Previously during February, 1946, in Dot's Diary: Herb Martin and Dorothy had their last moments together before Herb departed for his Navy service. But as the lyrics Dot wrote in her diary say, “We'll be together again,” and indeed they will, at least for a short time. It didn't take long for Dot to get back out into circulation, however. Jitterbugging, movies, and even a kiss or two, occupied her time during February. The month ended with some news about former boyfriends. Ralph Davis, it turns out, was now married, and Jim Parks, like Herb, is being sworn into the US Navy.

March 1946
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Joe Liming
‘“Make off I'm Herb”
Viking's Victory Dance
St. Patrick's Day Policemen's Dance
Letter from Stan
Spring Fever
Skating at the Armory

Dot and Sis, having tea

On this rainy Friday, Dot and Sis went to the Englewood theater to see Shirley Temple in Kiss and Tell, and George White's Scandals which they had seen before, as the Stratford, on Feb. 12th.

Mar. 1

Today was a real nice day. After school I cleaned the house, and then Sis and I had some tea.

Later, Lee drove us to the Englewood show because it was raining. Saw George White's Scandals (again) and Kiss and Tell, also news, comedy and five acts of vaudeville. Really good.

On our way home we stopped in Parnell restaurant and had a piece of pie. Went to bed at 1:30.

A scene from George White's Scandals, with Joan Davis and Jack Haley

A scene from Kiss and Tell with Shirley Temple

Today's news:

  • SPECIAL COURT SET UP TO WAGE DRIVE ON SMOKE - Crackdown on Violators Will Start Monday: War on violators of the city's smoke abatement ordinance will get under way Monday with establishment of a Cafeteria court in room 810 of city hall.
  • ICELAND CALLED BASE U. S. NEEDS IN ATOMIC WAR: The hope that congress and President Truman fully grasp the importance of United States bases in Iceland for defense and will not yield to Communist pressure and abandon them is strongly expressed by army and navy authorities.
  • PREDICTS WIDE TITANIUM USES COMMERCIALLY: Properties and uses of the newly developed metal titanium, a war time secret “laboratory curiosity,” were discussed yesterday by R. S. Dean, assistant director of the bureau of mines. He spoke at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgics.
  • Birthdays: Roger Daltrey (2), designer Perry Ellis (6), Harry Belafonte (19), Pete Rozelle (20), Yitzhak Rabin (24), broadcaster Harry Caray (32), David Niven (36), Glenn Miller (42)


Sis and Dot; Sunny; Sunny, Dot and Sis

Mar. 2

“Today was really a nice day. Sis and I went downtown, and then met Sunny in Parnell. Some bummy boys were in there. Then we went to Minuet's and had a hamburger and pie.

Came home, listened to records and made some fudge. Also took a few pictures. We went to Parnell again and then took a walk to Myrt & Henry's. Met Ken Seiler and talked to him.

Got home and goofed around and washed my hair. Went to bed at 3:00. Sunny stayed. She brought a quart of wine over.”

Hamburgers, pie, records, home-made fudge and a qt. of wine —plus the trifecta of Parnell, Minuet's and Myrt & Henry's— all in one “really nice” Saturday, despite the “bummy boys.”

Today's news:

  • WE'LL ENFORCE LAW, MAYOR AND POLICE HEAD SAY - Crime Board Blast Brings Co-Operation Promise: Mayor Kelly and Police Commissioner Prendergast, answering the Chicago Crime commission's attack on the police department, admitted yesterday that things always hadn't been as they should be but promised better law enforcement and cooperation in the future.
  • Auto Output Crippled as Demand Rises: At a time when the public is pleading with dealers for new cars, production of automobiles continues to limp as a result of strikes and of parts shortages, a canvass of manufacturers yesterday disclosed.
  • Jersey Is Still The Best Bet for Travel Lingerie: Jersey, that obliging fabric which requires little if any pressing or more serious ironing, is still the answer to the $64 question: “What's best for travel and career girl lingerie?” Long tested for such purposes, jersey is extremely popular with all busy women.
  • On this day: Ho Chi Minh elected President of North Vietnam.
  • Birthdays: Tom Wolfe, Mikhail Gorbachev (15), Jennifer Jones (27), Desi Arnaz (29), Dr. Seuss (42), Pope Pius XII (70)


Dot and Sis, Doty; Sis and Chuck in 1949

Mar. 3

“Today was really a beautiful day. 62 degrees.

Dutz dropped in at about 5:15 and I had my hair put up and had an apron on. He asked me to go out with Ank and him Friday.

Then he took Sis and I for a Coke. We were going to go to Viking's, but changed our minds and went to the Stratford (crummy).

Met Doty and Chuck and they talked to us and walked us home. Also bought Sis a Coke and planned a hayride.”


  • Don't know who Ank is, but Dutz is a friend who Sis dated a few times. Dutz was with his friend Herb outside of Whelan's Drug Store when Dot first met Herb in June 1945.
  • The Stratford theater, as you can see in the ad at left, was showing Live Wires, the first of the “Dead End Kids” series, with Leo Gorcey playing a process server. On stage was songwriter Mark Fischer (spelled Fisher in this brief IMDB biography) who composed When You're Smiling among other tunes. The Dorothy Byton Girls were a dance group, or “line” as they were called in Billboard magazines of the time.

A short clip from the “crummy” Dead End Kids movie, Live Wires (poor quality)

Today's news:

  • Churchill Will Get a Missouri Feast— 27 Pound Beef Roast: When Winston Churchill comes here Tuesday to make a speech in which he may touch upon post-war privations endured by the people of England, he will have Missouri country ham for lunch and a 27 pound roast of beef for supper.
  • AIR PASSENGERS HERE GAIN 73% IN TWO MONTHS: A prediction that 1-1/2 million air line passengers would be handled during 1946 thru Chicago airport, Cicero av. and 63d st., was made yesterday by Public Works Commissioner Hewitt.
  • 5 DAY OVATION WILL WELCOME CARDINAL HOME - Stritch Plane Due from Rome on Tuesday: Chicago will receive Cardinal Stritch, who is scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning from Rome, with a great ovation which will last from the moment the T. W. A. Constellation rolls into Chicago airport until next Sunday night.
  • FLORAL CARPET OF WORLD LAID AT CITY'S FEET: Chicago has two great conservatories, one in Garfield park, the other in Lincoln park, where the public can pursue the wonders and secrets of nature, free of charge. Under these mighty domed roofs, eternal spring may be found, if by spring is meant the green of the growing leaf and the color of the blooming flower.
  • Birthdays: Perry Ellis (6), Jean Harlow (3)


Joe Liming; Kelly Library; Dot's sister Louise

Mar. 4

Real rainy and sort of cold (30 degrees) today.

Wrote Herb a letter and then came home and cleaned the house and sat around. Sis met Joe Liming tonight at the Union Station. Later on I went to the library and Parnell.

Came home and Joe and Sis were home and gosh— he's real cute. A blonde, tan, 6'1" farmer. I had coffee with them and then Sis and I led him to 63rd. He got a cab back to the Union Station cause his train left at 11:30.

Stopped in Parnell again. Bob P. drove us home.”


  • Sis didn't comment at all about Joe Liming. Judging by the photo, Joe was in the US Navy.
  • It was about an eight-mile cab ride from Dot's neighborhood to Union Station. —D.

Union Station as it appeared in 1946. The foreground building would eventually be demolished.

