Previously during March, 1946, in Dot's Diary: Herb and Dot are exchanging letters, now that Herb is away in the Navy. Dot's sister, Louise, met a “real cute” sailor named Joe Liming. Dutz rescues Dot by saying “Make off I'm Herb” at a movie theater when a strange guy tries to hold her hand. She has fun at a couple of events, a dance at Viking Ballroom, and another to celebrate policemen and St. Patrick's Day. Dot gets a letter from “real handsome; hubba-hubba” Stan Jennings, who's also serving in the Navy. By the end of the month, Dot's happily suffering from “spring fever.”

April 1946
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Tilden High School's Social
Birthday Party
Club Gaiety
Happy Holler County Fair
Carmen Cavallaro
Hal's Party
Polish Wedding

Walgreens Drug Store, with Marshall Fields at right, on the corner of State and Washington streets, 1944; the “Pacesetter Shop” at Marshall Fields; Sunny

April 1

“After school I went downtown and bought a light blue silk dress (Marshall Fields) with the $10 Mom and Dad gave me for my birthday.

Met Sunny in front of York's at 4:45 and we looked around all the stores and then went to Walgreens Cafeteria. Had a gay time watching a couple of boys. She left for work and I looked around until 6:30.

Met Sis in Parnell at 7:00. Had a Coke, came home and Miller called me up to see what kind of dress I bought and just to see how I was getting along. Mighty neighborly.

Also wrote Hal a (very windy) letter.”

York's (or Yorks) might have been a store of some kind, but I haven't found any information on it.

A reader wrote in to say she remembers buying clothes at Yorks, on State Street, and that it was similar to the “Three Sisters” clothing store: “I think I remember the Yorks sign, with black, ‘Bauhaus’ sans-serif lettering, on a white background.”

The $10 in 1946 would be about $135 today.

Today's news:

  • SOVIET-IRANIAN CRISIS LEAVES IRAQ UNRUFFLED - Official Says Reds Fail to Influence Moslems: The rest of the middle east may be uneasy because of the situation in Iran (Persia), but Iraq is unworried.
  • Newest in Spring Styles: This may be the day given over to quips and tricks, but to a serious minded shopper it's the official beginning of the spring month in which all the newest fashions come out in full bloom.
  • NEW W-G-N SHOW, FAMOUS NAMES, TO BEGIN TODAY - Jane Russell to Be First Guest on Program: Jane Russell, screen star of “The Outlaw,” will be the first guest on the new Famous Names series starting over W-G-N at 1:15 p. m. today. The program featuring interviews of notables by Myron Wallace will be broadcast from the Mayfair room of the Blackstone hotel
  • Birthdays: Ali MacGraw (8), Debbie Reynolds (14), Jane Powell (17)


Ginny Merigold and Helen Romanelli; Herb Martin; Bob Plant (Ginny's boyfriend.)

April 2

“Hot out today. After school, I met Helen and we went on 59th [St.] and had a Coke. She told me all about Johnny, and he sure is a lot like my Herb. Talks real frank and kind of overdoes it too.

That really is a bad fault of Herb's and I do wish he didn't do that as much as he does. I guess they want their girls to be ‘on the ball’...

Later on I slept from 7 to 9, and Sis and I then went to Parnell, met Ginny and then Bob. Invited them to my party.”

I think Johnny was probably Helen's boyfriend. Ginny and Bob have been going together since mid-1945, and they would eventually get married.

Today's news:

  • Estimate 300 Perish in Hawaiian Town; California Hit - HILO WRECKED; RESCUE SQUADS DIG FOR VICTIMS: This tragic city was a horrible shambles today as rescue squads dug bodies of 37 victims of today's smashing tidal wave from the slimy wreckage and rubble.
  • PACIFIC TIDAL WAVE; 70 DIE - 5,000 HOMELESS; LOSS RUNS INTO THE MILLIONS: The latest total of dead in the wake of the tidal wave in the Hawaiian islands is 70. Forty-eight bodies have been recovered on the island of Hawaii and hundreds are reported missing there.
  • BASES U. S. BUILT TO BE GIVEN TO CUBA ON MAY 20: All United States bases built in Cuba during the war will be given to that republic on May 20, State Secretary Byrnes informed Cuban Ambassador Guillermo Belt today.
  • GREEN ASSERTS U. S. FATE HINGES ON '46 ELECTION: Even tho this is an off year on the election calendar, American voters will decide issues which “must largely determine the security and prosperity of our country for the next generation,” [Illinois] Gov. Green said tonight.
  • Many New Uses: Continuing and new uses for aluminum ranging from railroad locomotives to clothespins foreshadow promising aluminum markets, Aluminum Company of America said yesterday.
  • Birthdays: Marvin Gaye (7), Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (16)


Dot and Sis

April 3

“Real windy and cool outside.

Sis and I went down 63rd and I bought my jeans, and then we went to the Stratford. We saw Leave Her To Heaven —very good, and also The House I Live In, avec Frank Sinatra.

Got out of the show and it was real nice. Got home at 7:30 and Miller called. I talked to him for awhile and then put my slacks on and Sis and I went to Myrt & Henry's for a hamburger.

Real nice day. Went to bed @ 1:00.”


As you can see from the Stratford ad at left, there was a live broadcast of a quiz program over radio station WIND, but it began at 8:30pm, a couple of hours after Dot and Sis departed the theater.

My mother hasn't said it, but my guess is that Miller may have had romantic eyes on her.

Trailer for Leave Her To Heaven, starring Gene Tierney

The House I Live In, starring Frank Sinatra (10 min.)

Today's news:

  • ALASKA WAVE SUBSIDES; TOLL MAY REACH 167 - 72 Dead, 84 Missing in Hawaii: Huge seismic waves that rolled thru the Pacific from the Aleutians to Hawaii and California and as far south as Chile yesterday took the lives of possibly 167 persons, latest reports disclosed, and left property damage running into millions of dollars.
  • Chicago-N. Y. Flight Record— 115 Minutes - Record Breaking Chicago to New York Flight: Assisted by a 105 mile an hour wind blowing straight out of the west at 17,000 feet up, a Transcontinental & Western Air Constellation plane carrying 47 passengers yesterday flew the 720 air miles from Chicago to New York in one hour and 55 minutes, an average speed of 388 mph.
  • PONTIAC STARTS 'EM ROLLING ON ASSEMBLY LINE: Production of Pontiac automobiles was resumed today. Shipments to dealers will be started tomorrow. In addition, large stocks of repair parts once again are moving to dealers to be used in keeping old cars moving
  • Full Sleeves Add Smartness to House Coats: Bigger and better sleeves have been put into new spring negligees and house coats of all colors and materials. Both dress coats and suits have been flaunting these big balloon-like sleeves, and [they appear] now in house coats, hostess gowns, and robes.
  • Critics Name ‘Carousel’ as Best Musical
  • Birthdays: Tony Orlando (2), Wayne Newton (4), Doris Day (22), Marlon Brando (22)


Sunny; Dot

April 4

“Practiced for graduation 2nd period. No mail today.

After school, Sunny came and I dressed and we went down 63rd. I bought a sheer, green blouse and a pair of white shoes. I looked all over for party stuff but no luck.

Stopped in Myrt & Henry's, ate, and then went to Parnell for a Cherry Coke. Led Sunny to the streetcar. Came home and did a little homework. I was in a very giddy mood tonight; can't understand it.”

