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Louise (Sis)

Louise was one year younger than her sister Dorothy, making her 15 at the start of 1945. Both were students at Englewood High School. They were close companions and buddies throughout Dorothy's life.

Sis got married in 1948 to Vertus, a Merchant Marine. They had three children: Dan, Ken and Nancy. Louise and her husband, Vertus, lived their married years on the south side, then in Worth, Mokena, and finally Dixon, Illinois. They both passed away recently.

Sis (Louise) and Dot, 1943

From left: Sis, Pauline (Mom), Dot, Jeannie (a relative or friend), Sonny, and Lou (Dad), about 1939

Sis with her mom and brother, Lou (Sonny), in about 1942

Sis, 1945

Sis and Dot

From left, an unknown friend with Santa, Dot and Sis, Christmas, 1939

With husband Vert, about 2001.
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