June 1945
The Prom
Summer vacation
Jim rations his kisses
Herb Martin
The beach party


Previously in Dot's Diary: During May, 1945, the world celebrated V-E Day… Dot longed for an invitation to the Prom–and got one… She trekked southwest to Maple Lake on Mother's Day, and met a sailor named Larry who had a great “technique,” but at the same time was “boring…” Dot and Sis discovered what would become two of their all-time favorite movies, and they visited Riverview amusement park on a very chill evening.

June 1

“Umm... what a warm day today was. Dee came over, so we went to Parnell and then came home and sat around, cause it started to pour.

About 12:30, Jim and Hal came over, so I went to Tasty's with them and had a cup of coffee. Had a lot to discuss.

Hal and I led Jim home, like 2 good kids. Dee slept with me. Went to bed at 3:15.”

Sis comments:

Dee [Dolores] was from our old Brighton Place neighborhood. She was one of our best friends although after we moved, of course, we didn't get together that much.

Dee's nickname was ‘Bumpsy’, but we didn't call her that much after high school. A nice kid.

(I wonder where I slept that night?)”


  • The discussion at Tasty's (another local diner) was probably about next Friday night's prom.

Today's news:

  • Big B-29 Attack on Osaka!
  • Concern Grows Over Europe's Troubled State; Britain, Russia Jockey for Dominant Position
  • Burma Job Done, U.S. Flyers Move to New War Theater
  • Birthdays: Pat Boone (8), Marilyn Monroe (19), Andy Griffith (19)


Riverview Park, Alladin's Castle

At left: Dee Kozack

Dot's Aunt Dell

June 2

Today went to Riverview with Dee and her brother Ronnie. Had a swell time.

Later on, Sis and I went to Johnny's and Dell's house to watch the kids. They were both pretty good. We had to stay all night, although we hadn't intended to. Dell gave me a lovely white satin nightgown to sleep in. I felt just like a bride.”

Sis comments:

That was a nice touch, the satin nightgown. I like Dot's comment about it, tho I don't remember what I got.”


  • Johnny and Dell are Dot & Sis' uncle and aunt. Dell is their mother's sister.

Today's news:

  • PRESIDENT DISCLOSES WAR PLANS - Quit or Face Germany's Fate, Truman Warns Japanese: President Truman today gave congress and the nation his plans for bringing about the unconditional surrender of Japan by hurling by land, sea, and air the massed might of an army of 7 million men and a navy of more than 3 million men.
  • BIG U. S. GAINS ON OKINAWA! - Officers See Finish of Campaign in Ten Days: United States troops completed capture yesterday of the fortress city of Shurl, keystone of Nippon's southern Okinawa defense line, and drove southward against diminishing resistance.
  • Truman Warns Japan of Mighty Blows to Come; Bombs Will Wipe Out Cities, He Says
  • 3 Inch Hail Stones Strike Chicago Area
  • The Slim Skirt Is Back in Paris' Fashion Parade
  • Birthdays: Musician Charlie Watts (4)


Magazines that Dot and Sis may or may not have cut pictures out of. The June 4, 1945 issue of LIFE features an appeal to buy War Bonds. A May 26, 1945 Saturday Evening Post depicts a post V-E Day scene.

June 3

“Got home from [aunt] Dell's around 2:00 and Jim called about 3:00. He told me he looked all over for Dell's house last night although I hadn't given him the address.

Stayed home all day just taking life easy. We cut pictures out of magazines. Today was ice cold outside. Brrrr...”

Sis comments:

Kind of crazy for Jim to go looking for Dell's without an address. [Dell and Johnny] lived around 47th & Racine, sort of near the stock yards. Certainly not in his backyard.”


  • The high temperature for this June 3, 1945 was a chilly 48 degrees.

Today's news:

  • 150,000 to Join 5th Holy Hour Rites Tonight: Three and a half hours of merged religious devotion and patriotism in Soldiers' field tonight
  • Washington, D.C.: Upsurge of Red Military Stirs Fear in Capital
  • Record 462,569 Passengers Use Chicago Airport in 1945
  • Birthdays: Raul Castro (14), poet Allen Ginsberg (19)

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June 4

Today, Sis and I went to Sach's to get a fitting and have my gown altered. Then we went to the Southtown and saw Keep Your Powder Dry and Tonight and Every Night. Both of them were wonderful pictures.”

The trailer for Keep Your Powder Dry

Trailer for Tonight and Every Night


Today's news:

  • City Votes on Transit Plan Today: Creation of a metropolitan transit authority to purchase and operate Chicago's surface, elevated and subway systems will be up to Chicago voters today.
  • With Summer Near, It's Time for Seersucker: Smartly tailored businesslike seersucker is back for the summer season. You'll find two piecers of swank detail, some primly tailored with long sleeves for summer office wear, others of the dressmaker variety with a soft bow on the chest and three-quarter length sleeves.
  • Halsey Pounds Jap Air Bses for Second Day; Raids Suicide Plane Nests on Southern Kyushu
  • National Flag for Canada an Election Issue
  • Sox Divide; Passeau Earns Split for Cubs


Kelly Library

Allies meet to assume control of Berlin on June 5, 1945. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower is at the far left.

June 5

After school went to the library and then stopped in Parnell for a Coke; stopped in Sachs and picked up my gown. Also had some pie at Minuet's. Came home and went to bed at 1:00.”

