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Bob K.

Bob K. and Dot became good friends (and dated) in 1943, when Dot lived on Brighton Place prior to moving to Englewood. They stayed friends, even though Bob lived further north. At the outset of 1945, Bob is serving in the Merchant Marine.

Sis recalls:

"Bob K. and Dot were an item ... when we lived on Brighton Place. He was a brother to our Uncle Joe and Aunt Ag. Bob lived upstairs of them.

When we baby-sat for their kids, Bob hoped to make a "hit" with Dot. She really liked his older brother, Tom, a lot but Tom paid no attention to Dot or any younger gal at that time. So I think Dot might have strung Bob along for awhile, hoping Tom would notice! But no such luck!

Bob later married Sunny, but that's another story...

The guys really all got shifted-around from one gal to another, and they eventually became Mr. & Mrs.! There was Dot & Bob, Bob Plant & Louise, Bob Plant & Ginny, Vert & Dot, Vert & Louise, Sunny & Bob...”

As Sis mentions, Bob K. and Sunny got married. They had two daughters, and often visited with Dot and Sis and the kids after everyone had married and settled down. In 1958, Sunny and Bob moved from the Chicago area to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sunny passed away in July of 2010; Bob in June of 2011.

Dot says Bob's favorite songs in 1945 were Pistol Packin' Mama and I'll Be Around.

Dot and Bob
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