Today's news:

  • HOPE IS FADING FOR 81 MISSING IN HAWAII AREA - 50 Children Are Among Those Still Lost: Hope dwindled today for the safety of 81 persons— including 50 children missing in the wake of Monday's seismic wave disaster from which possibly 170 persons were dead or missing in the Pacific ocean areas.
  • Plan 70 Acres of South Side Homes - Housing for 1,500 Families Goal: The site is bounded by 83d st. on the north, 87th st. on the south, Dorchester av. on the east and the Nickel Plate railroad on the west. [It] adjoins the south and east boundaries of Avalon park.
  • County Has Record 2,381,846 Registered to Vote on April 9: Cook county has a record breaking 2,381,846 persons registered for next Tuesday's primary election, compilations of the Chicago election board and County Clerk Flynn showed yesterday.
  • BUILT-IN RADIOS PREDICTED FOR FUTURE HOMES - Maker Says All Rooms to Contain Outlets: The house of tomorrow will be built for the ear as well as for the eye, William J. Halligan, president of the Hallicrafters company, producers of radio equipment, forecast yesterday.
  • Birthdays: Anthony Perkins (14), Maya Angelou (18), Tris Speaker (58)


Viola; Dot; Tilden High School 1946 yearbook


April 5

“Nice day, 60 degrees. Practiced our square dance and after school cleaned house. Dressed, and Sis and I went to Tilden's social. I had a very wonderful time.

Danced with Viola's Ray, and then a guy about 6'3" danced with me. He talked real southern, from Memphis. His name was Herb Gamis. I got a big kick out of him, because my poor toes hurt from trying to dance.

They also had group singing and, all in all, I had fun. Got home at 12:00.”

Today's news:

  • ‘ABOLISH WAR’-MacARTHUR - WARNS NATIONS TO GIVE UP ‘SOVEREIGN RIGHT’: Gen. MacArthur, flanked by Russian. Chinese, British, and American representatives, warned the world today that all nations must “abolish war”.
  • PLAN SEPARATE RULE FOR YANKS' ZONE OF KOREA - Russian Slowness Leads to U. S. Action: American occupation officials have initiated a move to set up a Korean government in the United States zone because of the slow progress of the United States-soviet commission in establishing self-rule thruout the country.
  • BATTLE FAMINE WITH RATIONING, POPE PIUS URGES - Warns Hunger Is Big Peril to Peace: Pope Plus XII. today called upon nations to unite in feeding the famished lest hunger threaten the “sorely needed peace.” He suggested limited rationing “in the better stocked countries” as one means of battling starvation.
  • CITIZENS RALLY TO REDEVELOP BLIGHTED AREA - H. T. Heald to Direct South Side Program: The organization of a new citizens group for the purpose of salvaging and improving the south side blight area was announced yesterday. It is to be known as the South Side Redevelopment corporation.
  • Birthdays: Jane Asher (born today), Colin Powell (9), Arthur Hailey (26)


Dot, Lil and Sis; Ginny; Sis and Chuck in 1949

April 6

“Went down 63rd in the afternoon and got the house cleaned for the party. Sunny, Lil, Dee, Helen, Viola and Ginny came and also Bud, Johnny, Rich, Al, Wolf, and a soldier named Bob. Also Bob Plant and Chuck.

Had a swell time dancing, eating and goofing around. The kids all seemed to have a good time. I blew out all the candles, and my wish was that Herb was with me and that everything between us comes out wonderful.

Rich, Dee and the soldier and I walked Lil home at 5:15. The soldier was wolfy.”

It's Dot's 18th birthday party. I can't identify some of the guys, like Bud, Johnny, Rich, Al, Wolf and Bob. But this party evidently was for my mom's friends, not family.

Today's news:

  • City Salutes Army; Hears Truman Today - 14,000 TROOPS WILL MARCH IN 5 MILE PARADE: America's triumphant army, represented by the famous 5th (Red Diamond) infantry division and other powerful units, will parade down Michigan av. today in the nation's most elaborate observance of Army day.
  • SENATE VOTES MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE TO 65 cents: A bill boosting the minimum wage from 40 to 65 cents an hour, and carrying a higher farm price amendment, was passed tonight by the senate and sent to the house.
  • ALDERMEN TOSS OUT ALL BIDS ON AIRPORT'S CAFE - Delay Completion of Terminal Building: Completion of the million dollar terminal building at Chicago airport, 63d st. and Cicero av., was delayed yesterday when the city council subcommittee on aviation and finance threw out all bids on the terminal restaurant.
  • BUICK TO REOPEN ASSEMBLY LINES IN FLINT MONDAY: Buick's assembly lines here, long closed by the General Motors strike, are scheduled to resume operations Monday. A few days thereafter 1946 models will start rolling toward dealers' showrooms. However, because of the huge demand, don't expect to buy [a Buick] in '46.
  • DAYTON-CHICAGO IN 33 MINUTES! JET PLANES DO IT: Thirty-three minutes after two army air corps jet-propelled P-80A Lockheed fighter planes left Wright field, Dayton, O., yesterday, they landed at Chicago airport —a distance of 235 miles. This was an average speed of 426 miles an hour.
  • Birthdays: Billy Dee Williams (9), Walter Huston (62)

Vertus and Dot. This photo was taken when they first met, in February of 1945. Vert is Dot's friend Lillie's older brother.

Dot taped this drink stirrer to her diary page.
April 7

“Got up at 9:15, dressed and then Sis, Dee, Sunny and I went to Parnell. We had a Coke, and then led Sunny to her streetcar at 1:30. Dee, Sis and I had pie and coffee at Minuet's.

In the evening, Sunny came over, and who should call but Vertus, and made a date. Miller called while he was here, and tried to induce me to break my date.

We first got Lill in Vertus' brother's car and rode around. Then we went to Club Gaiety at 63rd & Normal. Sat in a booth and listened to the Sad Sack Trio. God, they were a riot.

I had a Sloe Gin, three Whiskey Cokes and a Tom Collins. And five cigarettes. I danced and boy, I was so drunk I couldn't see straight. I acted foolish, and just plain cockeyed.”


Dot's been in a giddy mood lately. She's been clothes-shopping and she celebrated her 18th birthday. She saw Leave Her To Heaven, and watched Frank Sinatra sing her favorite song. And she hasn't gotten any mail from Herb.

If you have any information about Club Gaiety or the Sad Sack Trio, please let me know.

Today's news:

  • AVENUE LINED BY THOUSANDS FOR BIG PARADE - President Reviews 14,000 of Famed 5th Division: Thousands of persons lined Michigan av. yesterday on Army day to witness one of Chicago's biggest military parades since World War I, and to catch a glimpse of the army's commander in chief, President Truman.
  • BASEBALL FACES BIGGEST YEAR IN ATTENDANCE: Baseball appears headed for its biggest box office boom in history with the 16 major league clubs drawing record attendances in their southern training games while huge advance sales pile up at the home offices.
  • ADULT-YOUTH RELATIONS WILL BE PARKER TOPIC - Shields PTA to Hear Lindblom Aid: “How to Create a Better Understanding Between Adults and Youth” is the subject members of the Parker High school student council will have for a panel discussion at the PTA meeting Wednesday night. Mrs. Muriel Allen is director and sponsor of the group. [Several of Dot's friends and neighbors attended Parker —D.]
  • “DEAR DIARY”— A Different Kind of Journal by a Charming Young Actress (by Hedda Hopper): Kim Hunter, the young actress who played with Ginger Rogers in RKO's “Tender Comrade,” was chosen by a British firm to go over to London and play a WAC in "A Matter of Life and Death," with David Niven and Raymond Massey.
  • 72 Average Temperature in St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • Birthdays: Francis Ford Coppola (7), James Garner (18), Walter Winchell (49)




April 8

“After school I cleaned the house. At 6:00 Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw Cornered and Sing Your Way Home. Very good. Also comedy.

Got out at 9:30 and went to Parnell for a Coke. Miller and Moe called but we weren't home. Did some homework and went to bed at 1:00.

Got a letter from Hal and Jim today. None from Herb. I cried for a half-hour because I felt that going out last nite I had cheated on Herb.