Today's news:

  • Win Half Okinawa Air Field; B-29s Rain 3,000 Tons of Fire Bombs on Kobe; 11 Square Miles of Osaka Burned Out in Raids
  • Vote 6-1 to Let Chicago Run Transit Lines; Slum Clearance Is Also Approved
  • WGN Requests Permits for 4 FM Stations
  • Chicago Girls in Paris Reject Fussy Clothes: Two Chicago WACs, Dorothy and Frances [...], who attended Schiaparelli's open air fashion parade this afternoon, said they woudn't deck out in swanky finery back home unless it was as comfortable as jeans, slacks and sneakers. ‘I like to feel sweet 16, natural, and carefree whether I'm washing dishes, going shopping, or dancing,’ 21 year old Dorothy remarked. ‘I never choose fussy clothes. Neither do I like severely tailored dress parade suits, which require perfect grooming to look right.’
  • Birthdays: Economist John Maynard Keynes (62)

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June 6

Went to 59th [St.] today and had a Coke and also had a hamburger at Myrt & Henry's, avec Sis and Marge. The lites on Normal were out.”

Today's news:

  • Russia Insists Allies Move Troops Out of Moscow's Zones
  • Fleet Planes Tighten Sea Blockade of Japs
  • Truman Urges Congress Pass Race Labor Law
  • In London, it is announced that a total of 184,512 British and Canadian soldiers were killed, wounded or missing between D-Day, June 6, 1944, and VE-Day, May 8th.


Jim Parks

June 7

Today I got ready for the Prom all day and, in the evening, Sis and I watched Marge's baby.

Jim and Hal came over later in the evening and planned the Prom doings a little. Jim looked real nice tonight. That scrubbed look. Ummm.

Went to bed at 1:30. Don't intend to go to school tomorrow cause I have to go downtown.”

Sis comments:

I like Dot's description of Jim—the ‘scrubbed’ look. That fits him perfectly.”


  • The Prom is tomorrow night, Friday.

Today's news:

  • Resistance Stiffens on Okinawa; 2 New Yank Landings in Philippines
  • 75 New Buses, First of 110, Due June 15: Among their features are hydraulic transmission, improved lighting, mohair seats, forced ventilation.
  • USO to Close Three Centers on North Shore
  • Reds Map Half of Germany as Moscow's Zone
  • D-Day Veterans Honor GIs Who Died at Beaches
  • Women Place Clothes Washer at Top of Buying List
  • Birthdays: Muammar Gaddafi (3), singer Tom Jones (50, actress Jessica Tandy (36).


Blackhawk Restaurant, menu; Latin Quarter. (Blackhawk Restaurant menu cover courtesy of Frank S. DiPietro)

June 8

Today was the night of the Prom and what a night.

Jim looked awfully cute. He brought me a lovely carnation corsage. The Michigan Ballroom was beautiful. Jim and I danced every dance.

Then we went to the Blackhawk [Restaurant] and danced to the music of Del Courtney. We stayed there 2-1/2 hours and then rode around the lake. Wound up at the Latin Quarter. We wanted to go to more places but they were all closed. Got in the house at 6:15 a.m. Ummmm... what a night.”

Sis comments:

I can't recall the Michigan Ballroom any place in the Loop area at that time. Maybe it was in the South Shore area. Parker High School was a little further south [from Englewood] and at that time there was the South Shore Country Club and a very nice hotel. But it's just a guess. They sure made the rounds that evening. Dot really had a great Prom date. She talked about it a lot.”


  • The Blackhawk Restaurant, at Randolph and Wabash streets, opened in 1920. Benny Goodman, Kay Kyser and Louis Prima were among the many famous musicians who performed for the restaurant patrons and on nightly WGN radio broadcasts. In the 1950s, the bands left, and in 1984 the restaurant closed. Its present-day descendant—Don Roth's Blackhawk—in the northwest suburb of Wheeling, features memorabilia from the original location.
  • The Latin Quarter Theatre Restaurant, 23 W. Randolph, was across the street from the Old Heidelberg restaurant (now an Argo Tea cafe) and the Oriental movie theater. The site is now part of a large retail development.
  • Del Courtney was still active in 2004 at the age of 94. [More here.]
  • Couldn't find anything on the Michigan Ballroom. Perhaps Sis is correct that it was actually the South Shore Country Club.

Today's news:

  • Hollanndia, New Guinea: WAC, 2 Yanks Marooned in Hidden Valley: No white man had ever set foot in this isolated paradise before a C-47 transport plane circled over it May 13. The plane carried 15 officers and men and nine WACs. [Note: this event is the subject of Lost in Shangri-La: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II, by Mitchell Zuckoff]
  • Alleys Teeming with Garbage, Survey Shows
  • Truman Names Gen. Bradley as Veterans' Chief: Orders Mondernizing of U.S. System
  • Chicago Area to Buy 450,000 Autos in Year; Most Owners Need Replacements
  • Birthdays: Nancy Sinatra (5), Joan Rivers (12), Jerry Stiller (18), Barbara Bush (20), Frank Lloyd Wright (78)


Sunday Dinner for a Soldier. Till We Meet Again was billed as “An American Soldier's Amazing Adventure in France!”

June 9

Well, got up at 10:30 - not bad for such a big nite. Sis and I went to the show in the afternoon and saw Till We Meet Again and Sunday Dinner [for a Soldier].

Later in the evening, Sunny came over so Sis, her and I went for a walk down 63rd and had a Coke at Parnell. Then sat on the front steps, but finally I nearly passed out and I was so sleepy. (Last night leftovers).”

