Previously during December, 1945, in Dot's Diary: A “wonderful year” ended on Dec. 31 for Dot, when Herb said “Honey, I love you so much.” But Herb will be joining the Navy in January, possibly at the direction of the court as a result of the streetcar incident and his arrest on Nov. 17, and Dot thinks she “will practically die.” Meanwhile, her future husband (and my father), Dave—newly returned to Chicago from Burma—is rooming with Chuck Fanning. Chuck is a friend of Dot's, but she's yet to meet Chuck's acquaintance. A great time was had by all at Christmas and, of course, on New Year's Eve. It was very cold, Dot said, but she was “too much in love to care about the weather.”

January 1946
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Helen's birthday party
St. Rose of Lima dance
A feast and a proposal
“Oh you rat!”
“Leave and lock up”
Goodman Theatre


Dot and Sis

Jan. 1

Happy New Year, and welcome to 1946!
(To read what happened on this very day in that year, go to Today's diary entry here

“Today was quite cold outside. Sis and I went to the Southtown and saw Duffy's Tavern (very good) and Dangerous Partners (crummy).

Came home, ate, and sat around. Herb called at 11:00 and asked me if he could come over and kiss me good night, and I said okay.

He came at 11:30 and we had a bottle of beer and had fun. He was very sweet to me as usual and said he wished that he didn't have to go home. He left at 12:10.


Sis” (my aunt Louise) passed away before she had the opportunity to read and comment upon her sister Dot's 1946 diary entries. I am very grateful to my aunt for sharing her memories with me, and permitting them to be shared on the pages of Dot's diary. Obviously, I can't take her place, as my memories don't go back much further than about 1955. But I will try to fill in some thoughts and details when I can. —Dot's son, Dave

A performance by Betty Hutton from Duffy's Tavern

Trailer for the “crummy” Dangerous Partners

Today's news:

  • 399,000 TO WATCH 13 BOWL GAMES TODAY - ALABAMA AND U. S. C. TO MEET FOR FIRST TIME: Alabama's undefeated, untied Crimson Tide will battle against the University of Southern California's Trojans tomorrow in the 32d renewal of the Rose bowl football game before an estimated crowd of 90,000.
  • Shoppers Glad to See Last of '45 Confusion: A backward look at the fashion parade in 1945 recalls that it was a year when the shoppers had more money than the stores had goods to sell them. It was a year of disappointment for designers, who had hoped to be freed from federal limitations.
  • Birthdays: Frank Langella (8), Rocky Graziano, J.D. Salinger, Carole Landis (27), Dana Andrews, Barry Goldwater (37), J. Edgar Hoover (51), Alfred Stieglitz (82)


Dot; Herb

Jan. 2

Herb called and I asked him if he wanted to come over tonight. He said most emphatically Yes.

He came at 7:30 and looked real cute— extra cute. We played Call Rummy and Five-Card Stud Poker. Then we ate some sandwiches and drank tea.

Herb and I planned our marriage and how wonderfully happy we're going to be. We love each other so very much, but won't get married for two years. He left at 1:15.”


I was suprised to read that my mother played Stud Poker. Growing up, the card game of choice was Pinochle, and it was always the dads who played it.

Today's news:

  • AIRPORT 14 MILES FROM HEART OF LONDON OPENED - Plan 20 Minute Train Service to Capital: England's new $80,000,000 airport 14 miles from the heart of London was officially opened for civilian use today altho it will not be available for international air traffic until summer. The airport is at Heath Row, Middlesex.
  • CHILLED MOTORS GIVE HEADACHES TO '46 REVELERS: The biggest New Year's day headaches in Chicago were caused by cold motors and dead batteries. The briskly cold weather which chilled both late celebraters and automobiles with a low of 7 above zero. Bits of confetti fluttered on loop sidewalks yesterday ... the crowd consisted mostly of teen agers and bobby soxers who did hardly any damage and no street drinking.
  • Birthdays: Roger Miller (9), Dabney Coleman (13), Isaac Asimov (26), Sally Rand (42)


Sis, Sunny and Dot; Herb Martin and Miller; Hal Totten and Jim Parks

Jan. 3

Herb called up and I told him I was going out with Sis and Sunny tonight.

Sis & I met Sunny and Laverne Sheregan in Parnell, but Laverne went home right away. Met Hal and Jim in there, too.

Sunny, Sis and I went to Myrt & Henry's and ate, then went to the Englewood and stopped in Parnell again, and who should walk in but Herb, Dutz and Miller. Herb said he had been waiting around 63rd for me.

They walked us home and we had a glass of wine. I kissed Dutz (for the fun of it). Herb was keen. Washed my hair.”


There was no movie listing in the Tribune for the Englewood theatre, and I do not know who Laverne Sheregan was (this is when I really miss my aunt's recollections.) Myrt & Henry's wasn't Dot & friends most-frequented spot. They did go there ocassionally, but usually it was Parnell or Minuet.—D.

Englewood theater

Today's news:

  • Report A-Bombing of Japs Had Political, Not War Aim: Suspicion is mounting in congressional circles that the atomic bomb was loosed with terrifying impact on Hiroshima, Japan, last Aug. 6 for political rather than military purposes.
  • 62,411 VETERANS BACK TODAY ON 49 TRANSPORTS - Queen Mary to Land 11,000 in N. Y.: Led by the British liner Queen Mary, with more than 11,000 troops, a total of 62,411 service men on 49 transports are scheduled to arrive today at two east coast and six west coast ports.
  • SOAP WILL FACE COMPETITION OF NEW CLEANSERS - Synthetics Prove Better for Some Uses: Synthetic cleansing agents, first introduced to solve special industrial problems which could not be met by soap, are being manufactured in increasingly large quantities for both household and industrial use and are becoming a real competitor for soap.
  • 21 NAMED FOR HALL OF FAME FINAL BALLOTING: Not since 1942, when Rogers Hornsby was named ... has a player gained admittance to the select circle. It would appear that [Frank] Chance, the famous old time Chicago Cubs first baseman and manager, is the closest thing to a sure nominee. [Frank Chance entered the Hall in 1946. —D.]
  • Birthdays: Stephen Stills (1), Sergio Leone (17), George Martin (20), J. R. R. Tolkien (54)


Dot taped her Stratford theatre ticket stub to today's diary page.

Jan. 4

Got up about 11:30 and it was raining out. Herb called and kidded around. Sunny and I fooled around the house and then we went to Parnell and she went to work.

Herb called again and made a date for tonight. He came at 8:00 and we went to the Stratford and saw West of the Pecos and Detour. Very good.

It was real damp outside. Stopped in Parnell and I saw Don Moran, Herb Roberts and Dave.

Herb and I sat around the front room talking about us, marriage and children. We planned our whole lives and how much fun we would have together.”


I don't know for sure, but Sunny may still have been working at the Olympia movie theater, on Ashland Ave.; I don't have any information about Don Moran tho; While West of the Pecos is an unremarkable western, the low budget Detour is considered today as a classic example of film noir.

A scene from Detour

West of the Pecos (full movie)

Today's news:

  • DEMOCRATS PUT MULCAHY, DALEY AHEAD ON SLATE: In a three hour session in Mayor Kelly's office the Democratic state making committee yesterday was reported to have agreed upon a county ticket highlighted by Richard J. Daley for sheriff and Michael F. Mulcahy for county treasurer.
  • BLOCKED BY A FEW— TRUMAN - TELL CONGRESS TO PASS BILLS, PEOPLE URGED: In a half hour radio address tonight President Truman urged the people to turn the heat on congressmen to pass the legislation be considers necessary for the settlement of strikes, the achievement of full production [and] full employment.
  • KRAFT FILES SUIT TO SEE IF IT CAN MAKE BING SING - Report He Objects to ‘Selling Cheese’: Bing won't sing, so his radio sponsor is suing. John H. Kraft, president of the Kraft Food Products company, disclosed yesterday that his company has filed an action for a declaratory judgment and injunction against Harry Lillis (Bing) Crosby in state Supreme court
  • Birthdays: Helmut Jahn (6), Floyd Patterson (11), Sterling Holloway (40)


Viola; a Djer-Kiss compact; Herb Martin

Jan. 5

Got up at 2:00 and then went down 63rd and stopped in Parnell. Called up Herb and told him to pick me up at 7:15, and sure enough he did.

