October 1945
Cubs: “anything might happen”
Herb's offer
Sonny's 7th
Cubs: “deep sorrow”
Stood up
A wonderful day
Kelly Social
Skating at White City

The Southtown theater

Sis and Dot; The Englewood High School auditorium stage; Hal Totten and Jim Parks

Previously during September, 1945, in Dot's Diary: As Japan officially surrendered aboard the USS Missouri and World War II ended, Dot began her senior year at Englewood High School which, later in the month, would experience serious racial tensions. Dot's boyfriend, Herb Martin, was alternately affectionate (suggesting he give Dot a ring for Christmas) and “snotty” (talking to Dot about all the girls he saw during his Michigan vacation.) There was a wedding, a few parties, lots of movies, and even an end of the world prediction that, of course, did not come true.

Oct. 1

Had a grand show at school today, to get the kids back together. Earl “Fatha” Hines & Co., and it was quite good.

After school, Sis and I went to the Southtown and saw Incendiary Blonde and Double Exposure. Met Jim and Hal and went with them to Tasty's for some coffee. It was drizzling outside.”

Sis comments:

“This show at school was the I wrote about earlier, where Larry Adler performed. I forgot about “Fatha” Hines. I believe Jesse Owens, the Olympic runner, was also there.”

Earl “Fatha” Hines performs live in 1965

A scene from Incediary Blonde, starring Betty Hutton

Double Exposure, starring Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly (full movie)

Today's news:

  • MASS 20,000 TO FIGHT FRENCH TROOPS - 319 Killed in Week of Battling: Fighting between Annamese and British and French forces entered the second week today amid indications that the rebellious natives are massing on the outskirts of Saigon for a concerted attack when 1,000 French reinforcements disembark Wednesday.
  • CHICAGO-LONDON FLIGHTS SET BY PAN AMERICAN: Direct flights from Chicago to London via Newfoundland will be started by Pan American World Airways as soon as sufficient planes are available, officlals of the line said yesterday. The announcement coincided with renewed support for development of the Douglas airport.
  • Tigers Whoop It Up After Taking Flag: The bedraggled Detroit Tigers filed into their locker room today out of the rain and fog with their seventh American league championship, [and] ceremoniously hailed Hank Greenberg for his pennant winning grand slam home run.
  • Birthdays: Julie Andrews (10), Jimmy Carter (21), Walter Matthau (25), aviation pioneer William Boeing (64)


Halsted St., looking north towards 63rd St.; Kelly Library; Dot

Oct. 2

Dear Diary, went down Halsted. After supper, went to Parnell and then to the library. Got home and did some homework and other odds and ends. Went to bed early.

Today's news:

  • 500 GARY PUPILS END TWO WEEK SCHOOL STRIKE: Meanwhile, at Englewood High school 500 white students who left classes last week were still absent yesterday. They, too, protested the rise in Negro enrollment. Yesterday, a bi-racial meeting was held at the school to discuss the problem.
  • Tribune Tower Illumined First Time Since War
  • BEARS PASS UP POST-MORTEMS FOR HARD WORK: The Bears haven't time to hold many post-mortems over their 31 to 21 defeat Sunday in Green Bay by the champion Packers. They must start concentrating today on the Cleveland Rams, touted as the most improved eleven in the National league.
  • O'NEILL RELIES ON STAR LEFTY FOR 2 STARTS - Greenberg Still a Threat at Plate: The Tigers brought home their freshly captured American league title today and immediately began to take stock of themselves and their chances of taking proper care of the Cubs in the world series scheduled to open here Wednesday.
  • Birthdays: Rex Reed (7), Jack Finney (34; Finney's novel, Time and Again, was a source of inspiration for compiling this diary), Bud Abbott (50), Groucho Marx (60,), Mahatma Gandhi (76)


Dot; Hank Borowy, Hal Newhouser, the starting pitchers in the opening game of the World Series this afternoon at Briggs Stadium, Detroit.

Oct. 3

Today didn't do a darn thing, just sat around the house doing homework. It was quite lovely all evening. Sis got home from her date with Dave at about 12:00. Went to bed at 1:00.”

Today's news:

  • WORLD SERIES ON TODAY: CUBS VS. TIGERS! - CHICAGO CLUB SETS RANGE IN BATTING DRILL - Short Fences Make Inviting Targets - Tigers by a Shade!: Charley Grimm and his champion Cubs surveyed Briggs stadium, lair of the Tigers, this afternoon and judged it suitable for the hitting styles of the several gents who gave the Cubs both the Individual and team hitting championships of the National league.
  • BOROWY DRAWS NEWHOUSER AS PITCHING RIVAL - Detroit Weather Cloudy, Windy: The world series, the baseball magnates' annual glamor show and, incidentally, an affair in which financial loot falls to some of the ball players, will get under way this afternoon. From what is definitely known about the principals, anything might happen. [Henry Borowy had won 11 of 13 decisions for the Cubs during the regular season. —D.]
  • Cruiser ‘Indianapolis’ Survivors Heading for Home
  • Patton Ousted as 3d Army's Commander - ‘Communism Seethes’: Gen. Eisenhower announced today he had ousted Gen. Patton as commander of the 3d army and administrator of Bavaria and had placed him in charge of a “paper army,” the 15th.
  • Birthdays: Chubby Checker (4), Glenn Hall (14), Alvin Toffler (17), Gore Vidal (20), James Herriot (29)


Whelan Drugs, at the southeast corner of 63rd & Halsted

Oct. 4

I washed my hair after school and put it up. Later on Sis, Sunny and I went to the Empress and saw Claudia, Roger Touhy, Gangster!, and Renfrew of the Royal Mounted.

Combed out my hair and walked to the dime store. Saw Pete and then saw Dutz and Moe by Whelans. They called me and then Herb came and held my hands and walked me home. We sat on the front steps. He told me how much he loved me and if I'd accept an engagement ring Xmas. I said no.

Then we met Kenny, so Dutz, Ken, Herb and 3 other guys and I went for a ride to Herb's and I met his mother.”

Sis comments:

At first I thought that Whelan's was supposed to be Walgreens. But then I remembered we had no Walgreens on 63rd. Whelan's was the drug store on the southeast corner of 63rd & Halsted we went to a lot. I never would have recalled that name if it wasn't for this diary.

Can Herb really be serious about this engagement ring? I believe this was the first time Dot went to Herb's house. I could be wrong. I know she liked his mother. Dot never said too much about Herb's dad, tho.”

The Empress theater

Claudia, starring Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young (full movie)

A scene from Renfrew of the Royal Mounted

Today's news:

  • CUBS WHIP TIGERS, 9-0; WYSE HURLS TODAY; 54,637 WATCH BOROWY WIN IN SERIES OPENER; Newhouser Routed in Third Inning; A TIGER'S OUT— A CUB SCORES —AND IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR BOROWY: Charley Grimm's Cubs, champions of the National league, turned loose batting thunder today to project themselves into the spotlight as probable world champions, an honor the Chicagoans haven't owned since way back in 1908.
  • A PAVING BRICK HELPS CUBS WIN!: The happiest man in Detroit tonight [Weds.] was Charles John Grimm, the inspiring 48-year-old leader of the triumphant Chicago Cubs. The leather-faced Grimm was grinning from ear-to-ear and whistling with boyish enthusiasm as he led hs chilled and shivering players into their steam-heated dressing room. [...] Andy Lotshaw, club conditioner ... explained he had soaked two huge paving bricks in hot water while the Cubs were on the field, so that [pitcher] Borowy could keep warm between innings.
  • Birthdays: Tony La Russa (1), Anne Rice (4), Jackie Collins (8), Charlton Heston (21), Buster Keaton (50), Damon Runyon (65)


Oct. 5

During the day (Sis said Herb called), I did practically nothing— just put up my hair after school. Also took care of Marge's baby. Helen came over with her little cousin and we took a walk.

Later I put on a skirt and sweater and who should come over but Earl. So he took me to the Stratford and we saw Hurricane and Raffles. They were good. He put his arm around me in the show. Then we stopped in Parnell and I had a Cherry Coke. Met 2 girls and a guy Earl knew. Real nice kids. He's real nice, but I still like Herb.