A scene from Till We Meet Again

Today's news:

  • Okinawa Japanese Squeezed Into 19 Sq. Mi. Area
  • Los Angeles: Huge Welcome for Doolittle, Patton Today
  • Chicago: Act to Require All Garbage to Be Put in Cans
  • Kentucky Derby Today Draws Field of 16
  • Cubs Rout Reds, 7-3; North Siders Climb to 5th
  • Birthdays: Robert McNamara (29), Musician Les Paul (30), Cole Porter (54)


Newsreel from mid-June 1945 reviewing the recent Allied agreements in Berlin, a tour of Hitler's headquarters, and a plea for Americans to take their vacations at home this year.

June 10

It was really hot today, so Sis and I stayed home all day. Saw Hal for awhile but didn't see Jim at all. Must still be sleeping since the Prom. Just loafed around all day - nothing special. Got to bed about 1:00.”

Sis comments:

I think Dot was a little disappointed that Jim didn't call or come by and hash over the Prom a little. Sometimes he was hard to figure out.”

Today's news:

  • B-29s Blast Japan 2d Day; 67,000 of Foe Fall; Noose Tightened
  • Hitler Lives, Reds Suspect; May Be in Spain, General Says
  • Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea: Build Glider Strip to Snatch 3 from Shangri-La Valley
  • New York: The CIO National Maritime union today asked President Trum to counteract what the union termed a “well organized campaign to stir up hatred and distrust of our soviet ally.”
  • Washington: Negro Democrats… today adopted a resolution asking the Democratic National committee to give them representation in committee organization.
  • Hoop Jr. Takes 71st Derby By Six Lengths
  • Weather: Cloudy with occasional thundershowers; high today 79
  • Birthdays: Judy Garland (23), Prince Philip (24), author Saul Bellow (30)


Englewood High School, Kelly Library

June 11

Dull day today. Came home from school with a lot of homework, so went to the library and then came home and washed my hair. Put up my hair and sat around. Went to bed late.”

Today's news:

  • Launch Big Okinawa Push!
  • Peru Has First Free Election After 25 Years
  • Hidden Valley Survivors to Start On Trek
  • First Pacific GIs in Fort Sheridan for Discharges
  • Sox Split; Cubs Win 2 From Reds, 10-7, 7-4
  • Hoop Jr. Begins Seccond Lap in Quest of Turf's Triple Crown
  • Fan Charges Leo Durocher With Assault
  • Birthdays: Gene Wilder (12), Vince Lombardi (32), Jacques Coutsteau (35), composers Carmine Coppola (35), and Richard Strauss (81)


The Stratford movie theater

June 12

Today was an o.k. day. Sis and I went to the Stratford after school and saw Hotel Berlin and I'll Remember April, both of them were keen pictures.

After the show, came home and Jim and Hal came over. Stayed until 12:00.”


  • “I'll Remember April” was a popular song that made its debut in the 1942 film Ride 'Em Cowboy with Abbot and Costello. Hotel Berlin was based on the same novel that inspired the 1932 film, Grand Hotel.

Today's news:

  • Quit! U.S. to Okinawa Japs
  • Hollandia, New Guinea: WAC's Injury Delays Rescue in Shangri-La
  • Congress St. Subway Plan Wins Approval
  • Cubs Seek 2d Place
  • Predict Auto Rationing End in January, '46
  • Birthdays: singer Vic Damone (17), George H.W. Bush (21)


Hal and Jim

June 13

A corny day at school. After school, Sis and I went to Parnell. Later in the evening, Jim and Hal came over and sat around talking to me til about 12:00.”

Today's news:

  • San Francisco: World Police Plan Approved
  • London Gives Highest Honors to Eisenhower: Receives Order of Merit from King
  • Truman Asks $1,500 Pay Raise for Congress
  • Army Cancels Studebaker's Truck Orders
  • Birthdays: Malcolm McDowell (2), artist Christo (10), Red Grange (42), Basil Rathbone (53)


Top: Dot's “front steps.” Atove: Dot's aunt Dell (at right) with her sister Pauline (Dot's mom).


June 14

A swell day today. Jim didn't go to work, so stopped on our front porch and talked to me awhile.

Later on [aunt] Dell and [uncle] Johnny came with a car and we went for a ride to 95th [St.].

Came back and Jim and Hal were on the front steps. The 3 of us took a walk down 63rd and then stopped in Parnell and goofed around for awhile. It was gorgeous outside. Ummm, what a life.”


  • Dot's reference to “95th Street” could have meant the Beverly neighborhood, or possibly the nearby suburbs, or even Maple Lake, where Dot went on Mothers Day.

Today's news:

  • Crush Jap Pocket; 3500 Die; Yanks Closing Vise on Foe's Okinawa Line
  • New Guinea: Survivors Begin Hidden Valley Trek Tomorrow
  • Find Nazi Plans for V-Bomb to Travel 3,000 Miles
  • Pirates Host to Cubs Today in Double Header
  • Birthdays: Che Guevara (17), actress Dorothy McGuire (A Tree Grows In Brooklyn; 29), Margaret Bourke-White (41)



June 15

Dear Diary, today was a crazy day. Rained most of the time. Sis and I couldn't decide what to do, so just went to Parnell. Got caught in the rain so came home and undressed. Just sat around the house.

Jim called and said he'd bring his bike over at 1:30 tomorrow. Went to bed at 1:30, washed my hair too and put it up. (Gave it rinse.)”