Today's news:

  • REBUFFS MARK TRUMAN'S FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE - Only 5 of 25 Main Plans Passed as Requested: President Truman will wind up his first year as chief executive Friday with a record of repeated rebuffs from congress.
  • BUS LINES PLAN LUXURY TRAVEL AT SMALL COST - Will Spend Millions on New Rider Comfort: Keeping in step with the railroads and air lines in the quest for new passenger comforts, the bus lines are planning to spend millions of dollars to make bus traveling a luxury experience at a small cost.
  • It's Tulip Time and Dutch Are Smiling Again: Tulip time in Holland finds miles of flat acreage in bright blossoms, where potatoes were grown under Hitler's rule. Hyacinths and daffodils also are aflower in peace time abundance and loveliness.
  • Birthdays: John Havlicek (6), Shecky Greene (20)

Sunny and Miller (December, 1945); Dot
April 9

“Rehearsed all day for the show.

After school, Sunny came over. Then about 6:30 Miller and Jim Pauls called, and came over at 8:00.

Miller helped me with my U.S. History and the others played cards. Then we told each other's fortune. Had some cake and coffee.

I never laughed so much. They were plain nuts. Told us a few jokes and ribbed me all night, especially Miller. He teased me to death. Sometimes I wonder about him.

Got to bed at 1:30.”


  • Dot has been rehearsing for tomorrow's “County Fair” at Englewood High School
  • It's the first time Jim Pauls has been mentioned in the diary. I'm assuming he's a friend of Miller's.

Today's news:

  • 4 B-29 CREWS COMPETE FOR A-BOMB HONOR - Finish Training in New Mexico Tomorrow: A training program for “operation crossroads”— the proposed atom bomb test off Bikini atoll —will end here Wednesday with competition for the honor of making the bomb drop narrowed to four B-29 crews.
  • FM CONVERTERS BEGINNING TO REACH MARKET: Converters that will enable prewar FM receivers to tune in the new 88 to 108 megacycle band, to which frequency modulation has been assigned by the federal communications commission, are beginning to reach the market.
  • New Raintogs Provide That Silver Lining: More new, rainy day equipment has been unpacked. At long last here are those nylon raincoats for women, and are thcy super-smart and swank! They can be worn with or without a belt, are cut with super-comfortable shoulders, [and] have the required pocket room.
  • Birthdays: Jean-Paul Belmondo (13), Hugh Hefner (20)



Dot's program for today's “Happy Holler County Fair” at Englewood High School.

The program also reads: “This page printed through the courtesy of Jays Jivereee, heard every Saturday from 5:00 to 5:30 P.M. over WCFL.”

Sis and Dot at the piano.

April 10

“Got up at 8:00, and Sunny went to school with me. Then I went to the locker room and put on my jeans and plaid shirt. I was so nervous, and finally when we did our number I was so relieved. The show was wonderful.

Had 5th lunch, so just went to Civics. After school, Sunny went to work.

In the evening, Miller and Moe called up and came over. So did Dell. Miller played the accordion, and Dell the piano. We had a little chocolate cake and soda. Had a gay time. I wore a skirt and my green blouse.”

Dot's performance was next-to-last (#17), “The Happy Holler Dancers”. (Dot noted that “some were specialty numbers”.) The program:

  1. Orchestra: The Six-Forty-Sixes
  2. To the Fair
  3. Bus No. 51
  4. Happy Holler Singing Society
  5. Dance Duo
  6. Solo (by Elizabeth Williams)
  7. A Touch of the Orient (with Ruby Chinn, Victor Ing, Lucille Louie)
  8. Our Beloved Chicago
  9. Grand Ole Opery
  10. Strike!
  11. Chloe
  12. Frat and Pan
  13. The Ru-Bil-Jay Trio
  14. Englewood's Own Tom Breneman! (A Tom Breneman hosted a 1940s radio show titled “Breakfast in Hollywood”; I don't know if this is the same person.)
  15. Pyramus and Thisbe
  16. The Singing Society Again
  17. The Happy Holler Dancers (a troupe of 37 dancers, including Dot)
  18. Our Own Andrews Sisters (???) (At last year's show, these were male teachers.)

Today's news:

  • SENATE GROUP BACKS MILITARY FORCES' MERGER - All Would Operate Under ‘Defense Secretary’: Unification of the military forces under a secretary of common defense as a measure to prevent another disaster such as Pearl Harbor, was recommended today by a senate military affairs subcommittee.
  • PLANES TO FLY IN ATOM BLAST GET FINAL TEST - They'll Soon Head for the Pacific: Army air corps specialists today gave a final demonstration at the air base here of the pilotless “drone” radio controled B-17 airplanes that will be flown directly into the boiling blast of an atomic bomb at Bikini atoll next July.
  • BEEF SHORTAGE IN CHICAGO TO BE MORE ACUTE - U. S. Meat Supplies Below War's Low: Chicagoans this week will experience the most serious beef shortage in history and supplies of meat thruout the country are much smaller than at the lowest point of war rationing, packing house spokesmen said yesterday.
  • MONTREAL WINS CUP IN 5TH GAME, 6 TO 3 - BRUIN DEFENSE COLLAPSES IN FINAL PERIOD: The Montreal Canadiens stormed thru Boston's defenses for three goals in the final period tonight to defeat the Bruins, 6 to 3, and regain the Stanley cup, emblematic of the world professional hockey championship.
  • Birthdays: David Halberstam (12), Omar Sharif (12)

Sis and Dot; Miller; Vertus and Dot
April 11

“Didn't go to school school today Washed my clothes, and hair, and cleaned the house.

Later in the evening, put on my slacks and went down 63rd. Sis bought me a shirt. We also had a hamburger and a cup of coffee.

Went to Parnell and met Miller and Moe. Had a Coke and they walked us home.

Miller said he understood why I went out with Vertus. They wanted to come in, but we had too much to do. I got to bed at 1:30.

Today's news:

  • Lots of Nylons— Next Spring, Says Burocrat: Herbert Rose, director of the civilian production administration's textile division, had an uncomfortable message today for the nation's women. He announced that there will be plenty of nylon stockings— in the spring of 1947.
  • IT'S A SECRET: NAVY ADVISED TO END CASTE - Uncover Findings Board Made Year Ago: Formation of a civilian board to study caste system practices in the navy is expected in the near future, a navy source said tonight. The inquiry, that source added, will be made by a committee of seven or nine prominent civilians.
  • Looking at Hollywood - Hedda Hopper: Linda Darnell is proving herself a mighty smart girl. When she signed her new deal at Twentieth Century she had a clause included that promised her the lead opposite Tyrone Power in “The Captain from Castile.” [Power's co-star in the 1947 film would be Jean Peters—not Darnell. —D.]
  • White House Egg Rolling Called Off to Save Food
  • Birthday: Ethel (Mrs. Robert F.) Kennedy (18)

Dot's mother, Pauline; Doty

April 12

Sis and I got up and pretended we were going to school, but instead went down 63rd. Came home and Mom was still there, so our plan didn't work.

I ironed most of my clothes, and in the evening Sunny came. We planned to go to Tilden but changed our minds and went to the Linden and saw Why Girls Leave Home (third time) and Detour (second time).

Met Doty and then Vertus. Ate, and got home at 1:30. 52 degrees today.”

I wonder if Dot's mom knew about the other times Dot and Sis stayed home from school; Tilden High School would have had a dance this evening; Detour was worth seeing twice, but I'm not as sure about Why Girls Leave Home.