Sis comments:

Dot always refers to “Marge's baby” instead of the name Whitey, which is what we always called him. He was really LeRoy, Jr., a pretty good kid and never too much trouble. We earned a lot of extra spending money this way for Marge paid well and always insisted on paying us.”

Dorothy Lamour stars in The Hurricane

A scene from Raffles, starring David Niven

Wrigley field dons holiday garb for the opening of the Chicago portion of the world series tomorrow. –Chicago Tribune

Today's news:

  • CUBS LOSE; PASSEAU FACES TIGERS TODAY; 3 RUN HOMER BY GREENBERG BEATS WYSE, 4-1; Trucks Goes Route for Detroit: Hank Greenberg, the towering ex-army captain who knocked a ninth inning, four run homer to clinch the American league pennant for the Detroit Tigers in St. Louis last Sunday, gave them their margin of success in a 4 to 1 victory over the Chicago Cubs.
  • ATOM EXPERTS INDORSE GLOBAL BOMB CONTROL - Warn of Catastrophic Possibilities: Members of the executive committee of an organization founded as the Atomic Scientists of Chicago yesterday warned that within a few years there can be enough atomic bombs on hand in several countries to cause a world catastrophe.
  • BATTLE REOPENS IN COURT TODAY ON L FARE HIKE - State, City, OPA Pledge Hard Fight on Rise: Attorneys representing the state of Illinois, the city of Chicago, and the office of price administration promised yesterday an unrelenting fight to prevent the elevated lines putting into effect a basic 12 cent fare instead of the present 10 cents.
  • Birthdays: Ray Kroc (43), Robert Goddard (63), Louis Lumière (81)


Oct. 6

Sis and I stayed in all day and cleaned the house. I felt pretty punk all day.

Sis and I dressed at 5:00 and went to Halsted. On the way saw Earl, and also stopped and talked to Jerry W. We went to the Southtown and saw Bell for Adano (so-so) and Thrill of a Romance —very, very good. Stopped at Minuet and then came home.

Started to fix my hair, then Jim and Hal came over and we were talking and fooling around. Jim was quite sarcastic towards me. Went to bed at 3:15. Sunny stayed.

Sis comments:

Just an afterthought: Herb was talking about an engagement ring, but here it is, Saturday night, and Dot hasn't a date with Herb. And they're going steady?? And who is ‘Jerry W.’? So many questions, so few answers.”

Gene Tierney and John Hodiak star in A Bell for Adano

A scene from Thrill of a Romance, with Van Johnson and Esther Williams and featuring the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Claude Passeau (right), veteran Cub right hander, who held the Tigers to a lone single in Chicago's 3 to 0 world series victory yesterday in Detroit, has a word of thanks for Peanuts Lowrey, who set off a two run scoring foray in the fourth inning with a double. –Chicago Tribune

Today's news:

  • PASSEAU KEEPS CALM IN MIDST OF VICTORY DIN; Learns of His Historic Role in Dressing Room: Claude Passeau didn't know he had shared world series history by holding the Detroit Tigers to one hit today until he reached the dressing room of the victorious [3-0] Chicago Cubs.
  • AT HOME TO TIGERS TODAY - PRIM TO PITCH AGAINST TROUT IN TRY FOR NO. 3: Chicago's own Cubs and those pets of all Detroit fans, the Tigers, will meet this afternoon in Wrigley field in the first world series game Chicago has witnessed in seven years to the day. [Pitching] will be Ray Prim, the suave old Cub lefty who has a 13 and 8 record.
  • BLEACHER FANS KEEP ALL-NIGHT VIGIL AT GATES: Chicago was prepared last night to greet the Cubs in Wrigley field for the fourth game of the world series against the Detroit Tigers this afternoon, from jam-packed loop hotels to the north side ball park, where 5,000 milled about the bleacher entrance.
  • AIM TODAY: 1ST BIG 9 VICTORY - 40,000 Expected in Dyche Stadium Test for Two: Just how far Northwestern and Michigan will go in the 1945 Big Nine football race will be determined in Dyche stadium this afternoon in the 20th renewal of the series that started in 1892.
  • Birthdays: Janet Gaynor (39), Swiss architect Le Corbusier (58)


“Sonny” (Dot's younger brother, Louis, Jr.); Tommy's brother, “Junior”

Oct. 7

Today was a real long day. Sonny had his 7th birthday party. There were about 20 kids here.

Later on Sis and I took Junior to Parnell and then we went to 63rd with Tommy, Jr., Sis and me. Also to Lill's house. It was nice outside, but kind of windy. Didn't see anyone special today.

I fixed my hair and went to bed at 11:30. Jim and Hal dropped in about 12:00 but Marge told them I was sleeping.

Sis comments:

Sonny had a big party —20 kids! I don't think Dot and I ever had that many at our parties, except later on.

Junior and Tommy were brothers and our cousins. I wonder where younger brother Buddy (Charles) was?

And those guys —Jim and Hal— dropped in at midnite! No friends of my own kids would have dared to do that!

Marge was always good for getting us off the hook. We owed her plenty!”

Today's news:

  • CUBS LOSE; BOROWY VS. NEWHOUSER TODAY; TIGERS, TROUT TRIUMPH, 4-1, SQUARE SERIES; DETROIT HAS ITS DAY AND IT'S ANYBODY'S SERIES: Yesterday before 42,943 startled fans in Wrigley Field, the American leaguers broke loose with a four-run fourth inning for the sum of their production, and another 4 to 1 victory to even the series for the second time. Silent Ray Prim, the ripe Cub lefty, was the losing pitcher, and main pitching victim of the assault. Dizzy Trout, a Hoosier of a few million words, was the happy conqueror, on a five-hit effort.
  • In the Wake of the News, by Arch Ward: Andy Frain ... had trouble with only one fan, Billy Sianis, owner of a tavern near Chicago Stadium, who insisted on bringing a goat into the box seat section. Sianis had a ticket for the goat, which was paraded thru the American league area of front box customers. The critter wore a blanket on which was pinned a sign reading “We Got Detroit's Goat.” Frain finally convinced Sianis goats should be with Navy football teams.

[Note: thus began the Cubs' infamous “Curse of the Billy Goat”. Cubs owner Phil Wrigley ordered Sianis and his goat ejected from the park due to the goat's odor. Sianis “was outraged at the ejection and allegedly placed a curse upon the Cubs that they would never win another pennant or play in a World Series at Wrigley Field again because the Cubs organization had insulted his goat.” —D.]

  • AIR LINE LEASES SPACE IN 5 STORY BUILDING IN LOOP: American Airlines, Inc., has leased 25,000 square feet of floor space in the Williams building at the southeast corner of Wabash av. and Monroe st., the company said yesterday. It will be remodeled into a ticket office, passenger terminal, and headquarters for the reservations department.
  • Birthdays: Joy Behar, Oliver North (2), Desmond Tutu (14), Andy Devine (40), Elijah Muhammad (49)


Helen Romanelli; Kelly Library

Oct. 8

Helen came over after school and we chatted a little. Later, Sis and I went to the library and then to Parnell. Nobody special was in there.

Coming home met Helen again, and another girl, and also Pat F. Met 2 guys —Blackie and Chuck— both were very gooney, so I told this guy Chuck that I had to go in and do my homework.

Sis comments:

“Pat F. was a nice-looking guy who went to Englewood High School. I don't know who Blackie & Chuck were. But ‘gooney’?? That tells you how strong our vocabulary was then!”

