September 1945
V-J Day
Back to school
The Terrace Garden
End of the world
A ring for Christmas?
A wedding and Ginny's party
Trouble at school
Bob's party

Sunny; the front steps; Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender on behalf of the Japanese Government, on board the USS Missouri.

Previously during August, 1945, in Dot's Diary: V-J Day finally arrived, after two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dot's sister Louise had her 16th birthday, and was vacationing down in Benton, Illinois, while Dot and friends celebrated Japan's surrender in Chicago. Dot and Herb exchanged words of love, and Herb got away for a few days to Michigan. Dot and Sis saw “lovable” singer Dick Haymes, and 21 movies during the month. By the end of the August, there was nothing at any of the six neighborhood theaters that they hadn't seen.

Sept. 1

Cleaned the house this afternoon. Met Sunny at Parnell and she came home with us. We had a party for Uncle George cause he came in on leave. Had a swell time. Drank a glass of beer and a highball. We sat on the front steps and sang and played some games. Went to bed at 3:15 a.m.

Sis comments:

Uncle George was mom's brother. He was in the Navy, stationed on a submarine. I may have mentioned this before: when a relative came in on leave, we usually had the party at our house and all the relatives came over. We always had a great time and it was a good excuse to get together.

You have to realize, at that time, all mom's relatives (3 brothers and 5 sisters) lived within the Chicagoland area.”

Today's news:

  • SURRENDER AT TOKYO TODAY - Allied Dignitaries in Yokohama for Ceremonies: Allied dignitaries were arriving in Yokohama today for tomorrow's historic surrender ceremony [Saturday, United States time] as American troops stood at Tokyo's southern gates.
  • Fluorescent Lights to Be Available for Yule Trees
  • Comedy Mixed with Romance in Light Movie - ‘CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT’: Barbara Stanwyck's latest vehicle is a long and deliberate comedy romance, which probably will be satisfying to love story addicts but may seem obvious and heavyhanded to others.
  • Birthdays: Lily Tomlin (6), Rocky Marciano (22), Edgar Rice Burroughs (70)


An army private regrets introducing his girlfriend to a fellow soldier (Robert Young), in Those Endearing Young Charms

Newsreel covering the surrender proceedings aboard the Missouri (8-min.)

The Japanese surrender. USS Missouri, Sept. 2, 1945

Sept. 2

Today Sis and I went to the show at 6:00 and met Sunny there. Saw Those Endearing Young Charms and stage show, which was really keen.

After the show, we ate at Minuet's and Sis and I went home. Marge said Herb called and said he wouldn't be in Monday and didn't say when he would be.”


  • Dot's and Sis' uncle Al —an Army colonel— was present on the USS Missouri for the Japanese surrender.
  • Herb was supposed to return home tomorrow (Mon.) from his stay at Muskegon, Michigan.
  • Dot, Sunny and Sis saw the movie and stage show at the Stratford theater.

Today's news:

  • Triumph of Liberty Over Tyranny, Says Truman: Linking the White House in a radio broadcast with the battleship Missouri, which he proudly called that ‘small piece of American soil anchored in Tokyo harbor’, President Truman tonight proclaimed tomorrow V-J day, the day of victory over the nation that once boasted it would write the peace in the executive mansion here. “We face the future and all its dangers with great confidence and great hope. America can build for itself a future of employment and security. Together with the united nations, it can build a world of peace founded on justice and fair dealing and tolerance.”
  • CHICAGOANS HIT ROAD - LABOR DAY VISITORS POUR IN: Chicagoans and their country cousins scrambled to exchange places last night for a joyous celebration of the three-day Labor day week-end, the first peace time holiday in four years. As thousands left the city for outings at resorts, other thousands poured into Chicago.
  • BRITISH ASSERT 'VOLKSWAGON' HAS GOOD POINTS: The German peoples' auto on which hundreds of thousands of Germans gave a down payment and received only Hitler's promise in return, has been tried out in Britain and has received favorable reports by most of the motoring experts writing in the British newspapers. They say that altho its finish and standard of engineering are far below British light cars, the volkswagon suspension system with ... rear engine, road-worthiness, and economy in gasoline could well be incorporated in a British automobile to sell below $400.
  • On this day: Vietnam declares its independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
  • Birthday: Joan Kennedy (9)


Dot's home at left, Hal's on the right; Dot; Hal and Jim

Sept. 3

Well, today was Labor Day and quite a dull day at that. I stayed around home all day. We were going to go to the show, but changed our minds.

Later in the evening, Jim and Hal came around and were talking to us, mainly about school. Jim is still a wee bit sarcastic. Didn't talk about anything else.


  • This is the last day of summer vacation; Dot and Sis go back to school tomorrow (Tuesday).

Today's news:

  • WORLD OF PEACE POSSIBLE NOW, STALIN ASSERTS: Joyful Russians received word of the Japanese surrender signing in a personal broadcast today by Generalissimo Stalin, who told them that with the end of the war “conditions necessary for the peace of the world have already been won”.
  • French Expect Native Turmoil in Indo-China; General Admits Colonial Difficulties
  • FIND DOUGLAS AIRPORT FITS IN HIGHWAY PLANS - Future Roads Will Give Short, Speedy Travel: The Douglas airport's location northwest of Chicago fits admirably into plans for a network of expressways thru the suburbs, aviation men pointed out yesterday. As a result, the airport would be speedily accessible to motorists from any part of the metropolitan area.
  • Negro Gets Ovation for Leading Berlin Symphony Concert: Rudolph Dunbar, a slender young Negro who learned his music in New York, led the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra today in a concert of classical music and American syncopation. He won an ovation of astonishing warmth.
  • Schools Open Tomorrow for Over 368,680
  • Cubs Keep 2-Game Lead
  • Birthdays: Ferdinand Porsche, designer of the original Volkswagen Beetle (70)


Herb Martin

Englewood High School. Today is the first day of classes for Chicago Public School students. Dot's a senior and Sis is a junior.

Sept. 4

Well, I got up at 7:00 for school and Mom told me Herb was downstairs, and God— I could have died. I came down in my house coat and turban. There he was with Dutz, bag and baggage. Herb really bragged about his vacation. The girls, the girls, the girls and more girls. I was sort of peeved. But he did kiss me, um um yes.

School was fine. I went to division at 8:00 and got out of school at 9:05. Herb called up, and was I snotty. Told him I'd see him Weds.

Sis comments:

I don't blame Dot for being snotty—Herb asked for it!”

Today's news:

  • Yanks Two Miles from Tokyo - WIDEN OCCUPATION ZONE - TAKE 4 MORE AIR FIELDS: American occupation troops will enter Tokyo's metropolitan district Friday, the Japanese government reported today in a special bulletin broadcast by Domei agency. The bulletin said more than 15,000 troops would be involved in occupation movements.
  • Informality of Yanks' Attire Baffles Japs; Expected MacArthur to Show Strain
  • Industrial Revolution is Expected from Atom
  • Rich Velveteen Tempts Career Girl Shoppers: Velveteen, that urbane fall charmer, comes to town in time to help solve the problem for the career girls who wish to acquire a fall and winter wardrobe before everything is snatched out from under their fingers.
  • Predicts 'Bumping' of Air Passengers Will End Soon
  • Cubs Lead By 4 Games; Tigers Deal Pair of 6-5 Defeats to White Sox
  • Birthdays: Mitzi Gaynor (14), Dick York (17)


Students walking towards Englewood High School; Dot; Herb Martin

Sept. 5

Today I went to school and got out at 12:10.

Later in the evening, Herb came over and we sat around the house and then went for a walk. He asked me if I loved him; I said I didn't know, and he asked me why and then I told him because of the way he acts and talks.

Well, after awhile he told me a lot of things, and quite easily talked himself out of that. He asked me if I would marry him if we were both old enough...