Today's news:

  • VET HOSPITALS REPORT RISE IN MENTAL CASES - Allocate Half of Their Beds to Them: No post-war problem has aroused more interest and morbid curiosity than the veteran who comes home a “psycho.”
  • DETROIT TO JUNK TROLLEYS ON 15 OF CITY ROUTES: Fifteen of Detroit's 21 trolley lines will be converted to bus operation within three years to satisfy public demand and reduce operating costs.
  • ASKS U. S. PROBE ADMISSION OF ALIEN ‘VISITORS’ - Charges F. D. R. Started Illegal Practice: A basement-to-attic investigation of immigration practices, including back door admissions of aliens on visitors' visas, was urged today.
  • CUBS AND WHITE SOX RESUME SERIES TODAY - Pitchers Are Boss Grimm's Chief Worry: The Cubs, who are National league champions but are having difficulty proving it, escaped from the tormenting Browns today by the painless method. The weather came to the rescue, wip[ing] out the final game of the tour.
  • WEATHER FORECAST: Gradual clearing; fair and warmer tomorrow.
  • Birthday: Ann Miller (23).

The Chicago Theatre. This 1949 photo looks south on State Street from Lake. Dot and Vertus probably exited from the stairway at the lower left, the entrance and exit to the subway and the Englewood branch of the L; a matchbook from the Preview Lounge

Dot turned down Vertus' offer of drinks at the glamorous College Inn and Preview Lounge. She opted instead for a hamburger at the Clover Leaf Bar-B-Q, which was right across the street from the Minuet Grill. The waitress (Marge) brought them this check for 26 cents —25 cents plus tax.
April 13

“Went down 63rd and then came home. Dressed, and then Vertus came at 7:45.

We first went to Parnell, and there I saw Janice Tucker and Mary, and also Earl. Saw George Patton too.

We took an L and went to the Chicago Theatre and saw Sailor Takes a Wife with June Allyson and Robert Walker. It was rugged, but so good. Also saw, in person, Carmen Cavallaro, and some goofy comedian.

After the show he tried to induce me to get a drink at College Inn or Preview [Lounge], but I wanted a hamburger. Got home at 1:45. 70 degrees today.”

The famed College Inn (in the Hotel Sherman; photo below) and the Preview Lounge —a jazz club— were both on Randolph Street, just a few blocks west of State Street and the Chicago Theatre.

“Poet of the Piano” Carmen Cavallaro, from the movie In Acapulco

The Sailor Takes a Wife (trailer)

Today's news:

  • TRUMAN PLEDGE AT F.D.R. SHRINE: WE'LL CARRY ON - Hyde Park Home Becomes Nation's Property: President Truman came today to the boyhood home and final resting place of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to praise his name and to pledge that he will carry on the late President's policies.
  • DETROIT TO JUNK TROLLEYS ON 15 OF CITY ROUTES: Fifteen of Detroit's 21 trolley lines will be converted to bus operation within three years to satisfy public demand and reduce operating costs.
  • ILLINOIS FAIR, BIGGEST EVER, IS ON THE WAY - Great Farm Pageant Set for August: The Illinois state fair, largest agricultural pageant in the world, which closed for five years during the war, will be resumed Aug. 9 to 18 at the state fair grounds in Springfield, Gov. Green announced today. He said this year's will eclipse all previous fairs.
  • CUBS WHIP SOX, 11-2; PLAY IN CHICAGO TODAY - RICKERT LEADS 12 HIT ASSAULT TO BEAT GROVE: The Cubs, perhaps smarting over their series of reversals in competition with the St. Louis Browns, were a bit severe with the White Sox today as they plastered Orval Grove, Frank Papish, and other south side stalwarts, 11 to 2.
  • Birthday: Al Green (born today).


Dot and Sis stayed in and watched their younger brother today; Herb Martin, away in the Navy
April 14

“Did absolutely nothing today. Went to Parnell in the afternoon and once in the evening. Very rainy day, so Sis and I stayed in and watched baby Lee and Sonny. Had a very dull time. Got to bed at 1:00.

I really missed my honey tonight. Read some of his letters and nearly cried.”

Baby Lee is Dot's aunt Marge and uncle Lee's son. They're living with Dot's family.

Today's news:

  • HERE'S HOW 26 FARED IN THEIR HUNT FOR MEAT: Housewives contacted yesterday in a telephone poll by THE TRIBUNE said they stood in line an average of one or two hours to get meat, or to learn, when their turns came, that there was none left.
  • LA GUARDIA RAPS THOSE WHO EAT PIE A LA MODE - U.N. Chief Asks More Food for Abroad: UNRRA Director Fiorello La Guardia denounced certain Americans today and branded them “belly Americans.”
  • 27 ARE INJURED WHEN BUS RAMS STREET CAR POLE - 21 Taken to Hospital for Treatment: Twenty-seven persons were injured yesterday when a Bluebird bus en route from Joliet to Chicago crashed into a trolley pole at 63d st. and Laurel av. Twenty-one were taken to Holy Cross hospital. Six were treated by a private physician.
  • BERLINERS CALL RED RADIO NEWS TOO ONE-SIDED - Demand a Change in Control: Thousands of letters a day are pouring into the offices of Berlin radio —controled by the Russians— protesting what the writers declare is the excessive political content of the programs and the one-sidedness of the political outlook.
  • FORECASTS ERA OF FLUORESCENT HOME LIGHTING: Fluorescent lighting will play a large part in the many unusual lighting effects promised for our post-war homes, bring[ing] fluorescent home lighting out of the custom made and into the ready made category.
  • CUBS BEAT SOX, 6-3; CLINCH SPRING SERIES - NORTH SIDERS SCORE 5 RUNS IN 6TH INNING Errors Prove Costly to Both Teams: Charley Grimm's Cubs, who freely admit they are not accustomed to comfort while associating with their home town rivals, the White Sox, literally rolled in luxury yesterday in Comiskey Park while giving a 1946 baseball premiere to 12,588 patrons.
  • Birthdays: Julie Christie (5), Rod Steiger (21)

Englewood High School; The Sears store was on the northeast corner of 63rd & Halsted; Dot
April 15

“Went back to school today and had a French, Civics and English test— yow.

I went down 63rd after school and tried to get nylons, but it seems as if Esther gave me a bum steer.

Went in Sears, and some discharged guy started talking to me. He walked me home and tried his darndest to get me to go to the Southtown and showed me a mess of dollars wrapped in bands. He also wanted me to meet him tonite. Persistent rascal, sort of wolfy tho.

Stayed in all evening. Mom and Dad went to the show.”

Dot bought a pair of nylons from her school friend Esther back on Feb. 8th.

Today's news:

  • DEATH, LOST MASTER AND MISHAPS UPSET ANIMALS' KINGDOM: Chicago's bird and animal world was a trifle confused yesterday as Be Kind to Animals week ended with a small sparrow hung by a string as he attempted to build his nest [and] a German shepherd dog from Fort Knox, Ky., stranded in Lincoln park.
  • AMERICA URGED TO LET FOOD BE SENT TO REICH - Military Authorities Tell Need for Imports: The Truman administration has been asked by military government authorities here to authorize shipment of monthly food parcels to hungry Germans by their friends or relatives in the United States, it was disclosed today.
  • BING KEEPS 'EM GUESSING AS TO HIS NEXT MOVE - Movie Work Is Only Certain Thing: The fact that Bing Crosby will shortly wind up his NBC series for the company which has sponsored him for almost a decade has caused a lot of speculation about his future in radio.
  • FACE PROBLEMS IN DISTRIBUTING ‘MIRACLE’ DRUG - Doctors Report Supply of Streptomycin Small: Public health authorities said yesterday that minute amounts of streptomycin, new “miracle” drug, have been available in this area and that problems of distribution parallel those when penicillin was in the early experimental stages.
  • Birthdays: Elizabeth Montgomery (13), Chicago mayor Harold Washington (24)


In the drama Diary of a Chambermaid, a woman decides to use her beauty to seduce a wealthy man.