Sis comments:

Did Jim leave his bike over for Dot to use? I don't think she had a bike of her own. Sonny [Sis & Dot's brother] had a bike, but I don't think he'd let her use it.”

Today's news:

  • B-29s Scorch Osaka Again
  • Guam: American planes will begin hitting Japan with bombs at the rate of 2,000,000 tons a year by July 1, Gen. Arnold announced today.
  • Spanish Skirts Inches Shorter Since Revolt
  • Magic Is Built Into Post-War Refrigerators: The main section will be better arranged, affording more room for tall bottles and for bulky items such as watermelons. Shelves will slide out and be easier to clean.
  • Tribune Sending Kin's Notes to ‘Hidden Valley’: Ever since they fell into the distant “Shngri-la,” an isolated area inhabited previously only by spear throwing natives, the survivors have been awaiting rescue.
  • London: Offer of More Self-Rule Wins Backing in India
  • Cubs Drop Two; Sox Defeat indians, 4-3
  • Summer Heat, Old Age Doom 135,000 Chicago Auto Tires
  • Birthdays: Billy Williams (Chicago Cubs star; 7 years old), Sam Giancana (37)


June 16

Got up at 9:30, combed out my hair and washed it again. (Too red.)

Jim came over with his bike and hung around, then I rode him home.

Later in the evening he called and asked me to go to the show tomorrow night. (Just the two of us.)

Later on, Sis, Sunny and I had a Coke in Parnell and came straight home. Went to bed quite early.”

Sis comments:

Dot liked to use a red rinse for highlights but I guess she got carried away this time. I got a kick out of her having to rinse it out.

One time, she made a rinse from oranges. She thought it would give her hair an orange-red tone. She never found out though, because she had too much pulp in her hair and had to rinse that out, too. She forgot to strain the orange!”

Today's news:

  • Battle on Okinawa Ending; Yanks Tearing Last Japanese Line to Pieces
  • Russia Starts New Dispute at San Francisco Conference
  • Reds and West Will Get Along Well, Ike Says
  • Ike Backs Plan for Universal Army Training
  • Cubs Win 2
  • Birthdays: novelist Joyce Carol Oates (7), Stan Laurel (55).


The Tivoli theatre lobby; Jim and Dot saw Music for Millions, with Jimmy Durante and Margaret O'Brien, and Between Two Women, with Van Johnson.

June 17

Today it was terribly warm outside but I went bike riding for awhile.

Dressed at 6:00 and Jim came for me at 7:30. Boy, he looked sharp. We walked to the Southtown but then decided to go to the Tivoli. Waited for a half-hour and then got in and saw Music for Millions and Between Two Women. Jim and I sat together under the balcony.

After the show, we took an L home and got off at Halsted. Stood in front of the house. But why oh why does he hesitate about kissing?”

Sis comments:

The Tivoli was a beautiful theatre but a little too far east for us to go to that often. As Dot wrote, they had to take an L home; no walking.”


  • Dot and Jim were walking to the Southtown to see Practically Yours and This Man's Navy, before deciding to go to the Tivoli at 63rd St. and Cottage Grove Ave.
  • The forecasted high temperature for today was 74.

Music for Millions

Between Two Women

Today's news:

  • Military Heads Urge Universal Draft in Peace; Call It Best Protection Against Attack
  • Japanese Cities Face Hard Blows from Bombers
  • Gains in Burma Set Stage for Singapore Push; British Position Greatly Improved
  • Polynesian Takes Preakness at 12 to 1
  • Detroit Tigers Gain 2-1/2 Game Grip on First Place; Cubs Idle, Play Double Header with Reds Today
  • Detroit: George Romney, managing director of the automotive council for war production, said production of new automobiles on a limited basis “will mean little or nothing to the average individual not engaged in an esssential occupation.”
  • Fathers Day Will Have Special Meaning This Year to Fighting Dads
  • Birthdays: Barry Manilow (2), Igor Stravinsky (53)

Dot with “her boy” Jim

June 18

Started school at 10:00 a.m. today. Got out at 2:15. In the evening, Ginny and I went bike riding to 38th & California [Ave.].

On our way home we met two fellows on 55th & Western. They rode with us home. The guy I met was Jim. Went to Lindbloom, a senior. Not bad, but not like my own little Jimmy. Or should I set my claim? Hmmm... wouldn't mind that at all. He's my boy, yes sir.”

Sis comments:

Why did Ginny and Dot ride their bikes all the way to 38th & California? The only one person who lived around there was Bob K., and she probably wouldn't be visiting him. Of course, my aunt Ag & uncle Joe lived there too, but that's asking to bump into him. Dot did have a crush on Bob's brother, Tom. So who knows?? But that's an awful long ride from 61st & Normal, and a lot of busy streets.”


  • It's about six miles from Dot's house to 38th & California. Quite a distance, considering these were not modern, lightweight road bikes they were riding.
  • Lindblom High School is now Lindblom Math and Science Academy.

Today's news:

  • Burn Four More Jap[anese] Cities
  • Washington: Capital Plans Crowded Day for Gen. Ike
  • Japs Will Fight Hard to Hold On, Says Gen. Stilwell; Sees No Crack in Enemy's Morale
  • Cubs Win, 3-1; Sox Whip TIgers, 6-1 and 7-5
  • Birthdays: Paul McCartney and Roger Ebert (3)

Playing at the Stratford Theatre tonight

“Gen. Eisenhower, speaking at luncheon of 1,000 persons honoring him yesterday in Washington, D.C., flings his arms wide in a gesture symbolic of victory.” —Chicago Tribune


June 19

Dear Diary, classes were a half-hour long today. After school, Jim came over and we went to Parnell and rode on his bike. Came back and goofed around. He read a few of Larry's letters.

