When Dot referred to “63rd”, she meant 63rd & Halsted Streets-the heart of the Englewood neighborhood.

Outside of Chicago's Loop, this was the busiest shopping district in the city. Anchored by a large Sears, hundreds of other retail stores, such as Morris B. Sachs, Kresge's and Whelan Drugs, were lined-up for blocks along both thoroughfares. Also scattered about were theatres like the Englewood, Stratford and Linden, as well as numerous restaurants including Dot's favorites: Parnell and the Minuet Grill.

In the late 1960s, the area had begun to experience a decline in revenue. Many businesses closed and structures demolished.

Despite attempts at revival with various well-intentioned “urban renewal” plans, 63rd & Halsted's status as a premier shopping destination faded away. Presently, with a new school leading the way, “63rd” appear to have turned a corner.

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