Today's news:

  • CUBS TRAIL, 3-2; NORTH SIDERS BEATEN, 8 TO 4, BY NEWHOUSER: Detroit's Tigers, twice in arrears by one game in the current world series, boomed themselves into the lead for the first time yesterday before a 43,463 house in Wrigley field, The American leaguers actually, kicked the Cubs around in a baseball free-for-all, 8 to 4.
  • Cubs Pick Passeau to Square World Series - TIGERS GO INTO 3-2 LEAD - CALL ON [VIRGIL] TRUCKS TODAY: Two 1945 world series winners will meet today in what will be the final of the series if the Tigers win. Claude Passeau, who pitched a one hitter to beat the Tigers, 3 to 0, in the third game in Detroit, will be pitted against Virgil Trucks, who bent the Cubs, 4 to 1, in the second game.
  • PATTON IN TEARS, TURNS OVER 3d ARMY COMMAND: Tears glistened in the eyes of Gen. Patton and his voice faltered today as he turned over command of his beloved United States 3d army to Lt. Gen. Lucian K. Truscott Jr.
  • Iraq Troops Occupy Kurd Bandits' Stronghold
  • TEEN-AGE GIRLS TO GET CHANCE TO HEAR HAYMES - Show to Be Moved to Earlier Hour: Chicago teen-agers [feminine] will be able to hear Dick Haymes, one of their favorites, on the air again, starting this week.
  • Birthdays: Chevy Chase (2), Jesse Jackson, Sr. (4), Wayne Gretzky (7), Juan Perón (50), Eddie Rickenbacker (55)


Sis and Dot at their front door; Halsted St. looking north towards 63rd St.; Kelly Library; Hal Totten and Jim Parks

Oct. 9

After school, Sis and I dressed and went towards 63rd to go to a show. But nothing good was playing, so we stopped at Parnell, went to the library again, and then came home.

Hal and Jim came over and we danced and then ate some cookies and had coffee. Discussed our party and different people, including Herb and Katie.”


  • Katie's name came up with Herb's once before, in September. She might be his sister.

Today's news:

  • Cubs Win, Tie Series in 12 Inning Game - Scorers Clear Greenberg of Crucial Error: Baseball's 1945 world series roars onto the seventh and deciding game in Wrigley field tomorrow —and really roars, tho today will be an off day. Yesterday the Cubs beat the Tigers, 8 to 7, with two out in the 12th inning, in a game that perhaps transcends all others...
  • 7TH GAME TICKET FANS BESIEGE CUBS' PARK; 200 OPEN VIGIL AT GATES OF WRIGLEY FIELD - Corps of Clerks Awaits Rush - How to Get Tickets: Wrigley field's ticket corridors on Addison st. last night were illuminated by fires crackling inside tubs and garbage cans. At midnight the place was alive with more than 200 half frozen rabid baseball fans of all descriptions and ages.
  • GIANT 'QUEEN' ARRIVES TODAY - 40,000 VETS DUE - 70th Infantry Division Is Among Returnees: Ten troop carriers, including the Queen Elizabeth, are scheduled to bring home nearly 40,000 troops from the European and Pacific theaters today.
  • Nylons on Way but Only Pair by Single Pair
  • 104,521 Autos in Japan - 50 Pct. Made in America
  • Birthdays: John Lennon (5), Jacques Tati (38)


Helen Romanelli; the Linden movie theater

Oct. 10

Didn't do much today. In the evening, Helen came over and we went down 63rd. She went to the Englewood and we went to the Linden and saw Murder He Says and Gentle Annie. Both were super.

Came home and Hal and Jim came over. We went on 61st & Halsted for a Coke. Had a gay old time, fooling around. Jim still gets me mad at times.”

Sis comments:

‘Had a gay old time’, and yet Dot says Jim gets her mad. OK, make up your mind, Dot. But then, good ol' Jim will still be hanging around!”

Betty Hutton in Murder, He Says

Betty Hutton in Gentle Annie

Today's news:

  • END SERIES TODAY! BOROWY VS. NEWHOUSER - CUBS, TIGERS TO BATTLE IT OUT BEFORE 43,000: The 1945 world series, which has run thru six games as well as a lengthy list of strange happenings, will come to a conclusion on Wrigley field this afternoon in a battle featuring, at least at the start, the same two pitching gentlemen.
  • Jersey Dresses, Timed for Crisp Days, Are Here: Shivering shoppers are welcoming the first smart jersey dresses, timed for the first chilly days. Since jersey is, unquestionably, the smoothest fabric used for the semi-casual type dress, successful streamlined models are going fast.
  • Cardinals Get That Old Feeling— to Defeat Bears: The Chicago Cardinals are whispering among themselves that their 29 game National Football league losing streak is going to end Sunday in Wrigley field. Of course, anything can happen out there, as witness the recent goings-on of the Cubs and Tigers.
  • Birthdays: Harold Pinter, Adlai Stevenson (15), Ed Wood (21), Thelonious Monk (28), Helen Hayes (45)


Dot's friend Sunny; Manager Charlie Grimm after the 9-3 loss. Cub fans would have to wait until 2016 before their next World Series.

Oct. 11

Didn't do much all day. In the evening met Sunny in Parnell and had a root beer. Then we went down 63rd, took Sunny to the street car.

On our way home we met Kenny and 3 other fellows riding around. They took us for a short ride and then took us home. Hal and Jim dropped in but I was in bed.

Sis comments:

Hal and Jim come over way too late. Of course, you may not know this, but on most nights Dad did not come home from work until 3 or 4 in the morning. Then he would have 2 or 3 days off in a row, alternating each week. So... maybe Hal and Jim knew Dad's work schedule and knew he wouldn't be home.”

Today's news:

  • TIGERS CRUSH CUBS BY 9-3 AND ANNEX WORLD SERIES, 4-3; Rout Borowy in Opening Frame and Send Five Runs Across Plate Before 41,950

NEWHOUSER AGAIN VICTOR - Fans 10 in His Second Triumph - Richards Hits 2 Doubles, First Driving 3 Home: Flooring their rivals with a first-round knockdown punch from which the never recovered, Steve O'Neill's Tigers brought the baseball championship of the universe back to Detroit today as they sent Charlie Grimm's Cubs down to a crushing 9-to-3 defeat [at] Wrigley Field. [...] The weather, as it has been almost throughout this series, was again subnormal in temperature for baseball, with the sun breaking only intermittently through a gray, hazy sky.

A deep sorrow seems to be enveloping Chicago's fandom tonight.

  • Heath Row to Be Main Civil Airport of London
  • PREDICTS ATOM WILL END LIMIT ON PLANE RANGE: Senators juggling the hottest scientific potato in history —atomic energy— heard today that the new power will give the airplane of the future a virtually unlimited range, because it won't be burdened with the heavy fuel loads carried by present day aircraft.
  • BADLY BRUISED BEARS TO MEET CARDS SUNDAY; Hugh Gallarneau Hopes to Leave Hospital Today: The Chicago Bears will move into Wrigley field tomorrow where they will be called upon Sunday to begin protecting a string of unbroken successes on their home premises stretching over four seasons.
  • Birthdays: Eleanor Roosevelt (61)


The Frozen Ghost was one in a series Inner Sanctum movies, all with the same cast, inspired by the then popular radio show; Pardon Us (1931) was Laurel & Hardy's feature film debut.

Oct. 12

Today was Columbus Day* so there wasn't any school. Sis and I cleaned out our closet.

Later on we dressed and went to the Stratford with Sunny and saw The Frozen Ghost and Pardon Us. Both were pretty good.

After the show we went to Minuet and then went to Parnell and met Earl there, so talked to him. Stopped at Hal's and fooled around with the piano and talked a lot. Sunny stayed overnight.

Chicago horror movie host Svengoolie talks about Frozen Ghost

An excerpt from Pardon Us (1931) (colorized)


  • *President Roosevelt set aside Columbus Day, Oct. 12, as a federal holiday in 1937 (at the behest of the Knights of Columbus). In 1971, the holiday was moved to the second Monday of October.