Jim went home at 6:15 and then came back at 7:30. He took Sis and I to the show (Stratford). He sat in the middle, and what a position we were in—like a jigsaw puzzle. He led Sis and I home and then we walked him home; teased him a great deal.”

Sis comments:

Jim must have been a glutton for punishment to want to read Larry's letters. I also can't figure why Dot would want him to. They were nice guys tho, to let the little sister come along on their date. Three's a crowd never bothered me!”


  • I'm assuming “Larry” was Larry Amato, the sailor who Dot recently was pursued by.
  • At the Stratford were the movies Strange Illusion and It's a Pleasure.

A 2015 review of 1945's Strange Illusion

A scene from It's a Pleasure

Today's news:

  • Nimitz Hints Okinawa Won
  • 400 GIs Drive Trucks on 3rd Day of Strike; More troops Being Brought to City
  • Hidden Valley Trio Begins Hike Toward Glider Pickup Site
  • Home Freezer to Be Popular Post-War Item
  • Birthdays: Lou Gehrig (42), Moe Howard (48)


63rd and Halsted streets

Sunny, Dot and Sis

June 20

Went to [Aunt] Ag's house for a paint brush. Cut 9th and 10th period. [Uncle] Joe talked with a southern accent and acted really nutty.

Came home and sat around and met Sunny on Halsted St. She came home with us. We were restless; visited 63rd and came home at 1:30. Met some guys along the way.”

Sis comments:

I can't understand why we would go to Aunt Ag's for a paint brush! Spending all that car fare money; we could almost buy a new one, you'd think.

Uncle Joe always acted "nutty" and silly at times, and we always got a kick out of him. Most of our uncles—and we had a ton of them—were friendly and lots of fun. We were lucky to get along so well with them.

I like how casually Dot writes that they "met some guys"! So what else is new?!”

Today's news:

  • Truman Flies Nonstop Across U.S.: [T]he first cross-country plane trip ever made by a President
  • Mosquito Nuisance Believed at Peak; Early Relief See
  • Only Invasion Will End War, Tokyo Insists
  • Hero's Canyon in N.Y. Honors Greatest—Ike; Millions Turn Out to See Nazis' Conqueror
  • See Little Hope Until 1946 for Refrigerators
  • Birthdays: Brian Wilson (3), director Terence Young (30), actor Errol Flynn (36)


Bob Plant (wearing t-shirt)

During the battle for Okinawa, the U.S. Navy lost 36 ships (the most in its history) and suffered damages to 200 more, largely at the hands of Japanese kamikaze pilots.

June 21

No school. Helped get Sunny dressed, and went down 63rd. Sunny played for graduation. Later on went to Parnell and then sat on the porch with Jim and Bob Plant. Then Sis and I walked Bob home. Went to bed at about 1:30. Teased Bob quite a bit.”

Sis comments:

Bob Plant was one of Jim's friends and we kidded him around because he worked on the garbage trucks and told us stories about his job. They chalked-up the rats they killed on the side of the truck, just like the pilots marked up the planes they downed on the sides of their aircraft.

Bob was one of the neatest guys we knew though, and sort of quiet. Dot never had a ‘thing’ for him, but I went out with Bob for awhile.”

Today's news:

  • Okinawa Japanese Toll 89,908; Yanks Mop Up Pockets
  • St. Louis Browns Storm Sox Dugout; Beat Up Pitcher, Ex-Marine
  • 50 Cents An Hour Pay Minimum Asked
  • Mayor [Kelly] Admits City Finances ‘In Bad Shape.’
  • Vacation Will Start [tomorrow] for 400,000 City School Pupils: Commencement exercises [are being held today] and pupils will return to the buildings Friday to turn in their books. An increase in the number of work permits and age certificates to enable minors to take jobs is expected at the school board offices. [...] More than 183,000 pupils already have been released from Catholic schools in the city.
  • Birthdays: actresses Judy Holliday and Jane Russell (24), Jean-Paul Sartre (40)


Today is the start of summer vacation: the last day of school at Englewood High.

Playing today at the Englewood theater: Experiment Perilous, and What a Blonde

June 22

Got out of school at 10:30. Came home and Sunny and I went on the roof. Got a letter from Larry.

Later in the eve., Sis and I went to the Englewood and saw Experiment Perilous and What a Blonde.

Met Sunny and went to Tasty's. 3 fellows followed us home and sat on the front porch with us. They were Martin Stalbeualer (German), Swede, and Bob. Had a car and were quite nice.”

Sis comments:

I have no recollection of those three guys. They sound nice tho, and a car, too!”

Trailer for Experiment Perilous, with Hedy Lamarr

Today's news:

  • U.S. Casualties on Okinawa 45,029
  • Meat Situation to Be Better, Truman Says
  • San Francisco: The world security conference tonight completed the charter of the new league of nations to enforce peace
  • 450 Super Forts Raid Jap Arsenal City and Plane Plants
  • Ike Returns; Joy in Kanssas is Unconfined; Colossal Welcome Due Today in Abilene
  • Summer Lives Up to Fine Name on Its First Day
  • Cubs Take 2nd Place; Whip Pirates, 5 to 4
  • Birthdays: Kris Kristofferson (9), Dianne Feinstein (12), Bill Blass (23), Billy Wilder and Anne Morrow Lindbergh (39), John Dillinger (42)


Johnny and Bobby

June 23

Saw Jim in the afternoon and then later in the evening, Sis and I went to Dell and Johnny's to watch Bobby and Johnny boy. They were both pretty good. Sat around and Johnny and Dell came home at 5:30 a.m. So, of course, we stayed all night.