Today's news:

  • 27 Are Killed as Airliner Crashes Into Peak on Coast - 21 Bodies Recovered from American Lines Ship Nearing End of Run Which Started in New York - Wrecked in Fog: All persons aboard an American Airlines DC-3 twin-engined ship —listed by the air line as 27, including two babies— were killed when the transport crashed into the side of a Laguna mountain peak 45 miles east of here today. The scene of the crash is 60 miles east of San Diego.
  • KENNEDY BACKS AID TO BRITAIN AS GIFT; Former Ambassador Calls It in Our Self-Interest: Joseph P. Kennedy, former Ambassador to Great Britain [...] has been cited by both supporters and opponents of the $3,750,000,000 credit to the United Kingdom as a backer of their causes.
  • NEGRO TROOPS TO GET LARGER ROLE IN ARMY: The war department today announced an intention to make a fuller use of Negro man power both in the peace time army and in the event of a future war.
  • Bright Colors Used Smartly in New Coats: Spring fashion showings stress the bright side, especially in smart new coats, costumes of dress with companion jacket, and the suits of brilliant contrast. Such shades as tangerine, scarlet, vivid blue, Kelly green, and brilliant gold are just an eye catching hint of what's ahead.
  • Sun and 64 Bring Spring to Chicagoans - Thousands Visit Conservatories on Springlike Day: Chicago area residents turned out en masse yesterday to enjoy the unexpected springlike weather that greeted them when they wakened. Forecaster Gordon Dunn said the high temperature of 64.1 degrees at 3:05 p. m. established a new record for March 3.
  • Birthdays: Paula Prentiss (7), Barbara McNair (12), John Garfield (33), Shemp Howard (51)


Dot; a 1946 Coca-Cola ad: “After school is the happy time when young folks like to get together to discuss ‘what's new’ and pass the time of day. Yes, when Sue or Sal says ‘Come over and Have a Coke’— that's the high-sign for the pause that refreshes.”

Mar. 5

“Not much doing today. Stood in line for nylons, but didn't get any. Kind of drizzly and damp, but warm outside.

Went to the library in the evening and then stopped in ‘Ye Old Hangout’ —namely Parnell— for a super, luscious Cherry Coke. Got a few books on philosophy for school.”


  • Nylon stockings were in scarce supply at this time.
  • Dot's sister Louise told me the Cherry Cokes you can buy today in cans and bottles just don't compare to the “luscious” ones they enjoyed at the Parnell diner, which were made there on the spot.

Today's news:

  • CLANG! CLANG! HERE'S LATEST THING IN HOUSES - Street Cars Sold at $300 Per to Homeless: Some Chicago area residents turned to discarded street cars yesterday for a solution to their housing problems.
  • ARMY ADMITS GERMAN GIRLS VISIT OFFICERS: Maj. Gen. Miller G. White, commenting on reports that German girls are allowed to live with American officers in their bachelor quarters here, said tonight there is no army regulation to stop a man from entertaining a girl overnight in his private quarters.
  • Brazil Nuts Are Back at the Grocers': Brazil nuts are being imported again and are appearing here and there in city markets. Our domestic crops of nuts, particularly almonds, are good, so many a nutty dish is destined to return to the table.
  • WORK ON NEW BRIDGE AT STATE ST. TO START IN APRIL: Work on the State st. bridge, delayed for the last four years because of the war and the lack of priorities, will be resumed in April, Public Works Commissioner Hewitt and Stephen J. Michuda, city bridge engineer, said yesterday.
  • Birthdays: Dean Stockwell (10), Rex Harrison (38)

Dot and Sis; Sonny—Dot's younger brother (Louis, Jr.)

Mar. 6

“Didn't go to the show today but in the evening, Sis, Sonny, baby Lee and I took a walk to Stratford Drugs. Met Earl on the way. Had a Coke and Ken Seiler came in, looking as messy as ever. Also saw Earl again and one of his many boyfriends.

Lee wet his pants in the place, and we had more trouble getting him to walk home. It was gorgeous outside.”


  • This is the first time Stratford Drugs has been mentioned.
  • Dot had seen Ken Seiler this past Saturday, March 2.

Today's news:

  • BRITON SPEAKS OUT; ‘Iron Curtain’ Dividing Europe Is Not What We Fought For, Churchill Says at Fulton, Mo.: Mr. Churchill painted a dark picture of post-war Europe, on which “an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. This is certainly not the liberated Europe we fought to build up. Nor is it one which contains the essentials of permanent peace.”
  • CURTAIN LIFTED FOR ‘TRAGEDY OF ATOM’ - Warns Stop Rattling Bombs: Those deceiving themselves and this country about atomic energy now are playing a leading role “in the inexcusable tragedy of errors” which Secretary of State Byrnes said could be the only cause of war between the United States and Russia.
  • CITY TO OPERATE DOUGLAS PORT WITHIN 60 DAYS - Development Will Take Long Time: The city will assume operation of the Douglas airport near Park Ridge within 60 days, Public Works Commissioner Hewitt [said] yesterday. He admitted, however, that between three and five years will be necessary.
  • AUTO OUTLOOK OBSCURE, SAYS CHRYSLER HEAD - Believes Upturn in Prices Necessary: Outlook for early delivery of new automobiles was termed “obscure” yesterday by K. T. Keller, president of Chrysler corporation, in his annual report to stockholders.
  • On this day: Ho Chi Minh signs an agreement with France recognizing Vietnam as an autonomous state.
  • Birthdays: David Gilmour (born today), Kiri Te Kanawa (2), Ed McMahon (23)


Sis and Dot

Mar. 7

“Didn't take a shower in school. After school, I cleaned the house.

Later in the evening, Sis and I went down Halsted and then went to the Englewood and saw You Came Along and Getting Gertie's Garter. Also a great stage show. Had a lot of fun in the show. Got home at 12:00.

Still didn't get a letter from my baby.”


  • Dot hadn't mentioned until now that the Englewood booked stage shows as well as movies. Like the Linden, the theater didn't advertise in the Tribune.

A short clip from You Came Along with Robert Cummings

Getting Gertie's Garter (1945; full movie)

Today's news:

  • TRUMAN PLEADS FOR A REBIRTH OF GOLDEN RULE - Tells Church Council It Can Preserve Peace: President Truman today appealed for a spiritual reawakening to preserve world peace and solve our domestic problems, which would disappear, he said, if men and women would abide by the principles of religion.
  • Police Raid Holdup Gang Hideout; 8 Seized - Link Captives to Postoffice, Bank Crimes: Six men and two women were held by police last night as the outgrowth of a raid on a basement flat at 2234 N. Springfield av., which netted a small arsenal and a quantity of burglar equipment, including two acetylene torches.
  • ACT NOW TO USE HELICOPTER AIR TAXIS, CITY TOLD - Need for Shuttle Service from Loop Described: Chicago should take immediate steps to become the first city with helicopter service between the airport and the downtown business district, air minded civic leaders said yesterday. They emphasized that speedy air taxi service will be essential after the new Douglas airport opens.
  • Newest Party Dresses Have Fragile Allure: There's a definite fragile allure to the newest afternoon and party dresses because of the sheer decorative beauty of the bodice tops. These are the dresses designed for "across the table" appeal, made for such romantic rendezvous as dinner before the theater
  • Birthday: Peter Wolf (J. Geils Band; born today), John Heard (1), Michael Eisner (4), Anna Magnani (38)


The Southtown theatre

Mar. 8

Rained almost all day. Came home, fixed my hair and, about 6:00, I dressed.

Dutz and Ank came at 7:30. We went to the Southtown and saw Scarlet Street and She Wouldn't Say Yes. Terrific.

We sat in the balcony. Dutz sat between Ank and I, and two sailors sat next to me and started to talk to me.

The blonde next to me said, ‘Say, I like your cute smile’. A little later he reached over and held my hand, but I drew back. So Dutz said ‘Make off I'm Herb’, and then Dutz held my hand.

It snowed, and I got in at 12:00.


  • Dot and Sis have hung around with Dutz many times before, but I think this might be the first for Ank.
  • It's pretty amazing, in light of today's standards, that a complete stranger would be bold enough to hold Dot's hand, uninvited.

Turner Classic Movies introduction to Scarlet Street

A few comedic scenes from She Wouldn't Say Yes, starring Rosalind Russell

Today's news:

  • Best Picture ‘Oscar’ to ‘Lost Week-End’ - HONOR MILLAND, JOAN CRAWFORD: HOLLYWOOD— The golden “Oscars,” symbolic of the best performance by a motion picture actor and actress in 1945, were awarded tonight to Ray Milland, who starred in “The Lost Week-End,” and Joan Crawford, for her part in “Mildred Pierce.” Miss Crawford, who had never been nominated in her 21 years on the screen, was not present to hear the tremendous ovation that greeted her award. She was at home, ill with influenza, listening to her radio.

The Academy Award for the best picture of the year went to “The Lost Week-End,” Paramount's movie about a drunkard who reformed after he spent a week-end lost in liquor. Billy Wilder, who directed the film, also won an “Oscar”.

