by Field Effected: Sale of the Merchandise Mart by Marshall Field & Co. to interests headed by Joseph P. Kennedy of Boston, former ambassador to Great Britain, was completed yesterday in the offices of the Chicago Title & Trust company.
  • Japs Sue U. S. for Return of Citizenship: Contending they were “victims of duress by the government and seditious groups,” nearly 1,000 Japanese at the Tule lake segregation center today flied suits in federal court seeking to regain United States citizenship they charged they were forced to renounce.
  • CALL SCARCITY OF AUTO SPACE PERIL TO LOOP: Chicago faces a decentralization of business unless parking facilities in the downtown district are improved, a city council subcommittee on parking was informed yesterday by representatives of two State st. stores.
  • ENFORCE PEACE WITH THE ATOM; Germans Volunteer: An official American army spokesman said today 90 German scientists, including experts on atomic energy and rockets, were being taken to the United States.
  • GEESE FLY HIGH IN 'V' FORMATION - Canadian Honkers Seek Feeding Grounds: Canada geese and their more conspicuous relatives, the blue and snow geese, have been using the flyways over Illinois during the last few weeks to put on a thrilling show for city dwellers.
  • Birthdays: Jimmy Piersall (16), Barbara Hutton (33), Sen. Joseph McCarthy (37), Louise Brooks (39), Dick Powell (41), Aaron Copland (45), Mamie Eisenhower (49), Walter Williams (last survivor of Civil War; 103)


Sis and Dot

In Love, Honor and Goodbye, “She sought the bright lights of excitement at the cost of his love...but destiny led her back to his heart...and every real thrill any woman could ever ask for!”

Nov. 15

Had lunch 5th period and [an] extra Division period. Later on, Sunny came over and we went down 63rd and did some of our shopping.

Then Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw Love, Honor and Goodby and Twice Blessed. Both were very good. Saw Herb and Dutz in the show but they didn't see us. Had a nice time tonight.

In Twice Blessed, twin sisters set a trap to unite their divorced mother and father

Today's news:

  • INDIANAPOLIS 500 MILE AUTO SPEEDWAY SOLD - Plan Race in 1946: The world famous Indianapolis motor speedway, home of the annual 500 mile automobile race, was sold today by Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker to Anton Hulman Jr., Terre Haute, Ind., capitalist. [Sale price was reportedly $750,000 —D.]
  • All That's Left of Corregidor Flag - A TATTERED BIT OF CORREGIDOR FLAG RETURNS: It was only a small piece of red bunting, not larger than two by three inches, but it was handled reverently today by War Secretary Patterson when he received it from Col. Delbert Ausmus, coast artilleryman.
  • GI NIGHT CLUB IN EIFFEL TOWER SHUTS ITS DOORS - Yank's Death in Fall Hastens Closing: The Tower club, a popular, low priced night club for enlisted men on the first floor of the famed Eiffel tower, has closed after packing in more than 900 soldiers and girls nightly since last August.
  • CUB'S CAVARRETTA WINS MOST VALUABLE AWARD: Phil Cavarretta, one of major league baseball's young old men ... except for a couple breathers in minor circuits, has been a Cub.
  • Birthdays: Daniel Barenboim (3), Petula Clark (13), Georgia O'Keeffe (58)


Kelly High School; Dot and Sis; Dee Kozack and Dot

The program for Kelly High School Parents' Night, held on Friday, Nov. 16th, 1945. The evening's events also included “Social Dancing” in the Boys' Gym, second floor.

(Christopher Sergel, the author of “3. Drama Class Play... Be Home By Midnight”, 27 years old in 1945, was a noted playwright and publisher.)

Nov. 16

Today, Sis and I had a lot of fun. Herb called in the early evening. Later, Sis and I went to Kelly High to the dance and also Open House [Parents' Night].

Dee was there with her brother, and I saw Merle and Eleanor, and also Bruce Appanitis and Clarence Andrews— who were in the Navy and looked swell. There was really quite a crowd there.

Got home at 1:00 and went to bed soon after that.

Sis comments:

“We always enjoyed going to Kelly High for their dances because we usually met some of our old Shields School alumni, like Bruce and good ol' Clarence Andrews.