We were about the first to get to Helen's. I got Viola a Djer-Kiss* set for her birthday. The fellows didn't show up until 9:00. We danced, played a few games and ate.

Herb was really a good mixer, and I was sure glad of that. Doris M. was sort of catty tonight.

We left at 1:30 and Herb left my house at 2:45. What a guy.”

“Emerging in the early years of the 20th century, the French perfumer, Kerkoff, is best known for its fragrance Djer-Kiss and also for its extraordinarily colorful and evocative images of fairies in its advertising material. The fairy theme would eventually be captured in a unique vanity case decorated with an image of a boy and girl fairy kissing, tenderly—the epitome of the ‘Dear Kiss’, as ‘Djer-Kiss’ was pronounced.” More information and photos here.

Today's news:

  • WIND FROM FLORIDA BRINGS WARMTH AND FOGGINESS TO CITY [Note: The high today was 50 degrees.]
  • Shoppers Rush for First Crisp Straw Bonnets: There's more excitement about new hats than ever before. The first crisp straws, in black, navy, brown, and a good half dozen bright, high shades have started a stampede among the shoppers.
  • ALL-AMERICA TO OPEN PLAY WITH 8 TEAMS - BALTIMORE NOT READY - TO SIT OUT '46 SEASON: The All-America Football conference, as originally planned, will begin operations next fall with eight teams. This decision was reached last night [...] in the Blackstone hotel.
  • Birthdays: Diane Keaton (born today), Robert Duvall (15)


Richard Kustwin. While they were in Shields elementary school together, Richard inspired Dot to learn to play the accordion.

Jan. 6

Stayed in all afternoon. Later dressed and Herb called me up and asked me where I was going. I said I didn't know as yet, but I was going out with Sis & Sunny.

We met Sunny in Parnell and then went to St. Rose of Lima's dance on 48th & Ashland. Had a nice time. Danced with a guy named Bob and one Johnny. Saw R. Kustwin*, Lawrence K. and Laverne B.

Came home at 11:00 and who should I meet but Herb coming from my house. He was feeling good. He walked me home and kissed me good night.”

St. Rose of Lima was in the “Back of the (Stock) Yards” neighborhood.

A reader writes that St. Rose of Lima was located at 1546 W. 48th St.** (near Ashland Ave.), was built in 1881, and closed in June, 1990. According to photos however, it appears as tho it directly faced Ashland Ave., which is 1600 West.

Herb was “feeling good.” In other words, he'd been drinking again.

St. Rose of Lima

Today's news:

  • Palm, Sand and Sea - Outlook for Western Hemisphere Trips Brightens: Canada and Mexico, seemingly, will be two of the most prominent objectives. Larger and faster planes are being added to routes. Sand sailing has taken the place of auto racing at Daytona Beach [Florida].
  • NEW BATHROOMS WILL HAVE MORE STORAGE SPACE - Design Will Solve Big Family Problem: Bathrooms of tomorrow already show one trend which will have definite feminine appeal. They will have maximum storage space, exclusively their own. In the past this space has been scattered about in various cabinets. [...] In addition to the dual purpose bathroom, we will see the three passenger bathroom. Each fixture can have a door of its own and of course its own compartment, and while dad shaves, the children can tub and mother can dress.
  • Chez Paree Offers All-Star Revue Tomorrow Night: Tomorrow night is important on the night life calendar because of an all-star opening at the Chez Paree. Frances Faye, Henny Youngman, and Tommy Dix make up the triumvirate of entertainment being offered for a four week period.
  • GIVE GAME BACK TO PUBLIC, ASKS OWNER OF BEARS: George S. Halas, owner-coach of the Chicago Bears, will demand that the National Football league rules making body give the game back to the fans when it meets in New York Wednesday to consider 10 changes in the league playing code.
  • Birthdays: Syd Barrett (born today), Carl Sandburg (64)


The Southtown movie theatre

Jan. 7

Went back to school today. After school, Viola, Doris and Helen dropped in. Herb called twice and came over at 6:00. We went to the Southtown and saw Great John L. and What Next, Corporal Hargrove?.

Stopped in Parnell and saw Jim and Hal. We came back to my house and started arguing. Herb wanted to know why I didn't go to the Trianon when Jim wanted me to, etc. etc., because I never get a chance to go with him. I really got mad and was real hurt.

Before he left, we were in the hall and he took me in his arms and said, ‘Angel, I love you’, and I cried.......”

In previous comments during 1945, Dot's sister Louise noted that Hal didn't particularly trust Herb. As time goes on, I get the impression that Herb has two sides—a loving and affectionate, devoted one towards Dot, but then another one where he acts as tho he doesn't care at all what she does or who she sees.

The Great John L (full movie)

The trailer for What Next, Corporal Hargrove?

Today's news:

  • U. S. Gives Up Its Command Role in Asia - Americans Quit Southeast Asia: The United States today ended participatlion in the joint southeast Asia command, leaving operations in that political hot spot up to Britain.
  • AIRPORT NAME CONTEST WINS WARM ASSENT: The idea that Chicago citizens should participate in naming the city's new airport, suggested in THE TRIBUNE yesterday, won immediate [approval of] the commercial air lines.
  • Birthdays: Jann Wenner (born today), Hiroshima bombing survivor Sadako Sasaki (3), Butterfly McQueen (34)


63rd & Halsted Streets; Dot; Herb Martin and Miller; Dot's home and front steps; Dot's mom (Pauline)

Jan. 8

“Went down 63rd after school and then came home and put my slacks and a sweater on.

Herb called and I told him I was staying in tonight. Helen and Ginny called. Then Sunny, Sis and I went to Parnell. George Brelsford was in there (hubba-hubba).

Came home and Herb called and asked me to meet Miller and him in Parnell. It was sort of rainy outside. We fooled around and then the two of them walked me home.

We stood on the front porch saying good night, but Miller kept making me laugh and Herb kept saying what a good husband he'd make. As he was kissing me, I leaned on the doorbell and Mom came out.”

Today's news:

  • Makers Match Color Schemes in Furnishings: The home furnishings markets opened with such a bang yesterday that mounted police were needed to control the mobs of frenzied buyers storming the doors of the American Furniture Mart and the Merchandise Mart.

The [Carpet Manufacturers] Institute introduced nine so-called basic colors and their related tones. These hues will appear in furnishings for the American home in stores throughout the country. [...] Names of the basic colors are Cape Cod beige, Alamo tan, Shenandoah green, Prairie mauve, Adirondack burgundy, Great Lakes blue, Santa Fé cedar, Grand Canyon rose, and Great Smoky gray.

  • F.D.R.'s Town Not So Sure It Wants UNO: A note of discord today stirred the late President Roosevelt's neighbors over plans to make Hyde Park [NY] the permanent home of the united nations..
  • Industrial Use of Atomic Energy Forecast-After Research
  • “Victory” Leads in Tribune Airport Name Contest
  • Birthdays: Yvette Mimieux, Stephen Hawking (4), Graham Chapman (5), Shirley Bassey (9), Soupy Sales (10), Elvis Presley (11), Jose Ferrer (34)


Dot, and Herb Martin; Sis and Dot

Jan. 9

Didn't go to school today. Got up at 12:30 when Herb called. He didn't go to work and wanted to know if he and his brother and MacNerney could come over for dinner.