That boy, whew.”

Sis comments:

Does Herb have a line or what?!”

Today's news:

  • MacArthur Orders Japs to House GIs and Provide Labor - CALLS FOR SPEED-UP IN OCCUPATION OF NATION - U. S. Troops Enter Tokyo on Friday, General Says: Japan moved today toward speedy and complete demobilization of her armed forces under a blunt ‘step on it’ order from Gen. MacArthur, supreme allied commander.
  • ‘IDLENESS PAY’ SEEN THREAT TO POST-WAR BOOM - Senate Group Is Warned Against Benefit Boost: Senate hearings on the administration's bill boosting state unemployment benefits to a maximum of $25 a week for 26 weeks ended today with representatives of business and industry predicting boom conditions that would make unnecessary any increases.
  • 300 Enrolled in New Girls' Trade School: As a result of the strides made by women in the industrial and commercial fields during the war, the first public trade school for girls exclusively in Illinois opened here yesterday. It is the Ellen Richards Trade school located at 2535 Green St.
  • Velvet Offers Vivid Accent, for Fall Attire: In they come— those sleek, very distinguished fall costumes that emphasize velvet for contrast. They're as distinctive and new as anything you'll find in town. They will magically slice away the surplus summer curves...
  • Birthdays: songwriter Al Stewart (born today), Raquel Welch (5), Bob Newhart (16)


The front steps of Dot's house

Helen Romanelli

Sept. 6

Was very bored with school in general.

Herb called at 7:30 and asked me if I'd like to go to the show. I didn't want to, so he just came over and we went to Parnell and then to Helen's house. She told us her troubles. Came back to my house and sat on the steps.

Herb was sweet. We were singing together and then he told me that every day he loves me more and more and I get prettier every day. I still adore the way he kisses. I teased him a lot and gosh, I do wish I knew??”

Sis comments:

Dot is bored with school after 3 days??”

Today's news:

  • PREDICTS FAST JAP RECOVERY FROM WAR ILLS - Farm Nations Have Edge--Stanton: Japan will recover from the war faster than the United States, Dr. John W. Stanton, associate professor of political science at Northwestern university, asserted yesterday. History has shown consistently that predomiinantly agricultural nations recover from war faster.
  • 'Tokyo Rose' Held - Family Is in Chicago: United States 8th army headquarters announced today that Iva Toguri, Los Angeles-born radio announcer who won fame among American troops in the Pacific as ‘Tokyo Rose,’ is under detention.
  • CITY'S AIRPORT PLANNERS PICK MEIGS AS CHIEF - Mayor's Committee Drafts Program: The committee appointed by Mayor Kelley to choose a site for a new Chicago airport sufficiently large to assure space for runways long enough and numerous enough to satisfy air transport needs for many years in the future held its first meeting yesterday.
  • CUBS WHIP GIANTS, 5-2, 10-2; BOOST LEAD; PRIM, PASSEAU GO ROUTE FOR PACE SETTERS - Starting New York Hurlers Routed: The Cubs took a very wicked attitude toward the Giants in the double header before 25,769 in Wrigley field yesterday, socking them, 5 to 2, in the first game and increasing the dose to 10-2 in the second game.
  • Fashion Parade Will Glow with Autumn Colors: A colorful fall fashion parade is imminent--not in the pastels and muted tints of spring, but in glorious, tawny shades of a frost bitten array of foliage, from burnished gold to deepest crimson.
  • Birthdays: Roger Waters (2), Joseph P. Kennedy (57), Felix Salten (Bambi; 76)


Sept. 7

Today was a real scorcher*.

Got home from school and Herb called and he said ‘Railway Express’. I said ‘Got a package for me?’, and he said ‘Um-hum. A bundle of love.’ Real cute.

I told him I was going to the show with Sis tonight, so he said he'd call me tomorrow after court (his trial).

I went to the Englewood and saw Royal Scandal and Horn Blows at Midnight (again). Stopped in Parnell for a Cherry & Lemon Coke. Goofed around with 4 guys.”

Sis comments:

I don't remember why Herb had a trial date. What's that all about??

‘Railway Express...’ etc.— I can't recall that gem! Must've been their exclusive exchange. How cute can you get?! But that was Herb's charm.

‘Goofed around with 4 guys...’ Parnell was always interesting (besides the great Cherry Cokes)!”

Tallulah Bankhead is Russia's Catherine the Great, in A Royal Scandal (full movie)

Jack Benny stars as an angel sent to destroy the earth with a trumpet blast, in The Horn Blows At Midnight


  • *Today's high was 95 degrees.
  • Railway Express was a delivery service similar to UPS and FedEx

Today's news:

  • MacARTHUR WILL HOIST U.S. FLAG IN TOKYO TODAY - 1st Cavalry to Enter from Various Points: Gen. MacArthur, at the head of 15,000 troops, will unfurl the American flag over the ruins of Tokyo ... signaling a swift occupation of Japan.
  • Reconversion Is Under Way on the Campus: ONE reconversion problem that seems happily free of complications is that of the college campus, which soon will be back to something approaching its pre-war norm. ‘There will be MEN in our lives again’ promises one college women's publicity department.
  • Bus Line to Replace 111th and 115th St. Trolleys
  • Mc Cain, Task Force Leader, Dies; Heart Attack Fatal to Chief of Flat Tops: Vice Adm. John Sidney McCain, 61, commander of the famous navy task force No. 38, died of a heart attack in his home in nearby Coronado today. [McCain is the grandfather of Sen. John McCain —D.]
  • Paris Stylists' 1946 Fashions are Versatile: Jeanne Lanvin and Jean Patou, noted French designers, today, formally presented their fashion collections for 1946, displaying dresses, suits, and coats diversified enough to thrill bobby soxers and queens alike.
  • War Plants Beating Swords Into Magical Kitchen Tools: There is going to be a lot of kitchen junk discarded when the new, scientifically designed tools come on the market within the next few-months.
  • Birthdays: Buddy Holly (9), Peter Lawford (22), Elia Kazan (36)


Dot; Bud, in 1947

Sept. 8

Stayed home all day and Herb didn't call.

Later in the evening, Sis went out with Howard Brinker* and I sat around. Helen came over and we went to Parnell and met Chuck and his boyfriend Bud, a sailor. Nice, and they walked us home. I led Helen to 59th [St.] and came home.

Could have gone out with a soldier or a sailor, but didn't want to. Just sat around.

Sis comments:

“*I don't recall Howard Brinker, but I remember his brother, ‘Hans’ (groan!).”


  • Herb had told Dot he'd call her today after court (his trial).
  • Bud and Chuck remained family friends throughout Dot's and Sis' lives.

Today's news:

  • OLD GLORY FLIES OVER TOKYO - Let It Wave as Symbol of Hope, Says M'Arthur at Raising - GENERAL LEADS TROOPS INTO CAPITAL - Jap Civilians Stare as Jeeps Drive Past Palace: Gen. MacArthur entered Tokyo today with steel helmeted troops of the 1st cavalry division, and ordered the American flag unfurled over the United States embassy in the heart of the city.
  • ALLIES PARADE IN SILENT BERLIN TO HAIL VICTORY: Against a silhouette of jagged, crumbling walls along Unter den Linden and ripped, twisted trees, statues, and flak towers in the Tiergarten, the allies paraded in celebration of complete victory today. A battalion each of Russians, Americans, French, British...
  • 1,700 YANKS LAND TO OCCUPY KOREA - Veterans of Leyte Go Ashore from Three Ships
  • COUNCIL TO GET GRANT PARK WAR MEMORIAL PLAN - Group Favors $100,000 Granite Crescent: Initial steps toward creation of a suitable memorial to Chicago's more than 5,000 war dead were taken yesterday when a council sub-committee on the office of civilian defense, headed by Ald. Grealis [44th], approved a plan. [This memorial remains unbuilt —D.]
  • Nancy W. McKeown of Winnetka Wed to Actor Buddy Ebsen
  • Birthdays: Bernie Sanders (4), Patsy Cline (13), Peter Sellers (20), Sid Caesar (23), Jimmie Rodgers (48), artist Grandma Moses (85)


The Stratford; Sunny, Sis and Dot

Sept. 9

Sat around all day. Herb called, and talked and talked.