Dot had a school girl crush on Clarence, and I, too, thought he was a ‘hunk’. But that word wasn't around in the 40s, so I guess ‘hubba-hubba!’ is more appropriate!”


  • Regrettably, no photos of Dot's friends Eleanor, Bruce, or Clarence the “hunk”.
  • Dot and Sis had attended Shields Elementary School, at 42nd & Rockwell, in the Brighton Park neighborhood.

Today's news:

  • ALDERMEN O.K. 2 DODGE BUILDINGS FOR VET HOUSING: Members of a city council ... yesterday inspected six buildings at the Dodge Chicago plant, 79th st. and Cicero av., and reported that they believed two of the buildings could be converted into mass housing at minimum cost.

[Note: For a time during the early 1950s, my mother, father and I lived in temporary G.I. duplex housing near the Dodge Chicago plant.]

  • CHICAGO-LONDON FLAGSHIP HERE READY FOR HOP: Chicago was on its way toward becoming an international center yesterday as a giant American Airlines plane glided onto the runway at Chicago airport, ready for inauguration of 21 hour air service between Chicago and Europe.
  • ATOMIC POWER HELD POSSIBLE OIL SUBSTITUTE - Scientist Discusses Future Uses: The petroleum refinery of the future may develop into more of a chemical factory than a producer of fuel because of atomic energy.
  • Birthdays: Burgess Meredith (38), George S. Kaufman (56), W.C. Handy (77).




Chicago Surface Lines streetcar. The platform area windows at the ends of the car could be raised and lowered.

Nov. 17

Our party— and what a hectic day.

Sunny and I went downtown to get the portable phongraph and, coming home, took the wrong street car. Finally got the right one to her house and made the sandwiches and potato salad.

Sunny's dad wouldn't cooperate with us and we were on our own, in plaid shirts and skirts. So we waited for the kids to come.

Now for the news.



The Party:

At 8:00, Ginny and Bob came and then Rich. Then Doty, Moe, Bernie, Herb and then a drunken soldier came and he wouldn't go home.

It seems the soldier followed the guys to Sunny's house and gosh— he really was a mess. He threw up all over.

Herb started to carry him, and who should walk in but Sunny's dad, who told everyone to get the h--- out of here.

Sunny got hysterical and I cried like a baby.

The kids went home and the fellows brought the soldier on the boulevard and came and got Sunny, Sis and I.

While we were getting ready, Herb dropped in on a wedding and got drunk.

When we got on the street car, Herb passed out and fell across my lap, and the guys really had a time.

Then, on the 63rd streetcar, Herb was awfully boisterous and was smoking in the car. He finally went on the platform and the conductor said,

‘Say buddy, haven't I seen you before?’.

Herb pulled up his collar and said ‘Heck no!’, and then pushed his head thru the window, crashing it.

Finally, as we were getting off the street car, the bottom of my shopping bag broke and the dishes and sandwiches went all over the street.


We walked home from Halsted and Herb passed out in front of Sears.

Got back to my house and Herb was really feeling good. He kept calling me his mommy and then his baby. I took him on the back porch cause he thought he was going to pass out.

Gosh, I had a hectic time with that boy of mine, but for some reason he didn't embarass me. I guess when you feel that way about a guy nothing else matters.

We gave him about 2 pots of coffee and my honey got better and was practically his wonderful self again.

God, what a night to remember.”

Sis comments:

Oh yes, this is one day and night we remembered for years to come, and later were able to laugh about the time we had.

Dot forgot to mention that we sent out invites to our ‘Hard Times Party’. Now wasn't that appropriate!

It was popular, then, to call a casual, plaid shirt or old clothes party ‘Hard Times’. Most of our parties then were more dress-up affairs.

Sunny's father had finally agreed we could have a party at Sunny's house. Of course, with the understanding that their would be no liquor.

My recollection of meeting that drunken soldier was this:

The guys —Moe, Herb, etc.— were on the way to Sunny's. They had no car, and so had come by street car. On the way, they passed by a tavern in the neighborhood where a Christening party was being held.

Well, one thing led to another and they somehow ‘melted’ in to the crowd there, had some drinks, and met a soldier.