Tars and Spars tells the story of a land-bound sailor who yearns for the sea. Musical numbers include: “I'm Glad I Waited for You”, “Kiss Me Hello, Baby”, “I Have a Love in Every Port”, “Don't Call Me After the War, Baby”, and “When I Get to Town”.

Herb Martin
April 16

“In the afternoon, Sis and I went to the Southtown and saw Diary of a Chambermaid and Tars and Spars. Very good.

After the show, met Sunny, goofed around, ate, and then came home at 10:15. There was Bernie, Dutz and Miller. They said Herb was coming in Sunday morning, so I was kind of sore. They kept asking me about Vertus and things.

Then suddenly I turned around and there in the front room was Herb. Oh God, I nearly died. I put my head in my hands and wouldn't look up at him.

Then we went into the kitchen and he kissed me. We sat in the front room all evening, talking and oh— I'm nuts about him. He left at 1:30.

Bernie (Mangan) and Dutz (aka Walter) are good friends of Herb's and Miller's.

Scene from Diary of a Chambermaid

Today's news:

  • LEFTY TRUMAN TO TOSS 1st BALL - Then Senators, Red Sox Play Before 30,000
  • ARMY DISCLOSES SECRET WEAPON: SIGHT AT NIGHT - Enables Soldier to See, but Not Be Seen: The story of a secret weapon which made it possible for American infantrymen and marines to spot and kill the enemy in total darkness by means of infrared radiation was unfolded yesterday.
  • Garden Fresh Togs Will Give Worms a Treat: Brightly colored seed catalogues, shiny new spades, hoes, rakes, and shiny white garden furniture start more amateur gardeners to work than all the dissertations via the radio or in print. Whatever the inspiration, thousands of women are starting their gardens this month.
  • Something New Under the Sun— New Notes in Food Items: Dried onions that rehydrate like fresh cut onion rings. I haven't seen these on our market yet. By the way, whatever happened to those deodorized onions science was developing a few years back?
  • THIS DAY IN HISTORY - April 16: WILBUR WRIGHT, famous pioneer of aviation, was born 79 years ago today, April 16, 1867, at Millville, near New Carlisle, Ind.
  • On this day: Syria becomes an independent state.Birthdays: Dusty Springfield (7), Pope Benedict XVI (19), Edie Adams (19), Henry Mancini (22), Charlie Chaplin (57)


Herb Martin

April 17

“Got excused from school after 3rd period cause I had a rash on my face. Mrs. Olson said I had an emotional disturbance.

After school, Herb came over and we had a long talk, and it seems as if something was lacking between us.

In the evening, we went to the Marquette with Dutz and Ank. I love Herb more than I ever loved anyone before...

As we walked home, he kept squeezing me and kissing my forehead and cheek. Had some coffee and then sat in the front room discussing us and I know that everything is as it was before he left. We're still going to be married as planned. He left at 3:00.”


Dot, Herb, Dutz and Ank saw Desire and Private Worlds at the Marquette, 63rd & Kedzie Ave., about three miles west of Dot's house. It's the first time Dot has mentioned going to this theatre in her 1945 and 1946 diaries.

An "emotional disturbance.” I don't know what to say about that.

Mrs. Edith C. Olson, at left, was a Physical Education teacher and “faculty sponsor of Englewood High School's cheerleaders”, according to Sis' 1947 yearbook, the “Purple and White”.

A scene from Desire, with Marlene Dietrich

A short clip from Private Worlds

Today's news:

  • A-BOMB RAIDS OVER ARCTIC KEY TO U. S. DEFENSE - Army Studies Plan to Cut Plane Routes: Army air forces and general staff strategic planning for possible future defense of the United States is based primarily upon counter-attack atom bombing raids by long range aircraft flying over the polar ice cap, it was learned here yesterday.
  • 12 Children Arrested in Butte Rioting - DOZEN CHILDREN ARE ARRESTED IN BUTTE VIOLENCE: Arrest of 12 children —boys ranging in age from 10 to 12— tonight marked the extent of the law's reprisals against ax wielding mobs which began a reign of terror here Friday and, in the next three days, extensively damaged homes of 10 nonstriking workers of Anaconda [copper mining].
  • GOVERNORS AND THE PRESIDENT LEAD 236,730 THRU MAJOR LEAGUE GATES OPENING DAY - Red Sox Win Before 30,372, Truman, 6 to 3: President Truman took his wife and daughter and a party of friends to the ball game today, threw one ball [and] caught another.
  • CUBS WIN, 4-3; INDIANS, FELLER WHIP SOX, 1-0 - CLEVELAND HURLER YIELDS 3 HITS, BILL DIETRICH, 6, IN PITCHING DUEL: Bob Feller, the Cleveland Indians' great right hander who beat the White Sox in Comiskey Park, 1 to 0, on opening day, April 16, 1940, in the only no-hit opener in history, yesterday, April 16, 1946, [almost] duplicated the performance in the season opener in the same park.
  • Birthdays: William Holden (28), Señor Wences (50), Nikita Khrushchev (52)


Dot and Herb; Sis, Sunny and Dot
April 18

“I didn't go to school today... Herb called at 11:00 and said he'd be right over. He came at 11:15 with Frankie and we played the piano and goofed around. He left at 12:30 and I went down 63rd with Marge.

Later on I just laid around the house. My neck was real sore, so I kind of felt bad. At 10:30, Sis and I met Sunny and we went to Minuet's and had a hamburger.

Went to Parnell and came home. Then took another walk and we sang every song we knew. My neck swelled a little. Went to bed at 2:00.”

Today's news:

  • WEEK-END MEAT OUTLOOK WORSE FOR CHICAGOANS - Poultry in Fair Supply, Dealers Report: Only luck or lifelong friendship with the corner butcher will bring the traditional ham to the family dinner this Sunday.
  • ARAB KING HITS BRITAIN, U. S. ON AID TO ZIONISTS - Face Moslem Enmity, Says Ibn Saud: King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, elder statesman of the Arab world, has warned Britain and the United States that if they persist in sponsoring Jewish immigration into Palestine they risk incurring “the enmity of [not only] the Arabs.”
  • COMING— RADIO PRINTING PRESS FOR YOUR HOME - Facsimile on Threshhold of Public Service: Facsimile, another adjunct of radio, is showing promise as a medium for broadcasting information and entertainment. It is a radionic technique for transmitting printed and pictorial matter by radio or telephone circuits.
  • CUBS DO IT AGAIN IN 9TH, 11-7; SOX LOSE, 7-1
    The Cubs and Reds, were equally guilty of cooking up a baseball conglomeration this afternoon, but the champions managed to skim off enough of the few choice morsels to accomplish another last minute victory in the second game of the season.
  • SIDEWALK POLL FAVORS 1 NAME FOR LAKE DRIVE: Eighty-nine out of a hundred Chicagoans believe the park district's system of express highways along the lake front should bear the same name from one end of the city to the other instead of the multiple names now on official maps.
  • Birthdays: Hayley Mills (born today), Leopold Stokowski (64).


Sis and Dot; Herb Martin
April 19

“Got up at 7:00 and discovered I had the mumps. Stayed in bed.

In the evening, I played solitaire and listened to the radio. Later, Sis and I went for a walk to Parnell and got back in about 10 minutes.

Herb called at 10:30. When I told him he said ‘Gosh, hon, that's a bitch’, and I agreed. He said he'd come to the party tho, and he wasn't going to stay away from me. He then said he loved me a real lot and said ‘take care of yourself, hon.’”