Later at 5:30, Herb called and said he couldn't come over because he didn't have anything to wear. So Sis, Sunny and I went to the Stratford and saw The Corn Is Green (spicy) and 5 acts of Vaudeville.

Got out of the show and Herb was waiting with his boyfriend Jim. We went for a walk and really talked a great deal. It rained, too. Saw Jim P.

Sis comments:

Dot bought the excuse that Herb didn't have a thing to wear. He could come up with something better than that!

The Corn is Green is spicy?? We were really living in a ‘space bubble‘!”

A dedicated teacher, played by Bette Davis, sacrifices everything to send a young miner (John Dall) to Oxford University, in The Corn Is Green

Today's news:

  • BIGGEST PLANE IN AIR OR SEA STAYS GROUNDED - Costs U.S. 20 Million but Can't Get Near Water: Howard Hughes is seeking 2 million dollars [of federal funds] in order to remove parts of the flying boat to San Pedro harbor to see whether it can fly. The Hughes Hercules [has] a 320 foot wingspan and eight 3,000 horse power engines. It could carry 750 armed soldiers non-stop from Honolulu to Tokyo, if it flies.
  • NEVADA— Fabulous State (by Alex Small): The sample of Nevada I got was at Las Vegas, now the second largest community of the state (after Reno) with its estimated 18,000 population. It can truly be said there is nothing else quite like it. The main occupation ... would be called nonproductive; that is, it is pure diversion. The great majority of the visitors there have come to engage in the most nerve-racking of all human pursuits— gambling. The resort hotels, if you look behind the facade, are just high class lodging houses built around gambling dives.
  • CUBS SUFFER 2d STRAIGHT SHUTOUT, 3 TO 0 - GIANTS SCORE THREE IN NINTH OFF DERRINGER: The league leading Cubs, who did not suffer their fourth 1945 shutout until a week ago today, yesterday succumbed to their second blanking in successive days at the hands of the New York Giants in Wrigley field. An explosion in the ninth gave the Giants the three runs.
  • WORLD-WIDE SEARCH FOR HITLER GOES ON: A manhunt that ranges from Berlin to Madrid, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, is underway today on the chance that Adolf Hitler is still alive. [...] One story has it that Hitler escaped to Japan by submarine; another that he is in Argentina; a third that he is hiding in Sweden.
  • TULIP BULBS ON WAY; 8,000 Cases, First in Six Years, Due From Holland Tomorrow: The Dutch vessel Tiba is due to arrive here tomorrow with 8,000 cases of tulip bulbs, the first consignment to reach here from Holland in almost six years. The ship is scheduled to dock at the Hoboken piers of the Holland-America Line
  • Birthdays: Otis Redding (born today), Cliff Robertson (22), Colonel Sanders (55)


Herb Martin; Helen Romanelli; Dot, Sis, Helen and Ken went for a ride along the lakefront today after school.

Sept. 10

After school today, Ken came around with a car and took Sis, Helen and I for a ride around the lake.

Got back and Herb called and said he and Jim (Moe) would be over. They came and we all went to Parnell. Herb talked to Jim P. and Hal and rubbed it in. Jim looked sore.

Herb and I walked Helen home and then sat around. He talked awful raw tonite, but is still trying to convince me of true love and oh—he's the first guy j'ai fait chaud-tres vraiment chaud**”

Sis comments:

Herb was always bringing over one of his friends for good old Sis. I don't know if he was doing it for my sake, their sake or just to keep me out of the way. Jim (Moe) was one of many.

Boy, I sure wish I knew a little French. Or am I better off not translating?”


  • **In French, my mother basically says that she likes Herb more than any guy she's ever met.

Today's news:

  • FIRST YANKS IN NAGASAKI FIND IT HALF DESTROYED - 18,000 Buildings Leveled by Atomic Bomb: More than half of this city, comparable in size to San Antonio, Tex., or Providence, R. I., was wiped from the map by one atomic bomb a month ago, the first Americans to arrive found today. … American scientists are due here shortly from Hiroshima, where they are seeking to learn whether the effects of released atomic energy linger on, causing more deaths. The Japanese insist they do, but some Americans think this is a bid for sympathy.
  • 80,000 IN BERLIN PARADE UNDER RED BANNERS: Singing the “Internationale” and waving Red flags, crowds estimated by German police at 80,000 to 90,000 persons marched thru Berlin's shabby east side today in tribute to “the victims of Fascism.”
  • MARINE ATTACK ON FOSTER AV. VIEWED BY 100,000: The Foster av. beach [was] “attacked” yesterday by 200 combat hardened veterans in the third and last of a series of demonstrations. Supported by navy fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers, the crew of the LST used machine gun and small arms fire as well as flame throwers to “subdue” the beach. The vessel will remain on exhibit at the Michigan av. bridge.
  • REDSKIN GAME TO TEST BEARS' 1945 STRENGTH: This is the week the traditionally strong teams of the National Football league's western division and those in the eastern division feel each other out. Tomorrow night the old rivalry flares between the Bears and Washington Redskins in Soldiers' field.
  • On this day: Johnny Mercer's On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe —the #1 song since July— is replaced by Perry Como's Til the End of Time.
  • Birthdays: Jose Feliciano (born today), Cynthia Lennon (wife of John; 6), Roger Maris (11), Arnold Palmer (16)


    The Southtown theater

    Sept. 11

    “Stayed in all day after school and watched Marge's baby. Later on washed my hair, and Sis and I went to the Southtown and saw Son of Lassie (corny) and Affairs of Susan (very funny and good). Also news.

    Sis and I then went to Parnell. Came home and did homework. Saw Hal this afternoon, fooled around. Gosh, today was cold— 67 degrees*.”

    Sis comments:

    Just think how we usually had the "news" with our movies. Usually Movietone News. After all— no TV, and radio can only do so much. All the war action, especially, was brought home to us, and we looked forward to the newsreels almost as much as the movies.

    Speaking of movies, do you realize how we have the greatest collection of movies from the 40s in this diary? And especially the forgettable "B" movies. I can recall some of those better than the "A" ones— maybe because they were so b-a-d!”

    Peter Lawford and his dog are trapped behind enemy lines, in Son of Lassie

    Joan Fontaine's wedding may get called off after her fiancee summons three former beaus, in The Affairs of Susan

    Today's news:

    • CITY RECEIVES JUNGLE POISON TO FIGHT POLIO - Drug Will Be Used Soon in Hospital Here: Curare, once a secret poison South American Indians used on deadly arrows shot from blow guns, has been brought to Chicago.
    • CITY'S AIRPORT GROUP TURNS TO DOUGLAS SITE: Mayor Kelly's committee to select a site for a new airport formally agreed at its first meeting yesterday to abandon all thought of enlarging the present air terminal, and devoted the greater part of its time to a discussion of the Douglas airport.
    • REDSKINS PLAY BEARS TONIGHT UNDER LIGHTS - 20,000 Await Game in Soldiers' Field: The Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins will play to an unusually large crowd this evening in Soldiers' field, unusually large because there is nothing at stake and the local citizens are still baseball minded what with the Cubs pursuing their first baseball title.
    • Birthdays: Leo Kottke (born today), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead; 2), Brian DePalma (5), Tom Landry (21)


    Dot and Sis; Herb Martin

    Sept. 12

    “Today Sis and I looked for a job after school.