Jim called; made a date for Sunday.”

Sis comments:

Dot and I made a lot of our spending money baby sitting, and our relatives liked the idea that there were two of us to watch their kids. Sometimes you needed two! Aunt Marge paid us, too, when we watched Whitey for any length of time. Otherwise, the shorter times were gratis. He was a pretty good kid too. It was nice to do the baby sitting in our own home and getting help from mom, too, sometimes.”


  • Aunt Marge and her son, Whitey, lived with Dot's family at this time while Marge's husband was serving in the military.

Today's news:

  • U.S. Seeks Mass Trial for Nazi War Criminals
  • Army to Free Some Doctors From Service
  • Glider Trials Delay Hidden Valley Rescue
  • Pope Meets Sinatra and Asks Question: Tenor or Baritone?
  • Peace Will Depend on U.S. and Russia, Greek Leader [Karayorghis] Says
  • It's Time to Get Those Panamas Out for Summer: With the summer heat about to be turned on, the many new panama straw hats are being brought out. From the prim little shallow brimmed sailors, saucily young and pert, to the dashing high crowned wide brimmed models ideal for wear with summer suits and with a one piece.
  • Post-War Stove to Have Many Gadgets: When the new, peace time cooking stoves appear, they will embody a number of features demanded by women the country over. [...] Automatic controls will turn off the heat when the food is baked or roasted [...] Most of the new stoves will be made to fit flush with the wall.
  • Birthdays: June Carter Cash (16), Bob Fosse (18)


Above: Moscow's Victory Parade, on June 24, 1945, commemorated the end of the Great Patriotic War. The parade was the first major Soviet event ever recorded on color film.

June 24

Got home at 2:00, put on my shorts, and fooled around. Dressed, and Jim came and we went to the Stratford and saw Having a Wonderful Crime and great stage show. Got out at 10:30 and came back to my house. Bob Plant came around too, so all of us sat on the steps and drank Freshie.

Jim practically had to be coaxed to kiss me. Sometimes I get so mad. Now he's rationing his kisses.”

Sis comments:

Could Freshie be Fresca, or wasn't that around in '45? [Fresca was introduced in 1963; see Notes, below —Dave]

What goes with Jim and the kissing? I remember Dot talking about him, and how he ran hot and cold, so to speak.”

A scene from Having Wonderful Crime


  • Regarding Freshie:

News of Food: A brand of dehydrated fruit juice, developed for distribution to the armed forces overseas, has recently been made available to civilians for the first time. Trade-named Freshie, it is put up by Sunway Fruit Products and provides a simple method of preparing a satisfactory, fresh-flavored beverage. Packaged in half-ounce cellophane envelopes, the product, which contains the equivalent of 60 per cent natural ripe fruit juice, resembles colored sugar in appearance. It comes in three flavors— orange, lemon and lime. When blended with sugar and water, the contents of one envelope provides ten drinks. [...] The product may be purchased at almost all grocery stores, including the A&P, for about 5 cents a package. —The New York Times, Aug. 22, 1944

Today's news:

  • 59 Japanese Planes Shot Down in Oknawa Raid; 8,000 More of Enemy Are Killed
  • Hirohito: Crisis is Unprecedented
  • Home Building Termed Leading Need of Nation
  • Beaches Open; Warn Bathers of Cold Water
  • Helicopter: Tomorrow's Air Taxi
  • 800 DOGS TO BE SHOWN TODAY IN SOLDIERS' FIELD: Chicagoland dog fanciers will have an opportunity to see more than 800 of the midwest's finest show and hunting dogs today when the 7th annual Skokie Valley Kennel club dog show is held in Soldiers' field. The judging will start at 9. —Chicago Sunday Tribune
  • 50 years old today: boxer Jack Dempsey.
  • The Cubs and Sox split double headers with the Cardinals and Indians, respectively.


The front steps and gangway of Dot and Sis' building at 61st St. & Normal Blvd. (present day); set of game pieces from a circa-1940 version of Monopoly.

June 25

Saw Jim this morning on his way home from summer school. Got a letter and a record from Larry.

Later in the eve., Jim came with his bike. So his sister, boyfriend Bill, and Jim and I went riding. Stopped for a banana split. Then went to Jim's house to play Monopoly. Jim's mom and dad are really swell. They were awfully sweet to me.

Jim walked me home and then Bob Plant came by, so we all sat on the front steps.”

Sis comments:

I guess Jim went to summer school; Dot never did.

Our front steps were a great place to sit, although nothing fancy. We had at least 6 steps leading to our front door and a wall on either side. So it was sort of closed-off, but we were able to watch all the cars and people go by. They couldn't see us until they walked right by. If we wanted to be out in the open, we would sit on the very bottom step.

We had a gangway next to the one wall. It was a main gathering place for a lot of friends. Private, but still in the open.”


  • The record Larry sent to Dot from overseas would probably be a recording of his voice, with (knowing Larry) a very romantic message for her. In those days, it was fairly common to create one by going to a drug or department store which had a recording booth (similar to photo booths). They were about the size of a 45-rpm record, one-sided, roughly a minute long, and could be mailed easily. Sis said that she and Dot would often go to 63rd and record themselves singing. Unfortunately, those records and Larry's have not survived.