Today's news:

  • Frozen Meats in Package to Be Ready Soon: Housewives will soon be able to buy packaged, frozen cuts ot meat over the counter, but the freezing will he done by their neighborhood butchers rather than by packing houses.
  • CUBS HOPE TO FORGET WOES ON HUNTING TRIPS; GRIMM HEADS FOR PEACE AND QUIET OF FARM - Cubs Still Better Team on Paper: Mr. Charles Grimm, the boss of the Cubs, saw the Tigers put an end to the 1945 world series at about 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon and yesterday he made the ending official in his own way. He picked up his hat and started for his St. Louis country farm, not happy, of course.
  • CARDS EXPECT TO PROVE BEAR JINX IS A MYTH - 30,000 to See Them Try It Sunday: Chicago, Green Bay, and New York will be unusual battlegrounds Sunday in National Football league games.
  • BLONDIE, A LITTLE LATE, BECOMES A LATE BLONDE! - Tresses Cut Off, She Asks Arrest of Soldier: Miss Esther Schlum, 19, is —or was— a strawberry blonde. Hor hair is still blonde, but it isn't on her head. She carried it in a paper bag when she appeared today at the prosecutor's office to complain about what had happened to her.
  • Birthdays: Luciano Pavarotti (10), Dick Gregory (13)


Sunny; Dot at home; A Nuts and Jolts comic from the Oct. 13, 1945 Chicago Tribune: “Nasty weather never stops Edwin from exercising the dog.”

Oct. 13

Went down 63rd and met Sunny. It was quite cold outside. Stopped in Parnell and met Earl and Dave. Then came home and sat around. Read the jokes* and listened to the radio, danced and ate.

Sis and I went out for some soda and saw Earl and Dave again, and they asked us to go to St. Sabina's dance and skating tomorrow. We said ok. Came home and fixed my hair so went to bed at 1:30.

The front page of the comics (or the “jokes,” as Dot calls them) from the Sunday Chicago Tribune. The Sunday edition was sold at stores and newstands beginning early Saturday evening.


Today's news:

  • Ghost Hellcat Flies by Radio - Television Eyes Guide Bombs - Pilot on Ground: Development of a pilotless radio controled fighting plane —the Ghost Hellcat— was disclosed today by the navy.
  • DAILY DELIVERY MAY BOOST MILK COST 1¢ A QUART: If dairy companies return to daily deliveries when the war time restrictions are raised Nov. 1, milk costs will increase from 1 to 1-1/2 cents a quart, Thomas Gilmore, attorney for the Associated Milk Dealers, said yesterday.
  • Stay Prepared for Next War, Patton Warns: Gen. Patton, 55, in a formal statement issued at his new 15th army headquarters, put on record today his belief that there will be more wars and that “unless we are armed and prepared the next war will probably destroy us.”
  • 1 DEAD, 16 HURT ON HAYRACK RIDE - 26 Pupils on Vehicle Struck by Truck: A hayrack carrying 13 Parker High school girls and their escorts on a hay ride last night was struck and demolished by a trailer truck on route 83, west of La Grange rd. (route 45), in the Palos Hills forest preserve. County highway police reported that one pupil was killed. [Side note: in March, Dot and Jim (a Parker student) went on a hayride in the same area —D.]
  • Birthdays: Paul Simon (4), Lenny Bruce (20)


Sis and Dot; Sis; Jim Parks withDot

Oct. 14

Today stayed around the house all day. Later in the evening, Sis and I dressed and we both wished we weren't going tonight.

They [Earl and Dave] were supposed to come at 7:00. We waited till 7:30 and then went down 63rd. Saw Herb's brother Pete. Sis and I went into Colonial for a Coke.

Came home and Marge said Earl and Dave came at 7:36 or so. I called up Jim later on and he came over and helped me with my algebra. Had a lot of fun. Earl called at 1:00 am.

Sis comments:

This was a day I remember because it was the first time I really stood up a guy and I was not to proud of my actions. I can't speak for Dot. Neither one of us were crazy about these two guys, but still that was no excuse for ditching them. After all, they were only a half-hour late. We were looking for a reason.

Even years later I thought about this night and felt bad. I don't think I ever went out with Dave again.”


  • Sis and Dot had a date with Earl and Dave to go dancing at St. Sabina's (79th St. near Racine Ave.).
  • No photos of Earl or Dave, unfortunately.

Today's news:

  • AIR FORCES TELL HOW LINDBERGH HELPED VICTORY - Taught Winning Tactics to Pacific Airmen: An article in the October number of Air Force, official journal of the army air forces, praises Col. Charles A. Lindbergh for some of his little known war service. The article appeared two weeks after the navy department refused to tell of work done by Lindbergh.
  • 100 ANNAMITES, 2 JAPS SLAIN BY FRENCH TROOPS - Take 800 Prisoners in Fight Near Saigon: French troops have killed 100 Annamese [Vietnamese citizens] and two of their Japanese leaders in a push west of Saigon against rebellious nationalists, it was announced today, while the British disclosed the Annamese had been warned to halt “interference” with British forces.
  • BEARS FINALLY AT HOME - MEET PRO NEIGHBORS - Cardinals Foes Today in Wrigley Field Home Town Stuff: The Bears won their first National Football league victory last year on Oct. 15. They can beat this record by 24 hours for 1945 by beating the Cardinals this afternoon on Wrigley field's greens in Chicago's first league game of the season
  • Birthdays: Ralph Lauren (6), Roger Moore (18), Dwight Eisenhower (55)


Uncle Dan, in on leave from the Air Force

William Bendix plays a seaman with wives in two ports, in Don Juan Quilligan.

The Valley of Decision concerns the lives and loves of steel mill workers in 19th Century Pittsburgh.

Oct. 15

Got out of school and went downtown in search of a job. But— started back home and instead went to the Southtown and saw Don Juan Quilligan and Valley of Decision. Very good.

Went to Parnell and met Jim and Hal, and walked home with them. Uncle Dan was over so we then walked him to the street car.

Sis comments:

Here we go again— searching for a job and ending up going to the movies. It's a pattern!

‘Uncle Dan’ was probably Mom's brother Dan. He was in the Air Force and probably in on leave. Kind of a quiet guy, unlike her other brothers George and Tony.”

Today's news:

  • ESCAPED LITHUANIANS TELL OF RUSSIAN PRISON HORRORS - Thousands of Baltic Peoples Enslaved: Stories of Russian deportations and enslavement of recently Russified nations leak from refugees here, notwithstanding the Swedish order against Baltic “political propaganda.”
  • CHICAGOANS’ USE OF MILWAUKEE AIRPORT GROWS: Air line officials said yesterday that an increasing number of north shore residents are booking their flights into and out of the Milwaukee county airport because from some suburbs it can be reached by automobile more easily and quickly then comparatively congested Chicago [Midway].
  • Scores of GIs Robbed - Sleep on Floor Here: Soldiers and sailors who, during the war, came to look upon Chicago as the nation's most hospitable city to service men, in many cases are finding their stay here en route home from separation centers anything but pleasant, a survey disclosed last night.
  • Birthdays: Lee Iacocca (21), P.G. Wodehouse (64)


The “front porch”; Dot and Herb

Oct. 16

I had a date with Herb tonight. I just put on my skirt and blouse. He came in his brown gaberdine suit. We went to the Stratford** and saw Apology for Murder and Blonde Ransom. Both were good.

Came home and sat on the front porch. Some drunk talked to us and wished us his blessings. Herb loved me to death and talks of nothing but us and marriage. And I love it. Got in at 1:00.”

Sis comments:

A big date! Herb wears a brown gaberdine suit. This guy really knew how to treat a girl— sometimes! It sounds like Dot had a great time tho, and even topped it off with a drunk's blessing. What more can one ask for?!”


  • **Dot may have made a mistake about the theater. According to the Tribune, the Stratford was playing The Cheaters and South of the Rio Grande.

Today's news:

  • Harbor Roars Welcome to Fleet, Halsey: Adm. Halsey and his dungareed seamen scored ceremonial dignity to wave an enthusiastic greeting to crowds high above as his homecoming 3d fleet flagship steamed beneath the Golden Gate bridge today.
  • CITY RAILWAYS LEADS PROTEST ON TRANSIT PLAN: Opposition to the plan under which the Chicago metropolitan transit authority would purchase and operate the surface and elevated lines, on the ground the proposed buying price is "grossly inadequate," was raised yesterday in federal District court.
  • RACE BARRIER HELD LEGAL IN REALTY SALES: Superior Court Judge John P. McGeprty yesterday ruled that restrictive covenants entered into by property owners not to sell to certain groups of people are legally binding in real estate sales and transactions.
  • STEEL ORDERED FOR ADDITION TO TRIBUNE TOWER: The contract for 25,000 tons of steel for the new eight story addition to Tribune Tower and W-G-N at Illinois and ST. Clair sts. has been awarded to the American Bridge company for March 1, 1946, delivery.
  • Birthdays: WWI veteran Louis de Cazenave (48; died in 2008 at age 111), Eugene O'Neill (57)


The Linden theater; Sis and Sunny; Dot

Oct. 17

Herb called at noon today and we gabbed for quite awhile. Later on, Sis and I met Sunny and went to the Linden** and saw two very corny pictures.