    Herb called and said he'd be over. He came and we sat around and then went to 63rd & Racine. He wanted to see some soldier. Stopped in Matthew's for a Coke and then went to 59th for a double-dip cone. Came back and Hal came outside so we sat for 45 min. with him.

    Herb came in and we had some tea. Herb and I had a long talk and he keeps telling me I'm the perfect girl and how much he loves me. He sure acts like he does.

    Today's news:

    • CHICAGO: COME ON, CONVENTIONS - City Girds for Big Crowds: Announcement by the office of defense transportation yesterday that all restrictions on conventions and trade shows will be lifted Oct. 1 found Chicago ready to resume its pre-war role as convention center of the nation.
    • Babies on Way, but GIs Can't Wed: The army still is turning thumbs down on marriages between American soldiers and German girls despite the prospect of an increasing number of illegitimate children from forbidden romances.
    • New Washing Machine Does the Dishes, Too: One of the most amazing units of household equipment to appear in these peace days is a washing machine which also takes care of the dirty dinner dishes ... by means of interchangeable, separate inner tubs and agitators, one set for each job.
    • Birthdays: Barry White (1), Jesse Owens (22), Maurice Chevalier (57), H.L. Mencken (65)


      Dot in 1943; Sis, Sunny and Dot; Herb, Jim and Hal


      Sept. 13

      “Rained all day— tres froid.

      Met Sunny at 4:30 and went to the doctor's with her. Then Sis, Sunny and I went to the Linden and then for a hamburger. Got back at 9:30 and Herb, Jim P., Dutz and Hal came over and we fooled around.

      I was awful crabby tonite, so took it out on Herb and told him I didn't like his vulgarity and off-color remarks. So he told me I was just a good little girl and he was bad, but he said that by the way I talked, you'd think he manhandled me or something; and I did feel SORRY.”

      Sis comments:

      I can't believe that Jim is still coming around. Herb, Jim, Dutz and Hal... what a combo, and not much in common. Different types. Always was some friction there. And why did Dot feel sorry?”


      • The Linden theater didn't advertise in the Chicago Tribune, so I don't know what movie Dot, Sis and Sunny saw on this day.

      Today's news:

      • Americans Quit Burma: 500 jungle-hardened veterans of Burma and Assam started the 3,250-mile train trip to Karachi in western India.
      • 18 BLACK SHEEP WELCOME ‘PAPPY’ BACK TO FOLD: The roughest, toughest, most aggressive air combat leader to come out of the Pacific war —Gregory [Pappy] Boyington— came home today.
      • SCHOOLS TO PUT TELEVISION INTO FIRST USE HERE: The radio council of the Board of Education will present a full daily schedule on the board's own frequency modulation station, WBEZ [and] three television programs each week thru station WBKB. Two schools have been chosen for the experiment.
      • Confusion on New System Throws Bears: Confusion on their own new system of signals was a contributing factor to the Bears' 14 to 7 loss in Tuesday night's nonchampionship game with the Washington Redskins in Soldiers' field.
      • Brilliant Colors Combined with Dark Backgrounds - Contrast Used Effectively in Town Clothes: Smart town clothes highlighted by brilliant color combinations of strong contrast are reminders that dull, drab ensembles, or those of dark monotones, are dated. Triumphantly vivid gold, russet, red, and bright blue, typical fall shades, are the center of eye interest.
      • Birthdays: film composer Maurice Jarre (21), General John J. Pershing (85), chocolatier Milton Hershey (88)


        Dot, Sis, Sunny

        Sept. 14

        “Didn't go to school today. Just stayed around the house all day.

        Later in the evening, Sis, Sunny and I went to the Southtown and saw Out of This World and Picture of Dorian Gray. Both were very good. Came home and ate, then talked to Bob P.

        Later Hal and Jim called to tell me Parker won the football game.* Jim acted nice, but Hal kept asking me where Herb was.

        Sis comments:

        Portrait of Dorian Gray— quite a good movie and I thought one of the spookiest movies I had ever seen. It left an impression on me and I remember Dot feeling that way, too, altho she doesn't write about it.”

        *Hal and Jim called Dot to tell her that Parker High School won their game. Box score above from the next day's Chicago Tribune.

        Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake star in the musical romance, Out of This World (full movie)

        A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty, but a painting gradually reveals his true ugliness, in The Picture of Dorian Gray


        • Parker High was located at 68th & Normal Blvd. It closed in the 1970s. A new facility, Paul Robeson H.S., opened in 1977.

        Today's news:

        • SUPREME COURT HEARS CITY CASE FOR 12¢ FARE ON ‘L’: Possibility that passengers of the Chicago elevated system may have to pay a 12 cent fare within a few weeks loomed yesterday when the Illinois Supreme court at Springfield refused a rehearing on its decision of last May 23 that such a fare was warranted.
        • Packing School Lunch Box Can Be Made Easy: For many mothers the opening of school means packing a lunch box each morning. This routine is a daily chore for some, but it can be simplified if a few staples and other commonly used foods are kept on hand.
        • HERE'S CHANCE TO CAST VOTE ON DAYLIGHT TIME: THE TRIBUNE today offers readers a chance to vote easily in the poll on the question of year around daylight saving time in Chicago. In an adjoining column appears a ballot which may be marked and mailed in a jiffy. Mayor Kelly asked Chicago newspapers to conduct the poll.
        • CUBS AND PHILS MEET TODAY IN DOUBLE HEADER - Passeau, Derringer Seek 18th Sweep: The Cubs this afternoon will have a chance to set a new major league record when they meet the tail-end Phillies in a double header made necessary by yesterday's rainout— if the Cubs sweep this afternoon's program— and they'd better in the interest of [a] pennant...
        • Joe Di Maggio Discharged, But Will Not Play
        • Birthday: María Esther de Capovilla (56), who died in 2006 at age 116 as the last remaining person born in the 1880s


        Dot; Dell, Helen, Sis, Lil, and Dot's dad; Louis and Pauline (Dot's mom and dad) went out to celebrate Pauline's birthday; Herb Martin

        Sept. 15

        “Today aunt Dell and Johnny brought their kids to our house. Mom and Dad went out and so did Marge.

        Herb and Jim (Moe) came over with 4-1/2 gals., and then Helen came. We drank the beer, Helen went home, and Herb and I sat on the couch cause I was really dizzy, no kidding. I kept giggling and I took Herb and kissed him but good.

        Later at 1:30, Marge and Lill came and at 2:15, Sunny came and we had a good time. Guys left at 3:15.

        Sis comments:

        “I guess Mom and Dad went out today for Mom's birthday. Did we drink that beer while watching the kids?? Can't believe we would do that, but you never know. As I said before, Herb and most of his buddies liked to tip a few now and then.

        The guys left at 3:15... no wonder Mom worried about what the neighbors were thinking about when we had so many guys around and staying so late sometimes. We knew we were just having fun and games, but now I can understand her concern.”

        Today's news:

        • Florida Braces for 150-Mile Hurricane: A tropical hurricane described as relatively small but extremely dangerous, roared toward the Florida Keys tonight after reportedly creating “colossal” havoc in Turks' islands, British West Indies, with winds in excess of 150 miles an hour.
        • HOW MUCH DID WE PRODUCE? [editorial]: Lifting of war time censorship made it possible for THE TRIBUNE to print the other day the first aerial photographs of five of the great war plants built in and about Chicago since 1942. These were the Buick, Studebaker, and Dodge-Chicago plants which made airplane motors, the Douglas plant which made transport planes, and the McCook plant.
        • PREDICTS EARLY LINKS TO LOOP VIA CANAL ROAD: Public sentiment will insist upon early completion of the Illinois and Michigan canal superhighway across Chicago's southwest side, Maj. George A. Quinlan, county highway superintendent, yesterday told a legislative commission studying future utilization of the old waterway.
        • New Food Unit for the Home - Eagerly Sought Home Freezer Soon Will Be on the Market: Altho it's just a youngster in the field of household equipment [about 7 years old], the home freezer is one of the most popular of all modern items. It proved [its] efficiency during war days, when it helped to prevent shortages by storing war garden produce and meats.
        • Birthdays: Agatha Christie (55), Robert Benchley (56)


        Larry Adler

        The Morrison Hotel; The Terrace Garden restaurant was inside the Morrison Hotel. The Morrison, at the southeast corner of Clark and Madison streets, was one of the world's largest hotels at 560 ft. and 40 stories. Dot's aunt Marge worked at the hotel for a time.