When they finally left the Christening, the soldier followed and, of course, as he had a ‘head start’ with the liquor, he was quite drunk when he came to our party at Sunny's.

As Dot said, Sunny's dad saw the soldier and assumed he'd been drinking in the house.

Not only did Sunny's dad rant and rave, but also Sunny's stepmother kept on saying, more or less, in Lithuanian, ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’, or so our interpreter, Sunny, told us later.

So we then had to load up all our food, drinks, decorations, etc., with all this hullabaloo going on. And then we had to walk almost 6 or 7 blocks to the nearest streetcar.

I can still see Herb, standing on the back of the streetcar (they were open-air in the back), with the conductor facing him and saying to Herb, ‘Haven't I seen you before?’.

How Herb crashed through the window without hurting or cutting himself, I'll never know.

And the topper was the shopping bag breaking open— with all of us scrambling off of the streetcar at one time, after Herb had done his ‘thing’.

We then had to walk home from 63rd & Halsted, and I remember Herb saying, over and over, about ‘Potato salad all over the street!‘, and then he'd laugh his head off.

At first we didn't think it was as funny as Herb thought it was. But after awhile we had a good laugh over it.

We told mom the whole story and she believed us, and was pretty good about letting us bring everyone back there that night.

I guess she knew it was too ‘bizarre’ a story not to be true!

A day that will live in infamy!! Dot, Sis and Sunny's, that is!”


  • Unfortunately for Herb, there will be a consequence to the streetcar window incident, as will be seen later.
  • Sunny, too, told me that she still remembers this day vividly. As Sis said, it truly is a night that's lived on in infamy. —D.

Today's news:

  • NAVY PIER [editorial]: The navy's decision to remain in possession of Navy pier thru next year is singularly inconsiderate. When the war ended, arrangements were made by the Chicago convention bureau with four large trade associations to hold their annual expositions and conventions at the pier in the course of 1946. No other building in Chicago can accommodate these shows.
  • HALAS TO WATCH BEARS, REDSKINS - Cardinals Await Battle with Rams Tomorrow: The Chicago Bears headed toward Washington, D. C., yesterday afternoon happy in the knowledge that a familiar figure will be sitting on their bench when they meet the Redskins in Griffith stadium there tomorrow afternoon: Comdr. George Halas, owner-coach of the club.
  • Birthdays: Danny DeVito (1), Martin Scorsese (3), Rock Hudson (20)


Herb and Dot

Nov. 18

Herb called me at 3:00 and hardly remembered last night. He looked keen, so did Dutz.

We went to 63rd & Mozart to get Dutz' girl, Anita —a wonderful gal. The four of us went to the Stratford and then Herb and I went for a hamburger.

First time he called me darling, and tonight I really realized that I honestly love him and can't wait til we get married, because I'm pretty sure he feels the same.”

Sis comments:

I'll bet Herb hardly remembered last nite! A good excuse not to have to make excuses.

Dot is really getting serious and especially after witnessing his worst behavior yesterday. Amazing! Must be Love.

Christmas In Connecticut (trailer)


  • Dot says she, Herb, Dutz and Anita went to the Stratford, which is showing Christmas In Connecticut. But then she says she goes there in the next day's entry (Monday's) diary entry, too, with Sis. My hunch is that it wasn't the Stratford that they go to today, but some other theater. But I will never know for sure.

Today's news:

  • De Luxe Loop Store Planned by Woolworth: Acquisition of 90 feet of State st. frontage by the F. W. Woolworth company yesterday disclosed plans for a “super five-and-ten” store which may cost as much as 2 million dollars.
  • BUILDING SOARS IN CHICAGO AND SUBURBAN AREA: Building construction last month in the Chicago metropolitan area totaled nearly 21 million dollars, a large increase over October last year and September of this year.
  • Coliseum Puts On Glad Rags for Veterans: The Coliseum, apparently feeling its 45 years, waited yesterday with an air of tired gayety, for the opening this afternoon of the 27th annual national convention of the American Legion.
  • Birthdays: David Hemmings (4), Alan Shepard (22), Compay Segundo (38)


Nov. 19

After school, Herb called and then at 5:00 he called again. Later, Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw Christmas In Connecticut and Behind City Lights. Wonderful.