They brought about 2-1/2 lbs. of steak, potatoes, pie, lard, rolls, etc. We cooked it and really had a feast. Herb and I also had a long talk.

He wanted to get married before he goes into the Navy so that I could get the allotment and save it. Then we'd have money saved, in name only though.

But I said uh-uh.

Later, Sis and I went to the Stratford. There were a lot of flirts out. Then Herb, Miller and Dutz dropped in, and I sat on Herb's lap.”

The two movies Dot and Sis saw at the Stratford today were My Name Is Julia Ross, and Sunset in El Dorado.

Herb's brother is Pete, a twin. I don't think Dot's ever mentioned MacNerney before. I'm assuming he's one of Herb's friends.

That's a lot of steak. Were Sis and Dot's mom, dad and brother there for the feast? And, once again, Herb's talking marriage, and very seriously. I wish my mother had shared her thoughts about why she declined Herb's offer.

The trailer for My Name Is Julia Ross (full movie)

Sunset in El Dorado (full movie)

Today's news:

  • HAWAII BACKERS OF STATEHOOD DENY ‘JAP PERIL’ - Hyphenates Couldn't Rule, Congressmen Told: Backers of statehood for Hawaii denied today there was any danger of Japanese-Americans forming a bloc to control the political life of the Islands if Hawaii is admitted to the union as the 49th state. The possibility has been one of the chief arguments advanced by opponents.
  • Outlook Better for Most Food Items in 1946: Butter, sugar, pork, good grades of beef and veal— these are the foods expected to continue on the hard-to-find list this year. Canned fish probably won't satisfy the demand for it, either. But there'll be more of almost everything else, including more and richer ice cream.
  • AIRPORT NAMING BALLOTS SWEEP ‘CHICAGO’ TO TOP: Hundreds of letters flowed into The Tribune yesterday [for the] naming of Chicago's new airport on the site of the Douglas aircraft plant northwest of town near Park Ridge. ‘Chicago’ drew 30 per cent of the day's ballots, ‘Victory’ retained second place ... and ‘Kelly’ held third. Several proposed ‘Atomic Airport’. “I believe we all owe our lives to the atomic bomb [said one reader]— it ended the Pacific war and will help us in years to come.”
  • BOB FELLER SIGNS FOR MORE THAN $40,000; INDIAN HURLER ENTHUSES OVER BEST CONTRACT: Bob Feller, speedball king of the major leagues, announced an all-star roster of instructors for his ex-service men's baseball school today after signing “the best one year contract of his career” with the Cleveland Indians.
  • Birthdays: Jimmy Page (1), Vic Mizzy (30), Richard Nixon (33).


Helen Romanelli and Viola; Norman Jewelers, on Halsted St. at about 64th.; the receipt for the ID bracelet inscription. Dot saved this within her diary; Ginny (Virginia Merigold)

Jan. 10

Herb called at 2:00 and then Helen and Viola dropped in.

About 5:00 Herb and Pete came over and we dropped in Parnell for a Coke and then met Sunny on 63rd & Halsted. We went to Norman Jewelers and Herb had his I.D. bracelet inscribed to give to me.

Sunny and I went shopping and then to the doctor's on Normal. Later we went to Ginny's and saw her gown and she and Lorraine went to Parnell with us. Also met Sis in there. Dave and Earl were there too.

Came home at 11:00 and Herb called, and then called again at 11:45. We had a lot to talk about.”

Mr. Norman Kernis was the owner and founder of Norman Jewelers, 6355 S. Halsted Street. Mr. Kernis died in 1998. The business was being operated by his son at that time. However, the site and its surrounding area is now occupied by Kennedy King College. My mother saved the Norman Jewelers receipt, but unfortunately not the ID bracelet.

Today's news:

  • READERS VOTE FOR CHICAGO AS AIRPORT'S NAME: That designation for the city's new airport to be constructed northwest of the city on the site of the Douglas plant, near Park Ridge, led all the rest. Combinations containing the words Victory and Universal were next highest ... 49 voted to have Roosevelt in the name, 48 wanted Mayor Kelly's name or that of Colin Kelly, first air hero of the war, included, while 38 sought to have it named MacArthur airport. Another 34 wanted the late Gen. Patton's name.
  • CARRIER JET PLANE DEVELOPED BY NAVY FOR INTERCEPTOR USE: Designated the FD-1 “Phantom” ... its top speed exceeds 500 miles an hour [and] has a service ceiling of “well over seven miles”, the navy said.
  • Public Display of Lovemaking in Poor Taste: Give a quick thought about how it looks to be in love before you start displaying your amour in public! During the war years, being loving and loyal was the next thing in importance to buying war bonds. No one minded it when guys and gals held hands walking down the street [...] Everyone, young and old, conceded that it was best for the boys in uniform to “gather your roses, bud, while you may.”

Now that the war is over all the fellows and gals must become aware all over again of manners in public. Love on a park bench is no longer just a case of two young things who feel “that way” about each other; it's again a case of two young things who just have bad public manners.

Birthdays: Rod Stewart (1), Frank Sinatra Jr. (2), Johnnie Ray (19)


Dot; Helen Romanelli and Viola; Herb Martin and Dot


Jan. 11

After school I cleaned the house and put on my slacks.

At 2:30 and at about 6, Herb called and asked me if I wanted to go to the show tonight. I said sure, so I left my slacks on and put on a sweater. We went to the Southtown and saw House on 92nd Street and Hold That Blonde. Stopped in Parnell and in Minuet and then met Viola & Ray, and Helen & Vince.

Herb and I sat around the frontroom talking and fighting. He was acting so silly, then he asked me if there was anything I wanted to do, but was scared to. I said yes, and all evening he tried to figure it out.”

Scene from The House on 92nd Street

Hold That Blonde (full movie)

Today's news:

  • I'M FIGHTING NOW TO KEEP ARMIES OUT OF WORK - IKE: Gen. Eisenhower, chief of staff of the United States army, disclosed himself as an emissary of permanent world peace as he began his state visit to Canada today.
  • ‘JAZZ KING’ SEES ROSY FUTURE ON AIR FOR CHICAGO - Have to Fight for It, Says Paul Whiteman: Chicago has a great future in broadcasting— if it will fight for it. That's what Paul Whiteman said yesterday. Whiteman, who broadcast for several years from Chicago, recalled how many radio notables were developed here and said this development [can] continue.
  • WHITE SOX, CUBS HEAR MORE VETS ARE RETURNING: New strokes were added to the 1946 Chicago baseball picture yesterday with announcements from both the Cubs and White Sox that veterans had returned or are on their way to join the squads which soon will open training for another major league campaign.
  • Atomic Energy Use in Automobiles Deemed Improbable
  • Birthdays: Naomi Judd (born today), Rod Taylor (16)


Dot and Sunny; Sis; Morrison Hotel lounge; Miller

Jan. 12

Herb called and asked me if he could break our date tonight because a sailor boyfriend came in. I said sure.

Went down 63rd and bought a sweater. Came home and ironed and listened to the radio*.

Later, Herb called from the sailor's house and we talked for awhile. Then I went to meet Sunny and Sis, and we three all went to Parnell and had a Coke, and met Dave and Earl in there.

Came home and sat around. Miller called from the Morrison Hotel lounge at 1:30. He called again at 1:45 and I got sort of mad. Went to bed at 3:45.”


I wonder what Miller was calling to talk about. If I had to guess, I'd guess that he'd possibly had a drink or two.

