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Bill Bardash
Dot met Bill Bardash on September 17, 1945 when she and Dot were sitting on their front steps:

“A car pulls up with 2 guys. So I started to talk with one, a 19 year old sailor, Bill. As I was standing by the car, Jim and Hal came back and brother— did they look.

Then, Sis and I went for a ride by the lake and really enjoyed ourselves. Bill kissed me, but he kisses sort of boyish, although he's a good dancer and nice looking.”

Sis recalls:

“For some reason, I remember the name Bill [Bardash]. I don't know if he ... is just one of those names that sticks to the memory. As for his looks, I haven't a clue.”

Bill and Dot evidently didn't talk again until September of '46. Bill tried, unsuccessfully, to get a date with Dot, but she wasn't interested. “Too hep”, she said.

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