After the show, we went to Parnell and met Dave and Jim. Jim sat with us and then walked us home. Got to bed at 12:00.

I like that song, Doctor Lawyer Injun Chief.”

Sis comments:

I'd forgotten about that Betty Hutton song. Wow, that's an oldie!”

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, sung by Betty Hutton and composed by Hoagy Carmichael. The Columbia recording lasted 17 weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at number one.


  • Dot says, possibly mistakenly, that she, Herb, Dutz and Anita went to the Stratford yesterday, too. Which would mean she saw Christmas In Connecticut two days in a row.

Today's news:

  • Families, Again United, Look to Thanksgiving: Prospects for Thanksgiving day family reunions are brighter than they have been in several years, with the steadily increasing arrival of ships at east and west coast ports bringing homecoming members from overseas.
  • WORLD CONTROL OF ATOM URGED BY LINDBERGH - Organization Imperative, Says Flyer: Charles A. Lindbergh asserted today that development of the atomic bomb had made “imperative” a world organization for [its] control.
  • REPORT REVOLT BREAKS OUT IN NORTHERN IRAN: An Iran government spokesman said tonight seven persons were killed in two days of fighting in the northern Iran province of Azerbaijan.
  • Birthdays: Peter Max (8), John le Carré (14)


Sis and Dot, at the piano; Hal Totten and Jim Parks.

Nov. 20

Took care of the house today. Herb called at 4:15 and was supposed to come over tonight but didn't show up. Hal and Jim came over and we sang, danced, and played the piano and records.

While they were over, Herb called and was sweeter then anyone in the whole world. Had a personal reason for not coming over, but I love him just the same.”

Today's news:

  • Top Nazis Go on Trial Today; Nuernberg Heavily Guarded: History's first arraignment of war mongers is scheduled for tomorrow when 20 nazi political and military leaders face an international tribunal.
  • MOVE PALESTINE ARABS TO IRAQ, HOOVER URGES - Offers Reclamation Plan to Solve Problem: Reclamation of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys in Iraq thru irrigation, and resettlement in that potentially rich area of Arabs now living in Palestine was suggested today by former President Hoover as “a possible plan”.
  • CHICAGO A-1 SITE FOR NEW LEAGUE: Rounding out a full day of conferences with united nations officials, Chicago delegates expressed satisfaction with their efforts to date to make Chicago the capital of the new world security organization.
  • Birthdays: Joe Biden (3), Robert F. Kennedy (20)


Dot and Herb

Nov. 21

Today Herb called and said he'd be over tonight at 7:30. He came and we went to Parnell first and had a hot chocolate. Then we went to the Stratford and saw I Love a Bandleader and Scotland Yards Investigator.

After the show we had another hot choc., and came back to my house. Hal dropped in and invited us to his party Dec. 8th.

Then Herb and I had a long talk.

He kept saying that the more he's with me, the more he loves me and wants me to say I love him. Although I never told anyone that I haven't as yet.”

Phil Harris sings That's What I Like About the South from I Love a Bandleader.

The opening scenes from Scotland Yard Investigator.

Today's news:

  • EISENHOWER THANKS TRUMAN FOR NAMING HIM CHIEF OF STAFF - Marshall Out - Mrs. Eisenhower ‘Happy’ After General's Promotion: President Truman late this afternoon announced a shakeup in the top command of the army and navy.
  • TRUMAN HEALTH PLAN AROUSES A MIGHTY STORM; Fought by Many Groups, Including Religious: President Truman's national health program, including compulsory health insurance, aroused tremendous opposition today from members of congress, who pronounced it another step into socialism and who [assailed] its colossal cost.
  • All Chicago to Join Tomorrow in Joyful Day of Thanksgiving; Festive Gatherings: Tomorrow Chicago will have a real Thanksgiving day, in the most literal and finest sense of the word. There will be no mincing of words in its thanks for victory. Chicago knows how to talk turkey.
  • ANCIENT CARS TO RUN ROUTE OF 1895 RACE - Winner 50 Years Ago to Drive Again: Automobile history will be turned back 50 years tomorrow morning when 31 ancient and near ancient cars will travel over the course of Americn's first official auto race— over Chicago's boulevards from Jackson park to Evanston and return.
  • U. S. Population Reported Past 140 Million Mark [Note: 2017 U.S. population = 325 Million]
  • Birthdays: Goldie Hawn (born today), Richard Durbin (1), Marlo Thomas (8), René Magritte (47)


Dot's mom, Pauline, setting the table.