*On the radio, Saturday, Jan. 12, 1946: The Life of Riley (“The Southern Colonel”); The Woody Herman Show; Truth or Consequences; National Barn Dance; Hit Parade

Today's news:

  • TO SPEND $1,650,000 ON WHITE HOUSE; Architect Gives Plans for Altering, Enlarging and Refurbishing Mansion: The exterior of the “President's House” will not be changed, but the east wing will be completed as projected [and] the west wing will also be enlarged and remodeled. Alterations to the mansion [include] modernization of the heating system, which now uses hot air, hot water, and high and low pressure steam dating from 1902.
  • 82nd AIRBORNE SET FOR PARADE TODAY - 13,000 to March Up 5th Ave. in Tribute to All Men of the Ground Forces: Forty five-ton tanks, lumbering tank-destroyers, 105-mm and 8-inch howitzers ... and an assortment of grim weapons will rattle the avenue's manhole covers. [...] A two-mile skytrain ... will fly over the paraders. It will be made up of 128 ships— forty-eight P-47 fighters hovering 500 feet above forty C-47 transports towing as many troop-carrying gliders, in true battle formation.
  • ATOMIC BOMB FILM SHOWN - Army Makes First Release of Complete Pictures at Air Show: A forty-minute showing of the first experimental blast set off in New Mexico, and aerial views of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasake, followed by close-ups of the devastation in the two Japanese cities, the film had been shown only to high military officials and members of Congress.
  • Judge Assails Wave of Crime in Englewood: Judge Lyle told business men he would soon hand Police Commissioner Prendergrast a report of murders, robbery, rapes, stabbings, and other crimes stemming from saloons on 63d st. between Wentworth av. and Halsted st.
  • Hit Parade #1 song this week: Symphony, by Freddy Martin.
  • Birthdays: Joe Frazier (2), Kreskin (mentalist; 11)


Dorothy taped the Jan. 13, 1946 Aries horoscope to today's page of her diary—the only time she did this during all of 1945 or '46. It reads, “Considerable strain may be noticed. Take duties calmly; don't become impatient, irritable. Attend church.”

Herb Martin

Jan. 13

Stayed in all afternoon doing homework. Herb called at 7:00 and asked me where I was going and I said no place so he said ‘Why not?’.

Well, that got me mad. I said I was going to go to the Viking Ballroom and he said ‘Wow, it's a good thing you've changed your mind cause us guys are going there’, and then he said ‘Well sorry, but I gotta go, so I'll call you tomorrow’, and I said ‘Don't bother’. He said ‘OK’, so I said ‘Oh you rat!’, and hung up.

Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw Too Young To Know. Met two guys who sat with us and got pretty friendly. Also met Earl and a few other guys. Lots of wolves out.

Herb called at 1:45 a.m. to apologize and he said ‘Oh, baby, I'm really sorry, so won't you please forgive me?’, and I said I guess so.

He was really sweet and kind of lovable and said ‘Honey, you know I couldn't be sore at you when I love you as much as I do’. He said ‘You do love me, don't you angel?’, and I said ‘Sure’, and that's all.

I wasn't too enthusiastic, but I was really bubbling over with delight deep down inside.”


Herb says and does a lot of things that he ends up having to apologize for, but Dot is always forgiving. True love? I think for my mother, it really may have been. I'm not so sure about Herb tho.

“Considerable strain may be noticed… don't become impatient, irritable.” I'm figuring that my mom took the words in the horoscope to heart as she coped with Herb on this day.

Dolores Moran sings Paper Moon from the movie Too Young To Know

Today's news:

  • Bank Building Drive-In Unit for Motorists: Construction of a “drive-in motor banking department” where customers may conduct ordinary banking transactions without leaving their cars is under way by the Central National bank in Chicago, 728 W. Roosevelt rd., C. F. Kuehnie, president, announced yesterday.
  • FINDS ATOMIC ENERGY A BIOLOGICAL DANGER TO POTENCY OF MEN: Dr. Kenneth Walker, author, asserted “radioactive forces have a profound influence on living tissues and more particularly on the cells responsible for continuation of the race. ... There cannot be the slightest doubt that the energies about to be let loose on the earth will be fraught with biological danger and that they are in need of careful study ... to protect the power of fatherhood.”
  • LA SALLE STREET STATION: WHERE TRAFFIC CRAWLS - It Has Its Good Points, and Several Bad Ones: Location is both an asset and a detriment to the La Salle st. station, which from the south side of Van Buren st. is the only railroad terminal actually reaching the border of the loop. It is one of the four south side stations for which consolidation and relocation [have been proposed].
  • Birthdays: Charles Nelson Reilly (15); Robert Stack (27); Kay Francis (41); Sophie Tucker (62)


Herb Martin and Miller; Dot; Sis; Hal Totten and Jim Parks


Jan. 14

Herb called at 7:00 and asked me if he could walk me to school. Pete M., Miller and Herb came and walked with me.

After school, Herb called and asked me if they could come over for awhile and I said okay. Herb was telling the guys how sarcastic I've been lately, but said he was still nuts about me. They then went to the Stratford*.

Sis and I went to Parnell and met Jim and Hal and they walked us home.

I got a sweet letter from Stan today; also one from Larry.”


*The Stratford was showing Too Young To Know (which Dot and Sis saw there yesterday), and Danny Boy, the story of a Boy Scout's dog that gets kidnapped.

Today's news:

  • Pan American to Start Flights to France Feb. 15
  • ZIONIST SCHOOL FOR 'TERRORISTS' OPENED IN N. Y. - Plan to Go to Palestine Legally or Otherwise: A militant Zionist organization is conducting what amounts to an officers' training school here for leadership of Palestinian terrorists, it was learned today. Ninety-eight teenage Jews, both men and women, already have been enrolled.
  • New Edition of Cookbook Is Available: Mexican Cookbook,” by Erna Fergusson, published by the University of New Mexico Press, is a new edition of a book which was out of print and came back by special demand. Many lovers of Mexican food want to know how to prepare it authentically in their own kitchens. [I have this cookbook in my collection. —D.]
  • GERMAN CRUISER PRINZ EUGEN SAILS FOR U.S. AS WAR PRIZE [Later in 1946, the Prinz Eugen was used as a target during atomic bomb tests. —D.]
  • Birthdays: Faye Dunaway (5), Julian Bond (6), Allen Toussaint (8), Andy Rooney (27), William Bendix (40), Hal Roach (54), Albert Schweitzer (71)


Sis and Dot; Dot and Herb; Dot

Jan. 15

Sis didn't go to work so we went down 63rd.

Herb called at 2 o'clock and at 5:30 he called again and asked me if he could come over tonight and I said okay so I put on my light blue sweater and he came at 7:30.

We played the piano and were playfully fighting and kidding around. Then we took a walk to Parnell and to his house and I met his Dad; a very swell guy in my opinion.

We came back to my house and teased each other about being in love. Had tea. Herb talked about our wedding.


This is the first time Dot has mentioned Herb's father, John James Martin.