Frank Sinatra received a special award from George Murphy for his short subject, “The House I Live In”, stressing tolerance and brotherhood as a solution to the worlds' problems.

  • BRADLEY MUSES OVER REMAGEN— A YEAR LATER: Credit for the surprise capture of the Rhine bridge at Remagen, exactly one year ago today, goes to a handful of [daring] American doughboys.
  • Disclose Nazis Spotted Foe by Aid of ‘Invisible Light’: The Germans developed techniques for detecting enemy men and machines in darkness with invisible infra-red rays that have certain advantages over radar at short distances.
    N. Y., Los Angeles Link Studied:
    Thru rail passenger service between New York and Los Angeles in which Chicago would be a way stop may be given a trial this year, if equipment becomes available, Chicago railroad men said yesterday. This would make it unnecessary to change trains in Chicago.
  • Birthdays: Micky Dolenz (1), Lynn Redgrave (3), Alan Hale Jr. (25), Claire Trevor (36), designer Frederic Goudy (81)


Aunt Ag at left, with Dot's mom; Sunny and Dot
Mar. 9

“Fairly nice outside. In the evening, Sis and I went to [aunt] Ag's house and had a nice time. Tommy came down with his baby; he's still kind of cute.

We met Sunny at 10:15; went back to Ag's until 11:00 and then went to Herman's and had a Victory Special. Went down 63rd and stopped in Myrt & Henry's and had a hamburger. Then went to Parnell restaurant.

Lots of wolves roaming around. Got to bed at 3:00 a.m.”

Today's news:

  • CHARGES REDS DOMINATE NEW VETS' MAGAZINE - Rep. Sondero Lists Editors of Salute: A new monthly magazine, Salute, is a Communist party organ camouflaged as a publication for war veterans and produced by former editors and writers of the army publications Yank and Stars and Stripes with communist connections, Rep. Sondero [charged].
  • A SCHOOL AT 105 IS FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH TO MANY - Old Pennoyer 'Pupils' Hail Alma Mater: The bell on the Pennoyer school, Higgins and Canfield rds., in Norwood Park rang again last night and 75 “pupils” trooped to their seats and answered “present.”
  • Broccoli Pays Big Dividends, if Cooked Right: Broccoli is one of the handsomer of the green vegetables, and very attractive on the dinner plate if not overcooked. Cooking should not be carried so far as to cause the broccoli to lose any of its bright color or the flower buds to break away from the stalk.
  • Proper Outfits Ready for Life in the Country: Week-end life in the country requires a certain type of smart but casual clothes: Slacks, simple dresses, and jackets designed for free and easy action ... now that the annual urge to get outdoors at the very first sign of anything that resembles balmy weather is here.
  • Birthdays: Bobby Fischer (3), Mark Lindsay (4), Raul Julia (6), Yuri Gagarin (12), Keely Smith (14), Will Geer (44)


Dot (top), Sunny, Sis
Mar. 10

“Got up at 10:30 (Sis and Sunny woke me). I hurriedly put on my slacks and a sweater over my pajamas so we could walk Sunny to 63rd & Normal. I was half asleep.

Came home and did some homework and then at 7:30 met Sunny in Parnell. (Also Dave.) We then went to Viking's and really had a grand time.

Sat in the Coke Room for an hour drinking soda and listening to a guy play boogie and swing. He was tops. Danced a lot and harmonized with a couple of fellows.

Left at 10:45 and went to Minuet's and then Sis and I went for a Coke. Met Earl—as usual.”

Today's news:

  • 33 KILLED WHEN GRANDSTAND IN [BURDEN PARK] ENGLAND FALLS: At least 33 persons were killed and more than 500 suffered injuries today in Britain's worst sports disaster.
  • KEEP A-BOMBS READY FOR WAR, ADMIRAL URGES - Finds Carriers Can Fight in Arctic: Rear Adm. John H. Cassady said today he hopes the atomic bomb will be outlawed as an instrument of war, but that the United States can and should be ready to launch them by hundreds from any spot an aircraft carrier can reach.
  • ENGINEERS HAIL HELICOPTER AS SHUTTLE PLANE - Point to Safety; Value in Taxi Service: Helicopters, which have been suggested for a downtown-to-airport air shuttle service for Chicago, will offer one of the safest forms of transportation, aviation engineers said yesterday. Engineering problems have been solved largely, and cost of production is now the big obstacle.
  • Birthdays: Chuck Norris (6), James Earl Ray (18), Barry Fitzgerald (66), WWI veteran Robert Meier (49; died in 2007 as Germany's oldest living man, at age 107)


Dot; Sis, Sunny and Dot; W-R Restaurant: “In the Heart of the Loop" —There is No Better Food Anywhere at Any Price!— Northeast Cor. Randolph and Clark Sts., Chicago —DEarborn 8199”
Mar. 11

“Got up late so didn't go to school. Got a wonderful letter from my daddy.

Later went down 63rd. Stopped in at Mrs. Martin's but she wasn't home.

Took a ride to Sunny's house, and then Sis, Sunny and I went downtown and looked at beautiful coats, hats and dresses. Met Eleanor Novickas. Ate at W-R.

Goofed around down there until 8:30, then came back to Parnell and had a Coke. Went to Myrt & Henry's for pie and coffee.

On our way back saw Doty, so he gabbbed awhile. Got home after a strenuous day at 10:00.


  • Mrs. Martin is Herb's mother; Eleanor is a friend.
  • The W-R Restaurant (photo at left), at Randolph and Clark, featured “David Berg's Corned Beef” and “Goodman's Ice Cream”.

Today's news:

  • WIRTZ SLAMS STADIUM DOOR ON PRO BOXING - Ban Remains Until Matches Improve: Arthur M. Wirtz, executive vice president of Chicago Stadium, yesterday said professional boxing would be discontinued in the world's largest indoor arena “until we can obtain fighters who can give fans their money's worth.”
  • DORSEY ENGAGED AS MUSIC BOSS OF STATION WOR: Jim Ameche to Be Star of NBC Drama Show: Tommy Dorsey [will] become director of popular music for WOR-Mutual in New York. He will be featured in a new half hour Mutual program, the Tommy Dorsey Playhouse, and also will advise the station and the network on popular music presentation.
  • Now You Can Have Dinner Sent to Door: There are times in the life of every homemaker when the cupboard is bare, guests are coming unexpectedly, and there's no time to shop for groceries and cook a handsome dinner. Now, instead of getting “all hot and bothered,” she can make a telephone call.
  • HAWKS LOSE, 3 TO 1; FAN PUNCHES REFEREE - VICTORY GIVES CANADIENS 6 POINT MARGIN: Those swift, but rugged, Montreal Canadiens apparently still are determined to lead the National Hockey league thru its regular 1945-'46 season. They proved this to the Chicago Blackhawks and 18,533 in Chicago Stadium last night in one of the wildest evenings of the entire season.
  • Birthdays: Antonin Scalia (10), Sam Donaldson (12), Ralph Abernathy (20), Lawrence Welk (43), Shemp Howard (1), Raoul Walsh (59)

Sonny; Sis; Kelly Library
Mar. 12

“After school today, Sis and I stayed in. Went to the library with Sonny and Sis, and then went to Parnell.

On our way home, two fellows on bikes followed us home. One was about 14 and the other about 12. Sis and I laughed our heads off.

Got some homework done and wrote Herb a letter. Sent him a few pictures of us girls. Went to bed at 1:00.

Kelly Public Library, looking north on Normal Boulevard

Today's news:

  • CHURCHILL AIMS AT WAR ON REDS, MOSCOW CHARGE: Pravda in a front page editorial today denounced former British Prime Minister Churchill as an open advocate of power politics whose words urged war against the soviet union and meant “nothing else than the liquidation of the united nations”.
  • HOUSE PROBERS TO QUIZ PRIEST ON BUREAU REDS - Charge of 2,000 in Jobs Stirs Action: The house committee on un-American activities today decided to question the Rev. John F. Cronin, official of the National Catholic Welfare council, who charged yesterday that 2,000 active Communists now hold federal jobs in Washington.
  • ASK AMERICA TO EAT LESS - 39 WAYS GIVEN TO CUT USE OF WHEAT, FATS: Three layer cakes, two crust pies, and crust-trimmed toast are among the food items President Truman's famine emergency committee believes Americans can do without to save food for the hungry abroad.
  • DENOUNCE ATOM BOMB TESTS AS WASTE OF MONEY - Opponents in House Delay Vote on Bill: A house vote on legislation authorizing the use of 101 naval ships as “guinea pigs” for atomic bomb tests was delayed today when the proposed tests were denounced on the floor as a waste of money and ships.
  • Birthdays: Liza Minnelli (born today), Edward Albee (18), Jack Kerouac (24)


Lillie; Lillie, Sis and Dot

This evening, Dot danced at the “Victory Reception and Welcoming Home Celebration for Service Men and Women”. She taped the admission card, to Viking Temple at 69th & Emerald, above to today's diary page:

“Help us pay tribute to all of our returned gallant heroes! Dance to the Music of Johnny Thorpe and his Fiery Legionnaires. Dancing Program will be arranged to suit everybody.”