Nov. 22

Thanksgiving. Ceil and the kids came over today and we had a very big dinner.

Later, Sis and I went to the Linden and saw Beautiful Cheat and Boston Blackie's Rendezvous. Very good.

Came home and washed my hair and then Hal and Jim came over and we had some coffee.

Then Jim took YOU, dear diary, and just about took it home, but gave it back to me before he did. So I do admire him for his honesty.

Herb called at 6:30 and is going skating tonite.”

Sis comments:

“I remember when Jim got a hold of Dot's diary. Boy, she was really upset and that's the main reason Jim gave it back. I don't think Jim would have wanted to read some of the stuff she wrote about him. It would have only made him feel bad.”


  • Ceil is Dot's aunt.
  • Herb and Dot saw Beautiful Cheat on Nov. 6th at the Stratford theatre.

Today's news:

  • Thanksgiving Spirit to Fill Homes Today: There will be a real spirit of Thanksgiving today in the many homes which have welcomed husbands, sons, and daughters back from service.
  • COUNTY URGES HIGHWAYS TO AID ALL AREAS: The importance of serving all sections of the urban area with Chicago's proposed super-highway system was emphasized yesterday in a resolution adopted by the county commissioners. The board ordered a study of the possibility of financing superhighways thru a bond issue.
  • DIAMOND SALES ZOOM TO PEAKS OF LATE 1920s: The diamond industry is expertencing a boom in sales unknown in the trade since the high prosperity days of the late '20s.
  • MARINER HALAS COMES BACK TO UNHAPPY BEARS - Coach Sees Team Drill for Steelers: The trim, bespectacled man in the uniform of a navy commander stood in the shelter of Wrigley field's grandstand yesterday morning watching the Chicago Bears go thru one of their most vigorous workouts of a thus far unhappy season.
  • Birthdays: Rodney Dangerfield (24), Hoagy Carmichael (46), Charles de Gaulle (55)


Sunny, Dot and Sis; Herb Martin and Dot

Nov. 23

No school. Sunny came over and baked cookies, then later in the evening Herb came over and we goofed around.

Sis, Herb and I went to Parnell and had a milk shake. We came back to my house and had some coffee and cake.

Herb and I sat on the couch talking, and he was kidding around and came out with a pretty cheap remark. So we were arguing about it all evening. Something about him and I being married. He went at 2:30.

Today's news:

  • WORLD AT PEACE STIRS THANKS IN CHICAGO HOMES - Thousands Have Men Back from War: Chicagoans observed the American day of thankfulness yesterday in the traditional ways, but the day had a special meaning in thousands of homes.
  • 3 ON ATOM RAIDS TELL OF A GREAT MARVEL— HOME! - No Thrill Like It, Declare Chicagoan and Pals: Three flying heroes who helped lift the curtain on the heralded era of atomic power came back from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki yesterday proclaiming that scientific marvels are all right, but fade into insignificance alongside such a thrilling thing as home.
  • M.P.s ASK MORE MEN TO CONTROL PARIS NIGHT LIFE - Raid the Cafes to Find A.W.O.L. Yanks: Gay Paree, wicked Paree, lost a lot of its reputation last night in a tour of Parisian trouble spots made by Lt. Col. James F. Hughes of Watertown, Mass., boss of the military police.
  • RAIN OR SNOW, BEARS ARE SET FOR STEELERS: Regardless of what brand of breezes the weatherman brings Sunday afternoon, the Chicago Bears will be adapted for ... their Wrigley field battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Birthdays: Harpo Marx (57), Boris Karloff (58)


Dot; the L, as it looked during 1945.

Nov. 24

Today I got ready for the wedding, unwillingly, and we all took the L and finally got there.

