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Minuet Grill

The Minuet Grill, at 673 West 63rd Street (call ENglewood 3080), was a neighborhood restaurant or diner about four blocks from home (61st and Normal).

Sis commented in 1999:

“Minuet's had the best hamburgers. I can still remember the taste and how they looked after all this time. They were more or less steamed, had some sort of mild chili sauce and a few raw chopped onions. Couldn't eat some of that stuff now, but it was worth going out at midnight for--then!”

A reader adds the following information:

“The Minuet was changed to Three Jays restaurant. It shared the front with a shooting gallery, arcade next door and still had fabulous hamburgers well into the late fifties.”

Above: a 2007 view of the approximate site of the Minuet Grill. A City of Chicago facility now occupies this spot, which is on the south side of 63rd St., about one block east of Halsted. [image via Google Maps]
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