        The Morrison was razed in 1965, the fifth-tallest building to date ever destroyed. The Chase Bank (originally First National Bank) building now occupies the site.

        Sept. 16

        Dear diary, didn't do very much this afternoon, just sat around with Dell.

        At 6:00, Sis and I met Sunny and went downtown to the Chicago theatre and saw Where Do We Go From Here and Larry Adler in person. Ate at Terrace Restaurant and then came home.

        Jim and Hal called me and talked to me for awhile. Said they had fun at Janice T.'s party. (I was invited but didn't go.)

        Sis comments:

        Wow, what a coincidence! I was just reading in the diary today (Aug. 7, 2001) about seeing Larry Adler in person, and on the news today I heard he died and they had a short bio of his life.

        You probably never heard of Adler, I'd guess. He was one of the greatest harmonica players of all time. It sounds corny, I suppose, but he played classical as well. He once made a personal appearance at Englewood High when we had a near-race riot. He came there to talk sense into the trouble-makers and calm others down.”

        Fred MacMurray stars as a civilian who wants to serve in WWII but is classified 4F. A genie grants him his wish, transporting him back in time to fight in previous conflicts, in Where Do We Go From Here?

        Larry Adler, in 1961, performing during a television interview


        • Adler was blacklisted in the late 40s, causing him to leave the U.S. for London, where he died at age 87 on Aug. 7, 2001. The Englewood High appearance Sis mentions above will come at the end of September. [audio clip of Body and Soul]
        • Dell is Dot's aunt; Janice T (Totten) is Hal's sister.
        • Also on stage at the Chicago theater was “Lou Breese and Orchestra.” Most of Breese's career was spent in the Chicago area. He played banjo, trumpet and violin. Among his Decca recordings were Swamp Fire, Humpty Dumpty Heart, and his signature tune, Breezin’ Along With The Breeze (also featured in Lucy & Desi's early 1950s film, The Long, Long Trailer.) Breese died in 1969, at age 69.
        • “Renee and Russell,” another vaudeville act appearing on stage this evening at the Chicago, were an acrobatic duo.

        Today's news:

        • AIR BASE AFIRE IN HURRICANE - 200 Reported Hurt at Florida Blimp Station: More than 200 persons were reported injured tonight in a fire at the Richmond navy blimp base as a violent tropical hurricane that reached a peak velocity of 143 m. p. h. swept inland across the Florida Keys.
        • BIG NORTH SIDE FLAT PROJECT IS CONTEMPLATED: A large apartment project to cover two square blocks ... 9 acres of vacant land along Sheridan rd., between Greenleaf and Touhy avs., and extending east to the lake, have been placed on the market. The sale price is $400,000, or $1 per square foot. [This lakefront property is now Leone Park and Beach. —D.]
        • Chez Paree Signs Danny Thomas for Oct. 2 Opening: After a long period of waiting and trying, the Chez Paree finally has signed the wonderfully funny comedian Danny Thomas to a definite contract.
        • Old Majestic to Reopen Wednesday as the Shubert - ‘Laffing Room Only’ to Be First Show: The current week, barring unforeseen eventualities, will mark a historical date on Chicago's theatrical calendar, for Wednesday night will add a ninth and badly needed theater to the list of available major playhouses for legitimate attractions. [The Shubert is now the LaSalle Bank Theatre.]
        • SHIRLEY TEMPLE TO MARRY HER GI WEDNESDAY - Flowers Cost $2,500 for ‘No Circus’ Ceremony: Shirley Temple, who had her first movie kiss only a few months ago, will be married Wednesday night to Sgt. John George Agar, formerly of Lake Forest, Ill.
        • Birthdays: George Chakiris (12), B.B. King (20), Lauren Bacall (21), J.C. Penney (70)


        Englewood High School; Sis and Dot; Dot's building, and the front steps; Hal Totten and Jim Parks

        Sept. 17

        Was late for 1st period, so started 2nd. Went for a Coke after school. Later, Sis and I went to Parnell and saw Jim and Hal with 2 girls.

        Then we sat on the front steps with our books, when a car pulls up with 2 guys. So I started to talk with one, a 19 year old sailor, Bill. As I was standing by the car, Jim and Hal came back and brother— did they look.

        Then, Sis and I went for a ride by the lake and really enjoyed ourselves. Bill kissed me, but he kisses sort of boyish, although he's a good dancer and nice looking.

        Sis comments:

        For some reason, I remember the name Bill [Bardash]. I don't know if he will come up again in this diary or if his is just one of those names that sticks to the memory. As for his looks, I haven't a clue.

        We usually didn't go for “rides” with anyone we had just met, but I guess rules were made to be broken— or are we getting a little careless as we get older? I can't remember any of this day, but I wonder where the “dancing” came in. Did we dance along the lakefront? More questions than answers!”


        • No photos of Bill, the 19 year old sailor, unfortunately.

        Today's news:

        • ATOM TEST FOR BATTLESHIP! - Bombing May Decide Future of All Navies: The 35,000 ton Japanese battleship Nagato, taken over at the Yokosuka naval base after the war, will be towed 500 miles out to sea, where an atomic bomb will be dropped upon her in an experiment which may determine the form of navies in the future.
        • M'ARTHUR PROTESTS, RUSSIANS APOLOGIZE FOR DOWNING A B-29: The Russians shot down an American Super Fort over northern Korea on Aug. 29, and then apologized after Gen. MacArthur lodged a strong protest, supreme headquarters announced today.
        • DELAY EXPECTED IN COMPLETING U. S. 66 PAVING - Final Bids Received Only Two Weeks Ago: Completion of the new 24 foot pavement on U. S. 66, the major highway building job attempted in Illinois during the war, probably will be delayed until next year, road building officials said yesterday. An unusually late winter would be necessary if contractors are to finish.
        • Birthdays: David Souter (6), Ken Kesey (10), Anne Bancroft (14), Hank Williaams (22)


        Helen Romanelli; Kelly Library

        Sept. 18

        Today after school, Sis and I went to the Stratford with Helen and saw On Stage Everybody and Texas.* They were good.

        Then after the show, we came home and went for a walk with Marge. Met Jim and he walked me to Parnell to meet Hal, but he didn't show up. Also went to the library. Did all of my homework.”