After the show we ate at Minuet's and then Sis and I went home and I got some of my homework done.”


  • **No listing for the Linden theater in the Tribune.

Today's news:

  • BISHOPS REVEAL RED SLAUGHTER OF LITHUANIANS - Bare Planned Exile of 700,000: Secret documents found in Lithuania after the Communists fled ahead of the advancing Nazis in June, 1941, revealed the planned and ordered deportation by Moscow of 700,000 Lithuanians, three bishops in exile charge in a letter of appeal.
  • ANNAMITES RIP BRITISH ABUSES, FRENCH REVEAL; Appeal to Truman for Voice in Rule: French authorities today said that Viet Nam had broadcast an appeal to President Truman and Generalissimo Stalin asking representation on the united nations advisory commission for Asiatics, and denouncing “the abuses of power by the British administration.”
  • ALL-STAR BILL TO BE AIRED BY WGNB TONIGHT - Advantages of FM to Be Displayed: WGNB will present an all-star musical and dramatic program, High Fidelity hour, from 8 to 8:30 o'clock tonight. This one-time program, designed to show the advantages of frequency modulation reception, will feature Virginia Haskins, colaratura soprano.
  • OUR CUBS WILL BE BETTER YET FOR 1946 RACE - Returning Stars to Bolster Champs: If you are one of those of the opinion the Cubs should be rebuilt without delay because they didn't win the seventh game of the recent world series, don't take up the subject with James T. Gallagher, the volatile vice president and general manager.
  • Birthdays: Jimmy Breslin (15), Pope John Paul I (33), James Garfield (son of President Garfield; 80)


Dot and Herb

Oct. 18

Today was a nice day. In the evening, I was supposed to meet Earl in Parnell at 8:00. At 7:45, Herb called up and asked if he could come over. I said sure, and so I didn't see Earl. Hal came around and we all had a gay old time.

Later, Earl and Dave came around for Sis and I, and then Jim. Boy, I had a swell old time, but really. Herb was wonderfully sweet. He said that the reason he didn't come around for awhile was because the last time we were together (I la fait tres chaud).”

Sis comments:

“I guess I did see Dave again! I should read ahead more.

[Sis is referring to Sunday when she stood-up Dave. She'd felt bad about it for years, and had thought until now that they'd never had another date. —D.]

This Earl is becoming another Jim— he never gets the message.

Dot's pretty popular— Earl, Jim and Herb all together at our house! I can see why she had a gay old time. And more with the French!”


  • The Oct. 18th, 2007 Chicago Tribune Metro section has a story on the diary written by Eric Zorn. The article is also online, here. My sincere thanks to the Trib and to Eric.

Today's news:

  • WARN OF DEATH TOLL IN MILLIONS IN ATOMIC RAID: Congress was told today that 40,000,000 Americans could be killed in one overnight atomic raid if there is “one false move in international diplomacy”.
  • SOVIET POLICY IS PERIL TO WORLD, AFL UNIT SAYS - Charges Reds Upset London Parley: Soviet Russia's attempts to dominate post-war Europe and Asia are dangerous to the entire world, the executive council of the American Federation of Labor declared today.
  • PREDICT RETURN OF NAVY PIER BY MIDSUMMER, '46: Chicago may regain Navy pier as a recreation and convention center by midsummer of 1946, it was indicated yesterday. Capt, Edwin A. Wolleson, commanding officer at the pier, said the naval radio technicians' school now occupying quarters there probably would vacate very soon.
  • ALLEN-BENNY AIR FEUD GETS FRESH FUEL: TIE RATING; [Fibber] McGees, [Bob] Hope 1st and 2d: Fred Allen, back on the air after a years' absence, plucked a high rating in the first Hooper program report to come out since the major shows returned from their summer vacations. He landed in a tie for fifth place with Jack Benny.
  • BEARS ASSUME ROLE OF SPOILER IN PRO FOOTBALL: All that's left in 1945 for the Chicago Bears is to gain the satisfaction of knocking off contenders for the western and eastern championships of the National Football league. They are looking forward to such an assignment Sunday afternoon with the title-minded Cleveland Rams.
  • The Soviet Union today secretly received plutonium bomb plans from U.S. Los Alamos physicist Klaus Fuchs
  • Birthdays: Lee Harvey Oswald (6), Mike Ditka (6), Chuck Berry (9)


At top: Jim Parks

Oct. 19

“Today was quite a dull day. Jim called to tell me what time he was coming and I told him I wasn't going.

Well he got quite sore and asked for a good reason. I told him the place was too big and I didn't know what to wear. He wasn't satisfied so I told him Herb might see us, and he said, ‘So what, you're not going steady,’ and I said ‘Oh yes we are,’ and he didn't believe me. I said, ‘Do I make it a habit?’

Later on, Herb called, and then I went to the Southtown, alone, and saw Over 21 and Where Do We Go From Here?

Sis comments:

Where were Jim and Dot supposed to go that was “too big”? I can understand why Jim didn't know Dot and Herb were going steady— he and Earl and Herb were all right there with Dot at the house just a few days ago.

Poor Jim, he had it bad! I don't understand Dot's remark about “Do I make it a habit?”


  • In 2007, the Chicago Tribune featured a story on this diary. The article is online here. Sincere thanks to the Trib and to Eric Zorn.

Today's news:

  • Bare Charges Against Hitler Ringleaders - 24 INDICTED FOR PLOT AGAINST WORLD PEACE; Allies' 4 Count Bill Says Ten Million Were Murdered: The allies indicted Hitler's henchmen today, charging a quarter century of conspiracy culminating in the world's worst war and the mass murder of an estimated 10 million people.
  • “REBELS” IN ANNAM: The Associated Press reports from Saigon that the French 2d armored division has arrived to restore order among “rebellious Annamites [Vietnamese citizens].” The adjective is not well chosen. The people of Indo-China were masters in their own house until about a century ago, when the French began to intervene in their affairs on the pretexts of suppressing piracy and protecting Christians.
  • Court Delays 'L' Fare Hike Pending Study: The elevated lines lost a skirmish in the campaign for a 12 cent fare yesterday when Judge Philip J. Finnegan of the Circuit court refused to issue immediately an injunction to prevent interference with putting the increased charge into effect. The present fare is 10 cents.
  • For Men Only! Raincoats of —Yes— Nylon: Here's epoch making news! There are now available, but for MEN ONLY, a few NYLON raincoats. Lest unappeased women start a riot, we hurry to add that raincoats for the women are also promised in the near future. But the first nylons are for the boys.
  • Blackhawks Beat Rangers in First Test: A capacity crowd of 4,500 tonight saw the Chicago Blackhawks pass their first test of the season as they outskated the New York Rangers in the last two periods to gain a 4 to 2 triumph in an exhibition game.
  • Birthdays: Peter Max (8), Robert Reed (13), John le Carré (14)


Herb and Dot; the Woods theater, at Randolph & Dearborn.

Oct. 20

Today was a wonderful day.

I started to dress at 6:00. Put on my black and gold sequin dress and put my hair upswept. Herb came at 8:00 and we took an L on Parnell and went downtown to the Woods [theatre] and saw Johnny Angel, Crime Does Not Pay, and Hep Cat Serenade*.

Got out of the show, took an L home and ate down 63rd. Came back to my house and sat on the couch and had the radio on. He kept complimenting me and was simply wonderful.

