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Parnell's (also referred to in the diaries as simply “Parnell”) was a small diner or restaurant at 528 W. 63rd Street. It was a regular gathering place for Dorothy and Louise and their friends, especially for their great Cherry Cokes, served from a fountain. It had four or five booths. A fellow named Jim was the owner. Jim once threw Dot, Sis and two of their friends out of the restaurant for lingering too long over only a couple of Cokes.

I have been unable to locate any information about Parnell's besides a listing in the 1945 Chicago telephone book (WEntworth 4903). It may have became the Green Lantern restaurant at a later date. The location is now occupied by townhomes.

Parnell's was about a half-block north of the L tracks (see photos) and just east of the railroad tracks (now used by the Metra commuter line) and the now-demolished train station, on the north side of 63rd Street. It was an easy three blocks' walk south from Dot's house.

Parnell's location. Dot's street—Normal Blvd.—is just to the east.

Parnell's was about a half-block to the north (or to the right in the photo above) of the elevated tracks.

Location of the Parnell restaurant, present day view (2017)

Townhomes now occupy the Parnell site
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