Today's news:

  • ELECTRIC STRIKE ON TODAY! - RADIO, LIGHT BULB OUTPUT WILL BE HIT: Production of a major part of the nation's radios, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, toasters, light bulbs, and household electrical appliances was slated to halt early tomorrow morning when 200,000 CIO electrical workers in 16 states will go on strike.
  • CITY LAYS OUT ITS NEW AIRPORT OF 5,230 ACRES: Public Works Commissioner Hewitt took steps yesterday to speed establishment of Chicago's new airport by fixing the boundaries of the 5,230 acre tract northwest of the city on which long runways are to be constructed for transcontinental and transoceanic planes.
  • AMECHE BIDS FOR HUGE COLISEUM - Seeks Los Angeles Bowl for All-America: Film Actor Don Ameche, one of the principal owners of the Los Angeles [Rams] franchise in the new All-America [football] conference, indicated today that his club will try to get the use of the 103,000 sent Coliseum when the Coliseum commission meets tomorrow.
  • Boys Prefer the Feminine Look of Girls: Many a high school gal thinks of her special right to wear jeans and plaid shirts, flat shocs, and bulky jackets, as a kind of fifth freedom— freedom of clothes choice.
  • First of 57-Passenger TWA Constellation planes Come to Chicago
  • Birthdays: Margaret O'Brien (9), Martin Luther King Jr. (17), Lloyd Bridges (33), Edward Teller (38), Aristotle Onassis (40)


Dot worked on her photo album, shown above, all day today. Most of the pictures on these pages have come from her scrapbook or from her sister's.

Jan. 16

Didn't go to school today. Fixed my album all day and went down 63rd.

Herb called at 1:00 and said he was washing walls, and asked me if I was going out tonight. He called again and asked me what I was doing, and my hands were full of margarine.

Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw That Night With You and A Guy Could Change. Both were very good. Saw Herb but he didn't see me. Came home and sat around listening to the radio and then wrote Stan a letter.”

On the radio this evening:

The trailer for That Night With You

A Guy Could Change (full movie)

Today's news:

  • U. S. to Retain Pacific Isles, Truman Says: President Truman declared tonight that this government will keep any former Japanese mandated islands necessary for defense under the sole trusteeship of the United States as long as they are needed.
  • TWO WAY RADIO TAXI IS A HIT IN FIRST TEST - Service Cuts Cab's ‘Dead’ Mileage: The two way radio taxicab arrived in Chicago yesterday and made an instantaneous hit with drivers and potential customers. As the initial “fare” this reporter had a first hand chance to observe how the new radio service will cut “dead” mileage and wasteful back tracking.
  • CUBS TO GREET SPRING TODAY IN LAKE WORTH - Open Florida Camp for Service Vets: The Chicago Cubs' special baseball training camp for former service men will be augmented tomorrow with the arrival of four more players in Lake Worth, Fla.
  • White Shirt Outlook Made Black by OPA: The shortage of white shirts for men is slated to continue until office of price administration price ceilings are adjusted or removed, a survey among manufacturers here and in New York indicated yesterday.
  • Birthdays: writer Susan Sontag (13), Ethel Merman (38)


Herb Martin and Miller; Dot

Jan. 17

Came back to school today, and it wasn't too bad (considering).

Later, Herb called, and about 10:00 came over with Miller. We were sitting at the table in the kitchen and they were talking silly, so I said something and they said ‘We're not talking to you’. That started it.

Then Herb made me sit in the kitchen while he ridiculed me and made a damn fool of me. I was so mad that I cried and he said ‘That's one way of doing it’. Boy, that burned me.

Finally he let me go up at 2:00. I told him to leave and lock-up.


My mom might have been worried about returning to school after being absent for some time.

Herb, again, shows a mean side of himself, making my mother sit in her own kitchen while he talks about her with Miller in the other room.

Today's news:

  • U. S. SEEKS HALT IN MEAT STRIKE - SHORTAGE NEARS - Strike Cuts Meat Processing: With meat processing cut 75 per cent by a strike of 200,000 packing house workers thruout the nation, and present supplies already ebbing, hope of an early settlement of the strike focused on a meeting to be held in Washington, D. C., today by unions, packers, and labor [officials].
  • IRAN WILL ASK UNO TO HALT SOVIET TROOPS: The united nations organization ended its first week of existence tonight with little Iran knocking on the door and asking for protection from Russia. Iranian delegates said their plea would be formally presented tomorrow to UNO's security council. [The U.N.'s first-ever Security Council met on this day. —D.]
  • NEW AUTOS LACK WINDOWS, DUE TO GLASS STRIKE: Three major industries and dozens of lesser ones, with their stockpiles of flat glass for windows, mirrors, and the like near exhaustion, watched negotiations here to end a strike of 15,000 workers.
  • HAWKS TIE FOR LEAD BEAT CANADIENS, 2-1: Rallying around Goalie Mike Karakas who turned in the most spectacular exhibition of puck stopping on Forum ice this season, Chicago's Black Hawks gained out a 2 to 1 verdict over Montreal tonight, to climb into a first place tie with the Canadiens in the National Hockey League.
  • Birthdays: Françoise Hardy (2), Muhammad Ali (4), James Earl Jones (15)


Dot and Herb Martin

Jan. 18

“All day I thought about Herb and how mean he had been last night, and that I should call it quits cause there was no explanation for his actions.

Later, Sis and I went to the Linden and saw Home In Indiana and Moonlite in Havana.

Got home about 12:30 and Mom said Herb called four times. Just then the phone rang and he said he had been looking all over the Southtown, and then finally saw us walking home.

He said ‘Are you very mad?’ and I said ‘Yes’. But then —fool that I am, and as much in love as I am— things were square again.”


Herb certainly had a way about him for Dot to be so forgiving time and again.

Home In Indiana, with Jeanne Crain (full movie)

Allan Jones sings the title song from Moonlight In Havana

Today's news:

  • ROOSEVELT DIME: Washington, D.C.— The treasury announced today that the mint will begin making the Franklin D. Roosevelt dime tomorrow, with the new coin to be put into circulation Feb. 5. The coin will bear a portrait of the late President on one side. On the other will appear the torch of liberty with the olive branch of peace on its left and an oak branch of strength and independence on the right.
  • ALDERMEN BURN AS CITY STREET LIGHTS GO OUT: Members of a city council subcommittee on street lighting ruled yesterday that dark streets were not to be taken lightly and recommended that the department of streets and electricity, headed by Lloyd M. Johnson, take whatever steps are necessary to brighten up the situation.
  • Striking Coats of Hip Length Herald Spring: Short coats, suggestive of spring, foretell a successful future for hip length models after weeks of long, bulky winter coats. These spring coats promise a lot, not only in brevity but also in pattern.
  • Colorado Is Planning to Have an Ike's Peak
  • Birthdays: Bob (“Bozo”) Bell (26), Danny Kaye (33), Cary Grant (42), Oliver Hardy (54).


Sunny, Dot and Sis; Stan Jennings

Jan. 19

“Went down 63rd and bought a new cap sleeve black dress.

In the evening, put it on, and George, Dot, and Eddie Urbanski came over. Then Herb came for a few minutes before going to a wedding.

Sis and I went to Parnell. Met Dave and Hal in there so they sat with us. Met Sunny, came home and fooled around trying on dresses and wrote Stan a letter. We all had a hand in it.

Herb called again at 1:00 and talked a few minutes. We ate and went to bed at about 3:45. Listened to Night Watch.


  • George and Dot are Dorothy's uncle and aunt.
  • Night Watch was on the air from midnight until 5:30 a.m., on Chicago radio station WIND, 560 AM.
  • A former radio station owner informed me that in 1946 WIND had its studios on the fifth floor of the Wrigley Building and was known for playing the current hits:

“Night Watch was an overnight disk jockey show. There was news on the hour and half hour. In January of 1946 they might have played Bing Crosby - I Can't Begin to Tell You; Vaughn Monroe - Let it Snow, Let it Snow; Freddy Martin - Symphony; Frank Sinatra - Nancy with the Laughing Face. Every morning, following the 2am news, WIND played The Whiffenpoof Song. They had a collection of over 100 artists performing this song.”