Today's news:

  • Easy to Give Easter Menu Added Touch: Don't let the current meat shortage play havoc with your Easter menu. If you're not lucky enough to find the traditional ham, lamb, or even chicken, dress up the salad, vegetable, or dessert course of the holiday meal.
  • GEN. IKE WANTS HIM BACK, SO A CHICAGO HOTEL LOSES CHEF!: “The General's” appreciation of crisply browned fish fillets, succulent quail on toast, pheasant with wild rice, and rare roast of beef is taking ex-Sgt. James Martin, 34, of 6127 South Park way, back to the army he left only five months ago.
  • LAKE SITE URGED FOR 100 MILLION CIVIC PROJECT: The proposed utilization of air rights over the Illinois Central and Michigan Central railroad frate yards east of Michigan av., between E. Randolph st. and the Chicago river, to construct part of a suggested 70 acre civic development was recommended yesterday
  • BOARD TO ACT ON SINGLE NAME FOR LAKE DRIVE - Park Officials Agree Titles Confusing: Park board members, mapmakers, and motorists organizations joined yesterday in support of a single name for the park district's lake front expressway system instead of the several names which now clutter up maps and confuse motorists.
  • CUBS SWEEP REDS SERIES; COME HOME TODAY - BITHORN WINS, 4-2, AS 3 SCORE ON AN ERROR: The Cubs still were puzzled by their own bats today, but being tricky fellows, they didn't permit the paucity of base hits to bounce them out of the victory column. They made only four hits during nine innings of toil, but [found] help from other sources.
  • Birthdays: Tim Curry (born today), Dudley Moore (11), Jayne Mansfield (13)


Dot and Herb Martin(December of 1945); Herb and Miller
April 20

“Stayed in bed almost all day. I felt pretty punk.

There was a gang over. Miller, Bernie, and Herb and his brother Pete came. We played the piano and sang.

Then Herb and I went upstairs to the kitchen. He kissed me very tenderly. Then we played a game of gin rummy.

He also tried to convince me that he really and truly is very bashful. It was like being married being with him upstairs. I sat on the couch and he laid his head on a pillow. He also told me how much I meant to him.

The rest had fun, too. Got to bed at 4:30.”

Today's news:

  • GRIM PICTURE OF WORLD - President Pleads for Sacrifice - Hoover Warns Millions Face Death, Gives Plan for U.S. to Provide 44% of Relief - Britain, Russia Asked to Help: President Truman renewed tonight his appeal to Americans to tighten their belts further, and reminded the country that a sound world order could never be built on a foundation of human misery.
  • Italian Movie Depicts War With Realism - “OPEN CITY” - [reviewed by] Mae Tinee: This film is the first Italian movie to be released in the United States since the close of the war. It is concerned with the subject which dominated the lives of the Italian people in recent years— war. The dialog is in Italian, with expert translation into English subtitles.
  • CUBS RAISE FLAG TODAY, THEN BATTLE CARDS - IT'S BOROWY VS. BRECHEEN FOR HOME OPENER: Charley Grimm's Cubs will have not only their 1945 pennant, but also a three game winning streak to put on exhibition today when they launch the Wrigley field phase of the National league season.
  • Birthdays: Edie Sedgwick (3), Ryan O'Neal (5), George Takei (9), John Paul Stevens (26)


1946 Buick. (The 1945 and 1946 Buicks were almost identical.)

The Western Ave. entrance to Dan Ryan Woods and parking lot, looking towards the east, present day.
April 21

“At 1:00, Herb, Dutz and Ank picked me up in the '45 Buick. We drove out to Beverly and Ryans Woods. Got out and had a malt and then walked around Ryans Woods.

Herb was terribly sweet and affectionate and squeezed me every so often. We looked at homes and Easter clothes. They took me home at 4:30.

Later, Sunny came over and Sis, Sunny, Sonny and I went for a walk down 63rd and looked at all the Easter outfits. Got home at 9:30. Went to bed at 12:00. 80 degrees today.”


  • Today is Easter Sunday.
  • Dan Ryan Woods, at 87th and Western Ave. (about six miles from Dot's) is a large, wooded park (“forest preserve”) located within the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago.

Today's news:

  • City's First Post-War Easter Calls Thousands to Worship - EASTER SHOWS ARE EXPECTED TO FILL PARKS: Chicago observes its first post-war Easter today.
  • AAF ASKS HUGE BASE TO STUDY NEW WEAPONS - Plan for Space Ships, Atom Engines: The army air forces today disclosed hitherto confidential plans for a billion dollar air engineering development center.
  • F. D. R. COATTAIL RIDERS RETAIN GRIP ON SENATE - 'Pack' Committees, Stifle Opposition: Despite the more progressive attitude of the house in discarding unwanted New Deal legislation and practices, in response to public demand, the senate remains largely in the clutches of New Deal radicals.
  • CHARGES JEWS ARE MURDERED DAILY IN POLAND - Claims Only 70,000 Left in Warsaw: Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American and World Federation of Polish Jews, said today that 800 Jews had been slain in Poland since the war's end.

(Chicago Daily Tribune, NY Times)

  • Birthday: Queen Elizabeth II (26).


Hal Totten and Herb Martin

April 22

“Got up at 9:00 and Hal called and said he was coming over. He came at 11:30 and, at 2:30, Herb came over too.

Hal and I had been talking about how flip Herb has been. Herb was real distant and I felt awful.

Then I met Sunny and we discussed Herb and what I should do. I hit on a plan that might help.

Later, Sis came home and we took a walk to Stratford drugs and Myrt & Henry's. Then to the show and saw Doll Face and Breakfast in Hollywood.”

Breakfast in Hollywood (full movie)

A few scenes from Doll Face

Today's news:

  • CITY CHURCHES JAMMED FOR EASTER RITES - Overflow Crowds at All Edifices: Chicago's first post-war Easter was celebrated in many languages yesterday as thousands upon thousands of worshipers attended services in churches representing the whole of the Christian world.
  • GERMANS CROWD FEW CHURCHES LEFT IN BERLIN - Stroll in Drab Clothes Thru Wreckage: Berliners observed the first Easter since the surrender today with bright sunshine casting irregular shadows of building skeletons across the one time fashionable promenades. A cool breeze stirred dust from the debris.
  • FORECASTS REDS SOON WILL GET HELM OF FRANCE: A communist-directed government for France in June was predicted by Jacques Duclos, secretary of the French Communist party, at a week-end meeting of the Red executive committee.
  • CARDS BEAT CUBS, 7 TO 6, WITH 3 GIFT RUNS - 2 SCORE AFTER BILL NICHOLSON TUMBLES IN 8TH: The Cubs threatened yesterday to put at least a momentary halt to the abandon with which the Cardinals kick them around, but in the end, it proved only a meaningless gesture. Before a Wrigley field turnout of 33,649 the champions, after overcoming a handicap, [lost to St. Louis].
  • Birthdays: John Waters (born today), Jack Nicholson (9), Eddie Albert (40)


Dot took these photos on April 23, 1946. At top are Hal Totten and Herb Martin. Above, Hal. The two sailors, home on leave, are in front of Dot's building. Behind them, on the west side of Normal Blvd., is the Kroger grocery store.

Bernie and Sis


April 23

Herb called at 2:30 and I asked him if he still wanted to go steady, etc.

Then at 3:00 he came over with Bernie and he practically kissed me to death and told me I had a lovely complexion and eyes. I couldn't get over all the attention and I loved it, and him too.

We listened to the ball game and played the piano. Hal came and I took pics of him and Herb. Then he invited Herb and I to his party tomorrow. (Herb's last night.)

Herb went home, and then Sis came home and we went to Parnell and the library. Got home and my honey called— hubba hubba.


  • The ball game that Dot, Herb and Bernie listened to on the radio might have been the Tigers vs. the White Sox at Comiskey Park, or the Cubs at Pittsburgh. This is the South Side tho, after all, so my money is on the Sox game. (Dot's father, Lou, was a dyed-in-the-wool Sox fan.) Coincidentally, both the Cubs and Sox won their games today by a score of 3-1.
  • When I met Hal in person during the summer of 2007, he remembered clearly having his picture taken with Herb on this day, even before I showed him the photos.