        A series of still photographs from Sing Me a Song of Texas


        • *The film was Sing Me a Song of Texas
        • At this writing (Sept., 2018), no film clips appear to exist of the two films Dot, Sis and Helen saw today at the Stratford theater

        Today's news:

        • AIR LINES O. K. DOUGLAS FIELD FOR SUPER-PORT: Unanimous approval of the Douglas aircraft plant airport on La Grange rd., near Park Ridge, as the site for Chicago's proposed new super-airport, was given yesterday by air line officials attending a meeting of the Chicago airport selection board in the city hall.
        • A-BOMB EXPERT WARNS IT WON'T BE SECRET LONG - Urges Britain to Get Mutual Control: Protesting against the atomic bombing of two Japanese cities, Prof. M. E. Oliphant, a member of the committee responsible for the development of the new weapon, today warned that neither America nor Britain could control the bomb.
        • GASOLINE STRIKE HITS CITY - Stations Busy as Shortage Looms: A strike of oil workers, members of local 210 of the Oil Workers' International union [CIO], began on schedule yesterday afternoon at the East Chicago, Ind., plant of the Socony-Vacuum Oil company. The plant produces nearly a million gallons of gasoline a day.
        • Plan 22 Million for Buses, Trolleys - LINES TO DROP STREET CARS ON 22 ROUTES: Plans to replace 22 street car routes with motor and trolley bus routes, to modernize four heavily traveled car lines, and to install an express bus line as an experiment were announced yesterday by officials of the Chicago Surface Lines.
        • Birthday: Frankie Avalon (5), Fred Willard (6), Robert Blake (12), Greta Garbo, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (40)

        Clockwise at top: Hal, Jim, Dot and Chuck; the front steps; Dot drinking coffee or tea in the dining room

        Sept. 19

        Had a date with Herb tonight but he didn't show up and I was really mad.

        Hal came and sat on the front steps with me and we went for a walk. Then Chuck came and we talked to him. Then Jim and I invited Hal and Jim in and I made some coffee.

        It said in the papers* that the world would end tomorrow , 5:33 a.m. So we were making last requests, and goofed around. Herb called and had forgotten we had a date.”

        Sis comments:

        I remember when all this hype about the end of the world was going on and it was so believable I almost didn't do my homework that night. I thought, why bother? Good thing I decided to play it safe. I doubt if ‘teach’ would have bought that excuse.”

        Today's news:

        • *WORLD WILL END 5:33 P.M. FRIDAY, PASTOR ASSERTS: The Rev. Charles G. Long, 72, announced that, if Jerusalem time, the hour would be 7:33 a.m., California time. The Pasadena prophet and his son, Richard, left a loophole. They said there might be a delay until the fall of 1946. Richard gave up his job as manager of a Pasadena market, he said, because he believed the end was near.
        • Truman Names Sen. Burton to Supreme Court
        • 3 B-29s Seek Flight Record in Pacific Hop
        • MEAT PLENTIFUL, BUT RATIONING BARS ITS SALE: Chicago butchers have so much more meat on hand than they can sell that they have to turn part of it back to the packers ... a survey disclosed yesterday.
        • EXPECT RECORD CHICAGO HOME BUILDING SOON - Industry Prepared as Controls End Billions in Projects
        • Army Cancels Orders for 267 Million Candy Bars
        • Birthdays: Mama Cass Elliot (4), Brian Epstein (11), Brook Benton (14)


        Interior of the United Artists theater; Dot's boyfriend, Herb Martin

        Sept. 20

        After school, I dressed and Sis, Sunny and I went to the United Artists and saw Anchors Aweigh and boy, it was tops, but def.

        Came home at 9:30 and Herb was waiting for me. We had some coffee and then just stood in the hall with Herb kissing me and telling how much he really loves me and wants to get me a ring for Xmas. But I said NO—.”

        Sis comments:

        I love the way we just come and go to a Loop theatre like it was just down the street.

        That Herb was something else with the line he handed Dot. Good thing she believed only half of it.”

        The trailer for Anchors Aweigh, starring Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson and Gene Kelly


        • The United Artists eventually fell into disrepair and was torn down in 1987. The location was a vacant lot for many years before it was eventually developed into a large retail complex that includes a multi-screen movie theater.

        Today's news:

        • B-29s REACH WASHINGTON AFTER STOP HERE TO REPLENISH LOW FUEL SUPPLY - Brass Band Greets Crews on Arrival at Capital: Three army Super Fortresses reached the capital tonight from Japan after headwinds had forced them down at Chicago to refuel, 650 miles short of their 6,500 mile nonstop goal here ... The speed flight coincided today with announcements by three commercial airlines that they hoped to step up passenger transportation to a 300-mile-an-hour level soon.
        • JAPAN TO CHICAGO--26 HRS. - Failure to Reach Goal Charged to Heavy Winds: Out of an overcast sky at Chicago airport, the three Super Fortress bombers that left Japan Tuesday afternoon dropped down to perfect landings late yesterday. Within two hours the planes were serviced and refueled and on their way.
        • Hunting Season Is Beckoning Chicagoans to North Woods: With the present ration limit of two boxes of shotgun shells per hunter for the season, sportsmen are selecting their fall hunting grounds this year with extra care so that none of the shells will be wasted.
        • MARLENE DIETRICH GOES TO BERLIN - First time since '31
        • Save Terrier That Starved for 2 Months: For more than two months, thru July and August, Dodie, an 8 year old female fox terrier, was imprisoned in an 11 foot deep hole in the abandoned ice house on Larrabee st. north of Chicago av. In all that time she had no food unless she caught a few rats and mice.
        • Birthdays: Sophia Loren (11), Upton Sinclair (67)


        Dot and Sis, and the telephone

        Sept. 21

        Didn't do much today, and am still living*.

        After school, was so tired that I went to bed at about 5:15. Someone called me and who would it be but Herb. He told me that there was a mistake and the world was supposed to end at 5:30 and he wanted to be with me, and here it was a gag.

        Later on, Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw [a] Horror Show**. Met a fellow, Don. Says he knows me.”

        Sis comments:

        Dot went to bed at 5:15?? Hard to believe. But then Dot didn't say what time she went to bed the night before.

        Mom never said much about our going to bed so late on a school night. She was a better Mom than I was later on with bedtime rules!”

        The Brighton Strangler, starring John Loder (full movie)

        Trailer for The Body Snatcher, starring Boris Karloff


        Today's news:

        • DENIES SECURITY FOR U. S. RESTS IN ATOM BOMBS - Other Nations Aware of Chemical Secrets: Solemn warnings that America cannot count too heavily for security on the awesome power of the atomic bomb have been sounded by top flight scientists and military leaders.
        • ‘RICK’ PREDICTS 5 1/2 HR. HOP FROM N. Y. TO LONDON - Coast to Coast Air Time Will Be 5 Hours: Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker, president of Eastern Air Lines, Inc., today forecast that within five years no city on the globe would be more than 24 hours distant from any other by air.
        • Story of Chicago Cardinals' Power Is a Laugh to Lions: All this talk about a revived Chicago Cardinal football team is being shrugged off by the Detroit Lions, who are bragging about their own renaissance in the National Football league. The two meet Sunday afternoon in the Fairgrounds at West Allis.
        • CARDS BLANK CUBS, 2-0; TWO GAMES BEHIND; LEFTY BRECHEEN SCORES 4TH VICTORY OVER LEAGUE LEADERS: The Cubs' lead tonight was shaved to two games as Charley Grimm's pennant aspirants were shut out, 2 to 0, by Harry Breccheen, the Cardinals' distinguished lefty from Broken Bow, Okla., who has whipped them four times this season, twice by shut outs.
        • Birthdays: Bill Kurtis (5), Leonard Cohen (11), Chuck Jones (33), H.G. Wells (79)

        Sunny, Dot and Sis; Herb Martin

        Sept. 22

        Today it rained all day, quite a cloudburst. Later on I washed my hair and Sis baked a cake and we went to Sunny's house and just fooled around.

        Herb called me up over there and was really sweet. He told me he wished that I loved him half as much as he loves me. He said ‘Please honey, don't find another guy...’.

        Sunny came home with us then.”