Mar. 13

“After school, Lillie S. called us up and asked us to go to the Veteran's dance at Viking's tonight— everything free, including admission.

Got there, and had to listen to a few Republican speakers first. Then we had sandwiches, cake, and Coke, and they had all the beer you could drink (I didn't have any).

Danced with a jerky fellow (Sammy) who danced jitterbug to everything— including waltzes.

It was real nice out. Got home at 12:15.

Lillie S. is the sister of Vert, a sailor who Dot met and dated once or twice in 1945 (and the fellow Sis would later marry).

Today's news:

  • Unseasonable Warmth to Stay; 67.2 Yesterday
  • DEWEY IS HOST TO CHURCHILL ON VISIT TO ALBANY - Governor Says Meeting Is Purely Social: Winston Churchill arrived here late today and spent the night at the home of Gov. Dewey in fulfillment of a date made several months ago at the request of British Ambassador Halifax.
  • HAWKS END RECORD HOME SEASON TONIGHT - FACE WINGS IN LAST REGULAR STADIUM GAME: Way back there In 1926, a collection of young men from western Canada invaded the old Coliseum out on S. Wabash av. They introduced a play-for-keeps form of shinny known as hockey. These agile fellows were identified formally as the Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Joan Crawford Sues [Phillip] Terry for a Divorce
  • Birthdays: Neil Sedaka (7), Mike Stoller (13), Sammy Kaye (36)


Jim Parks; Dot and Sis; Herb Martin
Mar. 14

“Dear diary: today I got a letter from Jim Parks. He's in San Diego, Calif.

After school, Sunny called and said she wasn't coming over. I was glad, cause I've got the darndest cold.

Went to the library and then came home and sat in bed doing my homework. Wrote Herb and Stan a letter.

Later on, Sis and I had tea and cake by candlelight... reminded me of my boy.”

Today's news:

  • SEEKS A SHOW OF STRENGTH TO BACK UP AMERICAN DEALING WITH RUSSIA - House Committee Hearing Held in Secret: After hearing State Secretary Byrnes testify in secret session that soviet Russia respects strength and little else, members of the house military affairs committee today indicated they would recommend extension of the selective service act which would otherwise expire.
  • PARADISE? IT'S HERE, SAY VETS OF NEW GADGETS - 49 Paralytics Happy: Forty-nine war veterans, all victims of paraplegia [paralysis of the lower half of the body], yesterday operated happily new gadgets that will make their lives more liveable in a recently completed section of Vaughan General hospital.
  • CREAM, CLOTHES TO COVER GOATS IN A-BOMB TEST - Cancerous Mice Also Will Be Used: Goats dressed in special clothing or annointed with anti-flash creams will test the effects of the atomic bomb blast in a test May 15 at Bikini atoll in the Pacific, along with pigs, white rats, cancerous mice, and insects.
  • Buds Bursting, Birds Flying, Girls Strolling: 'Tis Spring! - Looking for the Early Birdies: There was something in the air yesterday that made strange things out of mind and out of sight for many long cold months, begin to happen.
  • A Horse Opera to End 'Em All: “THE OUTLAW” is a horse opus to end all equine opera. This is the Howard Hughes produced and directed film that was banned by the Hays office for four years, barring a brief wildcat showing in San Francisco. It is also the picture in which Jane Russell achieved a national [notoriety].
  • Birthdays: Quincy Jones, Michael Caine (13), Frank Borman (18), Diane Arbus (23), Albert Einstein (67)


Englewood High School

Mar. 15

Practiced our dance in gym today for the Englewood Spring Festival. After school, Edie, Sis and I went down 63rd.

Came home at 6:00, and we went to the Englewood and saw Weekend at the Waldorf and a comedy, two newsreels, a featurette and also five acts of vaudeville. It was beautiful but real damp outside.

Came home at 10:30 and went to bed about 12:30. Saw Howie Hanson today.”


  • Edie and Howie Hanson have not appeared in the diaries before; I would assume they're friends or school chums.
  • Dot joined in an “Ox Dance” at last year's Spring Festival. —D.

Xavier Cugat's orchestra plays “Guadalajara” from Weekend at the Waldorf

Today's news:

  • FIND GERMANS' ‘PEOPLE'S CAR’ FULL OF FAULTS: BERLIN— The volkswagen (people's car), which has been put into production by the Germans, has been tried out by British soldiers. It is a mixed proposition with novel features [...] It is light, needs firm handling, and is noisy. Doors often will not shut without banging, and banging breaks windows. The speedometer rarely works and the batteries run down quickly. The car has an air cooled four cylinder engine hung at the rear. The cost is $270 at the factory.
  • HELICOPTER O.K. HAILED AS BIRTH OF AIR TAXICAB - Loop to Airport Service Is Predicted Soon: The licensing of the first helicopter by the civil aeronautics administration in Washington, D. C., yesterday brought predictions that air passengers soon will be transported from Chicago's loop to outlying airports in a few minutes at 80 to 100 miles an hour, safely.
  • BYRNES ACTING TO PURGE REDS IN DEPARTMENT - Shifts and Demotions Are Causing Furor: Alarmed by the threat of a congressional expose of communistic influences in the state department, State Secretary Byrnes, it was learned today, has promised members of congress to clean house.
  • HAWKS BEATEN; CANADIENS WIN 3rd TITLE IN ROW - Red Wings Defeat Chicago, 7 to 3: The Detroit Red Wings broke a string of three defeats tonight in Olympia stadium by trouncing the Chicago Blackhawks, 7 to 3, in a National Hockey league battle before 12,611.
  • 1945 Income Tax Returns Due by Midnight Tonight
  • Birthdays: Bobby Bonds (born today), Sly Stone (3), Phil Lesh (6), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (13), Harry James (30)


Dot; Sunny; Dot's ticket to the “Annual Dance and Floor Show ... Saturday Evening, March 16th, 1946.” Admission was $1.00— 80¢ plus 20¢ Federal Tax. The event, sponsored by the American Legion and “Chicago Police Post No. 207”, was held at Ashland Auditorium.

Mar. 16

“Went down 63rd and at about 7:00, met Sunny. We went to the St. Patrick's Day Policemen's Dance on Van Buren and Ashland. It was a huge place and the orchestra was Johnnie Mullaney and his Bluejackets.

We had more fun than we had in a long time. A soldier from New York asked me to dance and his name was Dick— about 24 years old, trés bien.

Other fellows talked to us and we danced to our hearts' content. They had wonderful entertainment aussi.

Left at 12:00 and ate in Karson's. Some guys that live around the neighborhood followed us. One, whose name is Ray, kissed me twice against my will.”


  • The Ashland Auditorium building still stands (photo below.) It was once the home of radio station WCFL.

“The station started in a special studio at the headquarters of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Look for the big ‘AC’ beneath the roofline on the Ashland side of the building. The structure was the home of the Ashland Auditorium where many labor meetings and rallies took place in the strife-filled mid-years of the Chicago labor movement.”

The venue also hosted Cuban bandleader Perez Prado in 1951, for his first-ever US performance, blues musician Mike Bloomfield, and B.B. King in an event billed as ‘The Battle of the Kings,’ featuring Albert, Freddie and Bobbie King. Boxing and wrestling matches were some of the other events often held at the venue.

  • I was unable to find any information about the Johnnie Mullaney and His Bluejackets orchestra.
  • My mother had a lot of fun on this evening. Once again tho, guys made advances that were apparently not uncommon back then.