Today's news:

  • PROBE OF 63rd ST. TAVERNS VOWED AFTER SLAYING: Police Commissioner Prendergast yesterday promised an immediate investigation of taverns in the 63d st. area, where a [19-year-old] sailor, who was sentenced to 40 years in prison on a murder charge, testified he had been served drinks. Mayor Kelly's office announced yesterday that the licenses of six taverns had been revoked.
  • $150,000 FIRE DRAWS 10,000, HALTS TRAFFIC: Fire of undetermined origin yesterday swept thru the four story brick building of the L. Fish Furniture company at 3036 Lincoln av., at the intersection of Lincoln and Greenview avs., one of the busiest on the north side. [...] Street cars along the busy Lincoln av. line were backed up for blocks. Firemen, carrying high pressure hoses, swayed dizzily from a tower thrust up before the building as they played streams of water into the blazing interior.
  • CITY LEAST HIT, BUT PROSPECT OF MEAT IS LEAN - Cattle Receipts Increase Despite Strike: Meat will be on most Chicago tables this week-end, but there will be a severe shortage next week if the strike of packing house workers continues, Chicago meat dealers predicted yesterday.
  • FINEST MEDICAL CARE SEEN FOR VETS IN A YEAR - Housecleaning Is Slow, Gen. Bradley Says: Veterans hospitals, under constant criticism for the last several months, have undergone actually very few sweeping changes, but the public was asked today to remember that the hospital housecleaning is a job that cannot be done overdone.
  • Birthdays: Dolly Parton (born today), Janis Joplin (3), Tippi Hedrin (16)


Hal Totten and Jim Parks, Herb Martin and Miller; Dot; Dot's accordion

Jan. 20

Stayed in all day and did homework.

In the evening, put on my black dress and Jim and Hal dropped in, stayed about an hour and went. Then Herb called and said he'd be over with Miller. Hal and Jim came back and asked me to go to the show with them. I said no, cause Herb was coming over. So they took off their coats and stayed.

Herb and Jim kept throwing remarks back and forth. They were playing my accordion and piano rolls. Jim and Hal left, so Herb and Miller were there.

I was very affectionate to Herb and can't understand it all.”

Today's news:

  • BIG STEEL TIEUP UNDER WAY - 55,000 ALREADY OFF JOB - MILL FURNACES BANKED: The greatest shutdown in the history of the steel industry was under way tonight.
  • CHARGES 7 REDS PREY ON DIESEL PLANT STRIKERS - Sullivan Says Radicals Incite Trouble: T. P. Sullivan, Illinois director of public safety, charged yesterday that seven Communist party members are preying upon the United Automobile Workers of the CIO.
  • ATOM SCIENTIST GETS 1945 HONOR OF CHICAGO J.A.C: Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, 5418 Woodlawn av., co-discoverer of plutonium, used in producing the atomic bomb, and elements 95 and 96, recently was named the outstanding young man of Chicago for 1945 by the Chicago Junior Association of Commerce. [Seaborg went on to write 50 books and win the 1951 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.]
  • Birthdays: director David Lynch (born today), actress Patricia Neal (20), comedian George Burns (50)


Dot, in front of her home, near the corner of 61st and Normal Blvd.; a 2018 view of the same location; Dot; Dot and Herb Martin


Jan. 21

Herb called at 12:30 and then he and Miller came over in the afternoon. I had a sloppy sweater and slacks on and my hair put up. Gads.

They left and then Herb came again at 6:45 and we went to the Southtown to see Kiss and Tell (tops), and Pardon My Past (**).

Stopped in Parnell for a hot chocolate. Came home and fooled around.

Herb's going down for his physical tomorrow so he had to leave earlier tonight. But his kisses were by no means hasty. His kisses seem to tell a story. Sounds silly, but...”

Kiss and Tell, starring Shirley Temple (full movie)

The Lux Radio Theater production of Pardon My Past, with Fred MacMurray

Today's news:

  • GEN. DE GAULLE QUITS IN NEW FRENCH CRISIS - Row with Leftists Is Blamed: The lid was blown off of France's long simmering political crisis this afternoon by the unforeseen resignation of Gen. De Gaulle.
  • Duke Ellington May Be Art, but They Like Him: There is no success apparently like that of a popular jazzmaster. Duke Ellington and his band packed the Civic Opera house from orchestra pit to ceiling yesterday afternoon and evening, and at least 1,000 disappointed would be customers were turned away from the box office. Who among long haired musicians, save possibly Horowitz or Toscanini, could equal that?

Within the definite framework of a limited musical style, Ellington's music moves with something of the freedom and ingenuity that was Bach's when he wrote a fugue, or Chopin's in a prelude. On its own ground ... you have the best and, in our inexpert opinion, unequaled jazz.

  • CHANDLER TELLS OF AID TO NEGRO BALL LEAGUES: Baseball Commissioner A. B. [Happy] Chandler said today Negro baseball league officials had conferred with him, President Will Harridge of the American league, and President Ford Frick of the National league concerning reorganization.
  • Birthdays: Placido Domingo (5), Benny Hill (22).


Sis and Dot; Herb Martin

Jan. 22

Herb called at 5:00 and told me he passed his physical and that he had to report to get sworn in within 30 days.

Met Sis in Parnell with Herb, and then Herb and I came back home and played cards and listened to the radio for awhile. Then we both sat on the hassock. Had a swell time, as usual. We never seem to get tired of each other altho we see each other far too often.”

On the radio this evening: Fibber McGee and Molly (episode: “Pioneer Day”. Listen to entire program here), Bob Hope, Lum n' Abner, Amos n' Andy, and A Date With Judy.

Today's news:

  • FIGHTS INFLATION; MAPS LIVING GAINS: President Truman, reporting to Congress on the State of the Union, rededicated his Administration today to a steadily rising standard of living for all Americans. He concluded with a warning against the “voices of disunity” which the demands of a great national emergency had silenced or subdued for a time but which were still with us and now beginning “to cry aloud again.”
  • STRIKERS CALL 160,000 OUT IN CHICAGO AREA - 3 Basic Industries Close Plants: Strikes in the Chicago area kept almost 160,000 workers from their jobs yesterday and threatened to affect workers of industries allied with steel production, meat packing, machinery, equipment, and tractors.
  • HUGHES SOLD BY CUBS - SOX GET TWO SENATORS - Carrasquel, Vaughn Come to Chicago: The White Sox acquired Pitcher Alex Carrasquel and Infielder Fred Vaughn from the Washington Senators and the Cubs [traded] Roy Hughes, their world series shortstop. [Carrasquel, the first Venezuelan to play in the majors, ultimately rejected this deal and fled to play in Mexico. —D.]
  • TELEPHONE SERVICE FOR AUTOS COMING; New FM Device Will Enable Motorist to Talk to His Home or to Another Car: The development of a telephonic service that will make it possible for a motorist on the way to his office to dial his home telephone or talk to a friend in another car was announced yesterday at the opening of the five-day winter convention of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
  • On this day: The Central Intelligence Group, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is created.
  • Birthdays: Sam Cooke (15), D.W. Griffith (71)


Dot in lounging pajamas, in the “front room” (living room); Herb Martin and Miller

Jan. 23

“After school I cleaned the house. About 6:30, I washed my hair and put on my lounging pajamas and put my hair upswept. Then Herb and Miller dropped in for awhile. Had a lot of fun. Between the two of them I was teased to death. Miller kept teasing Herb and I about a few things— mainly about us getting married.”