Today's news:

  • SUPREME COURT CHIEF DIES - Stone Suffers Stroke in Home After Becoming Ill on Bench: Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone of the Supreme court died in his home of a cerebral hemorrhage at 5:45 p. m. [Chicago time] today. He had been stricken on the bench five hours earlier and had to be assisted from the courtroom.
  • HOLD ALIEN NEED NOT BEAR ARMS FOR CITIZENSHIP: The Supreme court ruled today that an alien seeking United States citizenship is not required to pledge himself to bear arms in defense of this country.
  • DEMAND LIQUOR TRADE, TAVERNS CLEAN HOUSES - Speakers Denounce Lax Control, Hoodlum Tieup: Demands for a cleanup of Chicago taverns and the liquor industry were made yesterday at a forum conducted by the City Club of Chicago at a luncheon meeting in Central Y. M. C. A.
  • CHICAGO BEEF SUPPLIES WILL REMAIN SCARCE - Best Grade Cattle Again Go East: Chicagoans again will find little beef in butcher shops this week, observers at the stock yards predicted yesterday as they watched trainload after trainload of the best steers in the receipts loaded for eastern shipment.
  • CUBS FACE 2 DAY PIRATE SERIES - Passeau to Pitch Today in Pittsburgh: Charley Grimm's Cubs paused yesterday for reflection as well as a bit of outdoor skill practice, but will resume their pennant defense this afternoon in Pittsburgh, the home of that happy little man known as Frankie Frisch, who bosses the Pirates.
  • Mercury Soars to 84.8 to Set Record for Date
  • Birthdays: Sandra Dee (4), Roy Orbison (10), Shirley Temple (18)


Dot and Herb Marin; Hal Totten
April 24

“In the afternoon, I cleaned the house and got ready for the party. Herb came at 9:00 and we went to Hal's.

The lights were out all the while, and Herb and I sat on the studio couch. We got really cozy and we kissed and kissed. Then we ate, and walked Katy home. The two guys walked me home at 2:30.

Herb and I sat in my front room and kissed and kissed again... We love each other too much.

Herb's last night on leave from the Navy; I don't know who Katy is.

Today's news:

  • CHICAGO STARTS TO SAVE HOUR OF DAYTIME SUNDAY - Put Clocks Ahead Till Last of September: Evening time, used for outdoor garden work and outdoor exercise, will be lengthened by one hour Sunday when Chicago, its suburbs, at least 31 other cities in Illinois, all of five other states, and parts of 18 states will move their clocks ahead one hour until the last Sunday in September.
  • CHICAGO PLANE ROUTE TO LINK 3 CONTINENTS - TWA Soon Will Open New Service to Cairo: Trans World Airlines will start May 3 a scheduled trans-Atlantic passenger service from Chicago to Ireland, Paris, Rome, Athens, and Cairo, Egypt, with one round trip a week, it was announced here yesterday. The terminal in Ireland will be Shannon.
  • SOX BEAT TIGERS, 3 TO 1; CUBS WHIP PIRATES - SOUTH SIDERS TALLY PAIR OF UNEARNED RUNS: Bill Dietrich held the world champion Detroit Tigers to one run and five hits in seven innings yesterday, then became indisposed and turned over the job to Joe Haynes, who retired the last six Tiger batsmen in order.
  • Birthdays: Barbra Streisand (4), Richard M. Daley (4), Shirley MacLaine (12).


Above: Dot and Herb, saying goodbye, on April 25th, 1946. Herb's leave has ended, and he's about to board a train back to the Navy base. Behind them is the building where Dot and her family lived, at 61st and Normal Blvd.

Below: Hal, Miller and Herb

The two photos immediately above were taken sometime during this past week, while Herb was on leave. Dot was suffering from the effects of the mumps, hence the babushka.


April 25

“I called up Herb at 9:00 to wake him up. He came over at 11:30 and then Hal came and we took some pictures.

We had coffee and pie, and then Miller came and he, Hal and I took Herb to the station on 63rd & Dorchester. Herb kissed me goodby, and I bawled like a baby.

In the evening, Nick called and wanted Sis to go out, and me with his boy friend Zeke. Well, Zeke was the most obnoxious character I've ever met. He started to tell me the facts of life and told me I was dumb about the birds and bees. I told him about Herb (my Herb).”

It's no surprise, I guess, that Dot doesn't have a photo of Zeke in her scrapbook. —D.

The Englewood train station platform

Today's news:

  • RED EXPANSION WESTWARD STIRS FEAR IN EUROPE - Russia's Pressure Is Felt by All Nations: The ever growing pressure of soviet Russia, driving westward with physical power and communist ideology, and the inefficient administration of new or revolutionary European governments are two of the most important factors on the continent [today].
  • WALKIE-TALKIES CAN BE BOUGHT IN STORES NOW - But an FCC License Is Needed fbr Use: Handle and walkie-talkies can be purchased in some stores now— but they can't be used without obtaining a license from the federal communications commission. The FCC yesterday warned [against] unauthorized use by the public of army surplus transmitter-receivers.
  • CIGARETS GO UP TODAY IF YOU BUY TWO PACKS: The OPA tonight announced an increase in retail price cellings effective tomorrow for multiple pack, carton and vending machine sales of cigarets. The increases, granted because of a jump in manufacturing costs, are a half cent a pack on sales of two packs.
  • Dance Dresses Have Alluring New Features: Summer dance dresses of ample yardage, in luscious pastel shades, and with the newest shoulders, details, and clever use of patterned material are here. Cool, precise striped fabrics, floral prints, and dashing, vivid colors, some of them in handsome moires.
  • Birthdays: Talia Shire (born today) and Al Pacino (6), Ella Fitzgerald (29)


Dot; Tilden High School; Viola

April 26

“Stayed in all day. Vertus called in the evening and wanted me to go on a double date with Lill, but I said no.

Instead, Sis and I went to Tilden's dance and met Viola there. We really had a swell time singing in a group and dancing. I had a terrific headache so wasn't too energetic.

Left at 10:45 and went to Minuet's. Met Bernie and Miller, so they sat with us. Just goofed around. Got home at 12:30. Nice night.”

Today's news:

  • 47 DIE, 100 HURT IN WRECK - FLYER RIPS STALLED TRAIN LIKE TOY; NAPERVILLE SMASHUP LAID TO SPEED - GOING TOO FAST, PILOT OF DIESEL ENGINE ADMITS: At least 47 persons were killed and 100 injured yesterday when the crack Burlington railroad train, the Exposition Flyer, crashed at a speed of nearly 75 miles an hour into the rear of the stalled Advance Flyer in Naperville, Du Page county.
  • ‘ENOUGH A-BOMBS TO RUIN RUSSIA’ URGED BY EARLE - Hold Them as a Reprisal Threat, U. S. Warned: America should have enough atomic bombs to destroy every community in Russia if the soviets ever drop one on us, George H. Earle, former United Stales minister to Bulgaria and Austria and former governor of Pennsylvania, declared in a radio address here tonight.
  • ASSERTS ROCKET ROBOTS OUTMODE HUGE BOMBERS: The robot, a rocket powered and radio guided missile flying at supersonic speeds with an atomic war head, has outmoded the big long range bomber such as the Superfortress.
  • SOX WHIP INDIANS, 11-2; REDS BEAT CUBS,75 - ANOTHER SHIFT IN LINE-UP FAILS TO GET RESULTS: The Cubs stepped forth yesterday with another rearrangement of the cast, but, like Wednesday's alteration in Pittsburgh, the results were short of expectations. In fact, they fell far short because the champions succumbed before the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Birthday: Carol Burnett (13)

Bruce Winn

April 27

“Went down 63rd. Later, a guy named Bruce Winn called and said he was a friend of Vertus. So we said it was okay for him to come.

