The Chicago “L”
Not far from Dot's house were the Halsted, Parnell and Harvard L stations. Riders could board at any of those for a quick trip north to the downtown area (the Loop).

A treasure trove of information about Chicago's L is available at

A 1990s ride on the CTA's Englewood L train (now called the Green Line), featuring the Harvard and the 63rd & Halsted Street stations within Dot's neighborhood (starting at about 4:20)


Above: Parnell and Harvard stations. Both were about four blocks south of Dot's house. The Parnell station closed in 1949; Harvard was demolished in the mid-1990s.
Above: the Halsted Street L station
Above: a 1943 map of the Chicago Rapid Transit system; the Englewood line, with the Halsted, Parnell and Harvard stations at bottom of map.
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