Today's news:

  • Truman Creates a New Authority To Handle Foreign Intelligence; Gathering and Dissemination Put Under Secretaries of State, War and Navy With a Central Director as Coordinator: President Truman established by directive today a National Intelligence Authority, composed of the Secretaries of State, War and Navy with a Director of General Intelligence, as yet unnamed, to coordinate and function as a clearing house for all Federal foreign intelligence activities. [This authority eventually became the C.I.A. —D.]
  • TASS UPBRAIDS U.S. ON KOREAN EVENTS; Says Toleration of Protests on Trusteeship Is Not Friendly to Soviets: A dispatch of the Soviet news agency Tass published here today accused the United States military command in southern Korea of permitting anti-Soviet propaganda and inspiring protests against the decisions of [...] Moscow.
  • WIDE USE OF RADAR SEEN IN PEACETIME; Electrical Engineers, Telling of Its Spectacular War Service, Stress It as Safety Device: The spectacular achievements of radar in helping to win the war and some of its expected peacetime uses to eliminate aviation and marine hazards were the subject of yesterday's sessions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
  • Birthdays: Django Reinhardt (36), Leadbelly (58).


Dot and Sunny; the Empress theater; Herb Martin and Dot

Jan. 24

Herb called and then Sunny called and I met her in Parnell. Sis and Sunny went to 63rd.

Herb came over and we went to the Empress and saw Fatal Witness and Corvette K-225, and Border Vigilantes. On the way, stopped in a dive for a hamburger and some guy started to talk to me.

Then we left and ate at my house. I sat on his lap in the frontroom and he kept kissing me and telling me how wonderful I was. He left at 2:15.”

Today's news:

  • Navy Picks 8 U.S. Warships For Battle Fleet in Atom Test - Prinz Eugen Arrives in Boston: The battleships New York, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Nevada will be used as “guinea pigs” in the Navy's forthcoming atomic bomb tests on warships, informed Navy sources revealed tonight.
  • CHARGES REDS SCHEME TO HAVE A PAL RUN FBI - Legislator Says They Seek to Oust Hoover: Rep. Bradley [R., Mich.] charged in the house today that Communists and their fellow travelers in the administration are seeking to oust J. Edgar Hoover as director of the federal bureau of investigation.
  • NBC IN TELEVISION PLEA; Asking Washington Permit, It Says It Would Spend Millions: NBC [has] developed “elaborate plans for establishing a network service first on the east coast from Washington to Boston, later service to the Midwest and then to the Pacific coast, finally linking the east and west coasts.” The company [has] “approached” both the Washington Redskins and the Senators in efforts to determine whether programming of their local games would be possible.
  • RAMS LIST 6 GAMES IN COAST COLISEUM; Transplanted Cleveland Club Will Get a 3-Year Contract on Los Angeles Gridiron: The six opponents who will meet the Los Angeles Rams in their new home-to-be, Memorial Coliseum, next fall are the Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Birthdays: Neil Diamond (5), Ernest Borgnine (29), Jack Brickhouse (30)


The Stratford theater; Sis; Dot and Sis

Jan. 25

“Cleaned my house and then met Sis. We went to the Stratford and saw (again) What Next, Corporal Hargrove? and The Great John L.

Before the show, we had a hamburger at Myrt & Henry's, and then after the show had a piece of pie at Minuet's. Got home at 12. Went to bed at 2:00.”


  • As Dot notes, she (and Herb) saw the same two movies at the Southtown on Monday, Jan. 7th.
  • Sis may have been working at a job after school during this time.

Today's news:

  • STEEL STRIKE IS CAUSE - MEAT SEIZURE ORDERED - Packing Employes Put on Current Wage Level: President Truman yesterday formally ordered government seizure and operation of 134 strike bound meat packing plants in the nation effective at 12:01 a. m. tomorrow. The plants are owned by 19 meat packing firms.
  • Ford to Lay off 40,000 Workers - 15,000 Go Tonight - Full Shutdown Threatened: Many thousands of workers in the automobile industry learned today that they are about to be laid off their jobs because of the great CIO steel strike.
  • TRUMAN RIPS INDUSTRY AND UNIONS ALIKE: Aroused by the industrial strife which has vexed his administration for more than two months, President Truman today scolded both management and labor for promoting national unrest in their struggle for power.
  • U. S. RADAR REACHES MOON! - Rays Flash Back to Earth in 2 1/2 Seconds: The war department announced tonight that signal corps scientists had made radar contact with the moon in an experiment.
  • Birthdays: Antonio Carlos Jobim (19), W. Somerset Maugham (72)


Top: Dot and Sunny

In her diary, Dot saved her program for the play she saw tonight at the Goodman Theatre: Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit.

Until 2000, when the Goodman moved to Randolph and Dearborn, the theatre was located on Monroe St. near Columbus Drive, adjacent to the Art Institute.

Ticket prices for the Goodman's “Members Series” are shown in the program as $1.20 —40 cents for Art Institute members.

Jan. 26

“Went down 63rd then stopped in Parnell. Met Sunny at 55th & Garfield [Blvd.] and went to the Senior Play at the Goodman Theatre: Blithe Spirit, real good.

Stopped in Walgreen's cafeteria and got some hot dogs with Helen, Sis and Sunny. Got home at 2:00 and boy, was it ever cold outside.”

Today's news:
  • CIO Balks as U. S. Takes Over Meat Plants - Union Source Tells Chrysler Offer of 18-1/2 Cent Raise: The first break in the pay fight between the automobile industry's “big three” and the CIO United Automobile Workers was indicated tonight in reports originating in Washington, D. C., that the Chrysler corporation had offered a wage increase of 18-1/2 cents an hour.
  • ARMY UNVEILS A FIGHTER WITH POWER OF A B-29 - Jet Plane Can Go 500 Miles an Hour: The XP-81, described as the world's most powerful, high speed long range fighter, has been completed by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft corporation and is undergoing flight tests, the company announced today. [The XP-81 was later cancelled and used as a target on bombing ranges. —D.]
  • EXPERT THINKS WE MAY TALK TO OTHER WORLDS - Radar Might Reveal Life Elsewhere: Mankind's success in establishing radar contact with the moon was described tonight as an “opening step” toward solving the age old question whether human life exists elsewhere than on earth. This is the view of Maj. Gen. Harold McClelland of the air forces. H.E. Burton, principal astronomer of the U.S. naval observatory, pointed out the conjectures have been made that life exists on the planets Mars and Venus.
  • Birthdays: Gene Siskel (born today), Paul Newman (21), Douglas MacArthur (66).


Herb Martin and Miller; Bob Plant (in t-shirt) and Herb; Helen Romanelli; Virginia (Ginny) Merigold

Jan. 27

About 5:00, Herb and Miller came over and we fooled around. Then Sis went to Viking's Ballroom with Helen, and I was left alone with them.

Herb told me about a party he went to last night and how wonderful some of the girls had been, etc. I was kind of sore, so I started acting real silly and sarcastic.

Herb, Miller and I went to Parnell and met Bob and Ginny. Came back home and I kept it up. They started going home. Herb practically ran out, so I called him back and he kissed me good nite.”


Herb again shows this uncaring side of himself. I would think this attitude he ocassionally displays would be having a cumulative effect on my mom.

Today's news:

  • BREAK IN DEADLOCK; Ford Rise Is 18 Cents, or 15.1% - FORD SOLVES WAGE PROBLEM, FACES ONE OF PRODUCTION: The Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation came to terms with the United Automobile Workers, CIO, today.
  • Hope for Our Disabled Millions; They can be rehabilitated, says a physician, if we apply methods used in restoring handicapped veterans: It is paradoxical that out of the destruction and suffering of war may come opportunity and hope for millions. Today public attention is focused on the young men of America who are returning from the war disabled and handicapped.
  • NEW INSECTICIDES; DDT in Several Forms and Some Other Chemicals Are Coming Into Use: Many new pest-destroying products are appearing on shelves of horticultural supply stores. Many more will appear in spring, when gardening really gets under way.
  • The Fat Man” Joins the Ranks of Radio Sleuths: Dashiell Hammett's newest detective character is now heard at 8:30 p.m. Mondays on the American [Broadcasting Company]. He is played by J. Scott Smart [with] Eric Dressler in the supporting cast.
  • Birthdays: Donna Reed (25), Skitch Henderson (28).


