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Dot's neighborhood —Englewood— is about 8 miles south of the Loop. Nearby and to the east is the University of Chicago campus. A little further east is Lake Michigan.

The center of the neighborhood was 63rd and Halsted Streets— the largest shopping district outside of the downtown, State Street district. The Loop was accessible from via the L, and Englewood's passenger train station served cross-country travelers.

In the present-day satellite image below (via Google Earth), it is obvious that much of Englewood's retail and housing density regrettably has disappeared in the years since 1945. This is especially true around 63rd & Halsted.

With few exceptions (notably the apartment buildings where Dot and her next-door neighbor Hal lived, the library, Kelly High School, the Halsted L station (since renovated), Kershaw School, and St. Martin's church (now fronted by an Interstate highway), all the landmarks below have vanished.

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