Today's news:

  • Hint of Future Wars Told in 2 Words: Ram Jet: An aggressor army may be able to obliterate a whole city, at long distance, without losing a man, and without warning.
  • 3,000 Parade in Protest of Negro Banning: In protest against restrictive covenants barring Negroes from certain south side districts
  • MOSCOW SEES HITLER'S FLAGS TOSSED IN MUD: Red Army Best in World— Zhukov: Adolf Hitler's personal swastika flag was dragged over the cobblestones of Red square and hurled into a muddy gutter [on Sunday].
  • REDS DOMINATE NEW POLE RULE, EXILE CHARGES: The London Polish government charged today that the new Warsaw coalition is communist dominated and marks "one more step down the road to the complete liquidation of the independence of Poland."
  • Birthdays: Carly Simon (born today), George Orwell (42)



.Whelan Drugs—where Dot met Herb

June 26

Today, Jim came over and we sat around discussing the beach party. He said he was going, too.

Later in the evening, Sis and I were waiting at 63rd & Halsted, when 2 fellows came up and started talking to us. Sunny came, so they walked us home. We took 62nd home.

I was with Herb (a twin), and Sis was with Walter (‘Doots’). Herb is 5'11", dark, kind of waved hair. Very nice personality. 17 years old. Made a date for tomorrow.”

Sis comments:

Yes, this was the day Dot met Herb, and I can remember it well even today.

There was a [Whelan's] drugstore on the corner of 63rd & Halsted [map] where we'd usually wait for someone. Until now, I thought we were inside the store when Herb and Dutz (that was how Walter spelled it, but he pronounced it ‘Doots’) started talking to us. But then again we had no choice but to stand around, outside, and talk while waiting for Sunny.

Outside of your dad, of course, this was Dot's biggest romance, as I guess this diary will bear out.”


  • The beach party is planned for Thursday, June 28th.
  • The Whelan's Drugs location is now home to Kennedy-King College. Like most of the physical structures in the area, those that housed the theaters and other places mentioned in Dot's diary have disappeared over time.

Today's news:

  • Vote Final O.K. to [United Nations] Charter
  • B-29s in Record Raid Bomb Jap War Industries
  • Television Aid to Peace, NBC Executive Says
  • Cubs, [League-Leading] Dodgers Ready to Open 4 Game Series
  • Birthdays: actors Eleanor Parker (23) and Peter Lorre (41)


Hal Totten

Ogden Park, named for Chicago's first mayor, was created in 1905, extensively renovated in 1972 (fieldhouse) and in 1998 (assembly, playground, water park and carousel).

This week's newsreel as shown in theatres highlights President On Tour; Eisenhower Honored by Home Town; Jap Suicide Pilots Strike U.S. Carriers. (7-min.)

June 27

Didn't see Jimmy today. Saw Hal though, and he had a Russian brush.

Later on, Sis and I dressed and sat on the front steps. The boys came and then we went for a walk to Parker High School. Walked around the grounds, and finally went to meet Sunny.

Then the 5 of us went to Ogden Park at about 11:15. Had a ride on the swings and teeter-totter. Had 2 hot dogs and bottle of root beer. Herb walked us home. (Real nice.)”

Sis comments:

Can you imagine going to a park at 11:15 p.m.? I'll bet we didn't tell Mom about that! What innocents we were—or just plain stupid! Ogden Park was near 63rd & Racine Ave., I believe. Although it was a decent neighborhood, it wasn't as nice as our Englewood.”


  • “The boys” are Herb and Dutz (Walter), who Dot and Sis met yesterday.
  • Parker High School— at 68th & Normal Blvd.— closed in the 1970s. A new facility, Paul Robeson H.S., opened in 1977.
  • From Dot's, Ogden Park was about 1-1/2 miles west,at 65th St. and Racine; Parker H.S. about one mile south.

Today's news:

  • Truman Tells Powerful Nations They Must Uphold [United Nations] World Charter; Delegates Sign for 50 Countries in Day of Oratory and Ceremony
  • Japanese Talk of U.S. Invasin Near Home Isle
  • Hidden Valley Natives at War, So Rescue Lags
  • Plan to End Lake Pollution by Next Jan 1
  • HIT TUNES NICE, BUT THE GIs LIKE CLASSICS, TOO: Fighting men do not live by hit parade tunes alone. They go for symphonic works, too. Troops in battle areas [were asked] to send names of orchestra selections they would like to have included in a ‘Request of the Troops’ program.

A marine lieutenant in the Pacific wrote: ‘I am sure the opening notes of the ‘Eroica’ will make me remember that Iwo Jima is behind, and tomorrow ahead.’ ‘It's a joy to listen to music after so much noise,’ commented a second mate aboard an army transport in the Southwest Pacific.

  • The aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill is struck by a kamikaze plane, killing 373 [see video].


Chicago Surface Lines streetcar (the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) would not be formed until later in the year. (Image via chicagobus.org.)

Jackson Park: the beach house, beach, and the park in a satellite view. The walk between the streetcar and the beach was along the lower (south) portion of the park, along 63rd St.; the beach is at the lower right.

June 28

Today was the day of our beach party. The girls came to our house and left at 8:15. Got to the beach at 8:45 and met Herb, Doots and their boyfriends, Jim Carl, and Oaks. Had a gay old time. Then met Jim and we all sat around the sand.