Dot and Herb Martin

Jan. 28

“I called up Herb after school and then he came over while Helen was over. Herb and I went for a walk down 63rd & Halsted. Came home and had some coffee and cake. He went home for supper and then came back at 7:30.

We went to the Stratford and saw Dakota and Face of Marble (fair). Stopped in Parnell and then came home and had some coffee. Herb was telling me that if he wasn't going into the Navy, he'd want us to get married right away.”

Back in December, Dot had written that Herb was going into the Navy on Jan. 10. She doesn't follow up to explain what happened to change the date.

Dakota, starring John Wayne (full movie)

Today's news:

  • CITY'S GROWTH DEPENDENT ON RAIL SERVICES - Trains to Suburbs Vary in Quality: Chicago's railroads provide some of the best suburban service in the United States and, at the same time, some examples of inadequate and deteriorating service which, if continued, will hamper the peace time development of the metropolitan area, a survey showed yesterday.
  • House Hunting Now Favorite Winter Sport: The usual spring exodus into new homes has been abandoned this year; instead families are moving whenever and wherever they find an opportunity.
  • HAWKS BEATS BRUINS, 4 TO 1 - REGAIN LEAD - HAMILL SPURS OFFENSE WITH 2 LONG GOALS: The Blackhawks' absence from first place in the National Hockey league proved a matter of only 23 hours. Last night before 18,094 in Chicago Stadium they regained their eminence by administering a 4 to 1 lashing to the team that supplanted them Saturday night, the Boston Bruins.
  • Birthdays: Alan Alda (10), director Ernst Lubitsch (54)


Helen Romanelli; Herb Martin; Dot

Jan. 29

Helen dropped in after school, and then Sis, Helen and I went to Parnell. Later, Sis and I went to the Linden and saw Harvest Melody and Play Girl. (Good.)

Stopped in Parnell, and then I got home and put on my pajamas. Herb called and then came over for awhile just to say goodnight.

Darn it all, I really wish we were married. We're so much in love and every day it just gets worse and worse when he has to go home.”

In Harvest Melody, a singing star travels to farm country for a publicity stunt, but decides to stay. Songs include: You Could Have Knocked Me Over With a Feather, and Let's Drive Out to the Drive-In.

Dot “really wishing” she and Herb were married. I'm pretty sure they would have been had my mom only said the word. Something held her back.

Harvest Melody (1943), starring Rosemary Lane (full movie)

A preview clip from Play Girl (1941), starring Kay Francis

Today's news:

  • MEAT STRIKERS BACK - 200,000 LOSE 15 MILLION: Two hundred thousand packing house workers went back to work yesterday after suffering an estimated 10 day loss of more than 15 million dollars in wages in their strike. Fifty thousand of returned strikers face an estimated additional loss of almost 1 1/2 million dollars.
  • STOCK PRICES SURGE TO NEW 15 YEAR PEAK - Labor News Spurs Inflation Thoughts: The stock market today climbed to the highest level since 1931 on the largest volume since May 21, 1940, as buyers placed a bullish interpretation on the Ford and Chrysler wage agreements and predictions of quick settlement of the steel strike.
  • URGES EXHAUST TEST TO COMBAT MONOXIDE PERIL: Inspections to assure that motor vehicle exhaust systems and carburetors are in good condition as a means of combating the perils from carbon monoxide gas poisoning were urged yesterday by G. H. Hedrick, a Chicago automotive engineer.
  • EXHIBIT TURNS INSTITUTE INTO HALL OF SPORTS: The Chicago Art Institute will be a sports arena from Thursday thru March 10, with the accent on boxing, and doubtless more than a few of the town's cauliflower followers will pass thru its doors for the first time. The attraction is the exhibition of paintings by the late George Bellows, whose brush caught the dynamic spirit of the most violent of all sports.
  • Birthdays: writer Paddy Chayefsky (23), W.C. Fields (66).


Sis and Dot

Jan. 30

Didn't go to school today. Sis and I went down 63rd and on our way home met Herb so he walked back with us. Herb and I stopped in Hal's house and Hal told us he passed his physical, but Jim didn't.

Herb and I fooled around and then he went home for supper. He came back at 7:30 and we went to the Stratford and saw First Yank Into Tokyo and Why Girls Leave Home. It was real windy outside.

Got home and had some coffee. Then Herb and I sat in the frontroom talking, etc., till 3:15 a.m. He knocks me for a loop.”


Besides Herb, who is scheduled to report for duty on Tuesday, Feb. 5th, both Hal and Jim have also signed up. When I met Hal, he told me that at age 18 he'd probably have been drafted if he had not enlisted at this time.

“He knocks me for a loop.” I can't even guess how Dot figures she will cope with Herb going into the Navy.

A clip from First Yank Into Tokyo

Today's news:

  • ARMY FIRES NEW RADIO ROCKET FIFTY MILES UP! - Range of ‘Any Point on Earth’ Predicted: The army has devoloped a radiocontroled rocket which has streaked vertically 50 miles.
  • ACT TO BREAK TIE-UP CAUSING SHIRT FAMINE - Submits Control Bill: With a bitter congressional battle approaching over the administration's demand for continuation of the price control law, government agencies today began a series of investigations aimed at breaking the log jam in the clothing industry.
  • Radio Cameras Set on Towers to Film A-Bomb Blast of Ships: Cameras on top of 100-foot steel towers, arranged in a ring around the warships in Bikini atoll, will photograph the navy's atomic bomb tests this spring.
  • Birthdays: actors Gene Hackman (16) and Vanessa Redgrave (9).


Herb Martin; Herb and Dot


Jan. 31

“Stayed in all day. Herb came over about 4:30 and stayed till 5:45. He had on gorgeous blue gaberdine pants and a white shirt and looked mighty spiffy, yes sir. He told me that if I only loved him half as much as he loved me— oh, brother. He kept hugging me and calling me his baby.

Lill and Julie came over. Later I took a bath and washed my hair, then met Sis in Parnell. Came home and listened to the radio.

About 11:30, my honey called and we just cooed. Man, if anyone was to ever hear us, they'd think we're nuts.”

On the radio this evening: George Burns & Gracie Allen; The Dinah Shore Show, with guest Groucho Marx; Lum n' Abner.

Today's news:

  • AGED DEARBORN STATION WILL BE MODERNIZED - Renovation to Cost Half Million Dollars: A mezzanine floor will be constructed in the old Dearborn station as part of a half million dollar job of temporary remodeling announced yesterday. Alterations have been under consideration since 1943 and have no connection with current proposals to consolidate the four stations south of the loop. A site at Randolph st. north of Grant park has been suggested by civic leaders as the ideal location for a new terminal.
  • TELLS OF RADAR AS ‘FOOLPROOF’ WEATHER GUIDE - Detects Storms, Showers, AAF Officer Says: Still fresh from dramatic contact with the moon, radar was hailed by the army today as a foolproof weather prophet which will forecast even the most trivial storms hours before their arrival.
  • BRUINS DEFEAT HAWKS, 4 TO 3 - TAKE LEAD - CHICAGO FADES AFTER 2 GOAL BOSTON RALLY: The Chicago Blackhawks were toppled out of first place in the National Hockey league tonight by the Boston Bruins, the team they beat in Chicago last Sunday night to resume the top berth after a 23 hour absence.
  • Birthdays: Daniela Bianchi (4), Suzanne Pleshette (9), Philip Glass (9), Ernie Banks (15)

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