Met him at 6:15, and he, Sunny, Sis and I went to the Stratford and saw The Spiral Staircase.

Got out and went to Myrt & Henry's. Had a barbecue.

We came back to our house and just sat around talking. Bruce is ok, but I'm not interested. Went to bed at 1:30.”

Trailer for The Spiral Staircase

Today's news:

  • French Battle Annamites in Streets of Saigon
  • YEAR OF PEACE: YANKS STILL ARE ALL OVER GLOBE - 1,300,000 Scattered in Arctic and Jungles: The sun never sets on the American overseas force still scattered thruout the world after nearly one year of peace.
  • POWER DIM-OUT MENACES CITY, UTILITIES' WARN - Mine Strike Cuts Coal Reserve 50%: Rationing of electric power may force a return to the war time “dimout” if the coal miners' strike is not settled within a few days, Chicago utility officials disclosed yesterday. A spokesman for Commonwealth Edison company revealed the company has left only 25 days' supply.
  • Navy Unveils New 210 Lb. Rocket Engine: An aircraft rocket engine without moving parts that weighs considerably less than the average automobile engine but generates about 8,000 horsepower was demonstrated publicly for the first time here today by the United States navy.
  • A Straw Team, Hat and Bag, Is Cool and Crisp: Straw skimmers teamed with bags of the same straw provide a cool, crisp, always wearable duet to wear with the first cotton suits and dresses heralding the summer season. Glorious, sultry topaz shades in light, medium, or dark are particularly effective.
  • Birthdays: Coretta Scott King (19), composer Sergei Prokofiev (55)



Bruce Winn; Sunny and Dot

April 28

Bruce called in the afternoon and said he'd come over at 6:00.

We dressed and went to a Polish wedding on 48th & Wood. Sunny was bridesmaid. They had a 3-piece Polski orchestra, and gad— I died laughing.

We ate delicious chicken, etc., danced and drank a little. Bruce was really cute. He doesn't smoke or drink, and we feel like his adopted sisters.

Drove him to the L station and came home, and fooled around with Henry and Stanley— a goofy Pole who kept bothering (and kissing) me. He took me and Sunny home at 2:15.”


48th & Wood was, at the time, within a predominately Polish and Czech neighborhood. There are a couple of buildings at the intersection which may have been the site of the wedding, like this one.

Dot met Bruce, a friend of Vertus', on Saturday.

Today's news:

  • CHURCHILL SEES BAD TIMES FOR AN AILING WORLD - Hatred and Confusion Abound, He Warns: Winston Churchill today reaffirmed his faith in the invincibility of the English speaking nations, but warned that “hatred and confusion” threaten mankind with trials more severe than those thru which it has just passed.
  • ARMY LETS U. S. IN ON A SECRET— THE FLYING WING - Giant Bomber's Range Tops World Record: The army air forces removed official secrecy today from its flying wing bomber, the XB-35, a radical design which dwarfs the B-29 and has an announced range about one-fourth greater than the world's distance record.
  • ST. LOUIS CLUBS BLANK CUBS, WHITE SOX - CARDS WHIP CHAMPIONS, 4 TO 0; SOUTH SIDERS DEFEATED, 2 TO 0; Stephens Gets First Home Run for Browns Whitewash!: The record of the White Sox in doing nothing against visiting teams on their first trips to Chicago remained intact yesterday as they folded before the St. Louis Browns, 2 to 0. They made three hits against the Brownies' Lefty Sam Zoldak yesterday.
  • Birthdays: Ann-Margret (5), auhor Harper Lee (20).

Dot and Sunny; Hal Totten

April 29

“Got home from Sunny's at 2:00. Walked all the way.

Got a beautiful letter from Herb. Then Sis went to work and Sunny and I went down 63rd, and also to Parnell.

In the evening, Bruce called and also came over. He's getting to be a little pesty. We talked and just goofed around. Had some coffee too.

Then Hal came around and he was acting real silly. He also gave me a pain in the neck. He kept talking about Katy and Herb. Sometimes I feel like socking him. They left at 1:00.”


  • Dot stayed overnight at Sunny's house following the wedding and reception on Sunday.
  • Katy was at Hal's party on April 24th. Herb, Hal and Dot walked Katy home afterwards.

Today's news:

  • SPRING ARRIVES EARLY AND DRY; RAIN IS NEEDED - Farmers Get Good Start on Planting: Spring came earlier than usual this year over most of the country, bringing pleasant weather that enabled farmers to get a head start on planting, but now rain is needed acutely in many areas.
  • MIDWEST TO BE SCENE OF TOUGH PRIMARY FIGHTS - Battle for Nominations Taking Shape: The campaign for senate and house nominations of the major political parties, now well under way, has produced many contests of nation-wide interest and prospective importance in the momentous congressional election next Nov. 5.
  • DOGS IN BERLIN HAVE THEIR DAY; GI'S FEED THEM: The dog population of the American colony in Berlin is growing by leaps and bounds and yaps.
  • Blue and Beige Lead Colors in Spring Parade: The Easter parade, now a good week old, must have been the tryout for several fashion highlights such as coat-dresses, bonnets (we didn't click a single chin tied bonnet of any color, size, or shape), and cape stoles, as many of these same items have appeared since.
  • Birthdays: Luis Aparicio (12), Rod McKuen (13), William Randolph Hearst (83)

Dot, and Sunny, on Tues., April 30th, near an apartment building on Marine Drive and Carmen St.


Sunny and Dot

April 30

“Met Sunny downtown and we ate at W&R's. Then we went with Sis to Ceil and Smitty's. Took the baby for a walk along Marine Drive and near the Gold Coast. Came home at 7:30.

Bruce called and then Miller. Bernie came over. We sat on the front steps and then went in and had coffee and cake. Wrote Herb a letter and they teased me about last Wednesday night. My eyes have been bloodshot for four days. Went to bed at 2:00.”


  • Ceil and Smitty are Dot's aunt and uncle.
  • Dot was being teased about the April 24th party at Hal's house.
  • The W-R Restaurant was at the northeast corner of Randolph and Clark.

A 2019 view of the Marine Drive and Carmen Street location where Dot and Sunny had their pictures taken on this day, probably by either aunt Ceil or uncle Smitty. Formerly the Marine Drive Apartments, the building is presently the 5040-60 North Marine Drive Condominiums.

Directly across Carmen St. and a half-block west of Marine Drive is this house, which might be the same one that Sunny and Dot stood in front of. The front porch is now a sunroom. Upstairs, two windows have been added, and there are now two dormers instead of one.

Today's news:

  • Schwarzkopf 'Ordered' Killings In Iran, Left-Wing Paper Charges; AMERICAN BLAMED FOR IRAN KILLINGS: The Leftist Tudeh party newspaper Rahbar charged today that Col. Norman Schwarzkopf, American adviser to the national gendarmerie, had “ordered” the shootings in which two workers were killed yesterday during a demonstration.
  • German Research for War Banned by Control Council; Some Exceptions Allowed German Research for War: The Allied Control Council approved Law No. 25 today, providing for a rigid and continuing control of scientific research in Germany. The law also seeks "to direct scientific research along peaceful lines
  • PRESIDENT DECRIES ‘UNNECESSARY’ WOE CAUSED BY ‘SELFISH’: President Truman told 300 Washington clergymen today that this country was “having a lot of unnecessary troubles, brought about by selfish men who are thinking only of their individual welfare.”
  • EISENHOWER ASKS ATOM BOMB CARE; We Would Be Fools to Yield Secrets Before World Has Security, He Says: Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said today that disclosure by the United States of atomic bomb secrets “must await the time when the United Nations can demonstrate its efficiency and permanency.”
  • Birthdays: King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf (born today), Willie Nelson (13), Alice B. Toklas (69)


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