Herb and I went for a swim and in the middle of the lake he kissed me, wet and all. Came out and went in the water with Jimmy. Sat around the sand singing, and Herb and I went for a walk on the rocks. Again I was kissed.

Going home, Jim sat with me, not saying a word. Herb walked me home.”

Sis comments:

We always had fun at our beach parties, or ‘weiner roasts’ as we usually called them. We had them at Jackson Park, but closer to the rocks. We took the 63rd St. streetcar to the end of the line at Stony Island Ave. Then we had a long walk through the park before we came to the beach.

When Dot said that Jim sat with her, I think it was on the streetcar, for Herb and his buddies didn't have a car then. Did Jim continue on after letting Dot and Herb off at their stop at Normal Ave.? Boy, he was one understanding guy! Maybe that was his downfall.”


  • More information about Jackson Park— site of the 1893 world's fair— here and here.
  • Today's high was 90 degrees-at 5 p.m.

Today's news:

  • U.S. Carrier Hit, 373 Die; Bunker Hill Survives Jap Suicide Attack; Flat Top Suffers 656 Casualties
  • Sets Up Higher Frequency for FM Broadcasts; 88-106 Megacycle Band Fixed by FCC
  • Ravinia ‘Music Under Stars’ Opens 10th Season Saturday
  • League Leading Dodgers Whip Cubs in 9th, 6-5
  • Birthday: Mel Brooks (19)
  • Marriage: Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and Frances Westerman (parents of actress Candice Bergen)


Herb and Dot

June 29

Jim called me up today and said he was mad last nite, because before he met us at the beach, he lost $18 in a crap game. He came over and talked to me, too. Made a date for Sunday.

Later in the eve., Herb and Doots came over, so we went for a walk to Parnell and then to Ogden Park. It was quite dark and Herb and I found a nice bench and wow-ie!! That guy has those Roman hands and Russian fingers. I had a firm grip on his wrists, but still, at times... He talks awfully frank (Ralph's type). Very complimentary.”

Sis comments:

I can't believe Jim said he was mad because he lost money in a crap game, and not that Dot & Herb were together at the beach party! I think showing a little jealousy on his part might have helped him in the romance department.

Night time at Ogden Park again! This was more or less Herb's territory, for most of his friends lived around there so he was familiar with the area.

‘Roman hands and Russian fingers’— oh, my gosh, I forgot that phrase, but it sure describes the situation so well and was used in a lot of girl talk.”

Today's news:

  • Japan Bombs Hospital Ship; Hit by Suicide Plane Off Okinawa
  • Burma Rail Line Kept on Time by Chicago Yanks
  • Clouds Defeat Hidden Valley Rescue Effort; Glider Snatch Waits on Good Weather
  • You'll Hop Atlantic by Rocket in 1970, Say Nazi Scientists; Most have expressed willingness to go to the United States or Britain and carry on there.
  • Kansas City: President Truman said tonight the United States must learn to live with the world as a whole and not by itself, and asserted America must lead the way to peace “or there will be no peace in the world.”
  • Records Prove Chicago Really Isn't Windy City; Usual Blow Gentle, but One Was 65 MPH.
  • A. T. & T. IS READY FOR RADIOPHONE SERVICE IN CARS: [The] company today announced it is ready to proceed with plans for a mobile two way radiotelephone service ... so that a subscriber may talk from an equipped vehicle to any telephone and may be called from any telephone.
  • B-29s Pour Fire on Four More Cities of Homeland: American planes sank or damaged 23 Japanese ships and from 450 to 500 Super Fortresses dropped 3,000 tons of fire bombs on four more Japanese cities Wednesday and Thursday, it was announced today. —Chicago Daily Tribune
  • Birthdays: Composer Bernard Herrmann (34), actor Nelson Eddy (44)


Englewood High School's Shop Building

Herb Martin

Dot and Herb went to the Roosevelt, at 110 N. State St., to see Nob Hill.

June 30

Today I sat around in the afternoon and then in the evening, Herb came for me and we met Helen and Oaks. Went to the Roosevelt. Came home, sat around.

Then Herb and I went for a walk and sat by Englewood Hi, the Shop Bldg. We were really going at it, but then things were getting too much for me. Talked about fellows a lot. Got in at 3:30. I was locked out. He's sort of rugged for me.”

Sis comments:

I have no idea who ‘Oaks’ was.

The Shop Bldg. [at Englewood H.S.] was another ‘Lovers Lane’, so to speak.

I don't understand what Dot means that they ‘talked about fellows a lot’. Old boyfriends?

When Dot talks about being locked-out, she of course was let in, but probably had to ring the doorbell and wake someone up. Didn't we have keys? I can't remember!”


  • The Roosevelt Theatre, at 110 North State St., was directly across from Marshall Field's. The site now is now a retail center that includes the AMC Dine-In movie theaters.

Today's news:

  • B-29s Raid Huge Jap Oil Refinery on Honshu Island
  • Take Venus De Milo Back to the Louvre After Hiding 5-1/2 Years
  • [Mayor] Kelly Proposes United Nations [Site] in Chicago
  • Glider Saves Yanks Marooned in Shangri-La Valley
  • WARN OF PLOT TO COMMUNIZE U.S. ARMY, NAVY - Infiltration Told by House Group: The house military affairs committee today warned that the Communists, as part of a planned ‘revolution’ in this country, are seeking by all available means to penetrate into the army and navy, the pillar of our democratic security. —Chicago Daily Tribune
  • Birthdays: actress Susan Hayward (28), Lena Horne (28)

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