Saw everyone, Ta Ta— Harvey (hubba-hubba) and Irene Chensky (a model)**. Florence looked lovely. There was also a guy who looked exactly like Stan. Danced with a wolf named Don.

While the Bride & Groom danced, I almost cried knowing how happy they were, and I was wishing that it could have been Herb and I. (Got home at 1:30.)”

Sis comments:

“Maybe this was our cousin Florence's wedding. I'm not sure but these were people she would have known.

Florence, who was Dad's brother Frank's daughter, lived in Maywood and we had to take the L to that suburb. Florence was engaged to her neighbor who was a pilot during the war. He became a POW at Bataan. I know they got married shortly after he came home, but I'm not sure if this was the event.”


  • I don't know if this was the day of Florence's wedding or not. A search of the Tribune only shows a notice that Florence was a winner or runner-up in a “duplicate bridge” tournament in August.
  • **An obituary for an Irene Chensky from the west suburb of Riverside, Illinois, reads that she passed away at age 91 in 2008, and was the wife of Edward J. Chensky, and sister to WWII veteran Raymond Kruzel. Email me if you have any information to share.
  • If Dot and the family rode all the way out to the near-west suburb of Maywood, as Sis suspects, it probably would have taken an hour or more on the (now closed) Westchester branch line of the L.

Today's news:

  • Bare Hitler Order to Kill All Poles; Allied Court Told of Plans for Conquest: The four nation coordinating committee today decided that German war criminals on trial at Nuernberg must pay their own counsel fees from blocked bank accounts.
  • Breaks Ground for New Building - COL. M'CORMICK STARTS WORK ON TOWER ADDITION: Col. Robert R. McCormick, editor and publisher of THE TRIBUNE, dug the first shovel as excavation began yesterday for the first caisson of the 6 million dollar addition to Tribune Tower and the W-G-N building.
  • Plan Second Chicago Plane Line to London: Pan American World Airways announced today it will begin Chicago-to-London passenger flights soon after Jan. 1.
  • SELL McCORMICK RUSH ST. MANSE FOR STORE SITE: The brown stone, mansard roofed mansion at 675 Rush st., built by Cyrus Hall McCormick in the 1870s, was sold yesterday as part of the site for a proposed 3-1/2 million dollar structure to house a big New York merchandise company.
  • Birthdays: Pete Best (4), William F. Buckley (20)


Dot and Herb; A 1940s magazine ad for Virginia Dare wine: “Show Me The Way To Your Home’ —Says Virginia Dare— ‘So you folks can enjoy the only wine of its kind in the world!”; Hal Totten and Jim Parks; Dot's mom, Pauline

Nov. 25

What a night.

My honey came over at 7:00 and Sunny was here at 6:00. Then Herb and I got a 1/5 of Virginia Dare Wine and brought it home and drank it. We planned our honeymoon in the mountains all alone, and gosh— what paradise.

Later, Hal and Jim came acting silly as usual. Hal pulled my chair from under me and I fell. Well, Herb got very sore and I did all I could to keep them from fighting. Jim stuck his 2 cents in too. They knocked chairs over. What a mess. Went to bed at 1:30.”

Sis comments:

Yes, another incident I remember with the chair and the fighting that broke out. Mom always warned us about this. She had known someone who became paralyzed after someone pulled a chair out from under them. I don't recall if she was around to see Hal do it. He could clown around too much at times.

I almost forgot about good ol' Virginia Dare —our favorite! (Along with Mogen David.) Is it still around?”


  • The Virginia Dare brand and winery are presently owned by film director Francis Ford Coppola. More here.
  • Mogen David is still around. It was the wine of choice for our family for years at Easter and Christmas.

