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Sunny (or “Aunt Sunny”, as we used to call her) was a good friend to Dot and Sis. In 1945, she was attending Spalding High School (known as a school for “Crippled” Children in those days), where she played in the school orchestra.

Sunny later married Bob. They lived for a while in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, near the Coral Theatre. In the late 1950s, they moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. They had two daughters, Cheryl and Cindy.

Sunny passed away in July of 2010; Bob in June of 2011.

Sis remembers Sunny:

Sunny stayed at our house a lot as her home life was not too good at this time. She had a very strict, foreign-born father, and a stepmother who could have come straight from Cinderella! They owned a tavern near 45th & Washtenaw(?) and they lived in the back part. Sometimes when we visited we went into the tavern and made ourselves at home. Sunny even tended bar when her dad had lunch or whatever. Can you imagine that today? Of course, it was a “Family” tavern.

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