        Today's news:

        • Truman Decides Name for It: ‘World War II’
        • HENRY FORD II HEAD OF VAST MOTOR EMPIRE - Founder, 82, Yields to Grandson, 28: Henry Ford II, 28, today became president of the billion dollar Ford Motor company. He look over the top post in the far-flung Ford empire after announcement of the resignation of his grandfather, Henry Ford, who founded the family owned enterprise.
        • Fuzzy Lingerie for Comfort in Winter Is Here: Winter lingerie, very much on the fuzzy side and sure comfort for chilly nights, has the same appeal as the lighter weight rayons or summer time cottons. But the straight line silhouette with square outline yokes still is a bit reminiscent of the nightshirt streamline.
        • Birthdays: Tommy Lasorda (18), John Houseman (43), Paul Muni (50)


        Dot and Ginny Merigold; Hal Totten; Sis and Dot

        Sept. 23

        We went to the wedding today, and really had a keen time dancing to a 5-piece orchestra.

        At 10:30 we went to Ginny's party and she had about 15 kids there. Hal, Kate, Jim* and Miriam, Janice and her beau. Tillie and a cute guy named Earl. I danced and just goofed around.

        Ginny's mom took us home and Jim, Sis, Hal and I sat on my front steps giggling and just fooling around.

        Sis comments:

        I wish Dot had mentioned whose wedding it was. I can't remember who got married on Sept. 23rd. I do recall Ginny's party tho, and we did have fun there. Ginny's folks were nice, friendly people. It was kind of late to arrive at a party. I wonder how long we stayed there.”


        • *I'm assuming that Jim Parks was the “Jim” Dot referred to.

        Today's news:

        • HOW AMERICA WON RACE TO FIND SECRET OF ATOM; Best U.S. Brains, All Its Power Massed for Search: Millions of years ago, when the world began, nature built 92 prisons to confine her mightiest and most dangerous physical force, atomic energy--or nuclear energy, as scientists more exactly name it. The 92 prisons are called elements and the cells are called atoms...
        • BOMB EXPLOSION WILL MODERNIZE CHICAGO DRAMA: The atomic bomb explosion and V-J day will be dramatized when “Port of Chicago” is presented by the Uptown players, 1219 N. La Salle st., every Friday and Saturday night during October.
        • CARDS WIN - CUT CUBS' LEAD TO 1- 1/2 GAMES; ST. LOUIS ROUTS REDS, 9 TO 4, TO CLOSE IN ON IDLE CHICAGO: The Cubs, with their margin over the St. Louis Cardinals again cut to one and a half games [Sat. night], still can win the National league pennant by winning seven games [or] any combination of Cub victories and St. Louis defeats totaling seven. ... Manager Charley Grimm of the Cubs was so delighted with yesterday's junior cloudburst that he almost walked right out in it to rejoice.
        • Birthdays: Julio Iglesias (2), Ray Charles (15), John Coltrane (19), Mickey Rooney (25), Walter Pidgeon (48)


        The Fair, on the north side of Adams St. between State & Dearborn, was owned by S.S. Kresge at this time, and featured lower-priced merchandise. Montgomery Wards bought the four-store chain in 1957, but the downtown store kept the Fair name until 1964. In 1985, the building was demolished. A 39-story office complex now occupies the site.

        Dot; Bob Plant (center)

        Sept. 24

        Didn't go to school again, and so went downtown. Got my pictures taken in the Fair.

        Herb called and said he couldn't come over tonight cause he had a bad cold, tut, tut. He told me the party was wonderful and that Sunday night he went on a hayride.

        Later Hal came over and we went to Parnell and had 2 Cherry Cokes. Talked about Katie and Herb. Bob P. was out too. Dee* called Herb and his mom said he wasn't home.”

        Sis comments:

        ‘Didn't go to school but went downtown...’. Boy, we got away with murder in this respect. I guess I went along, too, for we usually both took off. It's a wonder the teachers didn't put 2 & 2 together. Did Mom know?

        Herb had some nerve acting like he's Dot's great lover and then telling her all about a party and hayride. Dot overlooked a lot of this kind of stuff, but today I think it got to her.

        *Why did Dee call Herb? And what Dee was this?? The only Dee I thought we knew was the Dee that lived in Brighton Park, miles away from us.”


        • *My guess is Dee phoned Herb to find out (for Dot) if Herb did in fact have a “bad cold”.
        • More about The Fair store here.

        Today's news:

        • General Patton on Policy [NY Times editorial]: Patton believes that “in general, far too much fuss has been made regarding denazification of Germany”. General Patton is a fine soldier [but] we do not believe his remarks should go unchallenged either by Eisenhower or superiors in Washington.
        • 43 Mile Wind, Rain and Hail Batter City: Hail and a thunderstorm, accompanied by fog and winds up to 43 miles an hour, lashed Chicago shortly before 4 p.m. yesterday.
        • GIs' HIT PARADE IN EUROPE ISN'T LIKE ONE IN U. S. - 4 of 10 Favorite Songs Click Overseas— [by Larry Wolters]: One of the big favorites [in Europe] is ‘Why Is a Private a Private?’ a typical GI tune, as sung by Ethel Merman, and ‘Three Day Pass’, especially written for Celeste Holm for her U.S.O. tour.
        • Birthdays: Linda McCartney (4), Jim Henson (9)


        Sept. 25

        Was another rainy day today. After school, Hal came over and we did homework, then Sis and I went to the show —Linden— and saw The Fleet's In and Street of Chance. There were loads of wolves outside tonight. Got home and Marge said David and Earl called.

        Trailer for The Fleet's In, starring Eddie Brackett, Dorothy Lamour, William Holden, Betty Hutton, and the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

        The film noir Street of Chance (1942) stars Burgess Meredith as an amnesia victim who discovers his real identity. Also with Claire Trevor (full movie.)


        • Dot met Earl at Ginny's party on Sunday. David may have been a friend of Earl's, or another guy Dot danced with at the party.

        Today's news:

        • NEW ATOM BOMB REPORTED - CAN KILL MILLIONS: New atomic bombs “created” by American scientists make those already used look like “small firecrackers”.
        • TIGERS LAUNCH DRIVE TODAY TO TAKE PENNANT - Need Two Victories to Reach Goal: The Tigers, holding first place by a one lap margin over the Senators, are standing by for developments.
        • CUBS TO ACCEPT MAIL ORDERS FOR WORLD SERIES: The Cubs yesterday announced the method by which tickets for the Chicago games of the world series, if the team wins the pennant, will be conducted.
        • Birthdays: Michael Douglas (1), Barbara Walters (16), writer William Faulkner (48)


        Sept. 26

        Was another wet day. Sis and I went down 63rd and then went to the Englewood and saw The Clock and A Song to Remember and was it wonderful. I cried, too.

        There were a lot of calls tonight. Hal and Jim came around and we had some coffee and then Jim did my algebra homework. He also asked me if he could please escort me to Bob P.'s party. I had to say yes.

        Sis comments:

        “Dot gets a lot of homework help. First Hal and then Jim! Seems like Jim never gives up even tho Herb is still in the picture. A very nice guy, but there was no charmer like Herb.”

        Trailer for The Clock, starring Judy Garland and Robert Walker

        Cornell Wilde portrays composer Frederic Chopin in A Song To Remember


        Today's news:

        • OCCUPATION TO BE LONG: Gen. MacArthur declared today Japan might be occupied "many years" altho the conquering forces would be small "under favorable conditions" —presumably if the fallen empire behaves.
        • PATTON ADMITS HIS CHOICE OF WORDS WAS BAD - General Given Orders to Clarify Remarks: Gen. Patton pledging "complete denazification" of German territory under his control, said today he never intended to compare "so vile a thing as nazism" with the Democratic or Republican party at home.
        • Gloria Rolls to New Fame in Vanities: Wonders never cease be they on ice or on rollers. That was the thought carried away by 12,000 from the Chicago Stadium last night after they had seen the opening offering of the Skating Vanities of 1940.
        • RAIN HOLDS UP TIGERS, INDIANS - PLAY 2 TODAY; Arithmetic Eases Detroit Tension: The first place Tigers, with a one game edge over the Senators and four games to go, did nothing more today than work on percentage tables, Rain stopped the opener of a two game series with the Indians forcing the scheduling of a double header today.
        • Birthdays: Winnie Mandela (9), George Raft (44), George Gershwin (47), T.S. Eliot (57), Edmund Gwenn (68)


        Englewood High School; Dot and Sunny

        Sept. 27

        Well, today was an exciting day. There were groups of white kids [at school] singing “Old Black Joe”* and they had clubs, pipes and hammers. Some kids got hurt, too.