Today's news:

  • A WORLD OF FEAR: The world seems to be full of men afraid of themselves and of what they can do. When Mr. Hutchins, chancellor of the University of Chicago, was asked why the university had taken a part in a bomb making project he so deplored, he said that the university didn't think the thing would succeed. He's unhappy about the whole business.
  • FILM-DRIVE IN SITE ACQUIRED AT LA GRANGE - Plan Arena to Hold 1,500 Cars: Plans for the world's largest outdoor auto theater at the northwest corner of La Grange and Joliet rds. have been announced ... The theater will be known as the Southwest Drive-In.
  • FOUND AIRPORT CORP. IN ELGIN - WILL USE FARM: Formation of the Elgin Airport Corp. to develop and operate the 160 acre Kelley farm near Ill. 31 between Elgin and Dundee as a model community airfield was announced recently.
  • Bears to End Home Season with Steelers: The Chicago Bears, who have undergone the travail of one of their poorest won-and-lost seasons in their long National Football league history, today will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in their penultimate season game on Wrigley field.
  • Birthdays: Joe DiMaggio (31), Chicago aviation promoter Merrill C. Meigs (62), Pope John XXIII (64)


In The Hidden Eye, a blind detective, with the help of a seeing eye dog, uses his other senses to solve a murder.

Rockin' in the Rockies stars The Three Stooges, with Moe as a straight man, and Curly and Larry as aspiring Broadway performers who work as bumbling ranch hands. Also with the Cappy Barra Boys Harmonica Quartet.

Nov. 26

My boy came over at 7:00 and we went to the Stratford and saw The Hidden Eye and Rockin' in the Rockies. Stopped in Parnell and had a Coke.

Came back to my house and Herb made a pot of tea and we had sandwiches and cookies by candlelight in the parlor. I never knew I could fall so hard.

A scene from Rockin' in the Rockies.

Trailer for The Hidden Eye.

Today's news:

  • TRUMAN SURPRISES MOTHER - TRAVELS 2,000 MILES FOR HER 93rd BIRTHDAY: President Truman was back in the White House tonight after an unannounced round trip flight to Grandview, Mo., to spend two hours with his mother on her 93d birthday.
  • BEARS TURN BACK STEELERS BY 28-7; Luckman's 14 Aerials Good for 243 Yards - McAfee Gets 3 Touchdowns: The Chicago Bears, with Sid Luckman doing the pitching and the veteran George McAfee the running, romped to three first-half touchdowns today and then coasted along to an easy 28-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Birthdays: Tina Turner (6), Robert Goulet (12), Charles Schulz (23)


Nov. 27

Didn't go to school today. Sis and I went to the Linden in the evening and saw Colonel Blimp and Women Without Names. Very good.

Came home and Marge said Herb called and he said he still loved me. I went to bed about 12:45 but couldn't fall asleep.”

A scene from The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.

Today's news:

  • $100 OCEAN HOP STILL BELONGS TO ROSY FUTURE - Lowest One-Way Fare Over Atlantic Is $275: Altho trans-Atlantic plane fares are on the way down, the $100 ocean crossing in the stratosphere is a prospect for an unpredictable and rosy future.
  • SOX START TO BUILD FOR '46 - Dykes Plans Early Pruning Campaign: It doesn't promise any more than usual for the hardy White Sox fans but, anyway, the club's roster as revealed yesterday along with the seven others in the American league, shows that Manager Jim Dykes as of the moment has a total of 45 players at his disposal.
  • Stylists Work Hand in Glove with St. Nick: Beautifully made gloves in fascinatingly unusual colors have been delivered, unpacked, and displayed for the benefit of all Christmas gift shoppers. It's been years, literally, since such smooth handwork has been available.
  • Smitten Kitten Act Not Good, Girls Warned (by Sheila Daly): Why, any one will admit that love is a lovely thing but it happens to nine out of 10 girls, and they get over it— so take it easy, sister! [...] He may be everything you ever imagined in brain and brawn, a Van Johnson ... but just be sure he IS for you at all before you start telling the other guys and gals all about it.
  • Birthdays: Jimi Hendrix (3), Eddie Rabbitt (4), Bruce Lee (5)


Dot at home; Dot's uncle Lee and aunt Marge

Nov. 28

Cleaned the house as usual and then put my slacks on and sat around. The Herald American photographers came and took pics of Lee, Marge and the baby for the paper.

Herb called and we argued a little and then I told him I had to hang up cause the photog. wanted to use the phone. So he just hung up. About 10:30 he called and I explained about the reporters. He was slightly sensational over the phone.”