The former Ashland Auditorium building as it appears in 2019

Today's news:

  • AMERICAN REDS PAID BY MOSCOW, HOUSE INFORMED: Rep. Cox (D., Ga.) charged on the house floor today that the Russian govvernment is providing funds to spread soviet propaganda in [the U.S].
  • INDIA PROMISED RIGHT TO LEAVE BRITISH EMPIRE - But I Hope It Doesn't, Says Attlee: Prime Minister Attlee announced in the house of commons today that the British cabinet mission to India will offer the Indians the right to choose freedom from Britain.
  • U. S. TELLS IRAN AND TURKS: WE ARE BEHIND YOU - Report ‘Firm Stand’ on [Russian] Aggression: The United States has assured both Iran and Turkey that it will firmly support them, under its united nations charter obligations.
  • HAWKS BATTLE CANADIENS, BID FOR 2D TONIGHT: The Chicago Blackhawks, still striving for second place in the National Hockey league, tomorrow night will battle the first place Montreal Canadiens on the latters' Forum rink.
  • First Silk for U. S. Hose Soon Will Leave Japan
  • Birthdays: Bernardo Bertolucci (6), Jerry Lewis (20), Pat Nixon (34)

Sis, Sunny and Dot; a Chicago Surface Lines streetcar from the time; Dot's younger brother, Sonny (Louis Jr.); Dot's uncle Lee, home from the war.
Mar. 17

“Very dull day. We got up at 8:30 and fooled around the house. Then at 10:30, Sis, Sunny and I went to Parnell and also led Sunny to the streetcar.

Did some homework and in the evening waited for Sunny but she didn't come.

Then Sis, my brother Sonny and I went to Parnell (again). [Uncle] Lee drove us there cause it was raining cats and dogs, but anyway, we had to walk home in the rain. Got to bed at 1:30.”

Today's news:

  • ‘FEED INVISIBLE GUEST AT YOUR TABLE’— HOOVER: Speaking on the eve of his departure for Europe on a famine inspection tour, former President Hoover tonight issued a radio appeal to every American family to invite to their table “an invisible guest from a starving nation.”
  • NIFTY TRAILERS HIT NEW HIGH AS TRAVEL MEDIUM - Exhibitors Face Problem in Production: The sublime, the ridiculous and the happy medium— the head knocks eliminated, the lighting indirect and a fireplace included. It's a glimpse of the National Trailer coach show at the [Chicago] Coliseum.
  • Another Author Blasts Critics for Closing His Play - ‘The Assassin’ Had Ten Day New York Run: Among the critic-baiters who have of late become vocal is Irwin Shaw, who speaks his mind in a foreword to a version of his flop drama, “The Assassin” (which closed after 10 days), to be published Wednesday by Random House. [Shaw would later be ”blacklisted” —D.]
  • AN IRISH TALE WARMS HEARTS ON W-G-N SHOW - Herbert's ‘Eileen’ Given on Theater of Air: The music was enough to warm the cockles of the heart. The story? Twas “Eileen,” a fine tale of romance and rebellion, the like of which has been told at many a hearth on a baggy day. There was a fine Irish hero, Barry O'Day, and his colleen, a comely maid.
  • 1,200 VET HOMES WILL BE BUILT ON OAK LAWN TRACT - All to Contain 5 Rooms, Sell at $8,050-$8,250: Homes for 1,200 war veterans are to be built on a 320 acre tract in Oak Lawn, Westfield Homes, Inc., announced yesterday. The development will be the largest residential project solely for veterans so far announced for the Chicago area, it was said.
  • Bands Make Top News in Cafe World This Week - Jones to Take Martin's Spot at Chez Paree: One of the Jones boys comes to the Chez Paree Wednesday— the one who sings. Allan is the name, and he'll be tackling a tough assignment, following husky, handsome [Tony] Martin.
  • Birthdays: Pattie Boyd Harrison (2), CIA Director Michael Hayden (1).


Dot's father, Louis; State Street in the mid-1940s. Marshall Field's is at left; The W-R Restaurant, at Randolph and Clark; advertisement for a coat from the March 18, 1946 Tribune
Mar. 18

“After school, Sis and I went downtown. Dad gave us each $26 for our coats. Looked in all the stores, but didn't get any. Then we went to W.R.'s and had a luscious meal.

Came home about 8:15 and stopped in Parnell. There were about 10 fellows in the place and we were the only girls. They played ‘I'm A Big Girl Now’.”

I'm a Big Girl Now, by Sammy Kaye with a vocal by Betty Barclay


  • The $52.00, total, that Dot's dad gave her and Louise to buy coats would be about $700 in today's money.

I'm A Big Girl Now was a hit song for Sammy Kaye. The lyrics:

Me and my childhood sweetheart
Have come to the parting of the ways
He still treats me like he did in our baby days.
I'm a little bit older - and a little bit bolder
Since both of us were three.
I'm a little more padded - something new has been added
He oughtta take one good look at me ....

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be daring like a big girl now
When daddy tells those certain jokes it isn't fair
He tells me I'm too young and makes me take the air
But I could tell a couple that would curl his hair
I'm a big girl now.

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be handled like a big girl now
I'm tired of being babied like a kid of three
I'm tired of having chaperones to follow me
I wanna have some secrets in my diary
I'm a big girl now

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be cuddled like a big girl now
I'm through with going to movies with my Uncle Tim
Through with going to picnics with my old Aunt Min
I wanna go to Mexico with ... you know him
I'm a big girl now

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be wanted like a big girl now
I'm tired of staying home each evening after dark
Tired of being dynamite without a spark
I wanna learn what fellows do in Central Park
I'm a big girl now.

Today's news:

  • DIXIE HISTORY MADE; NEGRO IN DODGERS' GAME: A precedent for baseball training in the south was set today when the Dodgers played their Montreal International league farm club with the minor leaguers having Jackie Robinson, Negro infielder, in their lineup.
  • BIGGER SCARCE GOODS OUTPUT EXPECTED SOON: Settlement of the General Motors and General Electric strikes last week should soon increase production of many scarce items of consumer goods, manufacturers said yesterday. The wide diversity of products made by the corporations has stopped or slowed operations.
  • Comedy Vies with Beauty in Ice-Capades Pageantry: The Chicago Stadium hockey fan who wandered into the Arena last night to see a different kind of ice production, the sixth edition of the Ice-Capades, was genuinely puzzled.
  • HAWKS BEATEN BY BRUINS, 5-3; WIND UP THIRD - Draw Canadiens as Cup Opponents - STANLEY CUP TICKETS GO ON SALE TODAY: The Bruins forced the Blackhawks to settle for a third place finish in the National Hockey league race as they defeated Chicago, 5 to 3, before a capacity crowd of 13,900 in Boston Garden tonight in the last game of the league's regular season.
  • Birthday: John Updike (14).


Dot; example of a “pilot coat”.
Mar. 19

“After school, Sis and I went downtown and I bought a navy blue pilot coat.

Came home, and later on in the evening went to Parnell and had a Coke. It was sort of chilly outside and also rained a little.

Listened to the radio, did a little schoolwork and then went to bed about quarter to twelve. Quite early— for me.”


On the radio this evening: Fibber McGee and Molly; The Bob Hope Show, with Frances Langford and Skinnay Ennis; The Red Skelton Show; Symphonic Hour (“Grand Canyon Suite”)

Today's news:

  • Churchill Gets Columbia Degree; Stresses Chance to Serve World: The United States and Great Britain, marching forward together, may render at this juncture services to humanity such as no other countries have ever performed, Winston Churchill declared yesterday as he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.
  • FIFTH COLUMN SEEN IN CANADA'S HUNT FOR RUSSIA'S SPIES: Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King informed the House of Commons tonight that “a kind of Fifth Column” appeared to have been discovered in the investigation of Russian espionage.
  • DENNISON NAMES HAYES; Naval Officer Slated to Become Head Football Coach: Lieut. Comdr. Woodrow Hayes, 33, former athletic officer at the U.S. Naval Academy, has been appointed head football mentor at Dennison University. Hayes, a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve and commander of a communications control ship, expects to be discharged in April.
  • In the WAKE of the NEWS: The Cubs' daily food bill exceeded $300 during their stay on Catalina Island, which is mentioned merely as evidence that spring training runs into money.
  • Birthdays: Ursula Andress (10), Patrick McGoohan (18).