Sis comments:

Dot looked good with upswept hair and I remember that black crepe dress for it was her best “dressy” dress and also her favorite. It had gold sequins sewed in amongst the black ones on the sleeves.

It was the fashion style back then to have sequins on most dressy outfits. We also added our own. Dot sewed on the gold ones to her dress. I remember sewing green sequins around black ones on a dress I wore for St. Patrick's Day. You get the idea, right? We were really in style (or so we thought).

Another wonderful date for Dot. Sign of the times: Hep Cat Serenade. Love it!”

The trailer for Johnny Angel, starring George Raft, Hoagy Carmichael and Claire Trevor. Raft plays a sailor out to get the men who murdered his father.

Hoagy Carmichael plays Memphis in June, from Johnny Angel.

A typical example from MGM's Crime Does Not Pay short films. Fall Guy was #43 in the series.

Louis Jordan and his band performing Buzz Me

Maurice Rocco quite possibly performed Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar, a popular song during the 1940s, at the Woods this evening.


  • *Johnny Angel was the full-length feature film at the Woods theater, along with two short subjects: Hep Cat Serenade featuring Louis Jordan and his band, and Fall Guy, which was part of MGM's Crime Does Not Pay series.

Today's news:

  • AIR POWER BEST A-BOMB DEFENSE, ARNOLD ASSERTS: Defense against atomic bombs, rockets, and other missiles of war depends on the ability to mount a rapid air attack against the source of such weapons, Gen. Arnold, chief of the army air forces, told the senate military affairs committee today.
  • NEW DRUG CUTS DEATHS FROM BLOOD CLOTTING - Prevents Coagulation in Fatal Diseases: The successful use of a new drug called dicumarol in treating diseases involving blood clots was explained today to 300 physicians and surgeons from western states attending a symposium on heart disease.
  • Pads Needed to Give Shape to Shoulders: Despite the secret of their actual size, color, and shape, shoulder pads are apparent in the correct silhouette of the coat, dress, suit, and even blouse. Without these handy layers, there's all the difference between smart, sharp shoulder lines and indifferent, sometimes sloppy ones.
  • BREAK THE BANK, NEW QUIZ SHOW, TO BE ON W-G-N - Top Prize Is $1,000 in Program Tonight: Break the Bank, a quiz show with the biggest bait yet, will make its bow over W.G.N - Mutual from 9:30 to 10 o'clock tonight. Persons picked to participate (in New York studios) may win as much as $1,000. The new program will start off each broadcast with $1,000 in the “bank”.
  • BEARS EAGER TO DEAL RAMS FIRST LOSS TOMORROW: The Bears concluded their hard labors yesterday for tomorrow's return match in Wrigley Held with the Cleveland Rams, the only unbeaten and untied team in the National Football league.
  • Birthdays: Mickey Mantle (14), Bela Lugosi (63), Charles Ives (71)


Dot; Sis

Oct. 21

Stayed in all day and did my homework. It was a pretty lousy day. Herb called but didn't come over.

Later, Sis and I went to Parnell and met Peggy, and gads— was she ever loud. It was raining, so we walked back with her. Boy, is she a nut... and I do mean n-u-t. I sewed a little when I got home.”

Sis comments:

Oh, yes, Peggy. I still remember the name and know we always tried to ditch her. I can't remember if she was a classmate or one of the Parnell “gang”. Dot said it all— she's a nut.”


  • No pictures or information about Peggy.
  • A 2007 Chicago Tribune article by Eric Zorn about the diary and this web site is available online here.

Today's news:

  • Return of Army Vets Nearing Halfway Mark; 2,622,000 in All Areas Still to Come Home
  • AUTUMN BEAUTY LURES ADMIRERS BY THOUSANDS; Ten Days Remain to View Display of Color: The most beautiful autumn in years has transformed Chicagoland's forest preserves, wooded areas, and roadsides into a carnival of color. Unless rains hasten the season, the present display will last another week or 10 days.
  • ANYWHERE, U.S., SECONDS AWAY BY PHONE IN '55: Your call to any other telephone in the United States will be put thru in seconds within the next 10 years, a recent issue of the Bell Telephone Magazine reveals. This will be done, the publication says, by one long distance operator dialing a succession of numbers.
  • CIVILIANS TO GET ENOUGH TURKEYS FOR HOLIDAY: For the first time in several years there will be an adequate supply of turkeys and all the trimmings for civilian tables on Thanksgiving and Christmas, a survey of Wholesale and retail poultry dealers indicated yesterday
  • No Lights in '46 for Cubs, Wrigley: “We believe that baseball is a daytime sport,” said Wrigley, “and will continue to play it in the sunshine as long as we can.”
  • Weather forecast:Mostly cloudy with occasional light showers today and tonight; high today 60, low tonight 38.
  • In France, women are allowed to vote for the first time
  • Birthdays: Manfred Mann (5), Whitey Ford (17), Joyce Randolph (The Honeymooners; 21), Dizzy Gillespie (28), Sir Georg Solti (33)


Hal and Jim; Dot

Newsreel released to theatres during mid-October, 1945, covering news of the day: USS Oriskany launched; Secret Maps Guided U.S. Bombers; President Decorates War Heroes; First Freight Glider— for lobsters.

Oct. 22

Dear Diary, today was a dull day. I thought Herb was supposed to come over, but he didn't. So I sat around all evening.

Hal and Jim dropped in and we fooled around. Had some coffee and Coke when Sis got back from the show.”

Sis comments:

‘Sis got back from the show’ —and I bet I was with Dave. I spoke too soon [about never having another date with him].

And Jim is still coming over knowing Dot's going steady??”

Today's news:

  • FRENCH DEBARK MORE TROOPS TO FIGHT ANNAMESE - Artillery Fire Holds Saigon Bridges: More troops of the French 2d armored division debarked in Saigon as Annamese snipers continued to harass British Indian and Gurkha troops in the Indo-Chinese capital, an Anglo-French bulletin reported yesterday.
  • NAZI MINISTER'S DIARY IS WEAPON OF ALLIED COURT: The diary and personal files of Reichsminister Alfred Rosenberg, discovered last spring behind a false wall in a Bavarian castle, may play a decisive part in the forthcoming trials of Rosenberg and 23 other nazi leaders.
  • RED INVENTOR PERFECTS FILM IN 3D DIMENSION: The soviet film industry is preparing a surprise for the world's movie fans— a special production of “Robinson Crusoe” to be exhibited on a new steroscopic screen designed to give rounded three dimensional images. The effects are achieved by projecting a specially designed film with a double row of images side by side onto a screen made of 2,000 exactly cut and matched pieces of mirror glass.
  • SUPER-HIGHWAY BRIDGE PLANNED AT ONTARIO ST.; Structure with 6 Traffic Lanes Proposed: A super highway bridge at Ontario st., capable of carrying three lanes of traffic in each direction over the north branch of the Chicago river, is the key structure in the city's latest plans for handling expressway traffic into the near north side. [This was built in the 1960s as the entrance “feeder ramp” to I-90/94 —D.]
  • RAMS' LATE SURGE TRIPS BEARS, 41-21; Passing Team of Waterfield, Benton Brings 4th Victory in Row: The Cleveland Rams shook off a last-half Chicago threat as Bob Waterfield and Jim Benton teamed up in an aerial game to defeat the Bears, 41 to 21, in a National Football League game before 28,273 in Wrigley Field [Sunday].
  • Birthdays: Annette Funicello (3), Timothy Leary (25), Curly Howard (42)


Dot and Sis

Oct. 23

Today, Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw Divorce and Escape in the Desert —another great picture.

After we got out of the show, Herb called and asked me why I didn't wait and go to the show with him? He asked me if he could come over and I said sure. So he came and later on we had some tea and cake with Sis. Got to bed at 12:30.”