Sis comments:

I can't remember the photographers' visit. It was probably for a spread on our ‘returning G.I.s’.

What does Dot mean that Herb was ‘slightly sensational’?? It's another question with no answer.”


  • Update: I searched Herald American microfilm records at the Chicago Public Library but could find no article or photos from Nov. 28th thru Dec. 13th.
  • Lee returned home from the service on Nov. 8th. He and Marge and baby Lee (Whitey) are living with Dot's family.

Today's news:

  • Lost Cruiser's Skipper Faces Court Martial: Capt. Charles B. McVay III, commanding officer of the heavy cruiser Indianapolis lost in the Philippines sea, will face a general court martial.
  • RADIO STARS OUT OF ARMY HEARD IN NEW ROLES - Buddy Clark Will Sing in Swing's the Thing: Radio personalities who joined the services are coming back to radio. They don't always bob up in the old expected places. Buddy Clark, who sang on the Hit Parade and with Wayne King's orchestra before his army service, is back on the Chicago air lines temporarily.
  • Here's Hint to Foes: Bears Remember Like Elephants: The vintage Bears, many of whom have returned this season, have dedicated themselves to a roaring comeback in the National Football league wars in 1946.
  • Birthdays: Randy Newman (2), Gary Hart (9), Hope Lange (14), Berry Gordy, (16), Gloria Grahame (22)


Dot, facing her family's apartment building, with Normal Blvd. behind her; Herb Martin; Stan Jennings

Nov. 29

After school I cleaned the house and then Sunny called and said she couldn't come over cause she had a date (a sailor).

Herb called at 5:15 and then again at 6:30 and he asked me when we were getting married. I said next year about November, so we're both happy now.

He also said, ‘what about Earl and Jim and that guy you used to be so nuts about?’ (meaning Stan)— ‘what if he should turn up?...’

Jim also called and then came over and borrowed my pen.”

Sis comments:

Herb starts with the marriage talk again... and Jim comes all the way over to borrow a pen?? Boy, that guy doesn't take a hint and never gives up!”

Today's news:

  • Army Reveals How lt Blinded Enemy Radar: The army air forces today disclosed one of the top secrets of the war— devices for “jamming” enemy radar and making it useless for plane detection and gun aiming.
  • Chances ‘Fair’ Tire Rationing Will End Soon: Prospects are fair for the ending of passenger tire rationing late this year or early next year, a spokesman for a large Akron tire manufacturer said yesterday. Despite the labor shortage, production recently has been at a fairly high level and is expected to rise next year.
  • Birthdays: Jacques Chirac (13), Diane Ladd (13), Busby Berkeley (60)


Dot's aunt Marge; Dot; Kelly High School

Nov. 30

In the evening, Lee and Marge drove me to Merle's house and then we went to Kelly's dance and had a lot of fun. I didn't dance with anyone, but all in all things were swell.

After the dance, Merle, Sis and I went to Herman's and had a hamburger and a Coke, then came home. Went to bed at 1:00. Herb called at 9:00, Dad said.”

Today's news:

  • TOP NAZIS SHY AT MOVIES FROM HORROR CAMPS - Some Shed Tears, Others Refuse to Look: The men who made war without soiling their hands saw pictures of some of the results of their handiwork today— and couldn't take it. Some in the prisoners' box turned their heads and others cried openly as movies of concentration camp scenes were projected on a screen.
  • Airport Welcomes Mayor: Wheels of city and county governments slowed down briefly yesterday when 100 leading officials gathered at Chicago airport to greet “the boss.” It was Mayor Kelly arriving from London on the second return flight of the new Chicago-London air service.
  • BEAR-CARDINAL CAME IS FOR CHARITY —AND FOR KEEPS - Kindness Won't Extend to Gridiron Sunday: The National Football league's western teams will be playing only for fun and gate receipts Sunday, but the percentage table affords no such relaxation in the eastern division. Its champion is yet to be determined and the process may take until Dec. 16.
  • Birthdays: Terrence Malick (2), Ridley Scott (8), Abbie Hoffman (9), Dick Clark (16), Richard Crenna (19), Shirley Chisholm (21), Winston Churchill (71)

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