Stan in his Navy uniform (this is possibly the photo Dot is referring to); Dot and Sis; the Halsted station at 63rd Street, on the Englewood branch of the “L”.
Mar. 20

“Didn't go to school today, so Sis and I went for a ride downtown. Also got a letter and a picture from Stan and he really looks handsome, hubba hubba.

Wore my new coat and fooled around down there. Then came home and got off at 63rd & Halsted. Later in the evening, Sis and I went to the library and then came home.

Dot and George were over. We brought some tea and pie upstairs and also a big bottle of soda. Did a pile of homework.”

Dot and George are Dot's aunt and uncle.

Today's news:

  • 120 DAYS TO TELL FATE OF HUNGRY EUROPE: HOOVER - Hopes to Ship 14 Million Tons of Food by July: The next 120 days will decide how many people in Europe will starve, former President Herbert Hoover said tonight. He and his staff arrived by plane today for a survey of the requirements of millions of inhabitants of war ravaged countries.
  • AIR LINES SEE FIRST MAP OF DOUGLAS PORT - Proposed Super Airport Plan: The map was shown to 12 major air lines [and] showed a tangential system of 12 runways, each 6,150 feet but capable of being lengthened to 7,700 feet.
  • ATOMIC POWER USE IN DECADE HELD POSSIBLE - Estimate Is Based on Fast Research: Atomic bomb scientists believe commercial electric power could be produced from atomic energy in competition with coal in 10 years if the present pace [continues].
  • $1 Haircut, 65-cent Shave OKd by Barber Board: Haircut prices will be increased to $1 on weekdays and $1.25 on Saturdays and days before holidays, and shaves will go up to 65 cents if Chicago barber shop owners agree with the price recommendations made by the executive board and wage committee of the Master Barbers' association.
  • CANADIENS WHIP HAWKS, 6-2, IN CUP OPENER - MONTREAL LINE TALLIES 3 IN SECOND PERIOD: The Montreal Canadiens tonight delighted a packed crowd of 12,012 howling loyalists by running an undermanned Chicago Blackhawk team into the Forum ice, 6 to 2, in the first match of their semi-final series for the Stanley cup.
  • Birthdays: Pat Riley (1), Fred Rogers (18).


Dot saved her Stratford theatre ticket stub on her diary page for this day
Mar. 21

Today was a gorgeous day, the first day of spring (64 degrees). Didn't get any mail. Went to school and was bored, but got thru okay.

After school, I saw Helen for a minute or so and, about 4:15, Sunny came and she, Sis and I went to Parnell and a very cute fellow started talking to us.

Then we went to the Stratford and saw Girls of the Big House and China's Little Devils. Very good.

After the show, met Doty and Chuck and then we ate at Myrt & Henry's and ended up with a Coke. I was extra happy tonight. Must be spring fever.”

Today's news:

  • 12 CENT ‘L’ FARE LIKELY IN WEEK - Supreme Court Orders Decree Issued: Unless there is an unforseen development, a 12 cent fare will be in effect soon, possibly within a week, on the Chicago elevated lines as a result of a ruling yesterday by the Illinois Supreme court.
  • HOTELS IN LOOP STUDY AIR TAXI STRIPS ON ROOFS - Chain Plans Helicopter Shuttle in West: Construction of special landing decks atop large downtown buildings was discussed by business leaders yesterday as the probable outgrowth of a helicopter shuttle service between the loop and the airport.
  • BOMB TEST SPED JAP ULTIMATUM, GROVES REVEALS: If the first atomic bomb, exploded experimentally July 16, 1945, at Alamogordo, N. M., had not gone off as planned, the Potsdam surrender ultimatum to the Japanese might not have been sent to Tokyo Aug. 9, [said] Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves.
  • Dick Tracy's Creator Sees Him in Flesh! - “DICK TRACY”: Yes, sir, there he was! The gentleman with whom I had shared sweat, blood, and tears for almost 15 years— Dick Tracy in the flesh —Morgan Conway's flesh, to be exact— right on the screen at the Palace! And for once he did the talking and I listened” [said Chester Gould].
  • Birthday: Timothy Dalton (born today)


Viola; Helen Romanelli

This evening, Dot & friends went to a dance at Tilden Technical High School, as it was called in 1946, near 48th & Union Ave (about two miles from Dot's house). The school has since been renamed as Tilden Career Community Academy High School.

“[Tilden] was constructed in 1905, became a Chicago Public School in 1915, with additions constructed in 1924 and 1943. The school is located in the Canaryville community on the city's South Side. Tilden now serves as a model career academy for 1,350 students.”

Mar. 22

“Got cooler today, about 42.

After school, Viola and Helen came over and we had tea and cake, and also gabbed away. Got a letter from Herb and he said he was in the hospital at camp.

Later in the evening, Sis and I went to Tilden's dance. Met Viola, Ray, Helen and Doris. We danced, danced and danced until I could hardly stand. Went downstairs and had a Coke. Also had group singing and boy, we really had fun.

After the dance, Sis and I ate in Minuet's. Got home at 12:30.”

Doris, I would guess, is probably the same friend who appeared on the Jan. 5 and Feb. 9 diary pages. —D.

Today's news:

  • TELEVISION IN WAR SHOWN AT CAPITAL; Observers in Darkened Room See Mock Attack on Baltimore By Airborne Equipment; CIVILIAN USES PICTURED; Reporters May Send News as It Happens - Aid to Explorers Is Possible: Observers, sitting in a darkened room at the Naval Air Station here, were able today through a demonstration of airborne television to “look” from the cockpit of a plane as it took off.
  • Army Orders Same Uniform for Officer, GI: After June 30, 1948, army officers and enlisted men will dress alike, except for insignia, the war department announced today.
  • Breezy Spring Short Coat Is Fashion ‘Must’: Short, coats with emphasis on streamline, usually straight and prim in front and swankily flared at the back, are here to stay. They are breezy spring numbers, irresistibly young and snappy, not only in silhouette but in dashing color, and in patterns such as bold, big checks.
  • CANADIENS BEAT HAWKS, 5-1; 2 UP IN SERIES - 2 FIGHTS MARK GAME; CHICAGO CUP HOPES DIM: The Chicago Blackhawks' designs on the Stanley cup and the world hockey championship tonight received another swift and punishing jolt in the form of a 5 to 1 licking by the Montreal Canadiens, as hardy and sharp a hockey team as has come along in quite a spell.
  • Birthdays: Marcel Marceau (23), Chico Marx (59)


Halsted St. looking north towards 63rd; Sis and Dot; Helen Romanelli
Mar. 23

“Dear diary: today it rained practically all day. Sis and I went down 63rd and I bought a purse and a plaid shirt.

Came home and wrote Jim, Hal and Herb a letter. Helen dropped in and we went to Parnell.

Watched Sonny and baby Lee tonight. Listened to the radio and tried to write Stan a letter, but didn't know exactly what to say. I got to bed at about 1:30.

Jim, Hal and Herb are now all in the Navy; baby Lee is the son of Dot's aunt Marge and uncle Lee. —D.

Today's news:

  • DOUGLAS PORT TURNED OVER TO CHICAGO BY ARMY: Chicago yesterday became the owner of a second airport, the Douglas airport at Higgins and La Grange rds., near Park Ridge, when the War Assets corporation formally turned the deed to the 1,080.64 acres over to the city.
  • A-BOMB TESTS POSTPONED - Truman Sets 6 Week Delay for Congress: The White House tonight announced a postponement of “about six weeks” in the atomic bomb tests on warships, which had been scheduled to start May 15 at Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands.
  • CHICAGO LICKS PLATES, GARBAGE SURVEY SHOWS - Million Pounds a Day Collected in City: Chicago garbage men, public and private, yesterday collected just under one million pounds of garbage. There was sufficient garbage that, if for some misanthropic reason it were all put in one place, it would make a pile 30 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 57 feet deep.
  • GIANT HOSPITALS TO BE BUILT ON NEAR NORTH SIDE - Each Will Cost Around 10 Million Dollars: Two giant hospital groups, each costing about 10 million dollars, are to be built on the near north side, it was learned yesterday. Mercy hospital, oldest institution of its kind in the state, has bought nearly the entire block bounded by Huron, St. Clair, and Erie sts.
  • Birthdays: Michael Nyman (2), Joan Crawford (41).