Jean Sullivan and Philip Dorn confront Nazi spies, Escape in the Desert (full movie)

In Divorce (full movie), a woman, (Kay Francis) who has been married and divorced five times, comes back to her small hometown, where she complicates the marriage of her childhood boyfriend (Bruce Cabot

Today's news:

  • Drop Clearing Site for New Airport Here: By eliminating the Clearing site from further consideration, Mayor Kelly's airport selection board yesterday moved closer to recommending that Chicago's future air terminal be developed at the Douglas field location northwest of the city.
  • CHICAGO SLUM CLEARANCE AIM HELD UNSOUND; Builders and Realty Men Condemn CHA Plan: Vigorous opposition to turning Chicago's 10 million dollars in slum clearance funds over to the Chicago housing authority for what was described as an unsound housing program was voiced yesterday by representative builders and realty men.
  • HAWKS AWAIT SEASON OPENER ON BOSTON ICE - They'll Battle Bruin Six Tomorrow: The Blackhawks glided out on Chicago Stadium ice late yesterday afternoon, just as Sonja Henie's little ladies finished their skating didoes for the day. Which is not a prelude to some terrible metaphor about beauties and beasts.
  • Birthdays: Michael Crichton (3), Pelé (5), Johnny Carson (20)


Dot's aunt Marge

Oct. 24

Had a pep assembly at school. Later in the evening Herb came over and we went to the Stratford. Saw 2 good pictures.

Stopped in Parnell and then came back home and had coffee and toast with Sis and Marge. Then we sat on the couch and sort of planned our futures.”

John Loder in Jealousy (full movie)

The trailer for Call of the Wild, starring Clark Gable and Loretta Young

Today's news:

  • Baseball Gives Contract to 1st Negro Player: The first Negro player ever to be admitted to organized baseball was signed tonight by the Brooklyn Dodgers for their International league farm club, the Montreal Royals. Jackie Robinson, lean six foot Negro shortstop ... represents the first fruit of a $25,000 search which has been conducted secretly by President Branch Rickey of the Dodgers.
  • CLAIMS GERMAN SCIENTISTS AID REDS ON A-BOMB - Berliner Says Russia Will Learn Secret: Russians have been working diligently trying to discover the atomic bomb secret with the aid of equipment and data removed from German laboratories with the help of German scientists, says [Berlin's] Dr. Guenther Hillmann.
  • Plaid Can Add Touch of Color to a Wardrobe: Bright spots in any well assembled wardrobe for a junior, are the clothes of exhilarating scotch plaid wools. These plaids, some of them authentic, serve as the best pick-up imaginable for the rest of the dark dresses, coats, and suits.
  • CROSBY, O'BRIEN BUY PRO FOOTBALL TEAM; THEY'RE IN FOOTBALL PICTURE!: Don Ameche, motion picture actor and producer, today announced the forming of a corporation to operate the Los Angeles team [the “Dons”] in the All-America Football conference, which will begin play next fall. [Three AAFL teams —but not the “Dons”— were absorbed later by the NFL in a 1949 merger. —D.]
  • Birthdays: F. Murray Abraham (6), Bill Wyman (9), Big Bopper (15)


Sis, Sunny and Dot

Oct. 25

Sis, Sunny and I went to the Englewood and saw Mutiny in the Big House and Her Guy* with Edith Fellows. Came straight home after the show and did some homework. Went to bed kind of early.”

Sis comments:

“Edith Fellows... boy, does she go waaay back. These two movies sound more like the kind we'd see at the Linden.”

Mutiny in the Big House (full movie)



Today's news:

  • Allies' World League Comes Into Existence: The allied nations' world security organization [The United Nations] became a fact at 4:45 p. m. today [Wednesday] when State Secretary Byrnes signed a protocol stating that the requirement for bringing it into being had been met.
  • ARABS THREATEN U.S. OIL FIRMS OVER ZIONISM - American Backing of Jews Causes Reaction: The threat of economic sanctions against American commercial interests, especially oil companies, is being used by Arab politicians in their campaign against Zionism.
  • RICKEY CALLS ROBINSON TOP BALL PROSPECT: Branch Rickey thinks Jackie Robinson, the first Negro to crash the portals of modern organized baseball, is an outstanding prospect who should make the big league grade in Brooklyn after a period of orientation on the Montreal farm.
  • HAWKS DEFEAT BRUINS, 5-4, IN HOCKEY OPENER - M. Bentley, Hamill Each Score Twice: A pair of unassisted goals by Capt. Red Hamill during the last seven minutes of play gave the Chicago Blackhawks a 5 to 4 victory over the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey league's 1945-'46 opener tonight in Boston Garden.
  • Warns Against Wasting Soap in Halloween Tricks
  • Birthdays: Pablo Picasso (64), Admiral Richard E. Byrd (57)


Dot, Sis; Kelly High School

Oct. 26

Sis and I went to Kelly High School's Social, a Halloween party. We really had a swell time. It was kind of empty cause there was a football game tonight. Kelly lost to Gage Park, 47 to 0. We had fun dancing and singing and just fooling around. Saw Eddie Kubelus and Betty Lowe.

Went home at 11:30 and stopped in Minuet for a piece of pie and glass of milk.”

Sis comments:

“Kelly's football team was almost on a par with Englewood High School's.

Who are Eddie and Betty?”


  • Kelly High School, near Archer & California, is in Dot's old Brighton Park neighborhood, about five miles from home.

Today's news:

  • JUST A WRECK! THAT'S CHICAGO UNDER A-BOMBS - Scientist Pictures Ruin Possible in Next War: Six atomic bombs could wreck Chicago's industries, annihilate its population, and flatten virtually every building in the city in the first 15 minutes of the sneak attack with which an aggressor may start World War III, [said] a spokesman for the association of atomic scientists.
  • HERE'S A PAPER ISSUED WITHOUT A LINE OF TYPE: The latest developments in a printing technique that requires no type and hence no printers were exhibited here yesterday. The technique, adaptable to both offset lithography and letter press, employs an ingenious typewriter called a vari-typer.
  • TELEVISION ‘EYE’ SEES IN DARK BY INFRA-RED RAYS: A camera tube so sensitive that at times it can see better than the human eye emerged from war time secrecy today and was demonstrated in [an] NBC studio. The tube promises clearer television pictures under all conditions - particularly outdoor night events.
  • TILDEN BATTLE WITH LINDBLOM EXCITES PREPS: The victor in tomorrow's meeting witll take the section [City league central] crown ... In earlier games, Tilden has defeated Gage Park 19 to 6; Kelly 46 to 7; and Englewood 35 to 12
  • Birthdays: Pat Conroy, Jaclyn Smith (born today), Bob Hoskins (3), Jackie Coogan (31), Mahalia Jackson (34), H.B. Warner (70)


63rd & Halsted St.; Hal Totten; Brenda Starr Reporter, from the Sunday (Oct. 28th) Chicago Tribune. [This comic strip might have caught Dot's eye - she bought a fuchsia coat and dress back in March]

Oct. 27

Didn't do much today. Went down 63rd with Sis and then came home in the evening and sat around reading the jokes and fooling around.

Later, Hal came over and stayed till 2:00. After we had some coffee and cake, I danced with him a little and just talked about things in general.

Today's news:

  • EINSTEIN URGES WORLD RULE BY 3 MAIN POWERS; Warns of Danger from Atomic Warfare: Prof. Albert Einstein said in an interview published in the November Atlantic Monthly today that atomic bombs could kill two-thirds of the people of the earth, but that there always will be enough thinking men left to start again.
  • SECRET FLYING DEVICES TRAVEL AT 1,400 M. P. H. - Supersonic Plane Tests Revealed by 2 Firms: Two major aviation concerns revealed today they were working on supersonic airplanes. One of them announced it was sending new flying devices thru the air at more than 1,400 miles an hour.
  • CHRYSLER RUNS ON SCHEDULE IN NEW CAR PLANS - Lines to Roll in '45, Volume by March: Altho the Chrysler corporation has not produced a 1946 model passenger automobile, preparations for volume production are proceeding on schedule, a company spokesman said today.
  • BEARS BUY NEW CENTER - AT PEAK FOR LIONS GAME: The upturn of the Chicago Bears fortunes continued yesterday when they fitted Rudy Mucha for a uniform. Mucha, a Chicagoan who was an All-American center at the University of Washington in 1940, was obtained on waivers from the unbeaten Cleveland Rams.
  • Birthdays: John Cleese (6), Dylan Thomas (31), Emily Post (72).


