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Thank you, Bella - Douglas Voters!

Thanks to all our many campaign supporters, and best wishes to the other candidates: Claw-Gore, Liebermanx, Ralph Neuter, Pat Bucatnap, and to the victors Choke-Cheney and Catnip Bush go the spoiled fish!

STRIPES and Stars Forever!


-Homes for all homeless cats
-Medicat: full veterinary coverage for all domestic cats
-Spays in the military
-Ban on animal fur
-Veteran(arian) benefits
-A four-hour work week
-Reform "bad luck" attitudes about black cats

Official Campaign Song

Just what makes that little ol' Manx
Think she'll be in the president's ranks
Everyone said, "Vote Manx?
No thanks!
I'd rather vote for Tom Hanks"
But she's got, High Hopes!
She's got, High Hopes!
She's got, High Bonnag Pie in the Sky Hopes.

So the next time you're sad, and when your troubles have no end
Just remember that Manx!
Oops there goes, another Fancy Feast
Oops there goes, another Fancy Feast
Oops there goes, another Fancy Feast can!

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Bella Defeats Two Men!
Thank you, Bella and Douglas Supporters!! We'll meet again!!

Manx Duo Run for President
"Manx Duo Run for President"
The campaign was spotlighted on the Isle of Man's Web site (see above). The article features a photo of Douglas, posing next to his favorite snack, Lucky Charms cereal.

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