Mar. 24

“Stayed in all afternoon.

In the evening, Sis and I dressed and went to Parnell and then took a Halsted car and bus to the Armory on 55th & Michigan. It's old, but real big. Skated a lot and gosh— there were almost all sailors there.

Left the place at 10:45 and stopped in Minuet's and had more fun. The waitress was mad and kept swearing at everyone.

Got home at 12:00 and went to bed at 2:00. Mom said Dutz and another guy were over.”

As I could find no information about an armory at 55th & Michigan, I am assuming that Dot meant the one pictured below, the Richard L. Jones National Guard Armory at 5th & Cottage Grove Ave. Its namesake was a decorated hero of both World Wars as part of US Army black regiments. He later managed the Chicago Defender newspaper, and was the US ambassador to Liberia.

The Richard L. Jones National Guard Armory, built in 1931.

Today's news:

  • OIL SCIENTISTS TO STUDY U. S., WORLD SUPPLY: A world supply of petroleum that will sustain America's motor vehicle economy will occupy the attention of petroleum industry scientists who will meet in Chicago April 1 to 4.
  • PLAN A DE LUXE ‘5 AND 10’ STORE ON MICHIGAN AV. - Woolworth Lease Calls for New Building: Negotiation of a 1 million dollar loan on the land under the eight story Woolworth building, 12-22 N. Michigan av., yesterday disclosed plans for the construction of one of the most elaborate “5 and 10” stores in the country at a cost of several million dollars.
  • At Least 3 Musicals Booked for Spring Playgoing - ‘On the Town,’ Due April 1, First on List: In the spring the playgoer's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of song and dance, and at least three musicals propose to do something about it.
  • ENTICING SHOW PACKS THEM IN FOR 78 YEARS - Lincoln Zoo Has an All-Star Cast: The Lincoln park zoo is the one Chicago show that has never known a final curtain. In its 78 year run, the longest of any show that ever hit Chicago.
  • Hawks Renew Cup Struggle on Home Ice: The Chicago Blackhawks, grimly cast in the old backs-against-thewall role, tonight will battle the Montreal Canadiens on Chicago Stadium ice in the third match of their semi-final series for the Stanley cup and the world's hockey title.
  • Birthdays: Steve McQueen (16), Gov. Thomas Dewey (44).


Mar. 25

“Got excused after 4th period and then Sis and I went downtown. I bought a hat and then we went to the Oriental and saw The Outlaw with Jane Russell. It was really suggestive in parts, altho the picture wasn't really too good.

Came home at 7:30 and stopped in Myrt & Henry's for barbecued beef, and then came home, changed shoes, and went to Parnell. Saw Doty, Chuck and boyfriend.

Got a letter from Hal.

Trailer for The Outlaw, starring Jane Russell

Today's news:

  • UNO Faces Test as Security Council Opens Session Today - Hope, Fear Mingle as New League Convenes: In its first peaceful spring in six years, the thoughts and prayers of a war wearied world will turn tomorrow to a search for a lasting peace.
  • TRUMAN SPEECH STIRS WRATH IN HIS OWN PARTY: Southern Democrats today struck back at President Truman for his Jackson day dinner speech last night in which he assailed party members who have aligned themselves with Republicans to oppose administration legislation.
  • CANADIENS BEAT HAWKS 3rd STRAIGHT, 8 TO 2 - MONTREAL CAN END SERIES IN FOURTH GAME: The Chicago Blackhawks will meet the Montreal Canadiens in an ice hockey game on the Chicago Stadium rink tomorrow evening. The match will mark the fourth game of one side of the National league Stanley cup semi-final series.
  • Designer Uses Navy, White Dramatically: The most dramatic combination of colors to be found in a single spring collection is that in the costumes combining navy blue with a decisive dash of white. This isn't the usual navy blue suit with a white blouse or the navy blue dress with whiffs of sheer white collar.
  • Gagster Humor Lowers Taste, Says Lecturer: A warning that American humor is rapidly deteriorating into a series of overworked gags was voiced by Russell Maloney, contributor to national magazines, in a lecture in the Arts club Saturday. His talk on “Humor” was the last in a series of lectures sponsored by Poetry [magazine].
  • Birthdays: Aretha Franklin (4), Gloria Steinem (12).


Sis and Dot; Miller; Dot's accordion
Mar. 26

“After school, I went with Helen to Western Union for a job. From there I came straight home and Viola was over.

Later in the evening, Sis and I went to the library and Dutz and Miller came in there and we went to Parnell with them.

Came home, and Miller played my accordion, and Dutz, the piano. They sort of got on my nerves. They read Stan's letter and threatened to tell Herb. I also told them I was having some good times, etc. Much to their surprise.

They left at 12:30, leaving me mad at Herb because of their salesmanship.


It isn't clear to me if it was Helen, or my mother, or both of them, who sought a job at Western Union on this day.

As I've mentioned before, and as you can see in the photo at left, my mom's personalized (and very heavy) accordion is still alive and well.

A Western Union ad from 1946.

Today's news:

  • Mercury Hits 1946 High of 71; Rain Today
  • Hitler-Stalin Pact Cited in Nazi Defense: The secret treaty between Hitler and Stalin for the division of Europe into spheres of interest was described before the international military tribunal today by an attorney for Rudolf Hess.
  • CHARGES U. S. BEING LED INTO WAR WITH REDS - Rep. Sumner Hits New Deal Aims: The administration's foreign policy is involving the United States step by step in another war to preserve the British empire.
  • Gloria Swanson Awarded Alimony of $300 a Week
  • Birthdays: singer Diana Ross (2), writer Erica Jong (4), actor Leonard Nimoy (15).


Sis and Dot; 63rd & Halsted streets
Mar. 27

“Was late for school this morning (60 today). Later in the evening, Sis and I took a walk down 63rd and looked in all the store windows. Then stopped in Myrt & Henry's for a barbecue beef and cup of coffee.

Came home and did some homework. Also listened to Kay Kyser and Jack Kirkwood. Went to bed at quarter to 12:00.”


  • Kay Kyser's Kollege musical variety radio program was broadcast Wednesday nights on WMAQ, 670AM, from 9:00 to 9:45 p.m. Tonight's guest was big band vocalist Lucy Ann Polk.
  • The Jack Kirkwood Show “excelled in parodies of detective shows and westerns”; 9:45 to 10:15 p.m., on WBBM, 780AM.

Kay Kyser's Kollege radio show, staged for the 1939 film, That's Right, You're Wrong!

Today's news:

  • UNO Beats Russia on Iran; Gromyko Threatens Walkout - FIERY COUNCIL DEBATE PUTS ISSUE ON AGENDA: In a prolonged session of bitter wrangling and tense drama, the soviet union today suffered two decisive defeats in its sustained effort to prevent the united nations security council from considering the tempestuous Iranian situation.
  • PATCH OF WHEAT IS HIROSHIMA'S SYMBOL OF LIFE: In the center of this bomb blasted city a stand of new wheat grows luxuriantly— a patch about the size of a living room rug.
  • SAILORS OBJECT TO MODERNIZED NEW UNIFORMS - Over 90 Pct. of Letters Protest Change: Navy enlisted men have overwhelmingly disapproved the modernized, tradition-breaking uniform submitted for tests three months ago, the navy said.
  • ‘FINEST TRAINS EVER’ PLANNED BY C. & O. ROAD - Include a Theater, Library, Phone: Plans for the “finest and most revolutionary trains built since the advent of the streamlined train’ were disclosed yesterday.
  • MANY TROLLEYS, BUSES COMING, BUT FEW ‘L’ CARS - New Equipment to Begin Arriving Soon: Bus and street car riders in the Chicago area will be riding new, speedier and more comfortable equipment before the year is out, but the subway and elevated straphanger will not be so fortunate, a survey ... revealed yesterday.
  • CANADIENS DROP HAWKS FROM CUP PLAY, 7-2 - VISITORS WIN FOURTH IN ROW BEFORE 16,599: ‘Twas a fine hockey season we had here in Chicago. Our Blackhawks produced the league's leading scorer in Max Bentley, the organization's top forward line in Max, his brother, Doug, and Willie, Mosienko, not to mention the largest home attendance of any [NHL] team.
  • Birthdays: Sarah Vaughan (22), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (60)


Dot; Sunny, Sis and Dot
Mar. 28

“Today was another very warm day (69). Met Sunny and fooled around the house for awhile and then went to Parnell for a Coke. Then to the Stratford and saw Mildred Pierce and it was really worth the Academy Award.