        Later on, Sunny came over and we went down 63rd. While we were going, some guy called me up and dammit, Mom and Dad can't remember his name. Mc - Mac, or something like that. Hope it's Herb.

        Sis comments:

        “Oh, yes, I remember this day when we almost had a race riot at the school. It was all pretty scary because rumors were floating around about people getting hurt and you didn't know if they were only rumors or what. I still have some newspaper clips on this for it was even in the city papers. [see Sept. 28]

        Just a few trouble makers saying they didn't want to go to school with “colored” anymore. Can you imagine anyone saying that now? Dot and I both had a lot of wonderful black friends in school.

        It all blew over in a few days and the trouble makers were transfered elsewhere.

        I can't believe Dot said “dammit”. Only in the diary, for Dad would not put up with any foul language from us or visitors.”


        • * Old Black Joe was written in 1853 by Stephen Foster, who was possibly inspired by a black servant in his father-in-law's home. The song was recorded by Paul Robeson and Bing Crosby.

        Today's news:

        • [AT] WRIGLEY FIELD - ECHOES OF CUB PROTEST FILL CLUBHOUSE AIR: Officially the Cubs became defeated at 4:02 p. m. yesterday afternoon by the Cardinals. But the game continued on into the murky afternoon in the league leaders' clubhouse. There Manager Charley Grimm ... explain[ed] his grounds for protesting the 11 to 6 defeat.
        • Birthdays: Don Cornelius (9), William Conrad (25)


        Sis saved this newspaper clipping in her scrapbook

        Sept. 28

        Today we didn't go to school and there were 950 absent. No trouble tho, because it was raining too much.

        Later on, Sis and I went to Sunny's house. We sewed our dresses and listened to the radio.

        While we were there, I got a phone call and here it was good old Dutz. He told me Herb had strep throat and hadn't gone to work all week and stayed in. He just got back from Herb's house and said Herb was still very much in love with me and wanted to know if I felt the same. I said yes.”

        Sis comments:

        “Mom knew we stayed home this day as she, too, thought there may be trouble at school.

        Good old Dutz does Herb's dirty work. Dutz was just as much a fibber as Herb was. Two of a kind!”

        Today's news:

        • PUPILS' STRIKE IN ENGLEWOOD UP TO PARENTS - Official Tells Leaders to See Aldermen: [The] assistant superintendent of schools advised striking Englewood High school student sot discuss their problmens with their parents and their aldermen. 200 stayed away from classes in protest against the school's large Negro enrollment.

        More than 500 pupils of Morgan Park High school met last night… and voted to continue to go to classes, but to prepare petitions to the school board asking that separate buildings be provided for Negro and white pupils.

        About 65 percent of the school's 2,800 pupils and about 21 per cent of Morgan Park High school's 1,810 pupils are Negroes.

        • Cubs Make Sure of Tie for Pennant; WIN TWO FROM REDS, 3-1 AND 7-4; CARDS LOSE, 5-2
        • BROWN SERIES IS SHOWDOWN FOR JITTERY TIGERS - They Need One Victory in Two Games: One victory to go to clinch a pennant sounds easy. It even sounds the same if the one victory has to come out of two games remaining on the schedule. That's the setup now facing the Tigers as the American league race approaches its finish.
        • Birthdays: Brigitte Bardot (11), Peter Finch (29), Ed Sullivan (44)


        Bob (center); Sunny and Dot

        Sept. 29

        Got up at 10:00. Stayed overnight at Sunny's. Stopped off at 63rd and then went home. Took a bath and dressed.

        Jim came for Sis and I at 7:30. Bob's house is really adorable— so is his brother Wally. We danced and ate a lot. I danced mostly with Earl and Jim but refused Jim a lot of times. Bob's Mom and Dad are swell, too. Ginny's really got herself a good guy. Ah, yes.

        Dave and I had a lot of fun, too. Dave and Jim walked us home (11:30). Lill was over and then Hal dropped in for a minute.

        Sis comments:

        “This was another good party I remember something about.

        Jim brings Dot to the party and she dances mostly with Earl! And Dot had fun with Dave, too? Hey, Dot? Dave is more or less with me, Sis (if I remember right)! It didn't really matter, tho, for Dave wasn't my big heart throb and I don't think Earl was Dot's.”


        • This “Dave” is of course not the Dave who Dot would later meet and eventually marry.

        Today's news:

        • 880 ENGLEWOOD PUPILS REMAIN OUT OF CLASSES: Absenteeism among white pupils at Englewood rose to 880 yesterday ... This increase more than quadrupled the number who stayed away the preceding day in an effort to compel segregation of Negro pupils. Thirty white pupils ... were told that segregation was illegal.
        • AIR LINES SHRINK FROM FINANCING WHITE ELEPHANT: Airline officials yesterday were plagued by the thought that the new terminal building being built at Chicago airport might have importance only as a sort of memorial hall if the city's future main airport is located one mile south in the Clearing district instead of at the Douglas field.
        • Cubs Order New Uniforms for Home Series Games
        • BEARS WORK LIKE BEAVERS IN LAST DRILL AT CAMP - They Will Be Green Bay Bound Today: The Bears this morning wrapped up all the things they hope to do to the Packers on Sunday in a 2 hour and 45 minute drill.
        • Birthdays: Lech Walesa (2), Madeline Kahn (3), Jerry Lee Lewis (10), Lizabeth Scott (23), Trevor Howard, Stanley Kramer (32), Michelangelo Antonioni (33), Greer Garson (41), Enrico Fermi (44)


        The Ace theater

        “The happiest man in Pittsburgh last night was Manager Charlie Grimm of the Cubs. Here he his after his men had clinched Chicago's first league pennant in seven years.” —Chicago Tribune

        Sept. 30

        Got up at 10 to 1. Sat around the house all day. Later on, went to the Ace and saw Wuthering Heights, Valley of Vengeance and also Road to Alcatraz. It rained all afternoon. Met Kenny on the way home from the show. Didn't see anyone else.”

        Sis comments:

        “I can't imagine sitting thru three pictures no matter how good they were. And no commerical breaks like TV! I guess we had more stamina when we were younger.”

        Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier and David Niven star in Wuthering Heights

        Today's news:

        • AFTER SEVEN YEARS, CHICAGO HAS A CHAMPION AGAIN: The Cubs will meet the American league champions for the world title starting Wednesday, probably in Detroit. The Chicago portion of the series will open in Wrigley field on Saturday.
        • CARDINALS WIN PAIR, BUT IT'S TOO, TOO LATE: The St. Louis Cardinals went down winning today. They won a pair of ball games from the Cincinnati Reds and lost the national league pennant to the Chicago Cubs.
        • AIR LINES STILL FAVOR DOUGLAS TERMINAL SITE: R. M. Lewis, chief operations engineer for Braniff Airways, said last night that he is more firmly convinced that the Douglas airport [near Park Ridge] is the best available site for Chicago's future air passenger terminal.
        • 'AXIS SALLY' WHO SPOKE TO YANKS SENT TO PRISON - Broadcast to GIs from Station in Italy: Cross-eyed Rita Zucca, 33, an "axis Sally" broadcaster of nazi radio propaganda to American troops in the Mediterranean area, was sent to prison today by an Italian military tribunal for four years and five months.
        • Birthdays: Johnny Mathis (10), Truman Capote (21), Buddy Rich (28)

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