Sunny worked at the Olympia movie theatre at 46th & Ashand Ave., in the ticket booth.

Hal Totten and Jim Parks

Oct. 28

Woke at 9:30, sat around all day doing homework.

Later in the evening, Sis and I met Sunny at her show and walked home with her. Had a Coke on 47th & Western. Planned a party for Nov. 17th. Got in at 10:30. Talked to Hal and Jim for quite awhile out in front. Went to bed at 12:00.”

Today's news:

  • Fair Warning! Eerie Spooks to Be Rampant: Candles will glitter behind the hollowed out eyes of pumpkin hobgoblins, children will duck for apples, and white sheeted ghosts will make merry in west side park fieldhouses this week as children and adults celebrate Halloween with traditional festivities.
  • IRAQ PROTESTS OVER TRUMAN'S PALESTINE PLEA - Note Sent to the U. S., Britain and Russia: The president of the Iraq chamber of deputies has addressed a protest to the United States, Britain, and Russia, against President Truman's statement that the doors of Palestine should be left open to Jewish immigration, it was learned here today.
  • 3 New Polio Cases in City Boost 1945 Total to 220
  • CENTURY OLD INN TO LEAVE ITS MEMORIES; Pre-emption House Yields to Auto: After more than a century of service, first as a pioneer hotel and later as a home, Pre-emption House in Naperville faces either removal or razing to make way for a motor company's expansion. Progress finally has caught up with what is one of the most historic landmarks...
  • MONTREAL WINS OVER HAWKS IN WILD GAME: Displaying the brand of hockey that led them to two consecutive championships of the National hockey league, the Montreal Canadiens swamped the Chicago Blackhawks, 8 to 4, tonight. Rookie Billy Reay, playing his first game for Canadiens, and Toe Blake led Montreal to victory. [In 1963, Reay would begin a 14-season run as coach of the Blackhawks. —D.]
  • BEARS SEEK 1ST VICTORY TODAY AGAINST LIONS; Packers Face Cardinals: The Chicago Bears, fortified by an old timer, Bulldog Turner, may do the Cleveland Rams and the Green Bay Packers a big favor this afternoon in Detroit. There is no reason why the Bears should feel kindly toward these two teams.
  • SINATRA SEEMS TO BE MYSTERY IN JAPAN ALSO; Released Prisoner Never Heard of Him: Among the first questions asked by Marine Corp. Robert V. Keith, upon his arrival in California after almost four years in Jap prison camps, was, “Who is this guy?”
  • Birthdays: Dennis Franz (1), Jane Alexander (6), Jonas Salk (31), Evelyn Waugh (42), Elsa Lanchester (43), Edith Head (48)


Herb Martin; 63rd and Halsted. Sears and Hillman's Foods are on the northeast corner. Below, Whelan Drugs and the Linden theatre are on the southeast corner.

Oct. 29

Herb called at noon and came over in the evening. Baby Lee was sick so we went to the drug store and got him some medicine.

Herb was broke so we didn't go to the show, but later on we went to Parnell and then for a walk down 63rd, window shopping. Had a lot of fun. We came back to my house and sat around. Again, things were heavenly for both of us.


  • Baby Lee is Marge's young son.
  • Temperatures were in the mid-70s today.

Today's news:

  • REPORTS OF DROP IN POPULARITY DISTURB TRUMAN; Radicals Are Loudest of All His Critics: President Truman is seriously concerned about the sharp drop in popularity he has suffered in recent weeks as evidenced by mounting rebukes in the White House mail and increasing criticism in the press and on the radio.
  • Airport That Floats Seen as Feasible Here: Chicago can have a floating airport at its doorstep on which planes could land passengers virtually in the heart of the Loop. The floating field also would save the city millions of dollars. That opinion was expressed by British admirally experts.
  • HOLDS A-BOMB FEAR NEED NOT BREAK UP CITIES: No need exists to disperse America's largest cities or drive their populations underground for protection against the atomic bomb, Dr. W. Russell Tylor, associate professor of sociology at the University of Illinois, said yesterday.
  • LIONS' RALLY WHIPS BEARS: The good old Bears, who are becoming everybody's pals in the National Football league, held the Detroit Lions to 15 yards this afternoon and again proved they are experts in defeat by losing 16 to 10 ... the fifth straight league setback for the downtrodden Chicagoans.
  • Birthdays: Ralph Bakshi (7), Bill Mauldin (23), Akim Tamiroff (46), singer Fanny Brice (54)


Dot; White City, at 63rd & South Parkway (now Martin Luther King Jr. Drive), originally had scores of attractions and rides, rivaling the north side's Riverview amusement park. By 1945, however, the roller-skating rink was one of the few venues remaining. Later, in 1949, protestors demonstrated at the rink against racial inequality.

Oct. 30

Today I didn't know what to do.

Herb called but wasn't coming over. Right after he hung up, Earl called and asked me to go skating. I said sure. He came with Dave so the 3 of us went to White City to a skating party. I really had a keen time playing games on skates and just all around good fun. I had shoe skates. We went to Parnell and Earl took me home. Kissed me good night. Very nice indeed.”

Sis comments:

Dot's back with Earl— and he kisses nice? Where's that ever-lovin' Herb?!”

Can't wait to read the November diary entries. (I don't read ahead— only one month at a time.)”

Today's news:

  • GHOSTS, GOBLINS MUSTER FORCES FOR HALLOWEEN - Service Center Opens Festivities Tonight: Goblins and pixies will make their annual debut for Chicago's young and old tomorrow night in the “haunts” of service men's centers, park district fieldhouse, and youth clubs. Weather bureau officials guaranteed a dark night for spooks to prowl, with no moonrise until 3 a.m.
  • Douglas Field Voted Site for City's Airport: By unanimous vote, Mayor Kelly's airport selection board recommended yesterday that Chicago's principal airport be located on the Douglas field site northwest of the city.
  • CHARGES NAVY HIDES HEROISM OF LINDBERGH; Editor Reports Many Feats Fighting the Japs: The navy department is “sitting on the lid” of one of the war's best stories in withholding recognition of the combat record of Charles A. Lindbergh, whose aerial feats against the Japs awed even our own flyers.
  • Birthdays: Henry Winkler (born today), Grace Slick (6), Ruth Gordon (49), Charles Atlas (53)

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Lill, Sis and Dot; Dot's aunt Marge; Hal Totten and Jim Parks; the gangway of Dot's building; Dot and Herb Martin

Oct. 31

Today was Halloween— so what! Herb called 3 times today. Later in the evening, Sis, Marge, Lill and I went down 63rd & Halsted soaping windows and had a gay old time. Found out that Dutz and Herb had been following us.

Herb came back home with me and we had some tea. Hal and Jim kept ringing our doorbell and singing songs in the gangway. Herb and I are in love, I'm afraid.

Sis comments:

Oh, yes, I remember soaping windows on 63rd. That was our “daring” Halloween activity. We never used wax, for that was hard to get off. Weren't we the good ones?!

Hal and Jim singing songs in the gangway? I can't remember that, but I guess everyone let loose on this night.

And Herb and Dot are in love... so what else is new?”

Today's news:

  • Yule Shopping Wave About to Hit State St.: The shops and stores have everything ready except the noise of the starter's gun for the next seven weeks' gift shopping binge. It starts tomorrow, Nov. 1. Gift courts are filled [and] Christmas cards have been out for a month or more.
  • COST OF AIRPORT HIGHWAY TO BE SPLIT 3 WAYS - Road to Douglas Site Will Cost 50 Million: State, county, and city engineers said yesterday that they are ready to join in constructing and financing the northwest super-highway, which will handle high speed traffic to and from the big air terminal to be built on the Douglas airport site.
  • End Rationing of Shoes as Output Climbs: Rationing of shoes ended at midnight last night.
  • Birthdays: Michael Landon (19), Dan Rather (14), Andrew Sarris (17), Lee Grant (20), Barbara Bel Geddes (23), Ethel Waters (49), Chiang Kai-shek (58)

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