After the show, we went and had another barbecue and then went to Parnell restaurant and had a piece of pie. We really had a lot of fun.”

Joan Crawford won a Best Actress Oscar for the title role in Mildred Pierce (trailer)

Today's news:

  • BERLIN PARADES LAVISH FASHIONS AMID WRECKAGE - Military Motif Marks Costly New Gowns: American women coming to join the United States colony in Berlin this spring can bring material and have exquisite dresses hand-made by one of the leading European couturiers for the black market price of three or four packs of cigarets.
  • DENOUNCES NEW RADIO STATION AND ITS BACKERS: Rep. Boren (D., Okla.) today protested the FCC's recent granting of a license [to] Metropolitan Broadcasting Corp. [which has] been under investigation by the house committee on un-American activities for connections with alleged Communist front organizations.
  • Food Men See New Electronic Stove in Action: The housewife of the future will not have to spend hours huddled over a hot stove if a cooking unit demonstrated yesterday at the annual convention of the National Restaurant association comes into general use.

To prove the assertion, J.C. Sharp of Edison Electric Applicances tossed a couple of hot dogs into an electronic stove, and before he could get the bun ready the wieners were piping hot and waiting.

The heating principle of the stove is pretty complicated but it is closely related to a radio wave. When food is placed in an electronic stove a high frequency wave passes thru it and “the food molecules go crazy,” he said.

Sharp warned housewives not to run to the nearest store; it will still be some time before they are ready for mass production.

  • FIELD STORE BIDS FOR CAFE AT AIRPORT: Public Works Commissioner Hewitt recommended yesterday that the city council committee accept a bid by Marshall Field & Co. for the restaurant concession in the proposed million dollar terminal at Chicago airport.
  • Chimp Makes a Chump Out of Cast in New Tarzan Film - “TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN”: If Cheeta isn't getting as good a salary as any of the humans in the cast of “Tarzan and the Leopard Woman,” he ought to squawk. That little chimpanzee certainly can act.
  • Birthdays: NBA players Rick Barry (2) and Jerry Sloan (4).


Sis and Dot

Mar. 29

“Got a little cooler today (50). Practiced our dance in school.

Then later in the evening we didn't want to go to the dance, so Sis and I went to the Southtown and had to wait in line for a half-hour. Met Sunny's Rick, and boy he acted gooney. Lots of cute guys in the show. Saw Fallen Angel (terrific) and She Went to the Races (good).

Got out at 12:15 and had a piece of pie and cup of coffee.”

The dance may have been the regular Friday evening one at Kelly High School, which Dot and Sis had gone to in the past.

Fallen Angel (trailer)

A scene from She Went to the Races

Today's news:

  • ONCE AGAIN CRY OF FORE SOUNDS THRU THE LAND - Warm Weather Brings Out the Golfers: Yesterday's temperatures found several grandmothers and favorite aunts passing on to their respetive rewards. Highly respected business men thruout our town developed sudden headaches. Their wives were phoned to ransack attics and cellars for their favorite clubs.
  • NAVY PROVES ITS POWER IN ARCTIC - Ships, Planes Work Well in War Maneuver: After 19 days in the freezing, subarctic, the navy's mighty aircraft carrier Midway steamed into sun drenched New York harbor this warm spring morning with a succinct answer to the question of whether ships and planes can fight in the far north.
  • COURT IS ASKED TO HALT TRANSIT LINES' MERGER: Two groups of surface lines investors yesterday filed in federal District court a notice of appeal from the traction plan under which the Chicago metropolitan transit authority, would purchase, unify, and operate the surface and elevated systems under public ownership.
  • BOSTON BRUINS REACH STANLEY CUP FINALS - WHIP DETROIT IN TEN MINUTE OVERTIME, 4-3: A rink length dash by Don Gallinger, after almost 10 minutes of sudden death play, tonight gave Boston a 4 to 3 victory over Detroit's Red Wings and put the Bruins into the Stanley cup playoff finals with the Montreal Canadiens.
  • Birthdays: Vangelis, Eric Idle (3), Sam Walton (28), Cy Young (79)



Sis, Sunny, Dot; Dot; Dot near her home at 61st & Normal Blvd.; Sunny, Dot and Sis


Mar. 30

“Went down 63rd at 5:00 and met Sunny. It was very cold (42) and windy out and I had my pumps and black dress on. Boy, I was freezing, so we went in Myrt & Henry's and had barbecued beef.

Came home and sat up in our room fooling around trying on hats and dresses. I put on my negligee.

Then Dee called and Sunny, Sis and I put on slacks and plaid shirts and took a walk down 63rd. Went in Parnell and talked to Jimmy Smith and then had a cup of coffee and a roll at Myrt & Henry's. We sang all the way home and had a wonderful time.”

I can only guess that Jimmy Smith is a friend from school, and several searches have turned up nothing at all about Myrt & Henry's.

Today's news:

  • GERMAN ZONES PROLONG CHAOS, CHICAGOAN SAYS: Germany will remain in a state of chaos as long as it is divided into four occupied zones, Maj. David M. Smith, former chief of press in the western American zone, predicted yesterday.
  • HEAVY TRAFFIC GAIN FORECAST FOR AIR LINES: A substantially increased volume of airplane traffic is expected this year because fares have been reduced generally to rail-Pullman levels.
  • LAUNCH DRIVE TO RID ROADS OF GARBAGE PILES - County to Arrest All Violators: County authorities launched a drive yesterday to rid highway areas of garbage and other refuse dumped by motorists living in or near suburban communities. Principal contamination has been found in the southwestern section of Cook county.
  • CUBS RALLY TO WIN, 5-4; SOX WHIP PIRATES - NORTH SIDERS BEAT BROWNS WITH 5 RUN 8TH: The titular Cubs were up to their necks in misery for seven innings this afternoon, but finally squirmed into fighting position and put on a splurge by which they dodged another plastering at the hands of the St. Louis Browns.
  • Birthday: Warren Beatty (9)

Dot; Sis and Dot; Miller
Mar. 31

“Sat around in my pajamas, and who should come over but Dutz, Bernie and Herb's brother Pete in his uniform. They wanted me to go for a ride so I had to dress.

Sis and I went to Ank's house for about 10 minutes, fooled around and came home. Then in the evening, Sunny, Sis and I went to Viking's but left shortly (we were bored).

On our way home, met Miller, Moe and Irv (Gloria's common-law hubby —practically). We talked to them for an hour and then they walked us home and came in and I made some coffee.

Miller kept teasing me and whistled every time I'd walk by him. I had my corny pink and black dress on.

Today's news:

  • THE 49TH STATE: Hawaii has asked, thru an overwhelming vote of its house and senate, that the United States take immediate action toward admitting the territory to statehood. Hawaii has a population of 500,000, more than any state except Oklahoma had at the time of admission to the Union.
  • Film Stars End War Roles and Return to Sets: Major Ronald Reagan is just plain mister now, and busy co-starring with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in “Stallion Road”. The pleasantly reticent Jimmy Stewart has doffed his army air corps wings and donned makeup for “It's a Wonderful Life” with Donna Reed. Kids and grownups alike will be happy to hear that Mickey Rooney is out of khaki and scheduled to resume his popular Andy Hardy series for MGM. Tyrone Power is working on “The Razor's Edge” for 20th Century Fox.
  • COUNTY TO PAVE FOUR HIGHWAYS THRU N. W. AREA: Four roads in the northwest suburban areas of Cook county soon will be paved. Commissioner William Busse said “all the roads carry heavy local traffic and serve areas whose residents have waited a long time for a hard surface highway”.
  • Coliseum Fans Find Boats Like Nylons— Hard to Get: You can almost see fish being yanked out of the water, carefree citizens strolling in bathing suits, and almost feel the rays of the hot sun, all under the Coliseum's roof, where another event yesterday emerged from the war's blackout.
  • Birthdays: Liz Claiborne (17), César Chávez (19)

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